Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shooting fatality in Williams Lake + Langley Update

The Williams Lake Tribune is reporting that "One of the city’s most notorious prolific offenders was fatally shot in what police are calling a targeted, gang-related shooting in Williams Lake Wednesday night."

News 1130 is reporting that Remains found in an abandoned home on the Tsawwassen First Nation belong to a Surrey man missing since January. Robinder Virk is the victim and was found on March 3rd at a home on Tsawwassen Drive, but police had very little to say about the discovery at the time. 1130 News is also reporting that there is police tape up on Landmark Way east of 196th, in #LangleyBC.

Update: The Langley Advance is reporting that "The RCMP are investigating after they say shots were fired shortly before 5 p.m. on Thursday near Willowbrook mall. The gunfire rang out between two vehicles in the 19600 block of the Langley Bypass, police said. Langley RCMP corrected an earlier report that shots were fired on Fraser Highway. Two men were seeing running from a Ford Escape." That's what the police tpe was about.

Federal government assists the Hells Angels maintain their monopoly of the docks

Last year Kim Bolan wrote an excellent series on the Hells Angels control of the docks. I made a post about it in 2011 from what was reported in Julian Sher's book the Road to Hell.

Now Kim Bolan is reporting that "A Metro Vancouver longshoreman is appealing a decision by the federal government to deny him security clearance because of drug smuggling allegations against his brothers, who also work on the docks." Only he doesn't sell drugs for the Hells Angels, he sells drugs for the other guys. This is clearly a good step but only denying the security clearance for Hells Angels rivals and not for Hells Angel members is very suspect. Like when they got rid of the Port Police and created the problem in the first place. Makes us wonder why this Indo Canadian longshoreman was shot. Was he selling for the wrong side?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rise in homeless fatalities and drug overdoses

News 1130 is reporting that "Advocacy group Megaphone‘s report 'Still Dying on the Streets' used data from the BC Coroners Service and found at least 46 homeless people died in BC in 2014. That’s a 70 per cent increase over the previous year." The Vancouver Province printed an article on the report from the Vancouver Sun. In the printed edition of the article is stated that drug overdose deaths also dramatically increased in 2015 but that quote was omitted from the online edition. It is however a crucial statistic to examine.

Drug overdoses increased despite the brianwashing bullsh*t from the Unsafe Injection site simply because INSITE has increased the number of addicts on the street not decreased them. The police allow crack and heroin to be sold publicly all around INSITE which drastically increased the plague of addiction like a forest fire. CKNW printed a screencap of the stat: illicit drug overdose rose 27% in 2015.No doubt the devil will argue that since drug addiction is now rampant in Maple Ridge tent city as well they need a safe injection site there too. Not. They need to arrest the drug dealers in Maple Ridge and those who are profiting from that misery.

We need more affordable housing, drug treatment centres that help people get off drugs instead of being state sponsored flop houses and we need to remember the enforcement pillar in the four pillars program. It's four pillars not one. Peace.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Edmonton's Easter massacre tied to the drug trade

The Edmonton journal is reporting that six murders over Easter were tied to the drug trade.

"Easter Monday morning, police were called to a walk-up apartment complex near Westmount Shopping Centre. A few hours later, homicide detectives made the grim announcement. The body of a 43-year-old woman had been found in her apartment. The probable cause of death? Blunt force trauma. The Edmonton Police Service is treating it as a homicide, pending an autopsy."

"Our bleak “murder streak” started Wednesday, March 23, when a local real estate agent attempted to “show” a home in the quiet west-end subdivision of The Hamptons. Inside were two bodies, later identified by police as Irfan Ahmed Qureshi, 37, and Suzanne Marie Tran, 27. Both had died of gunshot wounds. Qureshi was a violent gangster and convicted felon, with ties to the drug trade going back more than a decade. Tran also had a criminal record for drug trafficking. The police quickly declared the case a double homicide."

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dominic DiPalma sentenced to six years for cocaine trafficking

The Sherwood Park News is reporting that "Dominic Vincent DiPalma Jr., 35, was handed a six-year prison sentence at Edmonton’s Court of Queen’s Bench on Monday after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking."

"Charges against DiPalma stemmed from a 2014 investigation that saw six members of the Hells Angels arrested on charges related to organized crime, including a search of DiPalma’s Strathcona County residence, where $50,000 in cash was seized."

"His local home was raided on April 23, 2014, two months after a search warrant was executed at his Edmonton residence, where police found 1.8 kilograms of cocaine hidden in bathroom ceiling tiles. Another $50,000 in bundled cash was also seized from that home, along with a money counter and drug-dealing paraphernalia, the court heard on Monday. Officers left an electronic tracker where the cocaine stash had been located, and DiPalma was arrested four days later when he removed it from the ceiling tiles."

Charges originally stem from the 2014 investigation after which one of their own guys was murdered. February of this year new charges were added to the original ones where the nearly 2 kilos of cocaine were seized. Evidently the tracking device on the cocaine made it difficult for him to blame one of his subordinates. It is sad Blake Christie was murdered. He wasn't killed by a rival. When they ask you to support E-Ville, that is what they are asking you to support - cocaine trafficking and murder. September 2012 Two Edmonton Hells Angels were sentenced to 10 years for trafficking cocaine in Fort McMurray. In 2015 they lost their appeal.

