Sunday, November 19, 2017

A party bus burst into flames in Vancouver

CBC is reporting that "No one was injured after a party bus burst into flames in downtown Vancouver Saturday night. Several witnesses shared video of the fire on social media, which officials said was burning in the rear of the vehicle when crews first arrived around 10 p.m.

'They did have a challenge with shutting off the engine,' said Assistant Chief John Zacharuk with Vancouver Fire Rescue Services. 'They had no way of shutting off the engine as the cab was burnt, so they had to manually choke off the air filter.' Zacharuk said the fire also spread to a nearby tree and part of a storefront awning. No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation."

Hells Angels might lose Niagara clubhouse

The National Post is reporting that "The home of one of Niagara’s most notorious criminal organizations may soon face the wrecking ball. Lawyers representing the owners of the Hells Angels clubhouse on Darby Road in Welland, Ont., have until Dec. 6 to appeal a ruling that the building be forfeited to the Ontario government. If they don’t appeal or an appeal fails, the fortified building will likely be demolished, police sources tell The Standard."

“Based on this evidence, I conclude that the clubhouse is used as safe haven to plan illegal activities, including the drug trade, and to guard against police interference with those activities,” Akabarli says. “I am satisfied that church meetings were not simply opportunities to discuss clubhouse maintenance but that the clubhouse was used to hold these meetings in order to facilitate and plan unlawful activity.” She also says it was reasonable to conclude that members of the Hells Angels used drug money to pay club dues which were then used to pay the mortgage on the buildings. “I thus conclude that the mortgage was paid down, at least in part, through funds acquired through unlawful activity. (The clubhouse) is thus proceeds from unlawful activity.”

Gerard Ward and the Niagara chapter have a long history of drug trafficking. It doesn't look like there is much grounds for an appeal. Former Niagara Regional Police constable Frank Dean Rudge was convicted of leaking information to the Hells Angels in 2013.

Zavisa Drecic, a former member of the Niagara Hells Angels, had been transferred to the Woodbridge chapter when he was caught trafficking the date-rape drug and cocaine in the Toronto area. Hells Angels associate Nicola Nero of Niagara Falls served nine years for selling cocaine to a police informant while on bail for stealing $2.7 million from an armored car in 2003.

Rabih Alkhalil, who is from Surrey, was caught in a huge 400 kilo a week Hells Angels cocaine ring out of Niagara. Larry Amero was his co accused in that case. Rabih Alkhalil has also been charged in the murder of Johnnie Raposo in Toronto. Nic Nero was his co accused in that case.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Orlando Bowen: Assaulted, charged and acquitted

More actuations of Toronto police planting cocaine on a suspect after they assaulted him. This time on W5. Orlando Bowen was a long time CFL football player with a long history of community service. Tonight W5 ran the story of how he was assaulted by police and was charged with drug possession after they planted cocaine on him. In court the two officers testimony was filled with contradictions. Then when one of the officers was charged with cocaine possession on a separate matter, the judge dismissed the charges against Orlando stating that the police officer's testimony was not credible. W5 did a great job covering the story.

One of the officers, Sheldon Cook, left the police force after his cocaine charges in an RCMP sting where he stole a brick of fake cocaine believing it was real. The other police officer, Grant Gervais, is still with the force and ended up getting a promotion. Sound familiar? Orlando's civil suit was settled out of court.

More recently, four Toronto police officers who were accused of planting cocaine on a suspect walked away from more than two dozen perjury and obstruction-of-justice charges over trial delays that resulted in the polices refusal to comply with disclosure of evidence. The Toronto police department need to leave Marc Emery alone and start cleaning up its own corruption. Especially after the news of a promising new officer just died of a suspicious fentanyl overdose.

Montreal warned Toronto about drug officers

The Singapore Drug Model

It's pretty obvious Canada's drug model is a colossal failure. Harm reduction has become harm promotion. By removing the other three pillars in the four pillars program all we are doing is promoting addiction and organized crime. One concerned citizen fed up with the pharmaceutical fraud burning tax dollars on promoting poison instead of treatment cited the Singapore model. I would like to suggest a balance between the extremes.

The first policy on drugs that stands out in Singapore is the fact that drug trafficking is punishable by death. Obviously that is an abused extreme. However, recognizing that fact is not justification for us to jump to the opposite extreme. Neither extremes are healthy elements of a free republic. You ask all the businesses in Whalley and they will tell you straight up that they are fed up with harm promotion. People need food and housing not drugs.

Illegal lethal injections sites don't make drugs free. By promoting addiction they also promote crime because addicts steal to pay for the drugs since when it comes to addiction, enough is never enough. Everyone agrees we need more treatment. However, most drug rehabs houses in Surrey don't help addicts get off drugs. They are just smoke and mirror distractions trying to pretend we are are supporting rehab when we are doing the exact opposite. By providing the drug dealers police protection in the DTES and on the Survey Strip we are promoting crime and thereby supporting lawlessness. Not only that but we are also promoting a huge pharmaceutical fraud that is burning tax dollars faster than we can collect them.

Not arresting the drug dealers selling fentanyl on the Surrey strip is insane. Not arresting the drug dealers selling fentanyl outside rehab houses is even worse. It forces us to ask which side are the police on? Going after Marc Emery for selling pot knowing pot is being legalized federally, while they offer police protection to drug dealers selling fentanyl makes the whole system look corrupt.

We need three things. Enforcement of the current laws which we are knowingly breaking in the DTES and on the Surrey strip. Addicts need treatment. Treatment saved Kati, lethal injection sites did not. We also need prevention. We need to educate people and tell them the obvious: drugs are harmful. They are poisonous to the body. We need to stop denying that obvious fact.

Former methadone clinic doctor says he was told to "get them on a high dose and keep them there". Welcome to the Great Canadian Pharmaceutical Fraud.

A space to shoot up, but no space for addiction treatment.

