Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adam Scorgie and the Business behind Getting High

Well looks like Kelowna resident Adam Scorgie won some awards for his movie called The Union: the Business behind Getting High. It's a great movie and there are a few things I want to comment on. First of all, I think hemp farms for paper would help save the rainforests and help solve global warming.

Second of all I think there is a big difference between pot and crack or meth. Big difference. The problem as I see it is that the Hells Angels are taking over all the grow ops, trading the BC bud for cocaine in the US and selling the cocaine as crack here in Canada. That's where the big money is. However, that's what the gang war is about and is why people are ending up dead. Crack and meth also f*cks up our communities as well. Not to mention all that date rape drug and crystal meth. Much.

Nevertheless, the movie makes some good points. Privatizing prisons? What is up with that? Making a profit from prisons by turning them into work camps and slave labour? Work camps for prisoners is one thing and a great idea for early parole as opposed to mandatory statutory early release but making a profit from prisons is bad. It removes the incentive to rehabilitate prisoners. The corporation makes more money when more people are in prison. It is a conflict of interest.

Ah but I digress. Adam is a local Kelowna boy. Did he know Britney Irving? How about making a movie about the whole truth BEHIND the business of getting high? Who killed her and why? What about Geoff Meisner? These cases are related. What started off as nice people selling some harmless weed has seen some bad people come in and start killing people because they want to trade the pot for cocaine to make more money. That is the real business behind the business.

Here's a Youtube trailer. Oh don't worry, there's more to come. But there are a few facts that I do disagree with in the film first. They quote the number of deaths due to smoking in a year and the number of deaths due to alcohol in a year. Then they get some crackerjack quack in a doctor's outfit that claims there are zero deaths a year from smoking pot. Hold the door. Smoking one cigarette will not kill you. Yet smoking causes cancer which results in people dying every year.

Smoking pot causes cancer too. Especially because it's unfiltered smoke. In fact the medical statistics are such that smoking pot is 70% more cancer causing than smoking tobacco. The difference is that *most* people don't smoke as much pot as they so cigarettes. Usually someone would smoke one joint a day as opposed to a whole pack of cigarettes. However, there are a lot of people out there that smoke way too much pot. Smoking pot causes cancer just like smoking cigarettes does so saying people die from smoking cigarettes but not from smoking pot is false and misleading.

The other quote is about deaths due to alcohol. We know alcohol damages the liver. Nothing wrong with a social drink once in a while. Yet we all know someone who is or was an alcoholic. Do we know anyone who is a pothead? Someone who smokes way too much pot like every day? That does have physical effects on the body and the brain.

Another cause of death with alcohol is drinking and driving. Some people drink alcohol and then drive. Some of those people end up killing themselves or worse killing someone else. Smoking pot will not kill you or give you a hairy palm but it does impair your judgement and your ability to drive. Driving under the influence of pot is just like driving under the influence of alcohol. To say that no one has ever died from someone driving while under the influence of pot is absolutely false.

Turns out it was Adam's step father that put up the money to make the movie. His late father Bud used to own Cheeta's nightclub. I'm sure the fact that a A.C. Scorgie lives near a large grow op in Kelowna that was busted is completely unrelated. In fact there were six grow ops in the Ellison area. Young kids and guns were found in the region as well.


  1. Agent K, I totally understand with what your trying to do with this blog, but if you want people to listen to your message & point of view & respect you, you HAVE to get you facts straight.

    First off my real dad's name was Buddy Charles Scorgie I have no idea who chuck with the trucking company is, second my real father died two years before I even started production of the Union. Third, my stepfather( James E. Wright ) is the one who lent me the money for the film & he is the president of Camron Oil industries

    He's the 5th one down.