December 2014 I named Dominic DiPalma Jr as the one responsible for the Whiteboy Posse and all their deranged drug related violence. Since then, everything I said in that post has come true.

The 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising

This Easter marks the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. No, I'm not talking about the resurrection of Christ. I'm refering to an uprising in Dublin that happened in 1916. In the North, Irish Republicans (people who believe in a free republic) wear an Easter lily to commemorate the event. Aside from blooming at Easter, the Easter lily is white green and orange - the same colours as the flag for the Republic of Ireland. Orange represents Protestant, green represents Catholic and white represents peace between the two.A noble model indeed.

The actual Easter rising lasted from April 24th until April 30th 1916. Easter comes early this year. The beginning of the movie Michael Collins with Liam Neeson is a good explanation of what happened. A group of rebels took up arms and seized the main post office in Dublin and shot it out with British troops. They eventually surrendered but seven of the leaders signed their names to an eloquent proclamation similar to the American Declaration of Independence and were executed by firing squad. They asserted their inalienable right to freedom and were executed for doing so. They signed their proclamation to the world with their own blood. Although the event failed, it put the dream on paper and rallied the public in it's support.

The movie Michael Collins was an excellent explanation of how Michael Collins helped organize a follow up rebellion and how he was ultimately shafted by being sent to England to negotiate a settlement. He came back with a compromise. It wasn't a free republic for all of Ireland like they wanted, it was a stepping stone to that end. It was the establishment of a free state in the south of Ireland with the promise of one day becoming a free Republic. The people were split. Some saw it as treason to give up claim to the north. That is why the song A Nation Once Again dreams about the day when Ireland long a province be, a nation once again. Ireland consists of four provinces. Ulster is it's own country and is still part of Great Britain.

Yet after going to England Michael Collins knew this was the best they were going to get at the time. Sadly, a civl war broke out over the division. Those who supported the treaty won and a free state was established which has now indeed become a free republic. Yet the north is as I said, still part of England and the struggle continued. Ian Paisley led a group of racist Protestants that would burn the tricolour flag and it's quest for peace and shout Ulster says No. When I was in Belfast in 88/89 they had a banner on the top of City Hall that coined that phrase Ulster Says No (to peace and a united Ireland).

The problem in Northern Ireland is similar to the Quebec conflict in Canada and the Ukrainian conflict with Russia. Half the people want to be independent and half the people don't. That is why conflict has rekindled in Northern Ireland. Some see Gerry Adams signing of the Good Friday accord in 1998 as treason just like they saw Michael Collins compromise as treason. Yet if we truly believe in democracy we have to recognize the existence of 50% of the population who don't want what we want. That is why there needs to be some kind of compromise. I'm not saying give up on the dream. I'm just saying lay down your arms and support the democratic process. By far the majority of the people in the north just want the violence to finally stop. It's not about Catholic versus Protestant. It's about learning to coexist in peace.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Laila Yuile's blog and twitter has ben Hacked

CKNW is confirming EAF's report that Laila Yuile's blog and twitter has been hacked. Laila is a well known Surrey blogger that now also writes for newspapers. CKNW is reporting that her blog and twitter was hacked by someone who claims to be from the group “Anonymous” but Laila doesn't think it really is someone from that group. She's right. That is the core of the conflict. This is a corporate hack impersonating Anonymous. Can we say false flag now?

Every crime has a means and a motive. Does Anonymous have the means to hack Laila's blog and twitter? By all means. Do they have a motive? Not on your life. Think about it. Laila has been vocal about the Site C Dam. The hack happened last night after her last blog post about the project. Why would Anonymous want to shut that blog down? They wouldn't. One of their own guys was shot dead by a cop in Dawson Creek protesting the Site C Dam. Anonymous didn't hack her blog. Someone pretending to be anonymous did.

So what does this mean? It means that group of hackers "fighting" ISIS and hacking Donald Trump's web site are not really "Anonymous" they are *someone* else. So now we have a group of hackers working in support of the CIA's corporate agenda pretending to be anonymous when they aren't they are on the agency's payroll. Buyer Beware.

Personally I don't have a problem with the Site C dam. Other than collecting water for fracking. I'm from Vancouver. Hydroelectric power has served us well: Take a look at the Cleveland Dam. Alouette Lake, Stave Lake, the Seymour watershed in addition to the Capilano watershed are all green forms of energy that serve us well. Hydroelectric power is a lot better than nuclear reactors. I do however, support people's right to protest the project and agree that this kind of censorship diminishes all of us. Perhaps valid concerns with the project include the size of the dam and the amount of area it will flood as well as the cost of the dam. Both of those seem excessive.