Andrew Weaver's position on the Site C Dam

Gordon Clark from the Vancouver Province put out a redeeming editorial about B.C. Green party leader Andrew Weaver's position on the Site C Dam. In the editorial he states: "I asked why the Greens were so opposed to what is one of the greenest power-generation projects imaginable and something he had previously supported."

"He agreed that B.C.’s low carbon footprint, by First World standards, is largely due to the hydroelectric dams built in the past, but for him the issue comes down to cost. He is less concerned about issues raised by other environmentalists in and outside his party, such as the flooding of the valley, loss of farmland and native concerns. Weaver said he supported Site C when it was expected to cost $4.5 billion, but not now that estimates have soared to $12 billion or higher." Hydro electric power is green. It's a lot better than nuclear reactors.

As for the massive over budget costs, that can be easily explained by the involvement of one of the world's largest criminal organizations, SNC-Lavalin. Weaver supported the Dam when it costs $4.5 billion, but now that costs have skyrocketed to over $12 billion he no longer supports the proposal. That is a colossal project over run. That is the method of operation of SNC-Lavalin and Lockheed Martin. They under bid and overcharge contracts. No one complains because they give the politicians kickbacks and campaign contributions which perpetuates the tax fraud forever.

Speaking of Lockheed Martin fraud, I notice that Boeing has started putting out commercials about how they support Canada. Indeed they do. The Financial Post lists several reasons why Boeing is good for Canada. Boeing is good. Lockheed Martin is bad. SNC-Lavalin is horrific. We need to ban SNC-Lavalin from BC. That would be in the taxpayers best interest.

Trump slams Lockheed Martin over F-35 Cost overruns. "Based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the Lockheed Martin F-35, I have asked Boeing to price-out a comparable F-18 Super Hornet!" Now that's what I'm talking about.

Thanks to Gwen Morgan, the corruption ridden SNC-Lavalin now works for Translink. The Evergreen line has consequently met with budget over runs. Imagine that. The problem is, SNC-Lavalin also builds light rail. Giving SNC-Lavalin the contract for the LRT on 104th Avenue that no one here wants, would be an act of treason. Even Rail for the Valley would oppose that.

Dianne Watts ran for the federal Conservatives. SNC-Lavalin gave massive political donations to the Conservatives and the Liberals both. Dianne Watts is pushing the Surrey LRT insanity down 104th. Do the math. More tax fraud just like Campbell Heights.

El Chapo mistreated in prison

What does El Chapo, Manuel Noriega and Pablo Escobar have in common? They all worked for and were screwed over by the CIA. In operation Fast and Furious, the ATF were selling the Mexican cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine into the United States as payment? Did any of them go to jail. Not one. They gave Oliver North a job with Fox News. El Chapo on the other hand is being mistreated in jail for having worked for the CIA just like Noriega and Pablo Escobar. At least Pablo Escobar wasn't mistreated in prison.

Torturing prisoners is never a good idea. It reflects a poor self image. When we mistreat prisoners it shows something is wrong with our mentality. I'm sure Dr Phil would have a lot to say about that. The Business Insider is reporting that Amnesty International is worried about 'El Chapo' Guzman's treatment in a US prison.

El Chapo's lawyer states: "Mr. Guzman is confined to a small, windowless cell. He remains in this cell alone for 23 hours a day Mondays through Fridays, when he is permitted a single hour of solitary exercise in another cell that contains one treadmill and one stationary bicycle. On the weekends, he is confined 24 hours a day and not permitted any exercise. His meals are passed through a slot in the door; he eats alone."

"The light is always on. With erratic air-conditioning, he has often lacked enough warm clothing to avoid shivering. Repeated requests by counsel to the MCC adjust the temperature have landed on deaf ears. He never goes outside. His only opportunity to see daylight is when he passes a small window on the way to his counsel visit or the exercise cell."

This kind of treatment diminishes all of us. Mistreating El Chapo will donothing to stop or reduce the drug trafficking of the Mexican cartels. Mistreating him knowin ghe worked for the CIA is yet another example of how the CIA screws people over their assets time and time again.

Nabob has a commercial that says respect the bean referring to coffee. I might add respect the Chapo. Respect who he is and what he represents. When the same agencies that participated in Operation Fast and Furious disrespect El Chapo the whole agency is discredited.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

VPD raid Hells Angels Competition, Quebec legalizes organized crime

Speaking of how the BC Gang task force is compromised, March of this year the Vancouver Sun reported that "A dozen Vancouver police officers raided Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture headquarters on West Hastings Street Thursday morning." Really? They raid Marc Emery's pot shop but roll out the welcome mat for the Black door and the Bulldog Cafe right across the street simply because those are run by the Hells Angels and Marc Emery's isn't? WTF?

Basically there are two concerns on the table. The first is unequal protection of the law. Why are the police in BC giving the Hells Angels drug dealers police protection but arresting their rivals? The second concern is why are the police arresting anyone for pot when the Trudeau government was elected on the promise to legalize pot. Surely every current pot charge should be stayed until the law has been officially changed. Arrest the fentanyl dealers instead.

The police requested a delay in the legalization of pot. Why? So they can keep busting people for pot until the law has been officially changed. That's a complete waste of time and tax dollars.

Recently, The Vancouver Sun reported that "Doctors of B.C. is asking the provincial government to consider banning individuals from growing recreational pot at home when it becomes legal in July." That makes no sense whatsoever. If pot becomes legal, growing pot at home is one of the safest ways to know it is naturally sourced and doesn't have any fentanyl in it.

Quebec legalizes organized crime

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "A government agency, the Société québécoise du cannabis, will have exclusive legal control of recreational use, selling the product through a limited number of storefronts and online. The province will have 15 stores ready by July 1 and up to 150 in two years. While Ottawa's federal draft legislation legalizing marijuana would allow people to grow small amounts, Quebec will continue to outlaw growing pot at home."

