Saturday, September 16, 2017

Toronto shooting at restaurant - Update

City news is reporting that "Toronto police are investigating a shooting at a downtown restaurant. Police were called to Michael’s steakhouse restaurant on Simcoe Street near Adelaide Street West around 9 p.m. following reports of four to five shots being fired. They say a man was located without vital signs. Paramedics continued to try and revive the victim on the scene before transporting him to a nearby trauma centre, still absent vital signs. The suspect reportedly fled westbound along Pearl Street. He’s described as male wearing a grey or dark hooded top and armed with a handgun. The restaurant was the scene of a targeted shooting almost two years ago when a man and a woman were shot by two masked men."

Update: Toronto City News is reporting that Simon Giannini, a 54 year old real estate broker was the victim in the shootng and has sucumed to his injuries. The London Free Press is reporting that Simon has hosted local radio and television shows and was gunned down in a bust steakhouse restaurant filled with 150 people.

Narcos location scout shot dead in Mexico

The BBC is reporting that "A location scout for the Netflix crime drama Narcos has been shot dead while working in central Mexico. The bullet-riddled body of Carlos Muñoz Portal, 37, was found in his car in a rural area in the town of Temascalapa, in Mexico state, one of the country's most violent. Mexican officials were reportedly having difficulties investigating the case given a lack of witnesses. Netflix said the facts surrounding his death were still unknown".

David Suzuki speaks at Surrey Rally

Today David Suzuki came to Surrey to speak at the Save Hawthorne Park rally outside city hall. He joined the First Nations drum circle and they presented him with a traditional blanket filled with prayer songs to give him strength to fight the good fight to protect the environment.

In the media scrum David Suzuki applauded the City of Surrey for endorsing a declaration recognizing residents “Right to a Healthy Environment." He then asked are they now living up to that comitment? He admitted that he's not from Surrey and is not aware of what's happening at Hawthorne Park. Well I am. Let me explain it to you.

This isn't just matter of saving a couple of trees nor is it a matter of opposing development. It is about opposing an insane plan to put an on ground railway from Guildford Mall to Surrey Place Mall along 104th Avenue. This railway is something the residents don't want or need. Aside from being an unnecessary waste of money there is no room for it. That is why they are trying to cram a road through a park, playground and school. Reducing 104th Avenue to a single lane of traffic is insane. That is a move backwards not forwards.

If you visit Hjorth Road school on 104th Avenue and 148th street you will see how insane this plan really is. Schools and parks are protected by provincial legislation. Instead of holding a public referendum the city of Surrey has come up with an alternative process where the residents are required to get 30,000 people to fill out forms opposing the deregulation of the park status. This is wrong. Parks are protected. The City of Surrey has thrown that away. If it can happen to Hawthorne park it can happen to any park in the province.

Surrey used to be known as the City of Parks. Surrey First got rid of that motto. You dont hear it being used any more. That's because they paved paradise and put up a parking lot. Fill out the form but object to the process and elect a new mayor. Hey ho, Linda Hepner has gotta go.

Global's report on the rally

CBC's report on the rally

Peacearch News' report on the rally

LETTER: LRT on Surrey’s 104th Avenue a bad idea

Does LRT even make sense?

Police request delay in legalization of pot

This one's a little bit strange. First it was reported that the police said the legalization of pot will not remove organized crime from the industry which is true and makes sense. Yet the Toronto Star is reporting that the police made several other statements to parliament opposing the bill that require comment. The police want the government to delay the legalization of pot.

I can understand the need to train officers in roadside sobriety checks regarding pot. The other concerns are in fact concerning as in they over reach. "The police also want Ottawa to reconsider allowing individuals to grow up to four of their own marijuana plants because it will be difficult and expensive to enforce and provide an additional way for young people to get access to pot. “Why do you need home grows when we’re going to have a good system to access marijuana legally?” asked Barnum." What on earth has that got to do with the police?

That pretty much defines the public's concern with the current policy. Locking people in jail for growing a couple of pot plants is a waste of time and money. It clogs up the court system. Gumby getting released from massive drug charges in Montreal over court delays is a prime example of why our court system needs to change. The police's role is to enforce the law not create the law. The public the police are paid to protect create the law.

The Toronto Star article states "While legalization of recreational pot will lighten their workload - there were 16,000 charges laid for simple possession in 2016" which again defines the problem. If the Trudeau government was elected on the campaign promise to legalize pot and that plan is in the works, why are the police still laying charges for simple possession of pot? That is a complete waste of time and money. The police enforce the law they don't create the law.