Note: The Twitter post says @NewWorldHacking retrieved the account. I'm not sure if that means anonymous has hacked it back for her or what. However, if they had hacked it back for her they would have given it back by now. The fact that it is still offline is very suspect. If they hacked her second twitter account which is what the twitter post implies, then they are the fraud falsely representing Anonymous and everything that account does is suspect.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Operation Gladio and the Brussels Attack

Operation Northwoods was a sinister plot to kill American civilians on American soil and blame it on terrorists to justify an invasion of Cuba in 1962. The plan was submitted by Allen Dulles, the director of the CIA and approved by Lyman Lemnitzer, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Kennedy vetoed the plan, fired Allen Dulles and reassigned Lyman Lemnitzer to Europe.

No conspiracy nutcase made up Operation Northwoods. The declassified document is real. If Kennedy hadn't vetoed the plan they would have implemented it. We need to address this because when Lyman Lemnitzer was reassigned to Europe, he actually implemented the same plan in Europe as Operation Gladio. BBC ran a documentary on that horrific operation.

The recent tragic events in Brussels forces us to reexamine Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio. The "intelligence community" need more public accountability not less. Especially after the Air India bombing. CSIS were the ones that provided the explosives for that attack.

We also need to ask why was CSIS aiding ISIS? That was recorded in the Globe and Mail as well as the Ottawa Citizen and has yet to be addressed. Lest we forget.

Likewise, the Paris attacks also force us to reexamine the the Karachi affair. Nicolas Sarkozy was accused of getting political kickbacks from an arms deal with Pakistan. When the deal was cancelled and his kickbacks were cut off he was accused of helping organize a terrorist bombing in Pakistan that killed French engineers. French intelligence is as corrupt as British, American and Canadian intelligence. Buyer Beware.

What is the motive behind the Brussels attack? There is none. It's not a message for Belgium to get out of the war in Afghanistan or Iraq. There is no real motive behind the attack other than to create chaos and widespread fear which simply makes no sense whatsoever.

The Belgian attack in Brussels happened on March 22nd. 322 is a Skull and Bones symbol. Muslim radicals aren't members of the Skull and Bones.

Weeks ahead of the deadly blasts, Israeli security assessment found Brussels airport had ‘significant shortcomings’. Two days after the attack the Observer ran an article claiming Belgium Must Learn From Israeli Airport Security. There is your motive. Weeks before the attack Israeli security warns the Brussels airport that there are weaknesses in their security then after the attack they say we told you so now you have to hire us to do your security.

That's like back in the old country. A paramilitary group says you better pay us protection money or your job site might have an accident. Then the job site has an accident and they say we told ya so. If you pay us protection money you won't have those kind of accidents any more.

However, former Israeli intelligence officers were in fact already doing the security at the Brussels airport and the bombs were planted before hand they weren't dropped off in a suitcase or worn by a suicdie bomber. ICTS is the same security firm that did security at the airports during 911.

I want to be clear that I am not anti Israel. I support Israel's right to exist and duty to coexist. Every race, religion, trade union and political organization has good and bad. The problem isn't Israel, the problem is the secret intelligence agencies within any large county whether that be Canada, the United States, England, France or Israel. Mossad's problem is that it works too closely with the CIA especially in their drug trafficking operations.

Justin Trudeau's debt is spiraling out of control

The Linerals projected $10 billion anual deficit is continuing to spiral out of control. Finance Minister Bill Morneau now says the deficit could be $18.4 billion, even before accounting for so-called stimulus spending that could push the shortfall as high as $25 billion. This is complete irresponsibility. Even the NDP realize you have to balance the budget. Recklessly using an unlimited credit card that binds your children by compound interest for generations is selfish and short sighted. Justin's kryptonite is beginning to over power him. Reckless debt was his fathers one flaw. Let's learn from our mistakes and move forward. Let's not do the timewarp again.

Friday, March 18, 2016

2016: Almost a shooting a week in Surrey - 3rd Update

Kevin Diakiw from the Surrey Leader is reporting that "Shots rang out in Newton again this week, bringing to 10 the number of confirmed shootings this year in a city recoiling from continued gun violence." That's almost a shooting a week.

Update: CBC is confirming a Scan BC is reporting that: @SurreyRCMP confirm shots fired near 132nd Street this morning. Believed to be targeted. People in the home are known to police.

2nd Update: Kevin Diakiw from the Surrey Leader is reporting that there was a shooting 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the 10800-block of 143 Street. This would be Surrey's 12th shooting so far this year, representing a shooting every six and a half days. It's all OK though. Bill Fordy did such a great job dancing naked in front of his coworkers they gave the clown a promotion.

The Saga Continues: Castanet is reporting that "shots fired in the area of 128th Street and 56th Avenue in the Panorama Ridge neighbourhood. Reports of gunfire came in just before 1 a.m."

Welcome to the wild, wild west.

East Van: Global is reporting that there was a targeted shooting in the East Vancouver area March 26th. One person was hit, but his injuries are non-life-threatening.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saint Patrick's Day Weekend

Happy holy day - drink responsibly. Just remember they don't drink green beer in Ireland they drink black beer. You can smell the roasting hops at Saint James's Gate in Dublin. Don't forget it was the Guinness family that built the Lion's Gate bridge in Vancouver so it was.