This is organized crime. Corporate monopolies are not good for consumers. It is the road to Communism and the destruction of the free market. Quebec legalizes pot but bans people from growing it at home? That is absurd. That's like banning people from growing nicotine.

BTW smoking anything is bad for you. That's why the leading cause of death in house fires is smoke inhalation. No one likes secondhand smoke. Especially in public. Vaping is better than smoking. Vaporizing weed emits a vapor that is 90% smoke and carcinogen free. Vaping is better for the lungs. Cannabidiol - CBD is even better. CBD is good, THC is not. Be wise, be healthy.

Marc Emery has earned his place in the industry. He has a name and a brand. If anyone deserves to make money from legal pot he does. They should make him CEO of legal pot in Canada. He has paid his dues. He has a name people trust.

In contrast, what we are seeing is a Communist revolution in Canada. Just like how Lenin murdered Shliapnikov the real leader of the workers revolution and took over the party. When the Trade Unions he used to get in power went on strike, Lenin sent in the machine guns to cut them down. The families were too scared to even collect their dead. This is what the federal government is now doing to Marc and Jodie Emery.

Actually it's the Toronto PD that is screwing over Mac and Jodie. The Toronto PD do not have the legal authority or legal jurisdiction to order them to shut down Cannabis Culture. In contrast, the recent Fentanyl death in the Toronto drug squad calls for a public inquiry into their corruption.

@TrilliumPartyON has the only MPP in the ON Legislature defending free market cannabis producers and retail dispensaries , that’s MPP Jack MacLaren. Marc needs to run for that party.

Support Marc Emery on Twitter.

Toronto Drug squad officer dies of fentanyl overdose

The Toronto Star is reporting that An investigation has been launched after an officer from the Toronto Police Service drug squad died of a fentanyl overdose. On April 10, Const. Michael Thompson was found in medical distress in his home in Durham region. He was rushed to hospital where he died three days later, Toronto police said in a news release Thursday. He was 37 and single with no children. Thompson “died of a fentanyl overdose, the quantity of which was too large to have been caused by mere contact with that drug,” said the release.

The Toronto Drug squad has a long history of being shady. In 2013 the Toronto Sun reported that "Five former Toronto drug squad cops were sentenced Friday to 45-day conditional, or house arrest sentences, that will enable all but one to keep his new job." I guess since they all kept their job nothing in that department has changed. Just like IHITit in BC.

Sounds like Const. Michael Thompson was going to blow the whistle so they gave him an OD.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Canada's Peacekeeping Plan

News 1130 is reporting that "The Trudeau government will announce Canada’s peacekeeping plans tomorrow at a United Nations summit being held here in Vancouver."

Lester Pearson won a Nobel Peace Prize for creating Canadian Peacekeepers. These were soldiers who were deployed into areas of conflict sent not to invade and conquer but to keep the peace. Canada has a long history of peacekeeping. Stephen Harper killed that tradition. He threw away peacekeeping and joined the oil war invasions. Iraq was not a peacekeeping mission. It was an unlawful invasion based on a lie. Right now Burma needs peacekeepers. Any peacekeeping commitment without Burna would be hollow and incomplete.

North Korean Soldier Shot by Own Troops as He Defects to the South

The New York Times is reporting that "North Korean troops fired on a fellow soldier who was defecting to South Korea on Monday across the heavily armed border dividing the countries. The soldier was shot but succeeded in reaching the South, its military said in a statement."

From a distance yo. From a distance you look like my friend. Even though we are at war.

Monday, November 13, 2017

George Bush Sr. still groping after all these years

USA Today is reporting that "George H. W. Bush apologized Monday after another woman said the former president groped her during a 2003 photo op when she was 16 years old." "He dropped his hands from my waist down to my buttocks and gave it a nice, ripe squeeze, which would account for the fact that in the photograph my mouth is hanging wide open,” she said.

That was a long time ago. However, the article states that "Corrigan is the sixth woman since Oct. 24 to come forward with allegations of the former president groping them during photo ops."

More recently actress Heather Lind wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post that she was standing next to the former president when he “touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara [Bush] by his side.” In a post on social media Ms Lind claimed: "He didn't shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side. He told me a dirty joke. So this isn't just a matter of a dirty old man who has lost his mind. It's about an idiot who never grew up.

George Bush Sr. is a piece of garbage. This is the person who first got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in the Vietnam war. This is the person who was ultimately responsible for all the drug trafficking during Iran contra. This is the person responsible for the October surprise. Just sayin.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Eminem: still busting sh*t out

The subject of Eminem came up in a conversation and a friend recently told me Eminem just put out a new video with Beyonce cited in the Rolling Stone magazine called Walk on Water.

I just noticed his video from 2015 Phenomenal. A line in it sates "the messiest thing you've ever been through is your purse. You can keep throwing stuff at the wall but you're going to find out that nothing is going to stick until you apply yourself." He then seeks to find himself. He's fighting off a line of attackers then meets the fortune cookie philosopher who says to him "Impressive. Pointless but impressive." Eminem asks him who are you? A way out if you so choose. And if I don't? "You'll fall. You've been running so long. Come back. Let's finish what we started."

Man who are you? "Wrong Question." Who am I? Eminem was the only white kid that really ever made it in hip hop. He was raw and off the hook from the get go talking about crazy ass mother issues and people were like yo man you can't say that. It was clear he had some unresolved issues. In time he started to deal with those issues and started to hone his style making his debut in 8 mile battle rap. He was a white kid who didn't pretend he was black but realized that he didn't fit in where he was from and he could only find and express himself within the black community.

He came out with some powerful stuff. Lose Yourself was the first epic motivation that comes to mind. Then he got political and came out with Mosh Bush. Then he came out with I am not afraid.

Eminem is the Rocky Balboa of hip hop. He didn't come from the ivory tower and go to private school. His passion came from expressing what was in his heart as he overcame legitimate trials. That's life in the real world yo. His new cut with Beyonce states "I walk on water but only when it freezes because I am only human. Just like you." Well said. We're all just carving out our own place in this destiny called life. Leaving our mark, good or bad.