This brings us to the current insanity regarding pot dispensaries. Knowing that pot is in the process of being legalized, the Vancouver City hall has launched a campaign trying to shut down all the independent pot dispensaries. The next question we are forced to ask is why?

The only way to break organized crime's monopoly on the industry is to let individuals grow their own and let individual dispensaries continue. Since I can't stand pot myself, I much rather have pot sold in dispensaries than in the liquor stores or supermarkets. As long as it's sold in dispensaries, I don't have to see it or be a part of it.

I agree the minimum age should be 19 not 18 just like for alcohol. Adolescents shouldn't smoke pot as it affects their brains development. Pot is not nearly as bad as crack or meth but pot is not good for you just like cigarettes. THC and CBD are two different things.

The Vancouver Sun reported that "The High Hopes Foundation cannabis dispensary in Vancouver aims to use cannabis to help drug users reduce their dependency on powerful opioids such as heroin and fentanyl." This makes sense. Lethal injection sites do not.

As for organized crimes involving in the industry, if the Hells Angels want to sell pot who cares? Let them. Pot is not the problem, crack, crystal meth and fentanyl is. It's like the black market cigarette industry back east. Who cares? Tax evasion does not affect public peace. Hard drugs do. If pot can be used to help people get off hard drugs then more power to them.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

North Korea launches another missile over Japan and makes more threats

The Guardian is reporting that North Korea has launched another missile over Japan, a day after it threatened to sink the country and turn the US into ashes and darkness." The president of South Korea oposes the presence of nuclar weapons in it's country which makes sense.

South Korea, Japan, Canada and Guam need an Iron Dome missle defense system. Like I said, Kim Jong-un is a terrorist supported by China. China is not neutral. They are the driving force behind this insanity. BC and Alberta need to take back their oil rights from Communist China.

Michael Smyth needs to get a life

Holy drama queens, Michael Smyth has completely lost it. It must be a slow news day when you have to consume all your spare time to create fake news. That clown is still going on about a ridiculous court case that he admitted himself has no merit claiming it's going to cost taxpayers money even though it won't go anywhere. Aside from being a lunatic, he is wrong. When you falsely sue someone for defamation and you lose, the costs are usually in the cause. That means the guy that made the bogus application has to pay both sets of legal costs.

Today's scam city takes us to the tumultuous world of Gordon Wilson. He's the guy that got a sweetheart job as an LGN lobbyist after his wife wrote a book spinning for Christy Clark. Michael Smyth didn't have much to say about that aspect of the dirty deal he's spinning.

John Horgan and Bruce Ralston said Gordon Wilson did little to earn his lavious salary "advocating" for LGN. That was a fair comment. Advocating for LGN is awfully ambiguous. Don't get me wrong. I support LGN. Natural gas is clean burning. Coal is not. It' just that you don't have to pay someone 12,500 tax dollars a month to say that.

BTW CBC is reporting that Gordon Wilson's step son Kasimir Tyabji-Sandana has a new trial date set for April regarding his drug trafficking charges. Mikey forgot to mention that too. Mikey also failed to mention that although Gordon Wilson's bogus defamation suit has no merit, the Vancouver Province recently had to pay out a defamation lawsuit that did have merit. Gordon Wilson's wife Judy and her ex husband were also named in that same defamation suit.

In February 2013, Tyabji and Wilson signed a consent order agreeing to a judgment of $35,853.33 to Hakemi Law Corporation. That was just for legal bills they owed their counsel.

As I previously said, Bruce Ralston is from Surrey. He is a longstanding MLA that is well liked because he genuinely cares about his community. Michael Smyth's attack ads against Bruce Ralston sound awfully Shakespearean as in the lady doth protest too much methinks.

In fact, Mikey's swan song is heading for a Macbeth soliloquy. His meaningless attack ads sound like a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage then is heard no more. A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Sad indeed. As in pathetic.

NDP scrap $2.5 billion bridge

Venezuela sends Cuba humanitarian aid

Internationally, the world is in turmoil. A massive earthquake rocked Mexico and more hurricanes keep forming pounding the US and the Caribbean. The Independent is reporting that Mexico had to rescind its offer to send Texas humanitarian aid after the hurricane as it needed to channel all its resources into providing earthquake relief to it's own citizens. That makes perfect sense. What doesn't make any sense is why Mexico would be sending America humanitarian aid? That's kind of like Canada and the US sending China humanitarian aid when China owns our debt.