    Next item not researched correctly, or not researched at all in your blog, & I quote "then they get some crackerjack quack in a doctor's outfit" as you put it. That crackerjack you refer to is renown Harvard scholar & PHD Dr. Lester Grinspoon, I attached his wiki profile for you to look over

    There's so many fallacies in your blog I don't know what to correct first, next should be your statement about Cannabis causesing lung cancer, which is totally incorrect below is a video with UCLA Pulmonary specialist Dr. Donald Tashkin explaining EVERYTHING with regards to smoking cannabis

    And lastly for you to through Britney Irving & Geoff Meisner names at me as if I would know anything other than what I read in the newspaper, it down right rude. Both of those tragedies happened this year and the film was completed in 2007.

    Relating those names to the film makes me question if you even ACTUALLY watched the film? because what the film CLEARY explains, is that as long as cannabis remains illegal it will be controlled by organized crime, which intern, will cause more violence & tragedies like Britney & Geoff will continue, we even made a CLEAR comparison to alcohol prohibition & Al Capone.

    I'm perfectly ok with you not enjoying or agreeing with the film, but for you to insinuate that my father & my family is involved in organized crime is insulting and totally incorrect.

    Kind Regards

    Adam Scorgie

  2. Agent K you look like an idiot here... I appreciate your BLOG, I drop in time to time to check ot what you have to say. However attacking someone and linking their work to murders/disappearances is a tragedy. Also your inorance to the facts is mind boggling. Why cant you just accept the truth. Show SOME class.
    You obviously have your own personal agenda behind this. I'm Disgusted actually with you actually.

  3. Adam. Thanks for your input. Someone had just sent me the info that it was your step father that put up the money for your film and I was in the process of updating it as soon as I figured out who Chuck was.

    I guess my point with the doctor comment is that we can find a doctor that will tell us whatever we want to hear if we look hard enough. If I want to get a doctor’s note for work, I can find a doctor that will say I’m sick or one that will say I’m fit for duties. We can find someone that will tell us whatever we want to hear if we look hard enough. My point is I don’t care where he went to school, if he says something stupid then he becomes suspect.

    I find it impossible to believe that tobacco smoke will cause cancer but marijuana smoke will not. That is not logical and does not make sense. I see it as the opposite extreme where some will claim that pot is as bad as crack or meth. To claim that pot is this wonder drug that has absolutely no harmful side effects is simply ridiculous. THC stays in your system for three weeks after smoking one joint. You start exercising during that period and burning off fat and you can get high again as those fat cells storing the thc are burned off.

    I throw those names around because there are from your town and they were involved with the business of getting high as you put it. You said in your movie grow ops were prevalent in your town and you knew people who operated them. Geoff and Britney are from your town. Kelowna isn’t that big. Whether you knew them or not is not the point. The point is, they were involved with something ”harmless” and ended up dead.

    Surely you have an opinion about

    A) The Hells Angels taking over grow ops

    B) All the BC Bud that gets traded for cocaine in the US to be sold here as crack and

    C) All the people like Britney Irving or Geoff Meisner who end up dead or missing after getting involved in the “harmless” business.

    I actually thought the movie was very good. I just disagreed with a few minor details. Constructive criticism is something that film makers should be ready for. No two people agree on everything. The pot magazine that wrote that review of the movie you didn’t like basically said it was a great movie. Getting stressed out over minor disagreements is a sign of insecurity.

    I never said you or anyone in your family was involved with organized crime. Yet you admit that pot is not yet legal so any involvement in that business would be a crime and it does appear that much of that crime is very organized because it is without question as you call it, a business. Big business at that.

    So my point is, I have no problem with selling or growing pot. I have a problem with the Hells Angels or anyone else trading all that pot for cocaine and selling it as crack in our communities and the gang war that results from it. Legalizing pot would not stop people from trading it for cocaine in the States. It would just make it more prevalent. I also think we should be honest and realistic that although pot is not as bad as some people claim, it does have some harmful effects. To claim it doesn’t is a lie.

    And I think Ja rule has an agenda of their own. I really don’t care how stupid I look to someone promoting a business that gets local people killed:

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  5. Smoking anything causes cancer. Yes it does, thank you very much. I used to know a long distance runner who used to do hash brownies because he didn’t want the pot smoke to screw up his running.