"I've always hated slavery since the day that I was born. When boyhood's fire was in my blood I read of ancient freemen, For Greece and Rome who bravely stood, Three hundred men and three men; And then I prayed I yet might see Our fetters rent in twain, And Ireland, long a province, be. A Nation once again!" Je me souviens - Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

I was at the Vancouver Occupy demonstration with my Irish drum talking to an irish girl with a tin whistle. A woman came up to us and asked where we were from. I said I'm from Surrey but she's from the Holy Land so she is. The woman smiled and nodded Ah Israel she said. I shook my head and said no, Ireland. It depends on where you're from as to what land is holy. But this is our home now so that makes this land holy too so it does.

Top of the morning to ya Danny Boy. When Irish eyes are smiling, souljas go to war. Erin go Bragh, Tiocfaidh ár lá. Finian is back so he is and I'll be watching ye. Mind how ya go.Like it or not, What's done in the dark will be brought to the light. Cheers.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Surrey Shoting

Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP are investigating shots fired into a house near 151 St & 70 Ave. Several windows broken. No injuries reported.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Four people shot at funeral outside Calgary

The Calgary Herald is reporting that "Gunfire erupted in the aftermath of a funeral at the Calgary Muslim Cemetery near Cochrane Friday afternoon, when an altercation broke out between some of the attendees, Mounties say. Four people were dropped off at hospital in Calgary suffering from injuries not considered life-threatening — all of the victims are expected to make full recoveries. Meanwhile, at least one shooter remains free, as currently no one is in custody."

Rather strange they would refer to it as a Muslim cemetery. We don't usually hear reports of Cartel or Mafia murders happening at a Catholic funeral or local gang shootings at a Protestant or Jewish funeral. They usually leave the denomination out because it's simply gang related.

Police say the attack was not racially or radically motivated so it might be more productive to look at who the funeral was for and who was shot or at east who was targeted in the attack. The cemetary was located outside Cochrane which is north west of Calgary.

December of last year the CBC reported that "Turf battles over drugs in Calgary's northeast have escalated into a gang war. Calgary's last gang war, between the FOB and the FK gangs, was also bloody, with more than two dozen homicides from 2002 to 2009." Those two gangs were predominately Asian. The FK were supplied bu the UN while the FB were supplied by the Hells Angels through the BC Independent Soldiers.

The CBC is reporting that "Most of the crime associated with this gang war is happening in Calgary's northeast, primarily in districts four and five. The guns and gangs unit has identified six to seven groups and singled out 59 men who are considered "high level" participants in them. Those identified by police are mostly young men of Middle Eastern descent — although like the Asian street gangs of the early 2000s, they're not exclusively one ethnicity." Now that the leaders of the FOB are behind bars a new rival is emerging through the Middle eastern community. So let me get this straight. The Hells Angels group fizzled out and a new gruop rises to take their place. Gee, I wonder who they are being supplied by? Stop the greed and you will end the violence.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Abbotsford shooting

CBC is reporting that "Two men have been taken to hospital in serious condition after a shooting in Abbotsford. It happened in the 33000 block of Hawthorne Avenue, near Greer Street, at approximately 9:21 p.m. PT Thursday."

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Canadian prime minister brings Trudeaumania to White House

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brought Trudeaumania to America on Thursday and the verdict was a resounding thumbs-up. 'Breath of fresh air', 'impressive' and 'very impressive' was how some of the guests at a splashy White House state dinner in Canada's honor described the country's new leader."

American media called it a family reunion. The last time a Canadian Prime Minister attended a State dinner at the Whitehouse was 19 years ago when his father went. Like his father before him, Justin has class. When asked to denounce Donald Trump he said: "I'm not going to pick a fight with Donald Trump right now. I'm not going to support him either, obviously." He said he's anxious to see how the country "deals with what is obviously a very real set of issues around frustration towards the body politic that we've seen in various iterations around the world."

Mother of missing woman arrested in Ontario drug bust

Cornwall Free News is reporting that a drug bust outside Ottawa yielded half a kilo of cocaine, several weapons and several arrests. Two names of interest are Matthew Fillipoff and Shelley Fillipoff. CBC is reporting that Shelley Fillipoff is the mother of Emma Fillipoff, a missing woman we wrote about in 2014. Matthew is Shelley's son, Emma's sister.

Ozzy Osbourne, The Irish Rovers and The Rugby Seven

I am told that Ozzy Osbourne performed to a sold out crowd at Rogers Arena in Vancouver Monday night. I'm told he kicked it. Not bad for 67 years old. His arms had a few tremors and he had to hold the microphone with both hands but his singing was fantastic. I was never an Ozzy fan growing up until I attended a funeral fora friend from Canada Post in Surrey.

At the funeral they laid her leather jacket and boots on the coffin and said there wee now going to play a song by Ozzy Osbourne. I thought to myself Ozzy Osbourne? At a funeral? Are you kidding me? Then they played See you on the other side and it was totally appropriate. I didn't know Ozzy did ballads.As I previously said, you don't have tp be religious to believe in an afterlife. Even Ozzy Osbourne knows life does not end at death.

I also understand that the Irish Rovers will be playing at the vogue theatre in Vancovuer on Saint Patrick's Day. My father was a big fan of the Irish Rovers. He loved the song about the Orange and the Green. I understand the Irish Rovers owned and performed in the Unicorn Pub in Vancouver. I also understand that the Lord of the Dance is playing in Abbotsford March 23rd.