Loop is reporting that "Venezuela continues to aid some of the islands ravaged by Hurricane Irma, this time sending much-needed supplies to Cuba." I'm a bit confused. I respect the gesture. Cuba was nailed by hurricane Irma and needs aid. I was under the impression that Venezuela is in turmoil and didn't have any food in its supermarkets. That's why there is a mass exodus there and half of Venezuela is now living in Colombia. The world is in turmoil alright.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

2 Durham police officers charged with drug traficking

I've been hearing a lot of talk about Durham police being corrupt but I haven't had time to follow up on it. However, the Toronto Star is reporting that "Two Durham Regional Police officers and three civilians have been arrested after a year-long investigation into an Ajax bar. The investigation, aided by officers from the Toronto Police Service, found that cocaine and marijuana were being sold at the bar. Const. Husen Aswat is facing seven counts of breach of trust, four counts of trafficking in cocaine, three counts of weapons dangerous and possession of the proceeds of crime, and one count each of theft under $5,000 and possession of property obtained by crime. Const. Amandeep Thakur has been charged with two counts of breach of trust, theft under $5,000, and possession of property obtained by crime."

The Toronto Star is also reporting that "Durham Region homicide detectives are invesitgating after a woman’s torso was found floating near Oshawa Harbour on Monday night. Const. George Tudos said the torso was found in Lake Ontario by a fisherman at around 8:30 p.m. Police said in a release on Tuesday that officers found “signs of trauma” on the torso at the scene. Tudos said officers will be checking missing persons reports in the area to try and identify the woman."

Niagara Regional Police officer accused of leaking information to the Hells Angels

Hamilton cop alleges betrayal by his force

Saga of a Toronto police drug squad

Donald Trump creates a humanitarian crisis: Despacito

OK so Hillary Clinton is a arms dealer and a drug trafficker but Donald Trump is a dick. Trump is creating a humanitarian crisis for no reason with absolutely no regard for thousands of working families he is turning homeless. We've already talked about the mass exodus of refugees getting kicked out of the US coming to Canada because they have no place else to go.

We aren't seeing the same mass influx of refugees on the west coast like they are on the east Coast. In Montreal the Olympic stadium is full of refugees. Most of those are Haitians that came to the United States after the earthquake. Now Trump is telling them they have to leave.

We had a family of four stay with us from Colombia and Honduras who had been living and working in Dallas for two years. They both had jobs, they owned a home and rented a bouncy castle for their children's birthday. Donald Trump revoked their green cards so they were forced to leave and came to Canada with absolutely nothing.

In addition to removing DACA, Trump is preparing to remove temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of other immigrants who have been permitted to build lives in the United States, in some cases for decades. This lunatic is creating a humanitarian crisis for no reason whatsoever. It doesn't even make business sense. More than 86,000 Hondurans and more than 5,300 Nicaraguans are protected under the program. El Salvador's temporary protected status is up for expiration in March. Salvadorans make up more than 263,000 of the immigrants who are temporarily protected, and they have been living in the United States since 2001.

Despacito featuring Daddy Yankee is the first song to be sung primarily in Spanish to reach the top 10 in over 20 years. Diversity makes us strong. Like I said, Nicky Jam que Bacano.

Nick Jam has a new music video out.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Burma Genocide

Burma is in the news and although I really don't know enough about what's going on to comment, something needs to be said. Burma is now called Myanmar. The Guardian is reporting that "Myanmar’s treatment of its Muslim Rohingya minority appears to be a textbook example of ethnic cleansing, the top United Nations human rights official has said."

Descriptions of the atrocities seem beyond belief. This is something we need to look into. The Guardian reported on a massacre at Tula Toli and claims that the Myanmar government won't let the media in to confirm the claims. One fact that is not disputable is that refugees are fleeing the violence and are pouring into Bangladesh. Time Magazine wrote about the genocide in 2012. Apparently this violence has been going on for generations and has recently spiked.

This is bizarre. The Holocaust was obscene as was the Rwanda tragedy. This is unacceptable. This does not happen in a civilized society. One does not turn a blind eye to these kind of atrocities. We need to spotlight Burma and find out what is really going on. Burma is the place we need to send Canadian Peacekeepers to protect the innocent and keep the peace.

Lester Pearson established Canadian Peacekeeping. It is time to resurrect that long standing Canadian tradition. Burma needs Canadian Peacekeepers. We can't wait for the Americans because they won't do it. Under Donald Trump's leadership they are both heartless and brainless. This is something we are going to have to spearhead ourselves. James Blunt No Bravery.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Limo crashes into Surrey Home - Jagmeet Singh addresses Islamophobia

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that a limo crashed into a Surrey home 3:00 AM this morning. Perhaps alcohol was a factor in that accident.