Former Bandidos National President Jeff Pike Indicted For RICO

TBM Scandinavia is reporting that Former Bandidos National President Jeff Pike has been Indicted For RICO. The Youtube video contains screenshots of the indictment dated October 18th 2017. RICO stand for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act which is somewhat ironic. Operation Fast and Furious revealed that ATF agents were selling the Mexican cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment. Which leads us to ask which corrupt organization is which? The bikers being charged or the agents charging them?

It's pretty obvious that I oppose organized crime. However, it goes both ways. Banning gang colors in bars is fine but seizing their patch completely is off the hook. That is why I am concerned with and oppose the US Government's attempt to seize the Mongols patch.

The Aging Rebel is pretty much the go to guy for biker news in the US courts. Although he is pretty pro biker and anti ATF, he has experience in the US courts on biker rights and is quite knowledgeable on the subject. The government's obsession with the Bandidos seems to have peaked after the biker brawl in Waco Texas March 2015. Later we heard that 4 out of 9 Bikers shot dead in Wacko brawl were shot by police. The Aging Rebel has a lot to say about that topic.

One of the interesting concerns he expresses is the Prosecutor's obsession to ban the Bandidos lawyer Kent Schaffer from defending Jeff. That in itself is suspicious. The right to legal representation is entrenched in the US Constitution and in every free republic. So why do they want to break the Constitution to cram their case through? It is suspicious to say the least.

Moving past coal in Surrey

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is arriving today in Bonn, Germany, to attend the second week of COP23, the annual United Nations climate change talks that two years ago led to the Paris climate change accord."

"McKenna and Perry are hosting a joint event Nov. 16 to launch a joint campaign calling for other countries to declare a plan not to build any more unabated coal-fired plants and eliminate existing ones. 'We want every country to look at how they can reduce their use of coal and phase it out and we want to be supporting developing countries to do so,' McKenna told The Canadian Press in an interview last week."

"About 10 per cent of electricity in Canada comes from coal, and 40 per cent of the electricity around the world is generated by coal-fired power plants. A year ago, Canada committed to eliminating coal as a source of power by 2030. Britain has committed to getting rid of it by 2025. Since Canada and the U.K. first announced their coal phase-out campaign last month, Italy and Netherlands added themselves to the list of countries aiming to get rid of coal. France had already set a 2025 coal-phase out target."

This is the direction the rest of the world is moving in. We can argue climate change until the cows come home. The fact is the visible pollution in Beijing from coal is off the hook. Surrey is contributing to that insanity by trying to expand it's coal exports to China while China has committed to reducing coal emissions. Normally, a good businessman can see the writing on the wall when it comes to supply and demand. It's time for us to innovate and move past coal exports. Not only will that help China's smog problem but it will also give us sustainable business. Innovation means moving forward not backward.

This applies to BC because the obsession to increase coal exports out of the Surrey docks is the real reason they want to get rid of the George Massey tunnel when Richmond itself does not. There's nothing wrong with the tunnel. The spin doctors are spamming the media with lies so they can line their pockets with dirty money. The problem is, that plan is very short sighted.

The Telegraph is reporting that "India is set to overtake China and become the world's largest emitter of sulphur dioxide, an air pollutant that is generated when coal is burnt and can lead to severe haze, acid rain and asthma complications." Quarts Media is reporting that "This week, air pollution forced some 4,000 schools to close in New Delhi, as India’s capital suffers through an air quality nightmare. Now, here’s more bad news on the pollution front: the country is passing China as the world’s biggest emitter of deadly man-made sulfur dioxide (SO2)."

The Sierra Club is reporting that "Coal is our country’s dirtiest energy source, from mining to burning to disposing of coal waste. Our campaign is uniting grassroots activists across the country to move America Beyond Coal."

Replacing a perfectly functional tunnel so they can dredge the Fraser river and load more coal onto the cargo ships out of the Surrey docks is insane. There is no future in it. It's like investing massive amounts of money in VCRs. Propane and natural gas are clean burning. Coal is not. Hydroelectricity is clean. Nuclear reactors are not. We need to move forward.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Devil's Deal for Hawthorne Park

It appears that they are keeping the waterpark and playground. If that is the case, I'd be a lot more comfortable with the development proposal along 104th Avenue. However, condos would increase traffic. Reverting 104th Ave to a single lane of traffic each way to make room for an LRT would be insane. A new side street along 105 could not possibly fix the resulting traffic chaos.

With regards to the proposed development within the park, flipping protected park land into high density residential would be a huge money maker for developers bidding on the project. Instead of giving it away at firesale prices to their campaign contributors, the City could sell it at fair market value and help offset the colossal debt Dianne Watts left us with. We need to start being fiscally responsible and avoid another insider trading fiasco like like they did in Campbell Heights.

As for the road through Hjorth Road elementary school, when you go to the site the proposal looks insane. The road cuts the school off from it's playing field. However, the picture of the proposal allows for a new playing field adjacent to the other side of the school. That could work. The only problem would be the two existing businesses on 104th. Lee Yuen Seafood Restaurant has been there forever. They'd have to be voluntarily paid fair market value for their business. However, letting them stay and build the new playing field around their business would also work.

My main concern remains to be an on ground train along 104th avenue reverting 104th to a single lane of traffic in either direction. That will not work. On ground trains are good for commuting in rural areas. On ground trains in the middle of an urban core are problematic.

Wikipedia is reporting that "Kevin Desmond, CEO of TransLink, has indicated that there Skytrain along the second phase of the project (Fraser Highway Line) it is also a possibility instead of LRT, however a statement from the Surrey Mayor has confirmed that a Skytrain solution along Fraser Highway would cost $950M more than LRT" which is a bold faced lie. Linda Hepner is the problem here. Remove her.

