Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Peak of Inverson

Ski season has begun. Over a meter of snow at the base and over a meter and a half at the summit. That's a nice start. I rode my motorcycle up mount Seymour yesterday and dusted off the crampons heading up to the back country. Inversion has been building all week. Inversion is when it's warmer in the mountains than down in the city. The fog rolls in the city and up in the mountains you are above the clouds. You can see clouds covering the water from Vancouver all the way to Vancouver Island. People were even digging in and staying overnight.

Today is a special day for me. I can't tell you why but it does kind of feel like a scene from Fiddler on the Roof. The kids are getting older and I'm getting older too. Simon and Garfunkel said that's not unusual. I'm obviously humbled by my experiences but I am also filled with gratitude at the same time. Despite the struggles and frustrations of the moment it is a good life so it is and as Louis Armstrong pointed out it still is a wonderful world if you know where to look. Peace.

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