Meanwhile back in Brampton, Ontario NDP candidate Jagmeet Singh was heckled by a woman claiming he was Muslim. Instead of explaining to her he was Sikh not Muslim he simply said we support love and courage. After the event he explained why he did not simply say he was not Muslim. "My response to Islamophobia has never been I'm not Muslim. It has always been and will be that hate is wrong." Well said. That lady is a mental case.

Let's make education great again.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

NDP scrap $2.5 billion bridge

Not surprisingly, as soon as the tolls were scrapped on the Port Mann bridge traffic spiked. Traffic patterns have changed. Now the NDP have scrapped the $2.5 billion bridge scam to replace the George Massey tunnel. So in reality, scrapping the bridge tolls just saved taxpayers $2.5 billion.

Since Treo screwed me over on toll bills I have been taking the other route to Vancouver. I take the Alex Fraser bridge into Vancouver and the George Massey tunnel coming back. During rush hour traffic in the tunnel is surprisingly light. Now with more people using the Port Mann it will be even better. That whole mega bridge was another scam. What we need is fiscal responsibility. Christy Clark and Diane Watts, the queens of insider trading, are not it.

Another simple way to save another $2.6 billion tax dollars would be to scrap this insane idea of putting an on ground railway through the middle of Surrey. That is the stupidest idea in recorded history. We dont need it and we don't want it. Spending money on that would perpetuate the insider trading fraud. An on ground railway from Guildford Mall to Surrey Place is stupid. It is a short commute by bus with no wait times. An onground railway would disrupt all traffic crossing the line and throw traffic lights out of synch which would make traffic congestion unbearable. There's no room for it either. That's why they want to cram a road through parks, playgrounds and schools. Stop the fraud. Loose the airheads.

Friday, September 8, 2017

John Horgan and Linda Hepner pose with Surrey gunman

Global is reporting that John Horgan and Linda Hepner were photographed posing with a convicted shooter, former Radio India boss Maninder Gill from a fundraising dinner Wednesday. Gill was sentenced to four years behind bars for a 2010 shooting outside a Surrey temple that left one man injured. In a statement, the BC NDP said the Premier did not know Maninder Gill, nor was he privy to the guest list of the event.

Hepner said Dhesi invited her and the only reason why she went to the dinner was to establish a relationship with the province’s new premier. “I do know Maninder Gill, it was not my intention to be in a photo with him, group or otherwise.”

A word of advice to John Horgan. If you want to protect your political future, stay as far away from Linda Hepner as possible. That woman is dumb as f*ck and is dirty as f*ck. However, since he did attend a function with her we are going to have to ask him, aren't schools in BC protected? Linda Airhead Hepner wants to build a road that is totally unnecessary right through an elementary school playing field. Let's save the school and lose the airhead.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Surrey shooting and homicide plus golf accident

Global is reporting that there was another shooting last night on highway one. "Langley RCMP said the incident happened around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday when the driver of a white Jeep SUV was driving westbound near 192 Street. A police investigation has so far found that shots were fired from a 1994 or 1995 four-door black Acura into the Jeep while both vehicles were travelling westbound on Highway 1 between 200 and 102 streets. The driver of the Jeep was able to drive to the area of 96 Avenue and 176 Street and wait for help before being taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Reports say he was hit in the leg." News 1130 is reporting that "Soon after investigators were able to track down the suspect vehicle."

The Peace arch News is reporting that "The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is on scene after a dead body was found following a fire in Surrey overnight." The fire was in the 12300-block of 112A Avenue in the Bridgeview area of Surrey just before 1 a.m. Police reported that the male “died under suspicious circumstances and the cause of the fire has also been deemed suspicious. Officers have taken one individual into custody.”

On the lighter side, the Times Colonist is reporting that "A 60-year-old Ladysmith man is recovering from a gunshot wound to his leg after he was hit while playing golf. Nanaimo RCMP said the man was just finishing up a round at about 4:30 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 31, at a Lantzville golf course when he felt a sudden pain in his calf muscle. A group of golfers came to his aid and helped him off the course. The injured man then drove himself home. Later, he visited a Ladysmith hospital where X-rays revealed a bullet lodged in his calf. The bullet was removed and the wound dressed. The injured man is expected to make a full recovery."