The World Rugby Sevens Series is coming to Vancouver, British Columbia March 10th & 11th.

Whitehorse drug bust tied to 856 in Langley

The Whitehorse Daily Star is reporting that "Luther sentenced Bradley Prowal, Jeffery Redick and Taylor Wallace for their roles in a cocaine trafficking ring operating in the Yukon. Prowal received three years for trafficking cocaine, Redick 3 1/2 years for trafficking cocaine and two weapons offences and Taylor Wallace six months for the careless use of a firearm. They had entered guilty pleas at what was supposed to be a preliminary hearing. All three are from B.C., and moved to the territory a couple of years ago. They operated as part of the Langley-based 856 gang.

This drug bust is from April 2015. The 856 is run by Hells Angels associate Len Peltier who uses Bob Greene's name like it was his. Remember Larry Mizen worked for Len Peltier in Whalley. Lenny knows something about Dru's murder in Surrey. With friends like that who needs enemies? Lenny is famous for ratting other people out to avoid prison time. Even the club hates him. They tolerate him because of his cousin Bob Green and because he makes money for them.

June 23, 2015 Len Pelletier was finally named and busted for cocaine trafficking through the 856. Let's hope he doesn't get off in this bust as well. Again. He's the little slimy one with the stash.

Montreal Mafia leader's brother arrested in Arizona with 62 kilograms of cocaine

The National Post is reporting that "The brother of an influential leader in the Mafia in Montreal was recently arrested in Arizona after the specially trained police dog sniffed out 62 kilograms of cocaine in the vehicle he was riding in. Girolamo Del Balso is the younger brother of Francesco, 45, a Mafia leader who was one of six men who took control of the Mafia in Montreal — roughly between 2003 and 2006 — after Vito Rizzuto was arrested and later jailed in the U.S. for being part of a conspiracy to murder three mobsters in Brooklyn in 1981."

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Traffic on the blog has spiked once again so I thought I'd recap some of the top stories to keep them fresh in our minds before they get buried in the archives.

Operation Skeletor

The David Giles drug trafficking trial out of Kelowna has finally hit the court and is big news. Operation Skeletor as I refer to it rising out of the Kelowna Summer Jam is the largest and most successful police undercover operation in the history of the province. The Panama connection makes it significant.

The bust came after Pat Fogarty, the person in charge of the ang Task force came up with some absolutely ridiculous statements claiming that there is no wolf pack and that the Kelowna Hells Angels aren't the problem, it's the other guys we have to worry about. That prompted me to make a post questioning what side he was on because he was obviously wrong running interference for the Hells Angels in the press.

The joint operation between the RCMP, Gang Task force and the OMGU proved him wrong in a very big way which forced us to question his leadership. Was he just an idiot? Who told him to say that? Some of the officers in the field? That would be scary indeed.

The David Giles drug bust involved the interception of $4 million in exchange for 200 kilos of cocaine which was partial payment for a plan to purchase more than 500 kilograms of cocaine for over $14 million. The Vancouver Province reported that it was suposed to be 500 kilos a month. This proved Pat Fogarty wrong in a very big way as did the stolen car boat and motorcycle ring tied to the Kelowna Hells Angels. It was a huge operation that Hells Angels associate Johnny Newcome plead guilty to. Johnny Newcome ran the chop shop out of Cycle logic which was owned by Richard Goldammer. It was a huge stolen car ring tied directly to the Hells Angels.

Tragically but not surprisingly, after they did such a great job on those two busts Christy clark's government cutting funding to the Gang Task force and gor rid of the OMGU. Just like they eliminated the police task force that investigated money laundering in BC Casinos after it issued a dammed report about how bad it was. That is organized crime. When the government gets rid of a police task force after it successfully disrupted an organized crime ring.

After sabotaging future operations, Pat Fogarty the second rose up once again trying to convince us that the Hells agels aren't a problem in BC any more. That is a lie. They just stopped investigating them. Nevertheless, Operation Skeletor is clearly the most successful undercover police operation in the history of the province. They should be promoting people involved with that not clowns like Bill Fordy.

Operation Skeletor makes up for sabotaging Operation Phoenix and the Western Wind bust. It was even more successful than EPandora which was groundbreaking even thought the convictions were much less significant.

Edmonton Hells Angles drug bust

The post about Dominic DiPalma Jr. from the Edmonton Hells Angles getting busted with two kilos of cocaine is getting a of of traffic. December 2013 I named him as the member in charge of the Whiteboy posse. That makes him responsible for all their drug trafficking and all their violence enforcing for drug debts. Dominic DiPalma was sentenced to six years for cocaine trafficking.

Prince George brutal assault

The new news in Prince George is the fact that Kitt Alwood was implicated in that brutal sexual assault in Prince George. The court records claim one of the accused cell phone records claimed she collected drug debts for Kitt Alwood. January 2013 I named her as the predator using a clothing line and a bad rap music promotion to lead young kids astray.