No one who lives in Guildford wants an on ground train running along 104th Avenue from Guildford Mall to Surrey Place reverting 104th avenue into a single lane of traffic each way. That is insane. People who own cars prefer Skytrain because it doesn't impede traffic. People who own cars should have a say because they pay Translink a billion dollars a year in a regional gas tax above and beyond federal and provincial gas tax.

“The [Mayors’ Glutton Council] have been very clear, and they’ve made their technology choice,” said Gill, noting however that the final decision will fall to the provincial government." $2.2 billion from the federal government and $2.2 billion from the provincial government. Either body could veto the project by withdrawing their financial support. That would be in everyone's best interest.

Linda Hepner wants to give the contract for the LRT disaster in Surrey to SNC Lavalin, the most corrupt construction company on the planet. SNC Lavalin has a history of under bidding to get government contracts then over charging once they have the contract just like Lockheed Martin. SNC’s fraud, corruption hearing set for 2018. That's why Linda Hepner is trying to start construction of the LRT nightmare before that trial gets going. SNC-Lavalin work for TransLink. They also build LRT.

It has absolutely nothing to do with saving money. It's all about burning tax dollars and giving kickbacks to the political parties for the favor. SNC-Lavalin violated election rules with campaign donations. SNC-Lavalin illegally donated over $117K to federal parties. Liberals, Conservatives reimburse illegal SNC-Lavalin donations. Massey Bridge: A Boondoggle Bought by Big Money.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Court orders name of tipster who lied to police released to the court

The National Post is reporting that someone who called in Crimestoppers with a false tip to throw suspicion of himself could be identified in court if he lied to obstruct justice. Crimestoppers presented an absurd objection claiming that the sky would fall and Crimestoppers would come to an end if the public trust in anonymity was broken. Get a grip. Anonymity still exists. It can only be broken if the person knowingly lies. That's pretty much a no brainer.

"The Supreme Court found that the promise of anonymity cannot serve as a cover for obstruction of justice. The Supreme Court decided the anonymity granted to informers, called informer privilege, cannot be interpreted to apply where it would compromise the very objectives that justify its existence, namely: furthering the interest of justice and the maintenance of public order. It follows that informer privilege does not exist where a person has contacted Crime Stoppers with the intention of furthering criminal activity or interfering with the administration of justice.”

This case does however open Pandora's box and relates to several other cases and articles. What happens when crown witnesses lie? Can their name be released? We've briefly talked about when police lie in court like in the taser death at the airport or when hiding their sexual escapades with witnesses in the Surrey Six investigation. We've also recently talked about when police knowingly plant evidence to wrongfully convict someone of a crime they did not commit. Their anonymity is not protected so why should a crown witness who knowingly lies?

Recently the Times Colonist reported that "A police agent, paid more than $130,000 by the RCMP to help nab a cocaine dealer, testified in court that he may have killed two men and viciously attacked people to settle drug debts. The payout sheds light on the secretive world of police agents who can be used to catch criminals in undercover stings but often have a serious criminal past of their own." This was a sting - entrapment. It was not stopping an existing drug trafficking ring, it was creating a new one for the press release.

This was an enforcer for you know who getting paid $130,000 by the RCMP to rat out a rival in exchange for not only carrying on his own business, but for getting away with murder and years of debt collection violence. This is the new corruption within the BC Gang task Force that I am referring to. It also relates to Blaze, the Black Widow and Len Peltier.

In this case "Mulligan tried to prove that Ketch sold the cocaine under duress after Holland implied he would hurt Ketch if he didn’t come up with the drugs. Mulligan said Holland had a financial incentive to pressure Ketch to sell the drugs." It was another sting operation to make it look like they were confronting drug dealing when they were in reality doing the exact opposite.

Woman's body found in Oshawa Harbour identified

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Durham police say Rori Hache was reported missing by her family in August. A torso, located a month after in the Oshawa Harbour, belongs to the 18-year-old, investigators said Thursday evening."

It is unlikely Curtis Sagmoen from Salmon Arm was involved with this murder but we are forced to ask if his employer was. Did she have a drug debt like so many others in BC or was she simply another young girl lured into the industry and was trying to leave it? This isn't the only murder. We need to start looking at the real cause of these murders and stop pretending it doesn't exist.

Did The Hells Angels Kidnap Makayla Chang?

New Toronto transition house

Anyone can be a victim

In this case I admit that it is highly unlikely this young girl had a drug debt. Here in BC it is quite a different story. There were an outrageous number of sex trade workers murdered on the Pickton farm and several more missing near Salmon arm where the remains of another sex trade worker was recently discovered. In the GTA there appears to be a large number of young girls lured into the sex trade and are fearful of leaving from threats of violence.

Yet in this specific case there are several other irregularities that make it peculiar to say the least. The bottom line is that this was a wonderful young girl and what happened to her was horrible. No one deserves that no matter who they are related to.

The Toronto Sun asks "Is it a coincidence that Dionne’s home was consumed by an unexplained daytime fire Aug. 10, that left her with devastating injuries and killed her dog?"

Peter Leask has retired: Oh Happy Day!

A colleague of mine mentioned that Peter Leask had retired so I had to call up the registry and confirm it which they did. Peter Leask has finally retired. He must have aged out at 75. Oh Happy Day! That guy was a complete idiot. He is one of the prime reasons the BC Judicial system needs to be reformed. The judges in BC have absolutely no public accountability. We can't get rid of a bad judge. We have to wait for them to age out and retire. That needs to be fixed.

I have expressed concerns about that clown for many years. In 2009 I made a controversial post claiming Peter Leask should be hanged for treason. I didn't say I was going to kill him. I discussed the vast change in the judicial system we have seen in BC over the years. At the Parliament buildings in Victoria they have tours where actors and actresses portray famous characters from our history. They highlighted one judge, Chief Justice Mathew Begbie, who had become known as the hanging judge for his staunch stance on crime.