"Mounties later fanned out to speak with residents living near the golf course. They had heard reports of sporadic gunshots throughout the afternoon. It’s now believed that the man was hit by an errant shot fired by one or more people practice shooting from an adjacent rural area. Investigators do not believe the wounded man was targeted. However, police strongly cautioned shooting a firearm within 100 metres of any building is illegal. Also, a basic rule of gun safety is to always know the background of one’s shooting area and what lies beyond it." No kidding. Target shooting beside a golf course isn't a very smart thing to do.

Update: Meanwhile back on the ranch, US police tell American gun enthusiasts not to fire guns at hurricanes. If they only had a brain.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fatal shooting in Chilliwack - a week of violence

The Agassiz-Harrison Observer is reporting that "Chilliwack RCMP have confirmed that one person is dead following an early morning shooting in the 9500 block of Williams Street." CBC is reporting that "The shooting happened at about 4:20 a.m. PT on William Street near Yale Road."

In July a Hells Angels associate from Calgary was shot dead in Chilliwack.

Recent News - Sh*t be cray yo:

Fatal shooting in West Kelowna - Friday

Targeted shooting in Langley kills two - Friday

18 year old shot dead in Abbotsford - Thursday

Man shot dead in Surrey - Tuesday


Two men shot in North York Sunday.

Man shot dead in Etobicoke Saturday night

Woman shot in face at Toronto restaurant - Friday morning

Man killed in shooting inside Toronto mall - Thursday afternoon

Hells Angels associate shot in Toronto the previous Wednesday

Oh yeah and Gumby had both drug trafficking charges stayed so he did.

Communist China still lying about North Korea - Update

AFP is reporting that "China strongly condemned North Korea's Sunday nuclear test, slamming Pyongyang for ignoring international condemnation of its atomic weapons programme." Can we please put an end to China's compulsive lying because it is really becoming offensive. Actions speak louder than words. Putting a statement on a website stating they condemn North Korea's nuclear test means absolutely nothing when they at the same time oppose sanctions against North Korea and object to South Korea installing an iron dome missile defense system against North Korea's continued terrorist threats.

How can we believe anything China says when they throw Buddhists in jail just for being Buddhists and execute them to order for organ harvesting. Nothing China says has any credibility whatsoever because they are murders and compulsive liars.

Sanctions against North Korea for conducting nuclear tests in support of its defiant missile launches terrorizing the world are now in order. Canada, Japan, South Korea and Guam need an Iron Dome Missile defense system just like Israel.

Canada needs to stop selling China Canadian nuclear reactors because they use that technology to export nuclear weapons and China are the ones that supply North Korea with military equipment. BC and Alberta need to take back their oil rights from Communist China. It's that simple. It's called a natural consequence of unacceptable behaviour.

Update: The Canadian Press is reporting that "North Korea illegally exported coal, iron and other commodities worth at least $270 million to China and other countries including India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka in the six-month period ending in early August in violation of U.N. sanctions, U.N. experts say." This is where we need to balance the extremes.

I don't care if North Korea exports coal or iron to China. That is their right. However, it is our right to say we will not buy your products or give you humanitarian aid when you continue to conduct nuclear tests and continue to terrorize the world with defiant missile tests. North Korea needs to be able to feed itself. We dont want to create another Helms Burton fiasco.

If North Korea wants to be Communist then let them be Communist. If they invade another country we will take up arms against them. If they threaten the world with nuclear missiles then we will refuse to buy their products. That is our right and our duty.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fatal shooting in West Kelowna - Update

Global is reporting that a yong man who was a a web designer in his mid-to-late 20s was gunned down in a West Kelowna driveway across the street from his parents home around 8:15 p.m. last night. He was visiting them from Vancouver.

The victim had just pulled into his parent’s driveway and was driving a black GMC Yukon before the shooting occurred. A neighbour came out to find two bullet wholes visible in driver's side window and the victim's body slumped over in driver's seat

Update: The Kerameus Review is reporting that "Pennell owned a company called Traphouse Skateboards which was registered to the West Kelowna address on McTaggart Road that police were called to with a report of shots fired. He was found dead in a vehicle in the driveway. In a press release issued hours after the shooting Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey deemed the death a homicide and said that the victim lived a “high-risk lifestyle” and “was well known to police.”

"In fact, court records show Pennell faced a dozen separate drug trafficking charges and weapon-related charges in 2011. The Prince George Citizen wrote in 2013 that Pennell had been dealing drugs for about a year when he was arrested on charges stemming from that activity."

Garibaldi Lake

I hiked up to Garibaldi Lake today hoping to camp overnight but the campsites were all full and they don't allow back country camping. Other places do but they have a ranger station on site checking everyone. This is the same trail that takes you up Black Tusk but I didn't make it that far.

