Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mayor's Glutton Council receives a breath of fresh air

The Vancouver Courier is reporting that "There’s a new chair at the Mayors’ Council. Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan was elected to the position on Thursday, defeating incumbent Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, who had been at the helm for three years." Thank God! A Christmas Miracle. Gregor Robertson and Linda Hepner are the worst tax and spend lunatics on the planet. Already Dum and Dummer are crying the blues at any potential opposition to their SNC-Lavalin fraud. They both lost their seats leading the gluttons council.

Botox Betty is in a frenzy to get things moving before SNC-Lavalin's corruption trial gets under way in 2018 and before she loses her position as mayor of Surrey since her approval rating has tanked over Clayton Heights and Hawthorne park.

We need to slow the momentum on Translink debt. Every year Translink get a billion dollars a year in a regional gas tax. No private corporation would be permitted to run a billion dollar a year deficit let alone wrack up more debt by handing it over to the most corrupt construction firm on the planet. We need to reassess the logistics on the insane plan to put LRT down 104th between Guldford Mall and Surrey Place. Reverting 104th to a single lane of traffic each way is not progress. It is complete insanity.

How is someone going to make a left hand turn on 104th during afternoon traffic jams when there is no left hand turning lane? Not only will they have to wait until it is clear of oncoming traffic to make a left hand turn, but they will also have to make sure a train isn't coming behind them when they make that turn. That is architecturally unsafe.

People who drive cars prefer skytrain over LRT because Skytrain does not impede traffic. People who drive cars should have a say since they give Translink a billion dollars a year in regional gas tax. Richmond didn't want to replace the Massey Tunnel and Surrey doesn't want a LRT going down 104th Avenue. Proceeding with that insane plot is a criminal act.

Keep SNC-Lavalin out of Surrey.

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  1. Guess the rest of the Mayors got tired of Moonbeam and Heppner. Corrigan is a good choice. He has served Burnaby well and has a lot of experience. Burnaby has managed growth better than Vancouver and Surrey. Lets hope for better days.


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