Kelowna couple found dead

The post about a couple in Kelowna found dead recently is getting a lot of traffic. One of the victims was Marcello Verna. Marcello was the nephew of Hells Angel Carlo Verna.Tragically, his mother, Calo's sister, also died back in 2013 at the age of 43. June 2013 I wrote a blog post about Carlo Verna expressing my concern that the club might screw him over after the took all his money. It is a real tragedy his family members are dying all of a sudden. With friends like those, who needs enemies?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

City orders Buddhist Temple torn down

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the city of Burnaby is ordering a buddhist Temple destroyed because they didn't have a building permit. The Province also points out they need a permit to tear it down as well so the irony is shameful.

How many times have dirty politicians flipped agricultural land into industrial to pay off their dirty campaign contributors? Lets start with the Campbell Heights money laundering centre in Surrey. Then let's look at the proposed Mega Casino in South Surrey all the residents freaked out about. The plan was to build the mega casino on agricultural land and have the city flip it into industrial so their dirty campaign contributors could make a fortune just like they did in Campbell Heights. They are rezoning a huge amount of agricultural land in Delta for a freaking shopping mall destroying migratory bird habitat forever and thay's OK.

So now the dirty politicians won't make any concessions for something as positive as a Buddhist temple. Anyone who has studied martial arts knows that Buddhist Temples are a sacred positive influence in society. Much more so than a casino that launders drug money for organized crime.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Shots fired in Surrey

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "Surrey RCMP were called to the area of 62nd Avenue and 142nd Street around 6:30 p.m. Saturday after a number of 911 callers reported hearing what they believed to be shots. According to a statement from the police, shell casings were located in the area and witnesses reported the occupants of one vehicle had been firing at another vehicle. Both vehicles “drove off,” the police said. Further investigation found further shell casing two blocks away at 142nd Street and 64th Avenue. An abandoned white Ford pickup which matched witness descriptions was found nearby with bullet holes."

Lonnie Landrud and the murder of Deena Braem

This one kind of baffles me. Deena Lyn Braem was last seen alive hitchhiking to her home in Bouchie Lake from Quesnel on September 25, 1999. Her body was recovered on December 10, 1999 north west of Quesnel near Pinnacles Provincial Park. In 2009 the Vancouver sun reported that 10 years later Deena's death is still a mystery.

Deena was murdered on the highway of Tears. The Highway of Tears dates back to 1998 when the name was used at a vigil in Terrace to pay tribute to five women who at that time had disappeared along the 720-kilometre stretch of Highway 16 connecting Prince George to Prince Rupert.The Prince George Citizen reported that the murders along the highway of tears date back to 1969 and continued in the /70's so it started before and continued after Robert Pickton. The Highway of Tears web site claims the number of murders are up to 40.

The Lonnie Landrud story is bizarre yet he seems so coherent. He claims he witnessed the murder of Deena Braem and claims she was murdered by a police officer. We've talked about means and motive in the past. I see no motive in a cop killing this young girl. We have heard of cops stealing drugs from police lock ups. We heard that sex trade workers claims police officers extrted them into perofming sexua favoyr claiming that if the didn't have sex with the police officer they would arrest them for prostitution. These things are believable but murder?

A New York-based Human Rights Watch released a report claiming that police abuse of aboriginal women in BC included threats, torture and sexual assault. The report also contains troubling and graphic allegations of physical and sexual abuse, including from a woman, identified as homeless, who describes how police took her outside of town and raped her. Rhoad said the woman told her the officers then, "threatened that if I told anybody they would take me out to the mountains and kill me and make it look like an accident."

Rape is believable but murder seems extreme. We know Jim Brown is a freak and the Dianne Rock story raises huge concerns. Obviously not all cops are bad. Yet when we see idiots like bill fordy getting promoted it is clear that there is corruption in the administration of the RCMP. How far that rabbit hole goes is something I simply cannot answer.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kitt Alwood implicated in brutal Prince George sexual assault

The Prince George Citizen is reporting that "Mercedes Rae Jewett appeared in custody Thursday alongside co-accused Hayden Lee Alwood, 20, for a sentencing hearing after each pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault and unlawful confinement. Jewett also previously pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm, while Alwood is also guilty of assault with a weapon. In all seven people, including five minors who cannot be named, have pleaded guilty for their part in the Jan. 7 2013 assault on the two victims, who were 17 at the time of the offence."

The day after the assault "Jewett had been arrested and her phone seized, complete with text messages bragging of the crime and other messages that the Crown said showed she was working for Alwood's mother in some capacity to enforce drug debts." Mercedes bragged about the assault and collected drug debts for Hayden's mother Kitt Alwood.

Kitt Alwood was the predator getting young kids involved with lousy fake rap music and ran an urban underground clothing line known as CRU clothing. The Crew just happened to be the name of a puppet club in Prince George that sold crack for the Hells Angels. Here's a picture of the accused Hayden Alwood posing with the deranged Madchild Shane Bunting:

"The Court heard Jewett started drinking at 13, using crack cocaine by 16, which became a daily habit at 17 when she started working on the street to support the habit. She quit when she became pregnant, but was back at it six months after the birth of her daughter." This is a pictue of Mercedes in a crack house posing wiht a blown up condom in her mouth.