I said here in B.C. we've gone from the Hanging Judge to judges who should be hanged. Treason used to be an offence where people were hanged. Peter Leask's decisions were indeed treasonous. Some thought that was a pretty bold statement to make.

I remember picking up a copy of Neil Hall's book, the Hells Angels and the Million Dollar Rat, in the bookstore and flipping through the pages. I came to a picture in the photograph section I recognized. It was the picture I made of Peter Leask with bugs bunny ears sitting on a Looney Tunes background referring to my claim that Peter Leask should be hanged for treason. I was shocked. You can't get any better advertising than that. Everyone thought I was going to get sued but you can't get sued for expressing concern about a judge's bad decision.

Fast forward to March 2017. I made another post titled Peter Leask strikes again citing yet another insane decision from that crazed lunatic. After Tim Petruk, a local reporter from Kamloops, reported on what he saw Peter Leask say and do covering a rape trial a law professor from UBC filed a complaint against Peter Leask as did the victim of the crime.

Then came the attack poodles targeting Tim for telling the truth. Gordon Clark from the Vancouver Province wrote an obscene piece of trash rationalizing what Peter Leask did and completely misconstrued it. The law professor from UBC caved in to political pressure and withdrew his complaint. I made a post titled Gordon Clark spins for Peter Leask.

Then it happened. Instead of running with his tail between his legs, Tim Petruk stood strong and said, no, Gordon Clark was not present, he was. Tim confirmed what was said and the tone it was said in then pointed out that Gordon Clark was married to a BC judge exposing his credibility collapse once and for all. It was awesome.

I then made a post stating Harold Munro folds like a cheap tent but reporter Tim Petruk stands like a rock. I am thrilled to see Tim Petruk stand his ground and am amazed the Post Media News Monopoly didn't pull a Gary Webb and fire him.

So here we are. Peter Leask has retired but we are still left with the same problem. Judges in BC have zero public accountability. Georgialee Lang, the Law Diva herself, mentions judicial accountability and points out that judges in the United States are elected while in Canada they are appointed. Electing judges is something we should look at but what we really need is a mechanism in place to get rid of bad judges because right now we have none.

Putting up with Peter Leask's treason until he retired was a crime against humanity. Something needs to change. Until then we can celebrate Leask's departure. Hail Mary yo.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Crown withdraws criminal charges against Toronto cops accused of planting heroin

The Toronto star is reporting that "Four Toronto police officers walk away from more than two dozen perjury and obstruction-of-justice charges" over trial delays caused by information sharing problems between prosecutors and Toronto police professional standards, the unit that conducted an internal investigation that led to the charges. The police screwed up their own disclosure obligations so the cops charged walked.

Const. Michael Taylor, Const. Benjamin Elliot, Const. Jeffrey Tout and Det.-Const. Fraser Douglas walk away now, but what we do in life echos in eternity. Word.

Police bust Hamilton crime group tied to Gambino family in New York

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The RCMP and FBI have made a string of arrests involving fentanyl trafficking by a long-established Hamilton crime group and the Gambino organized family of New York." Wow, the Hamilton crime group would be the Calabrians who were warring with the Rizzutos in Montreal. The article names Domenic and Giuseppe Violi who we have already talked about previously. Interesting. The Quebec Hells Angels who kicked the Ontario Nomads ass for dealing with the Hamilton Calabrians dealt with the Rizzutos in Montreal.

Eulogy for John Davidson

The police just had a procession along the 401 freeway Higway of Heros for the slain police officer. I didn't see a hearse otherwise I would have pulled over out of respect. Evidently the officer rushed in without waiting for back up when he heard shots fired because he wanted to reduce the likelihood of civilian casualties. That was indeed heroic.

Some might argue that it was a rookie mistake not to wait for back up but I beg to differ. When someone has a gun and they are shooting it, every second you hesitate could mean more lives lost. He did the heroic thing. Greater love hath no man than this.

This life is a test. John Davidson passed with flying colours. The hillbilly who shot him failed miserably. Some will argue that cops are assholes. Many are. This one wasn't. You got the wrong one. Murder is never something to celebrate. Murder represents separating yourself from normal people in the eternities. Hell isn't a place where God punishes us forever saying I told you so. Just like the Chinese painting declares, heaven and hell is what we make it.

If we lie, cheat and steal we will live with people just like us. Likewise, if we are honorable and trustworthy, we will be with people just like us. There is no L&R in gang life. Gang life is all about murder to get gain. It is filled with betrayal. There is no honour in it. Yet this murder wasn't even tied to gang activity. It was totally senseless. It was over a stolen car.

They say circumstances dont make the man, they reveal him to himself and to the rest of the world. John Davidson's true character has been revealed. He will be honoured throughout eternity. The hillbilly who shot him will not be hailed as a cop killer. He will be remembered as a complete idiot. A total loser. Someone who robbed a family from a good husband, father and son. When this life is over he will experience their pain. For murder there is no justice in this life. Justice comes in the life hereafter where families are reunited with loved ones.

Some people ask why does God let good people suffer? The answer is twofold - free agency and exaltation. In this life we are all free to choose but we are not free to avoid the consequences of our choices. God cannot put us in prison for wanting to commit murder. He can only do so if we actually do commit murder. Those who commit murder will be separated from the public permanently. Those who are murdered unjustly will be exalted. In this life it doesn't make sense. It only makes sense in the life hereafter. We have just witnessed a scene from the movie Gladiator in real life. John Davidson was a soldier of Rome. Honor him. The Last Post.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Kelowna medicinal grow tied to the Hells Angels

Castanet is reporting that "RCMP in Kelowna have shut down a medical marijuana operation in the city. Working on a tip from police in Nova Scotia, local RCMP raided a property in the Paret Road area of Kelowna Nov. 1. While the property was a licensed marijuana grow operation, police say the drugs were being used for monetary gain by the licence holder, and not exclusively for personal consumption. Police say the drug was allegedly being harvested and sold to members of the Hells Angels."