The ride home was a bit of a zen moment for me. The setting sun turned the horizon orange behind the islands in the water along the coast. It reminded me of watching the sun set behind Bowen Island from Whitecliff when I was a kid. I felt at total peace. About everything.

It was nice seeing tents and sleeping bags tied to the back of motorcycles heading out on the freeway for the long weekend. Now that's living the dream. Pimping crack hoes isn't living the dream it's pimping the dream. It's selling the dream out.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Vancouver bridge tolls have been lifted - Oh Happy Day

The Free Press reported that "Premier John Horgan has acted on another of his key election promises, announcing that tolls will be lifted from the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges effective Sept. 1." That day has come. Now that's what I'm talking about. I support the freedom to move. In fact mobility rights are entrenched in the Canadian Charter of Rights.

The first spin people complain about is asking how the NDP are going to pay for it? Wait 'til I tell ye. The first thing they can do to save money is to get rid of the American private company collecting the tolls. The only reason a private company will collect tolls is to make a profit. That's why they kept the toll on the Coquihalla long after it was paid for. Getting rid of that firm will save taxpayers money.

The Lion's Gate bridge used to be tolled. Now it's paid for. You can't put a toll on bridge after it has already been paid for. That's just another tax grab. Politicians are gluttons. The more they tax the more they spend. How about reducing services so we can lower taxes? Let's start with the Metro Vancouver's Glutton Council. That wasteful duplication of services is mandated to burn tax dollars like an incinerator. It needs to be disbanded.

The next thing that needs to go is Translink's tax and spend think tank. Translink already burns an extra billion dollars a years in a regional gas tax. No private company would be able to function going a billion dollars over budget year after year. That fraud needs to be fixed. Getting rid of the tax and spend think tank is the first step. They are a waste of money.

The final step to recover lost revenue is to fix the BC Hydro fraud. We need contract back in the private power brokers that sell power to the public company at above market rates. That will save taxpayers billions. While we're at it BC and Alberta need to nationalize their oil resources like ICBC. Letting Communist China have the profits from our natural resources is insane.

We can still keep all the private Canadian oil contractors. We just need to take back the ownership of our oil from Communist China. That would increase tax revenue and reduce debt on a steady basis. That would be good business. Peace.

Woman shot in face at Toronto restaurant

WTF is going on? The Toronto Star is reporting that "An 18-year-old woman is in critical condition after being shot in the face at a popular 24-hour restaurant in Mississauga early Friday morning, police say. Just before 1 a.m., Peel Regional Police were called to Zet’s Restaurant on Airport Rd., near Pearson airport, and found the young woman suffering from gunshot wounds. She was rushed to hospital in what paramedics describe as critical but not life-threatening condition. The restaurant was open at the time. No one else was harmed, but police say there were numerous witnesses in the area and that they are cooperating in the investigation."

Same area as the Mall shooting.

18 year old shot dead in Abbotsford

CBC is reporting that Abbotsford police have identified the victim of a "brazen" shooting as an 18-year-old man, saying it's believed his killing was targeted. Sehajdeep Sidhu was found in a parked car in the area of Huntingdon Road and Gladwin Road around 6 p.m. on Thursday, according to the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team. The 18-year-old died on scene. Investigators say Sidhu was known to police but didn't have a criminal record."

Targeted shooting in Langley kills two - 2nd Update

CBC is reporting that "Two people have died after what's believed to be a targeted shooting in Langley, B.C. A man and a woman were found suffering from gunshot wounds on 232 Street near 64 Avenue around 5:30 a.m. PT on Friday, according to RCMP. A statement said both later died of their injuries. It's the third fatal shooting in the Fraser Valley this week: A man was killed in Abbotsford on Thursday and another died after being shot in Surrey two days earlier.

Global is reporting that the shooting actually took place at 62A Crescent and 64 Avenue 5:30 AM this morning. Nearby at 232 Street and 64 Avenue there was a second crime scene. A red Jeep could be seen with both the driver’s door and passenger door wide open and yellow crime scene tape around it. It is believed this could be a suspect vehicle but that has not been confirmed.

The Peacearch News is reporting that "According to Curtis Kreklau of South Fraser News Services, police arrived in the area and quickly located a suspect vehicle – the Jeep – and arrested a man and a woman in a high-risk takedown. A blood trail was observed coming from the victim’s vehicle and a search was conducted for a possible third victim, and a police dog was also searching nearby farmer’s fields, said Kreklau."

