Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kitt Alwood implicated in brutal Prince George sexual assault

The Prince George Citizen is reporting that "Mercedes Rae Jewett appeared in custody Thursday alongside co-accused Hayden Lee Alwood, 20, for a sentencing hearing after each pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault and unlawful confinement. Jewett also previously pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm, while Alwood is also guilty of assault with a weapon. In all seven people, including five minors who cannot be named, have pleaded guilty for their part in the Jan. 7 2013 assault on the two victims, who were 17 at the time of the offence."

The day after the assault "Jewett had been arrested and her phone seized, complete with text messages bragging of the crime and other messages that the Crown said showed she was working for Alwood's mother in some capacity to enforce drug debts." Mercedes bragged about the assault and collected drug debts for Hayden's mother Kitt Alwood.

Kitt Alwood was the predator getting young kids involved with lousy fake rap music and ran an urban underground clothing line known as CRU clothing. The Crew just happened to be the name of a puppet club in Prince George that sold crack for the Hells Angels. Here's a picture of the accused Hayden Alwood posing with the deranged Madchild Shane Bunting:

"The Court heard Jewett started drinking at 13, using crack cocaine by 16, which became a daily habit at 17 when she started working on the street to support the habit. She quit when she became pregnant, but was back at it six months after the birth of her daughter." This is a pictue of Mercedes in a crack house posing wiht a blown up condom in her mouth.

"In an agreed statement of facts, court heard Jewett threw a party at her home and woke up the next morning recalling a dream of a male tugging down her pants. A 15-year-old girl said she'd had a similar dream. So Jewett called a number of friends to tell them "that a guy had broken into their apartment and tried to rape them," Crown said. They found an iPod in the room and decided that the culprit was connected to the device, and tracked down the owner. Jewett invited the 17-year-old boy to her apartment the next day. When he showed up, at least six people were waiting for him and he was almost immediately punched in the face."

So here we have a crack addict and street worker who collects drug debts for Kitt Alwood telling the court that she told her coaccused that the victim raped her. Yet that claim fails the test of believability. No doubt everyone was repeating that claim to rationalize the brutality of the assault which included sodomising the victim with a broomstick before leaving them half dead in the snow. Yet if the victim had actually raped Mercedes who was older and tougher than the victim, would they not get suspicious when Mercedes invited him over to her home afterwards? The only believable part of the story is that they brutally sexually assaulted the victims and that Mercedes did in fact collect drug debts for Kitt Alwood. That part is believable. The rape story is not which once again shows the mob mentality of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Glen Louis, also known as G Money also "worked" for Kitt Alwood. He was a horrible rapper that bragged about collecting drug debts and wrote about releasing his "family" Mercedes and Hayden from prison after being arrested for the assault. He counseled one of the younger kids in a song to take the fall for them instead. Raising kids without consequences is child abuse.

All of the little rat crew wore T-shirts that said Free EmCee Dusty referring to Dustin Lee Pierini. Dustin was involved with Scott Payne who cut off a guy's finger for a $170.00 drug debt owed to the Crew. So these are the little deranged rats posting pictures of them with cats as members of the KKK - Kitty Kat Killars who took over the real Crew after the big boys retired. Little freaks.

The rape allegation was a complete fabrication. Older kids were present egging them on. That Is what empowered them in their brutality and is why they had no remorse.


  1. The problems with these children did not start when they were 13 or so. Had there been a proper Child Care system in B.C. some of these problems could have been avoided.

    if a proper medical examination of these children were done, it would not surprise me if some of them suffered from various levels of fetal alcohol syndrome.

    We as a society pay now or we pay later. If we "paid up front" perhaps things might be better later.

    In my opionion there is a problem with law enforcement and child care services in Prince George.

    1. There is a huge problem with the ministry of child care in Prince George. They mean well but are the root of the problem.

    2. The problem is not with the child care system.

      I will give an example of the real problem.

      Students from broken homes are classified as 'at risk'. In the recent past these students were identified and supports put in place to help ensure their success in schools (and by extension, life).

      Today, approximately half of students in schools are 'at risk' for this one reason and their behaviour and performance shows.

      Ministries of education literally 'dumb down' the curriculum so students do not have to perform to previous standards. That way the Ministries can claim that "all is well" and Canadian students are "doing well".

      Books I read in elementary school in the 1980's are now being read in secondary. We read 'A Wrinkle in Time' in grade 4 - it is now read in grade 9 - 11. We read 'Lord of the Flies' in Grade 7 - it is now read in grade 12. The reason is because the students do not have the literary skills to read these works any earlier.

      Telling time is not taught to students in various provinces until Grade 4. Whereas a few years ago, it was grade 1.

      There is a common misconception of "bashing" the USA's educational system by saying how poor it is. The real thing with the USA's educational system is they have not dumbed down their curriculum.

      For example. As for time, the USA teaches hours in kindergarten, 1/2 in grade 1, 15 minutes in grade 2 and individual minutes in grade 3.

      Simple reason tells us which is the most efficient and best method.

      Obviously hoping that a learner will have already learned the concept by the time it is supposed to be introduced is not it...

      As society crumbles - and it is, make no mistake about it - things will only get worse.

      A second key element is permissive parents.

      Let us use the school evidence again. Not long ago if you got in trouble at school you got in worse trouble at home because of getting in trouble at school. Today, a student gets into trouble at school at the parents, instead of supporting the teachers, defy them and turn on the teacher and school.