"In an agreed statement of facts, court heard Jewett threw a party at her home and woke up the next morning recalling a dream of a male tugging down her pants. A 15-year-old girl said she'd had a similar dream. So Jewett called a number of friends to tell them "that a guy had broken into their apartment and tried to rape them," Crown said. They found an iPod in the room and decided that the culprit was connected to the device, and tracked down the owner. Jewett invited the 17-year-old boy to her apartment the next day. When he showed up, at least six people were waiting for him and he was almost immediately punched in the face."

So here we have a crack addict and street worker who collects drug debts for Kitt Alwood telling the court that she told her coaccused that the victim raped her. Yet that claim fails the test of believability. No doubt everyone was repeating that claim to rationalize the brutality of the assault which included sodomising the victim with a broomstick before leaving them half dead in the snow. Yet if the victim had actually raped Mercedes who was older and tougher than the victim, would they not get suspicious when Mercedes invited him over to her home afterwards? The only believable part of the story is that they brutally sexually assaulted the victims and that Mercedes did in fact collect drug debts for Kitt Alwood. That part is believable. The rape story is not which once again shows the mob mentality of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Glen Louis, also known as G Money also "worked" for Kitt Alwood. He was a horrible rapper that bragged about collecting drug debts and wrote about releasing his "family" Mercedes and Hayden from prison after being arrested for the assault. He counseled one of the younger kids in a song to take the fall for them instead. Raising kids without consequences is child abuse.

All of the little rat crew wore T-shirts that said Free EmCee Dusty referring to Dustin Lee Pierini. Dustin was involved with Scott Payne who cut off a guy's finger for a $170.00 drug debt owed to the Crew. So these are the little deranged rats posting pictures of them with cats as members of the KKK - Kitty Kat Killars who took over the real Crew after the big boys retired. Little freaks.

The rape allegation was a complete fabrication. Older kids were present egging them on. That Is what empowered them in their brutality and is why they had no remorse.

Judge orders inspection of Kelowna and East Vancouver Hells Angels clubhouses

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "A judge has agreed to allow the provincial director of civil forfeiture to conduct an inspection of two Hells Angels clubhouses being targeted in court proceedings. On Friday, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies approved a consent order that had been signed by all parties allowing an inspection to be carried out of the Vancouver and Kelowna clubhouses."

The Kelowna and East Vancouver clubhouses have not yet been seized only the Nanaimo clubhouse has. Instead the police have applied to the courts for the right to seize those two clubhouses. Clearly the Kelowna clubhouse has been the root of a great deal of crime. The question is, was it purchased with the proceeds of crime. It is incomprehensible how it was not purchased with the proceeds of crime and should be seized. It's time to take out the trash.

Kelowna Fentanyl Drug Bust

Kelowna Cap News is reporting that "Kelowna Mounties are recommending criminal charges against four suspects after raiding two West Kelowna properties Wednesday."

"The RCMP executed a search warrant March 2 at a commercial property in the 2600 block of Auburn Crescent which yielded the following seizures: An estimated 500 “fake” Percocet and OxyContin pills; 195 grams of powder suspected to be Fentanyl; 2 industrial pill presses in which police believe each have the capacity of producing approx. 2500 pills per hour; Chemical mixer, which showed significant signs of use; 8 kg of suspected Fentanyl powder recovered from a shop vacuum believed to be used to clean up after pill production;"

"A second search warrant was also executed at a rural property in the 700 block of Petterson Road in West Kelowna which resulted in the seizure of: An estimated 800 “fake” OxyContin pills suspected to be laced with Fentanyl and Several gold bars, which police suspect may be related to a reported theft." Why does theft always coincide with drug busts?

"Police estimate that this operation has potentially produced hundreds of thousands of pills, likely distributed locally and possibly beyond. After the nearly three month long investigation, four individuals are facing potential charges, a 37-year-old man & a 26-year-old woman both of West Kelowna, as well as a 29-year-old Kelowna man and a 25-year-old Calgary man. The list of charges include possession of a controlled substance, possession for the purpose of trafficking, production of a controlled substance, and importation of a controlled substance."

"The Kelowna RCMP SEU have also been successful in shutting down other similar illegal drug operations throughout the Kelowna Region over the past few months."

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Two bodies found in Kelowna - Another Update

CTV is reporting that police found a man and woman's body in West Kelowna Wednesday morning. The Vancouver Province reports that "West Kelowna RCMP said they responded to a report of sudden death at 7:02 a.m. after the discovery of two bodies in the area of Shannon Way and Westville Way. The bodies were found off the roadway in a wooded area."

Update: Global is reporting that "Police have yet to name the two people found dead in the woods just off Shannon Way in West Kelowna on Wednesday morning, but Facebook posts from friends and family are mourning the deaths of Marcello Verna and Kimberly Ansell. RCMP are confirming that a weapon was recovered at the scene and are still referring to the case as sudden deaths but are not looking for suspects." That would tragically imply murder suicide unless they simply have no suspects to look for.

Kelowna Info News is reporting that Ansell was a mother of two and Verna was a recent graduate from Immaculata High School in Kelowna. Carlo Verna was at one time a full patch Hells Angel until they sucked him dry and stole all his money.