This comes as no surprise. It would be hard to find a grow op in Kelowna that wasn't run by the Hells Angels. The tip had to come in from Nova Scotia because the compromised BC Gang Task force doesn't charge Hells Angels any more. What was David Giles famous statement on culpability again? David Giles was caught on wire stating that not all members of the Hells Angels are involved in criminal activity but anyone who uses the name of the club for criminal activity must have that activity approved by the local executive.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Abbotsford police officer killed in shootout - Update

The Peacearch News is reporting that "Abbotsford Police have confirmed that one officer died and one is injured following a shooting this afternoon in the area of Mt. Lehman Road and Fraser Highway. The incident began at about noon at a strip mall north of Highstreet Shopping Centre."

One witness "said the suspect’s vehicle slammed into the back of the car behind her. She then saw police officers converge and, she says, they began to shoot at the suspect’s car. As she laid down in her car, Dauncey heard rounds of gunshots."

This is unprecedented. Gang members here always shoot each other not at the police. Likewise, I've never heard of the police opening fire on a vehicle in the middle of traffic. Something just isn't right. Tragic an officer lost his life over it. It's fortunate civilians weren't killed in all that confusion.

Global is reporting that a witness claims the suspect had a rifle. The picture shows it.

The Vancouver Province is reporting the timetable of events:

"Monday’s incident started with a call to police at 11:35 a.m. about a possible stolen vehicle in the parking lot of a strip mall in the 3200-block Mount Lehman Road. The vehicle, a 2016 Ford Mustang, had been stolen from the nearby MSA Ford dealership on Saturday during a test drive. The car was spotted by dealership employees, who contacted police and boxed the car in as they waited for police. The driver returned to the car carrying a shotgun and began shooting at the employees and bystanders."

"Less than 20 minutes after the first call to police, several 911 calls poured in reporting shots fired. Police arrived and exchanged gunfire with the man, and Davidson was shot. He was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. The suspect was pursued by police and arrested after a collision at the intersection of Mt. Lehman Road and Fraser Highway. The man, in his mid 60s, was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and remains in custody." Absolutely bizarre. All over a stolen car. Tragic.

Obviously there are good cops and bad cops just like everywhere else. By the sounds of it, this was a good cop who cared. The bottom line is that he did die protecting the public.

Eulogy for John Davidson

Communist China invades Metro Vancouver's gas pumps

We've all noticed the unexplained spike in gas prices at the pump in metro Vancouver. I'll tell you what it's about. It represents the destruction of the free market and the domination of a corporate monopoly that Stephen Harper sold to Communist China. Since there is no free market the corporate monopoly can charge whatever it wants.

Since that corporate monopoly is owned by Communist China, every time we get gouged at the pumps we are financially supporting the torture and murder of political prisoners as well as the military expansion of a Communist dictatorship. It's time to nationalize our oil in British Columbia and Alberta. That is the logical conclusion. That way consumers would get price controls and the Canadian private contractors would make more money instead of having all the profits from our resources be exported out of country. It's working in Norway.

Want a green energy future? Nationalize Canada's oil industry

Don't Tax Oil Companies - Nationalize Them!

Lessons on nationalisation from Norway

Norway The rich cousin

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Assassin's Creed

I saw the Assassin's Creed movie on Netflix last night. It was pretty good. I think in real life the Templars were good guys. The Davinci Code ran some interesting theories. The Holy Grail was allegorical. It wasn't a cup in the movie, it was a person. Likewise I think in this movie the apple of Eden was also allegorical. The bad guys wanted to destroy free will while the assassins rose up to protect it. It is the Assassin's Creed or code of honour that I would like to address.

They say there is no honour among thieves. Perhaps that is true, but there used to be. Ralph Natale had honour. The new kids on the block do not. Which brings us to the red and white.

Christmas eve 1995. The Hells Angels hired a hitman to kill a police informant and his wife. The hitman brought Christmas gifts from the boys. The wife didn't want to let him in but he said we can't leave the Christmas gifts outside in the rain. The Christmas gifts from the boys was gasoline for the hitman to burn the house down after he killed them. Not only that, but he was instructed to kill his co accused right after they killed the family of the police informant. No L&R there.

Calgary murders continue - Update

The Calgary Sun is reporting that "Police had their hands full Friday night and Saturday morning as they investigated two deaths in the city." Friday night's homicide was the result of a stabbing.

Global is reporting that on Saturday "the body of a man was found in a vehicle in the back alley in the 0-100-block of Ranchero Rise northwest, just after 4 p.m." I have the name of the victim but will not release it until the family has been notified. Local sources claim he was a member of the Independent Soldiers. Calgary police seem reluctant to name gang affiliations.

Last Saturday Mvemba Eriq Afonso was shot dead. CBC is reporting that "Two men are under arrest in Montreal for a murder (last) Saturday in southeast Calgary. Mourad Gasmi, 21, and Shannoh Jabet, 22, both of Calgary, have been arrested on warrants for the second-degree murder of Mvemba Eriq Alfonso. Alfonso, who also went by the last name Mvemba, was shot to death early Saturday morning in the southeast community of Dover. He was 23."

The Calgary Herald is reporting that Shannoh Jabet, one of the two suspects arrested for shooting Mvemba Eriq Afonso last Saturday, received a four-year sentence for his role in the 2014 death of Calgary man Devon Goot. Devon was beaten to death in a targeted attack which police state was over a long standing dispute.

Roland Chin, another Hells Angels associate from Calgary was shot dead in Abbotsford last July. Roland was with the FOB who were supplied by the IS in Calgary. I'm told the FK still exist in Calgary while the FOB and the IS are starting to dwindle.

Update: CBC is confirming the name of the victim is Olara Obina and is reporting that "The only thing bigger than his smile was his heart." Very sad.