Update: The Peacerch News is reporting that "Brandy Petrie, a 34-year-old Burnaby woman, and Avery Levely-Flescher, 20, of Surrey have been identified as the two people who were shot and killed on a rural road in Langley early Friday morning, Sept. 1. Charged in their killings is 21-year-old Travis MacPhail of Langley."

Man killed in shooting inside Toronto mall

Global is reporting that "A man believed to be in his 20s is dead after a shooting at North York Sheridan Mall in north-end Toronto Thursday afternoon. Toronto police and paramedics were called to the plaza near Jane Street and Wilson Avenue at around 5:20 p.m. with reports of a shooting. A man was found with a gunshot wound inside the mall. He died at the scene."

Shooting someone inside a mall isn't very bright. There are security cameras everywhere. This mall is just south of Woodbridge where all that mob violence tied to the Hells Angels has been going on throughout the summer. Stop the greed, end the violence.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Larry Amero's drug trafficking charges stayed

AYFKM? Kim Bolan is reporting that "a judge in Quebec stayed organized crime and cocaine importation charges against the prominent B.C. gangster. Prosecutor Philippe Vallières-Roland confirmed to Postmedia News that the charges were stayed because of the length of time the case took to get to trial." That is the most defiant form of corruption known to man.

I'm all for the Charter of Rights. I support every person's right to a fair and speedy trial. I agree there has been delays in the trials but someone f*cked up. This is not right.

Larry was first busted November 2012 for his role in a huge cross border drug ring in Montreal that was importing and distributing 75 kilos of cocaine a week. This was another huge Hells Angels cross border ring. Letting him off for that is obscene.

November 2013 Larry Amero and Shane Maloney were busted in another massive drug ring where 650 kg of pseudoephedrine was seized as that drug ring was suspected of importing two tons of precursor chemicals for making crystal meth into Australia. Those two cases were a year apart. Staying the charges in both cases at the same time is a criminal act.

40 years old. The clock is ticking in more ways than one. Jonathan Bacon, Randy Naicker and Jeremy Bettan. What do these three individuals have in common? They all sold drugs for Larry Amero and they're all dead. 40 years old and Larry is still playing Russian roulette with his life and with the lives of those who work for him. Some people never grow up.

For those of you who don't live in Surrey let me explain why Larry is hated so much here. First is the obvious. He was directly involved in the Surrey Six murder where two witnesses were executed for simply being witnesses. That heinous act outraged all of us. That's why everyone and their dog flipped on them in court and no one called those who testified rats because the people involved in that murder were the real rats not the ones who testified against them.

Jamie Bacon tried to tax Corey Lal for selling drugs on "his" turf. Only the three little piggies weren't from Surrey they were from the suburbs in Abbotsford. Surrey was the Hells Angels turf not the Bacon brothers. That's why Jamie Bacon didn't dare try and tax long time Surrey crystal meth cook Ryan. Ryan already worked for the Hells Angels. John Punko to be exact.

Jamie Bacon was not the brains of that operation. Jamie has difficulty tying his shoes. His dead preppy brother Jonathan was the brains of that operation and they were collecting the tax for Jonathan's personal friend Larry Amero and the Hells Angels. People in Surrey hate Larry Amero because he was the driving force behind the Surrey Six.

There's actually a long list of murders Larry has been involved with. All in relation to obtaining a monopoly on the drug trade. In the words of the prophet Tupac Shakur somethings will never change. Yet after someone dies, things will never be the same.

Larry is not from the hood. He's from the suburbs. He went to High School at Walnut Grove which is in the heart of suburbia. His father was a longshoreman. When Larry was in highschool he got a sweetheart job with his father at the docks. He got his first aid ticket so he'd get paid an obscene wage for sitting on his father's boat waiting for someone to fall overboard. Since he had money he got a car before most of the other kids so the rats used him to drive for their B&Es. One time he got caught at school with a car load of stolen goods. That is the epitome of a rat. Stealing from others when he already had more than most. It's pure greed.

There's a lot more I could say about Larry's dirtbag actions but out of respect for his Godson I will refrain. Suffice it to say that Larry Amero is a piece of garbage. In the words of Linkin Park in the Jay Z remix, the more I find out about Larry the more I want to be like me and the less I want to be like him. Actually I'm kind of worried about Larry. His prognosis is not good. I don't see a happily every after in his future. Some things needs to change.

I'm not entirely opposed to him going back to work on the docks but how in god's name can he get a port pass with a criminal record for drug trafficking? These charges were stayed but he has other convictions. He should not be given a port pass. So how's he going to earn an honest living? Enough never seems to be enough for him. They all want lots of money without working for it. These plastic parasites have no concept of work ethic. They all want something for nothing.

