Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hawthorne Park Fraud Exposed

Although this fraud is insignificant compared to the voter fraud in Honduras and the resulting chaos, I will expose this billion dollar fraud here at home because it is in my crib so to speak.

There are two aspects of this fraud. The first is obviously tied to SNC-Lavalin the most corrupt construction corporation on the planet that burns tax dollars faster than the Greek Financial crisis. The second is like unto it. It represents the laundering of public assets to campaign contributors just like Diane Watts did in Campbell Heights. It was yet another dirty deal done dirt cheap.

There are a lot of people here in Surrey that do not want a road going through the middle of Hawthorne park and do not want them to build condos or commercial development in the park. Linda Hepner is steamrolling ahead with this dirty deal just like they did in Campbell heights completely ignoring the concerns of the local residents and heeding only the campaign contributions of the dirty developers set to get rich off of tax dollars.

The other day I was riding down 104th Aveue in Surrey past Guildford mall reflecting on the complete mess a LRT would cause reverting 104th to a single lane of traffic each way and I noticed all the vacant lots along 104th that are ready for development.

I thought to myself, why don't they build condos in any of the vacant lots on 104th? Why are they so obsessed with building condos on 104th in park land? The answer is simple. If they build condos in any of the vacant lots on 104th they have to pay fair market value for that land. If they build condos on the park land along 104th they get the land for next to nothing as the city redesignates protected greenspace for high density commercial or residential and the dirty developers who pay kickback to City hall in the form of campaign contribution make a fortune.

Simply put, the developers make more money building on park land than they do on regular land. There is no reason they can't build condos in any of the vacant lots on 104th. They would make plenty of money if they did and the City wouldn't have to build a road through a park to access them. They just wouldn't make as much money as they would if they build condos on protected greenspace. It's all about greed. Making a huge amount of money isn't good enough. They always want to make more at the taxpayers expense. That is greed.

When Gwyn Morgan was CEO of SNC-Lavalin he was able to secure the contract for the Evergreen Line with Translink despite the colossal amount of fraud that scandal ridden company was embroiled in. As a result, the Evergreen line went way over budget. Big surprise. SNC-Lavalin works for Translink and builds LRT. Do the math. Help keep SNC-Lavalin out of Surrey.

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  1. The truth is staring Surrey residents in the face .Mayor Heptner is corrupt as is her pro developher counsel

    1. Very true. However, it's not just pro development it's pro insider trading dirty developement. Campbell Heights and the South Surrey Mega Casino proposal was all about flipping protected green space into industrial so their campaign contributors could make a fortune at tax payers expense.

      An on ground train along 104th avenue reverting 104th to a single lane of trafficking isn't developement, it's regression into chaos. It's a fraudulent misappropriation of tax dollars.

  2. It was either Norm Farrell or RossK at the Gazetteer who had an item up earlier this fall about how the top 20 B.C. Lieberal financial contributors received several billion dollars worth of contracts. So this post does make so much sense.

    The people of Surrey voted for Heppner to be Watt's successor and they knew what Watts was all about, so they no one to blame but themselves for what goes on in their city. If people object to the corruption they need to be politically active and vote Heppner and her ilk out of office in the next election. For people who say they don't have the experience, neither does Heppner. If you're honest, can balance your chequing account, you can run for mayor of Surrey.


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