Tragically another body was found inside a vehicle in the area of Bear Creek Road, about two kilometres past Parkinson Road in West Kelowna January of this year. The Peachland view reported that it was Twenty-two year old Tura McCarty of Summerland. Police classified the suspicious death as a homicide and said McCarty was targeted by his killer.

In 2013 Police reported that two bodies found in a black SUV that had crashed into a light standard in a condominium parking lot were victims of a homicide, not a car crash. Police confirmed that Tiffany June Goruk and Jeremy Daniel Snow were the victims of that homicide. Jeremy was involved in a cross border drug bust back in 2009.

Apparently there have been several missing persons in BC the last few months. Global is reporting that "The Delta Police are investigating after a missing person’s case led them to finding human remains at an unoccupied home on Tsawwassen First Nations land." The RCMP claim "Although the residence is on Tsawwassen First Nation Land, we do not believe it is connected to the Tsawwassen First Nation." Sometimes criminals dump bodies on First Nations land to hide the identity of the suspects.

Update: Looks like the Popo are going to blow it off as a murder suicide. How convenient. Was Jeremy and Tiffany a murder suicide? I think not. Lest we forget that Larry Pace (Lars) who now lives in Kelowna, plead guilty to murder n Halifax where he hit someone over the head with a baseball bat and injected him with a lethal dose of heroin to make it look like an OD. Murder suicide just doesn't make sense like with Jesse Haddan's friend in Maple Ridge. And just for the record, Brandy Sarionder didn't commit suicide either.

New Update: Castanet is clarifing that: "Const. Jesse O’Donaghey says the RCMP does not have any suspects to look for at this point in the case, but this may change in the future, as the investigation is ongoing.' That would imply that it is not a murder suicide.

Another Update: Tragically, Marcello's mother passed away in 2013 at the age of 43. The obituary lists Carlo Verna as her brother which would make Marcello Carlo Verna's nephew.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rod Sweeney's trial has begun

The Canadian Press is reporting that Winnipeg Hells Angel Rod Sweeney's trial has begun. He is accused of chasing down a guy and his kid on their bicycles while in his car and beating him with a metal pole.

Update: In 2011 Kevin Sylvester shot Hells Angel Rod Sweeney in the head as he sat in his tow truck with his young son beside him in retaliation for the disapearance and presumed murder of his brother Darwin Sylvester, who was president of the former Spartans motorcycle club. In 2001 Dale Sweeney, a member of the Angels and brother of Rod Sweeney was charged with attempted murder for shooting Kevin Sylvester.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported that in 1982 "the Los Brovos and the Spartans merged - the Spartans were led by Darwin Sylvester, Graham's younger brother. The reason for merger was to present a united gang the Hells Angels could take over. With the merger, the Spartans ceased to exist."

"The merger unravelled in late 1983 when two Los Brovos were arrested for the rape of 27-year-old woman. The crime made headlines after a deputy police chief was brought in to mediate between the bikers and the victim's angry brothers and father. A van the rape victim's sister owned was found rigged with dynamite. Sylvester and his fellow former Spartans wanted the accused kicked out of the merged gang, feeling they were bad for publicity and brought too much heat. The Los Brovos refused. Sylvester left the gang." Things got ugly after that.

However, "In June 1975, three Spartans gang members -- including its co-founder, Graham Sylvester -- were charged with the rape of a 16-year-old girl. They were later convicted."

"In late 1994, Stadnik flew to Winnipeg and demanded a truce between the two gangs. He set up a third motorcycle gang, the Red Liners, of independent bikers and known drug dealers. The thinking was that by throwing a third gang into the mix, the pot would really start to boil. Whoever rose to the top would become a Hells Angel.

In May 1996, longtime Los Brovos member David Boyko was murdered in Halifax while attending a Hells Angels event. It's believed Magnussen shot Boyko to death to move up the Hells Angels' ranks. In May 1998, Magnussen's bound, decomposed body was pulled out of the St. Lawrence Seaway. He had been beaten to death, wrapped in plastic and dumped in the seaway.

"Ten years later, the violence has renewed, and at the centre of it is the Hells Angels, which despite three high-profile police stings that led to numerous arrests of members and associates, have yet to suffer a knockout blow."

Prince George, Abbotsford and Nanaimo shootings, prison fatality

The RCMP are reporting that they responded to a shooting in Prince George Sunday morning. Someone fired a shotgun at a house then fled the scene. News 1130 is reporting that there was a suspicious death at the Fraser Regional Correctional Facility in Maple Ridge last night. The altercation was a fight between two individuals.

Abby News is reporting there was a shooting in Abbotsford Sunday morning. The Surrey Leader reported that ERT was in Surrey monday evening executing a warrant on a robbery suspect.

Update: The Nanaimo Blletin is reporting that: "Two men are in custody and the police investigation continues into what appears to be a drive-by shooting in Nanaimo today. Police responded to calls about shots fired on Wakesiah Avenue near Second Street shortly before 4 p.m. "We had reports of multiple shots fired into an unoccupied vehicle parked in a residential area of Nanaimo near a children's daycare," said Const. Gary O'Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman."