Tuesday, December 19, 2017

RCMP officer fired for texting victim

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A Richmond RCMP officer has been fired after it was found he had misused police files to contact a 17-year-old sexual assault victim and share flirty texts and a photo of a man in bed with an erection. Const. Brian Eden also used police records to track down the contact information for a woman — who had been issued a speeding ticket by Eden and his partner — in order to ask her out to coffee."


  1. abuse of his position and that is nothing new in the RCMP. What is new is the guy was fired.

  2. Perhaps that was a better option this time around than the girl's father promising that if they did not, he would hunt the offender and anyone who looked like him in the street like it was deer season.

    Mess with my daughter and that's exactly what would happen. What a disgusting POS that officer is. He's not a protector, he's a predator, and he's got lot's of company in the ranks. The culture of policing in Canada seems to attract them like moths to a flame.


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