  6. Agent Dumbass find me one case in the world that is documented that marijuana has caused cancer. Just one. Do yourself a favor and stop talking about a topic you are too ignorant and brainwashed to know the truth on. The resin on the plant actually has been proven to heal and cure cancer. Not by smoking it by ingesting it. Do yourself a favor and stop looking like an idiot and show SOME class. I doubt you will but sure is nice knowing the majority are above you in knowledge. Your rants and responses show your true depth of wisdom and its as shallow as your courage. Save face right now and educate yourself before you speak or consider yourself a joke.

  7. Ja Rule: Use your brain and do the math. All smoking causes cancer. If you eat hash brownies that will not cause cancer but smoking anything will. Not many people with lung cancer publicly admit they were smoking pot because it’s not legal. That’s like expecting people who got into a car accident and had been drinking to admit they were drinking when the police didn’t do a breathalyzer test. Pot does not cure cancer. It elevates the pain of chemotherapy.

  8. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And I meant alleviates not elevates. The side effects of chemotherapy are horrific and pot gives pain relief to those side effects but it does not cure cancer. To say it does and then call me stupid for not believing you is somewhat laughable.

  9. You are fucking clone you are a product f your environment. Funny how I know first hand and have seen it cure. While you are in denial someone you know or care about may possibly die because of your ignorance. Dont let that weigh on your shoulders too much lil boy. Please dont multiply, ever.

  10. I thought you were leaving?

    You claim pot cures cancer. I say that must mean you smoke crack too because that is nonsense. Tell us what we want to hear and we’ll believe anything. As long as it lets us smoke drugs. Someone else might die like Geoff or Britney. You are quite right but smoking pot won’t save them.

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  12. Jeez this is ridiculous...

    Agent K, marijuana has a higher concentration of tar compared to cigarettes. What it does not have are the myriad added carcinogens that are linked to cancer. Smoking pot will cause lung damage, however it is highly unlikely to directly result in cancer.

    If you know anything about anyone who smokes regularly, you'll know that most of them are not afraid to admit it. We live in Canada, not the USA, so why would someone dying of cancer linked to marijuana use in Canada try to cover up the fact that they are a pot smoker? If I was dying of cancer that could be attributed to marijuana use, I'd go out and write a novel and essays, etcetera advising the marijuana smoking population of that. If there were real proof that marijuana could be DIRECTLY linked to cancer, it would already be a matter of public record.

    As far as your unwillingness to believe anything anyone else says, you're really hurting your cause with your ignorance. I've been reading your posts for a couple of days now, and it seems like half the time you're making facts up, and trying your hardest to connect every gang murder in history to the HA in some way. You're making libelous claims about people and linking them to horrific crimes that the police cannot, so what makes you think you can? Here's some legal education for you:

    "In Canada, so-called blasphemous libel is a crime punishable by a maximum term of two years in prison, according to Article 296-1 of the Canadian Criminal Code, as well as the crime of defamatory libel (Article 298), which receives the same penalty (see Article 301). In the specific case of a “libel known to be false” (Article 300), the prison term increases to a maximum of five years. According to Article 298, a defamatory libel “is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published”.[80]".

    So while others may threaten your personal safety and security, I'm advising you that you're setting yourself up for possible criminal prosecution, as well as monetary damages related to the comments you make "anonymously" online. I'm not making any threats against you, as I am in no way aligned with any criminal organizations, but you are treading on thin ice. If these guys could find you, they'd tear you apart simply for the disrespect you show them and their organization.

    I love the Hells Angels personally. I grew up in Kelowna and they make you feel a little bit safer when you see them out and about, as long as you keep to yourself and stay in their good books. I know you'll try to link this comment to my "undying support for and obvious membership with the Hells Angels", but before you do I'd like to make it clear to everyone reading this that I am in no way affiliated with them. I just got tired of your constant bashing of a club you know nothing about, and your intense ignorance of obvious facts and the danger you're putting yourself in posting a lot of this nonsense.


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