GSP chokes out Michael Bisping in historic comeback

The Guardian is reporting that "Georges St-Pierre returned from a four-year layoff and peered through the river of blood that flowed down his face to choke out Michael Bisping and win the middleweight championship at UFC 217 on Saturday night." GSP rocks.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dealers target treatment centres

CTV is reporting that the mother of an overdose victim claims dealers are stalking treatment centres. Her son died of a fentanyl overdose while in treatment. She is absolutely right. Most treatment centres in Surrey are flop houses for addicts to use drugs.

Price Pro helps addicts get off drugs and teaches them life skills to actually start working.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Guilty plea in Bob Green's murder

BC Local News is reporting that "The Langley man who killed a Hells Angel gang member last year has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Surrey Provincial Court. Jason Francis Wallace was arrested days after the Oct. 16, 2016 death of Robert Keith Green, who was found dying on a property in the 23700 block of 72nd Avenue on a Sunday morning. Green was a longtime member of the Hells Angels."

"Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) announced in a statement on the guilty plea that there are links between the Green murder and the death and dismemberment of Shaun Allan Clary, which took place on Oct. 24, 2016. Clary, 27, was found dumped on the side of Robertson Crescent in rural Langley. He and Wallace both reportedly had ties to the Aldergrove-based 856 Gang." Shaun wasn't a member. He might have owed them money.

Jason turned himself in the day after he shot Bob Green knowing he'd be dead if he didn't. Bob was shot October 16th. Shaun Clary's body was found Oct 24th. Shaun was from Guildford.

Jason Wallace was busted with Len Peltier for drugs and obviously didn't want to take the fall for Lenny like everyone else keeps doing so he shot the puppet master dead. It's too bad he got the wrong guy. Bob Green was well liked. Lenny is not despite the fact that someone else has been reassigned to Lenny in Bob 's place and the weasel is still working for the club in the Yukon.

"Postmedia reported at the time that Clary was an 856 associate and that his murder was believed to be in retaliation for the death of Green, a member of the Mission City chapter of the notorious biker gang." That is utterly ridiculous. That is what the police told Kim and shows once again that gang enforcement in BC isn't just compromised, it's completely f*cked.

This is what happens when the police put people like Blaze, the Black Widow and Len Peltier on their payroll - their intel is false. They tell us what the gangs want us to believe because they think we are stupid. Evidently we are. Clary's murder was not in retaliation for Bob Green's murder.

Metro Vancouver has arrived at the place LA was back in the /80's when Freeway Ricky was selling crack for Blandon. The police here are not trying to stop drug trafficking they are trying to be able to seize the proceeds is crime so they can take a cut in exchange for letting it continue.

10 year after the Surrey Six and nothing has changed. IHITit is still sleeping with witnesses. Only now they are sharing the same crew hoe with the cub pack completely compromising all of their intel. Natural justice is simple. Since the teletubbies and the cub pack are sharing the same crew hoe, that means they are sharing the same STDs. Good luck with that.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

2 Hells Angels from Nova Scotia and Ontario busted for drug trafficking

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Police say two Hells Angels members from Nova Scotia and Ontario face drug trafficking and other charges after a nine-month investigation. RCMP say Mark David Heickert — a full-patch gang member of the Oshawa Hells Angels — was arrested at a home in Orillia, Ont., without incident. The 48-year-old man is charged with conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and conspiracy to possess proceeds of crime. Paul Francis Monahan of Halifax, 61, is charged with several counts including trafficking in marijuana and conspiracy to traffic cocaine."

CBC is reporting that police seized two kilos of cocaine and that the Halifax man was a associate of the New Brunswick Nomads while the Ontario Village Idiot was a full patch Hells Angel from the Oshawa chapter. Unike BC, Nova Scotia and Ontario are confronting OMGs that sell drugs. In Surrey they provide them police protection.

Hells Angels associate Sean Heickert was found guilty of the November 2007 murder of Bekim Zeneli which set off the Winnipeg gang war. Bekim Zeneli was the leader of a Hells Angels puppet club called LHS - Loyalty Hounour Silence. Heickert owed Zeneli $3,000 at the time of his death. So Sean killed the associate to avoid having to pay him the money he owed him. Who's the rat now? James Heickert, A full-patch member of the Oshawa Hells Angels plead guilty to plotting to murder his own brother Sean Heickert over drug trafficking turf. Sounds like a dysfunctional family to me. Ontario Village Idiots alright.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Human remains found on Salmon Arm Farm Identified

News 1130 is reporting that "RCMP have identified the remains found on a large piece of farm land near Salmon Arm as those of 18-year-old Traci Genereaux. Police say no charges have been laid in connection with her death, which is being treated as suspicious."

Traci was getting her life together right before she was killed. Kinda like Britney Irving. Peace.

All of the five missing women in that area were involved in the sex trade. Locals are all familiar with the testimony of the neighbors. The question we need to probe is whether or not this was a sick individual who liked to kill sex trade workers or was he told which sex trade workers to target for drug debts? That is the real question that needs to be examined.

Residents recount odd influx of escorts in Silver Creek

Guy Fawkes Night - November 5th

We don't celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in Canada, we celebrate Halloween. In England they don't really celebrate Halloween like we do here. They celebrate Guy Fawkes Night which is five days later. Remember, remember the fifth of November so goes the British rhyme.

The original Guy Fawkes was caught trying to blow up the British parliament building in 1605. He was hanged for treason so every year they make an effigy of Guy Fawkes and burn him on Bonfire night. If you're in England you have to see Guy Fawkes night in Lewes. It is wild. When I was working in London over 25 years ago some friends took me down and I was astounded. You have to see it to believe it. Remember, remember the fifth of November.

The modern Guy Fawkes isn't quite the same villain the traditional one was. The modern Guy Fawkes is taken from the Movie V for Vendetta. That Guy Fawkes was a champion of justice against Corporate brainwashing. The group Anonymous organizes a million mask march in London on November 5th. Tragically Anarchist agent provocateurs are trying to destroy it.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017