Friday, December 1, 2017

Charges stayed against Jamie Bacon in Surrey Six

Global is reporting that "Charges against pig sh*t Jamie Bacon in connection with the Surrey Six homicides have been stayed by the B.C. Supreme Court, the BC Prosecution Service (BCPS) announced Friday" over trial delays. This is the epitome of evil.

This time it's not the court's fault. The trial delays have been colossal. Who's fault is it? The slimeball cops that slept with the witness and the crown itself for delaying it so long to cover up the police misconduct. They are both to blame. Jamie Bacon certainly wasn't the brains of the operation but he was the piece of garbage that orchestrated the hit. We wasn't trying to tax Cory Lal on behalf of himself. He was trying to tax Cory on behalf of the Hells Angels. Jamie pigsh*t was the one who went in there all coked up wanting to make it look like a scene from scarface.

Global is reporting that "Eileen Mohan, the mother of Chris Mohan, who was killed in the Surrey Six shootings, said she was expecting that her son would see justice until the ruling was made public on Friday. 'My son’s life was taken so horrifically, and to give me a verdict like that today was … I just wanted to scream to the rest of the world until someone listens to me and understands my pain,' she said." God bless her.

Global is also reporting that "Bacon remains in custody on a charge of counselling the murder of an individual. A trial on that charge is set to commence on April 3, 2018. Bacon has made no application for bail on that charge, and the Crown would oppose his release, the BCPS said."

I have a lot of things on the go right now. I'm experiencing a New York Minute so to speak. I'm going to take time to deal with some family issues and keep hammering on Honduras until the world wakes up and sees what's really going on there. In the meantime I just want to say that Jamie Bacon is a piece of garbage. He has no respect in Surrey.

Addressing the Lies

Just to clarify, Matthew Johnston did not shoot all six victims. DK, Dennis Karbovanec, plead guilty to killing Chris Mohan, Bartolomeo and Michael Lal. Person X said he killed three and Cody Haevischer killed three.

Jamie Bacon "had wanted to kill Corey Lal from mid-2007 onward. In the months leading up to the Surrey Six murders, Bacon frequently raised the issue of his hatred for Corey Lal. Bacon first claimed that Lal had to be clipped during a restaurant meeting attended by Le, a witness known only as Person Y, and other Red Scorpions in September 2007, the statement said. After initially resisting the idea at several meetings, Le eventually told Bacon to do whatever you want, whatever you need to do.”

"Jamie Bacon gave Le $25,000 for Person A, who had helped them get into the building."

Jamie Bacon asked Corey Lal to pay him $100,000 tax for dealing on their turf. Bacon also confiscated Lal's glock pistol. When Lal didn't pay he was targeted in the Surrey Six. Jamie Bacon tried to tax Corey and Jamie Bacon confiscated his glock so they would be unarmed. Jamie Bacon was the one who went in there all coked up wanted to live out a scene from Scarface. Jamie Bacon is the peice of sh*t. He was acting on the directions of his preppy brother Jonathan who was close friends with Larry Amero. Before the Surrey Six the Red Scorpions sold drugs for the UN. After the Surrey Six they sold drugs for the Hells Angels. It's that simple.


  1. That is an absurd lie they are spreading to hide their culpability once again. Jamie Ork was not taxing Corey Lal on behalf of the Triads. That is ridiculous. Larry Amero was friends with Jonathan Bacon long before his pride parade in Kelowna where they got shot. You are a liar and a fool and so is anyone who believes you.

  2. Eileen Mohan, the latest Canadian to know what it feels like when the government that rules you makes it clear (in that classically understated Canadian fashion that only the British do better) that it really doesn't give a fuck about you. Or your kid. If it did Bacon and anyone like him wouldn't survive the week.

    "Just keep paying your taxes, slave. We're the Police, we can do whatever we want".

  3. It was horrific to hear the news that Bacon will not be tried for the murders of two innocent people. How terrible for their families to know the murderers will never be held accountable by the what ought to be the justice system.

    The Judge most likely made the only "lawful" decision she could. What led to the decision of course is laid at the feet of those who worked on the case on behalf of us, the citizens of this province. If part of the reason the trial can not go forward is because RCMP engaged in sexual activities with witnesses or others connected with the case, they ought to be fired. That is simply unpardonable. That of course is just another e.g. of what is wrong with the RCMP.

    We can only hope the new government in Victoria will address some of the issues which were at play in this case. We the tax paying citizens and the families of the victims are entitled to the truth in this case.

    My thoughts are with the victims families and friends.

  4. It shouldn't take the "Justice System" ten years to get to this point, police mistakes or not. Neither a guilty nor innocent person should wait a decade for justice. The legal system is broken. Our Judges have no accountability.

    1. Valid point. Although the crown and the police caused the delays, the delays in the court system are horrific. Our judicial system in BC is indeed broken.

    2. That doesn't absolve the Judiciary because they allow delays such as this to occur. I think our whole legal system needs rethinking. If this was a business, it would have been bankrupt a long time ago. The more these people fail at their jobs, the more we reward them. A lot of people are suggesting the problem is not giving our Courts enough resources. I'd argue it's the opposite. The more we give them, the worse it will get.

    3. I agree judges in BC have no public accountability and that needs to change.

  5. With the cops partying and banging with a witness and the Surrey Pretrial recording Bacons communication with his lawyer I am not at all surprised by this ruling.
    Very sad indeed....


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