Saturday, March 12, 2016

Four people shot at funeral outside Calgary

The Calgary Herald is reporting that "Gunfire erupted in the aftermath of a funeral at the Calgary Muslim Cemetery near Cochrane Friday afternoon, when an altercation broke out between some of the attendees, Mounties say. Four people were dropped off at hospital in Calgary suffering from injuries not considered life-threatening — all of the victims are expected to make full recoveries. Meanwhile, at least one shooter remains free, as currently no one is in custody."

Rather strange they would refer to it as a Muslim cemetery. We don't usually hear reports of Cartel or Mafia murders happening at a Catholic funeral or local gang shootings at a Protestant or Jewish funeral. They usually leave the denomination out because it's simply gang related.

Police say the attack was not racially or radically motivated so it might be more productive to look at who the funeral was for and who was shot or at east who was targeted in the attack. The cemetary was located outside Cochrane which is north west of Calgary.

December of last year the CBC reported that "Turf battles over drugs in Calgary's northeast have escalated into a gang war. Calgary's last gang war, between the FOB and the FK gangs, was also bloody, with more than two dozen homicides from 2002 to 2009." Those two gangs were predominately Asian. The FK were supplied bu the UN while the FB were supplied by the Hells Angels through the BC Independent Soldiers.

The CBC is reporting that "Most of the crime associated with this gang war is happening in Calgary's northeast, primarily in districts four and five. The guns and gangs unit has identified six to seven groups and singled out 59 men who are considered "high level" participants in them. Those identified by police are mostly young men of Middle Eastern descent — although like the Asian street gangs of the early 2000s, they're not exclusively one ethnicity." Now that the leaders of the FOB are behind bars a new rival is emerging through the Middle eastern community. So let me get this straight. The Hells Angels group fizzled out and a new gruop rises to take their place. Gee, I wonder who they are being supplied by? Stop the greed and you will end the violence.

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