Saturday, December 23, 2017

Free naloxone kits and a double homicide

Here it is, the Great Canadian Pharmaceutical Fraud. Global is reporting that "The B.C. government has made free naloxone kits available at pharmacies throughout the province. The kits will be available to people who use either use opioids or are likely to witness an overdose." They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well this time they are absolutely right.

I have continuously expressed my objection to the corrupt or stupid lobbyists that took the four pillar program and threw away three of the crucial pillars and turned harm reduction into harm promotion. What we are doing is spending billions of tax dollars to promote addiction and organized crime. Treatment saved Kati, lethal injection sites did not.

Yet there is another aspect of the Great Canadian Pharmaceutical Fraud that is tied to the recent murder of a generic drug tycoon in Toronto. I have said before, the criminal activity of the CIA makes the Hells Angles look like boy scouts. Likewise, the criminal activity of the big Pharmaceutical companies makes the Hells Angels criminal enterprise look like small potatoes.

In one breath we read that the provincial government of BC is spendingd massive amounts of tax dollars to hand out free naloxone kits. In the next breath we read that "The price of the antidote to the overdose crisis is skyrocketing." Which leads us to ask Naloxone Stocks: Who’s Really Winning the Battle Against the Opioid Epidemic?

EAF said the reason the government refuses to spend a penny on treatment is because its too expensive. However, that is simply untrue. When you look at long term investment, treatment is a whole lot cheaper than turning people into life long methadone addicts.

Macklemore put out a powerful music video about addiction naming the Perdue corporation claiming my drug dealer was a doctor. In September Reuters reported that "Washington state on Thursday sued OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP, becoming the latest state or local government to file a lawsuit seeking to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for a national opioid addiction epidemic."

The government class action against Perdue is somewhat hypocritical. The government helps the pharmaceutical companies make billions from tax dollars because they receive kickbacks in the form of campaign contributions, then sues them for another piece of the pie they created.

Recently the pharma greed escalated to a new level when generic drug tycoon Barry Sherman and his wife were murdered in their own home last week. Providing cancer treatment and medicine to terminally ill patients is indeed lifesaving work. Yet exploiting people on their death bed by jacking up the cost of medicine through rigid drug patents is organized crime. So is murdering a generic drug tycoon who provided Canadians with affordable medicine.

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  1. governments do consider treatment too expensive Now in the grand scheme of things, it is inexpensive however, governments look no further than the next fiscal year, the next election cycle. it is from that perspective its too expensive. constant drug deaths are expensive, but that is the end of the expense for that individual. the other expenses regarding their families, well that is another budget. Health is covered by provincial governments. policing, is civic. not a provincial budget item.

    The new provincial government might be willing to invest more in treatment because they did split off mental health into its own portfolio, but the previous government, The B.C Lieberals, in my opinion just didn't care about the addicted, how many died, etc

  2. Check the tweets here since Dec. 15, when the deaths of Barry & Honey Sherman were announced:

    Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun has been covering the Sherman murders, including interviewing Barry Sherman's "business partner" Frank D'Angelo. Was D'Angelo covering his tracks here?

    "I knew why they were all there but couldn't figure out why Frank invited me."

    1. Thanks for the links. So Jerry Fowler thinks Frank D’Angelo is a suspect? Interesting. No doubt possible but I would think that Frank wasn't intellectually capable of running that billion dollar business without Barry. I think the Pharmaceutical industry had more to gain from Barry's murder.


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