The problem is that Kling Klung took the fall for shooting Larry in Kelowna but he certainly didn't make the call. They might have let him drive the car but I wouldn't even stand beside that clown at the gun range. It's not that he's reckless, it's just that he's stupid. Which just goes to show you any idiot can pull a trigger. Kling Klung killed his fiance. He threw her out of the car. Then he tried to commit suicide by walking into traffic. The guy's an idiot. Which just goes to show you if an idiot like Kling Klung can shoot Larry, anyone can. Steroids don't make you bulletproof.

Clearly this world is full of good and evil. The world is also full of good and bad examples. Larry Amero is a bad example. We all have been given a brain to discern right from wrong, good from evil and we are all free to chose which side of that line we will live on. Just remember what we do in life echos in eternity. Karma's a b*tch so it is. Choose wisely. Peace.

BTW Putting a sheet over your head or a patch on your back does not make you bulletproof.

We're not afraid yo. We never were. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You or I can't change that.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Man shot dead in Surrey - Update

The Peacearch News is reporting that "Police have identified a 22-year-old Surrey man as the victim of a targeted shooting in Cloverdale Tuesday evening. Pardeep Singh was found dead in his driveway in a residential area near 166 Street and 63B Avenue. Team news release issued just before noon Wednesday, Singh was known to police and had gang associations." Multiple shots fired 8:30 PM. The victim was found dead in the driveway of his own home.

"Brun wasn’t terribly surprised. She’s not happy with the direction the neighbourhood has been heading. 'We know that there are drug houses in the area, there were halfway houses in the area,' she said. She doesn’t attribute the increase in crime to an increase in population, but says it’s the people who happened to move in." Imagine that. Drug houses in the area but the police and city hall don't do anything about it until there's a fatality. More halfway houses in Surrey that are just drug houses for addicts to use drugs.

The Peacearch News is also reporting that "The 22-year-old man shot dead in his Cloverdale driveway Tuesday had been involved in shootings as far back as 2015, police revealed on Wednesday. At an Integrated Homicide Investigation Team press conference Wednesday afternoon, Cpl. Meghan Foster said that Pardeep Singh had been offered RCMP protection in the past after he had been involved in four shootings in less than 24 hours. Foster told reporters that Singh was an unco-operative victim in 2015.”

I will however say this: every crime has a means and a motive. This guy was killed because he sold drugs. He wasn't killed by his employer he was killed by a rival. Something tells me this guy didn't work for the Hells Angels. That made him a rival who they terminated just like all the others.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Vancouver Province Nails it once again

Well this is rather shocking. Once again the Vancouver Province nails the real problem facing Surrey. The front page of today's Vancouver Province ran the headline A Crime Shame then went on to explain that "Businesses near the notorious Whalley Strip lost an average of nearly $100,000 to break ins and theft last year, and some have given up the fight."

Small businesses in the area are dying from theft related to the open drug trade on the Surrey strip. Not just small businesses either. Safeway was brought out by Sobeys and the employees faced serious roll backs to wages and benefits. The whalley location of Safeway deals with massive theft on a daily basis. No business can survive that.

This is what Catherine Austin Fitts describes as the Tapeworm Economy. Everyone thinks laundering drug money is a good investment but it's not. It sucks the life out of business like a parasite. So what happened? How did this story end up on the front page of the Vancouver Province? Is Wayne Moriarty covering for Harold Munro while he is on holidays?

The last time this happened was when the Vancouver Province exposed the City's refusal to arrest drug dealers selling drugs in front of businesses in Newton which lead to the murder of the Hockey mom. Police protection of the drug dealers on the Whalley strip needs to end.

Linda Hepner plans to build a road through an elementary school soccer field

We've talked about the City of Surrey's obsession to build a road through the best playground and water park in Surrey. We also need to mention the fact they they also plan on putting that same stupid road right through an elementary school soccer field. People need to see what is actually happening here. Take a look at Hjorth Road elementary school on 104th avenue and 148th Street. Some schools have several playing fields. This school does not. It has one small grass field beside a small all weather field. The proposed road goes right through both.

If you live in Metro Vancouver you need to drive down to the location and see it for yourself. 105th Avenue can't go straight because it would run right into an apartment complex on the other side of the school. So they start in the middle of the field and cut across both fields right beside the new playground volunteers made. This proposal is insane, There is no logic in it.

We need a court injunction protecting the school from Linda Hepner's insanity and we need to elect a new mayor. It's as simple as that. Save Hawthorn Park and Hjorth Road elementary.