      In a novel I am currently reading, 'The Borrowed World' by Franklin Horton, has an interesting statement in it (and I am sure Trailrunner would enjoy this novel!). It goes:

      "60 years ago this might have been the kind of country where a man could travel home (in this case on foot) and get help along the way from decent trusting people. It was not that same America.

      For every good man in America there was a drug addict wanting to steal from you. For every good woman there was a dead-beat too lazy to work wanting a(n - sic) handout. For every child there was a gang member, a sex offender or car-jacker."

      When did this change occur? Historical evidence clearly shows it began in earnest in the second half of the 1960's. However, it traces it roots to the French Revolution and the ideology that spawned that.

      The same ideology of dialectical materialism couched in the false terms of "enlightenment" that was behind the liberal/socialist/communist movement.

    3. True and insightful. However, in Prince George it is even worse. I spoke with someone who had been involved in the child care system there. They said it was a zoo. The kids had absolutely no consequences whatsoever. Staff would get beaten up and would be too afraid to press charges out of fear of losing their job.

      If a kid was rebelling because he didn't like the rules at home, they put him into a group home where they could drink, do drugs, stay out and party with no consequences at all.

      They didn't even have to go to school. Some kids "graduated" from the child care system with a grade 8 education. That did not prepare them for life in the real world.

    4. I have seen schools where the Grade 8's have tested at Grade 3 literacy levels. When they would go to secondary school the next year they would not be able to function at all and would then drop out.

      Of course they are dropping out because school is too hard for them and they cannot keep up - no one wants to constantly struggle with something that is difficult - a little bit of difficulty is one thing, but when you are unable to read and comprehend the text book that is another thing, altogether.

      Schools (elementary) no longer fail students who cannot do the work - they just pass them along with their peer age group (so as not to stigmatize the student). However, they end up in a grade that includes work they have clue how to comprehend and instead of getting the extra individual help they need to in order to actually succeed, they are just given some easier work, or expected to do the work of the rest of the class and passed along with that grade again; each time getting further and further behind.

      There is no ONE thing that needs to be fixed. Trying to address one or even several concerns will not do a thing.

      The fixing needs to be done at the society level and requires a very severe culture shift.

      One the VAST majority of people are not willing to even admit needs to be done - let alone willing to go along with.

      They have been tempted for so many decades (since the mid 1960's) about a false sense of "freedom" which is not freedom but licence.

  2. dumbing down is not the way to go. The American school system did it at one time with racial minorities and low income neighbourhoods. Once progressive teachers challenged the students with more difficult studies, they rose to the occasion.

    if these group homes, are paid for by the government, and all kids get to do is drink, party, sell drugs and avoid school, why are the contracts not pulled. This isn't a group home, its contributing to the delinquency of a minor. (old fashioned term)

    On the other hand the whole school system is mess and for kids having challenges, its a lost cause.

    Many of these children may be suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome and the investment needed is something the provincial government is simply not prepared to make.

    1. You are right about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) being prevalent in some communities - in First Nations communities I have read studies that state up to 70% of FN learners have FASD but it is often misdiagnosed as ADHD or ADD or another disorder or not diagnosed at all! (one would not want to be accused of "racial profiling" or "prejudice" in today's PC nightmare)

      The governments do not have the money for infrastructure maintenance let alone adding more for educational funding. Just refuse to admit there needs to be class size limits, cap funding and the school boards will do your dirty work for you. Teachers in turn will let more students "slip" through the "cracks" and you cannot dare fail them as it might damage their self-perception (but not being able to do any of the work they are expected to do or their peers are doing does not damage them ...)

      The USA does not "dumb down" their curriculum. They have a national standard. Canada does not - it is all based on individual provinces and then they do not have standardized testing to see how the students are doing. Whereas the USA does and can assess how they are doing. No one wants to thank Bush for introducing the 'No Child Left Behind' act (and others) - the "democrats" never did anything like that - yet they claim to be oh-so "progressive" and try to condemn the conservatives for not being liberal enough.

      The USA actually expels the worst students, in many cases. Try that one in Canada! (Ideally, those students would be enrolled in a program to make them effective learners and then transition them back into the classroom as they are functionally ready - yet, Canada has no such programs (a few individual school districts have programs like this but for very limited numbers of students and most who need this do not get it).

  3. It's DarwinIan. Our species is devolving, drug addicts are breeding. They can't even take care of themselves and wouldn't survive without Government intervention, they shouldn't be allowed pets let alone kids. We interfere with nature and Natural Selection and we're all gonna pay for it with increased burden of taxes but also our grandkids have to cohabitate with these demon spawn and become their victims . Our government is incompetent and the pharmaceutical industry profits in the trillions

    1. and jeff, what would you suggest we do. In my opinion our species is not devolving. To describe drug addicts as "breeding" is rather a little out there. they are having children. Not the best thing to happen if they are on drugs, but the health care system is also not dealing with the issue. Not for the pregnant women or the children once they are born.

      WE can pay up front or we can pay later, but we as a society will pay and in my opinion it always better to front load. In the long run, it will save money, lives and make for a better society.

      I think it not unreasonable to conclude you are suggesting no interference with nature, as in let people die. Just where do we stop the "letting them die"? When its drug problems, kidney problems, need a broken leg set, etc.

      Abandoning the weakest is not the answer. I can' say I do have the answer, but people, do need help. Its that the help society currently offers is not sufficient.

    2. He's right about PG. It has become a toilet of unfettered drug related violence.

    3. How about tough love and abstinence for starters, not the Vancouver model where they reward and reinforce antisocial behavior by giving the violent/vulgar, lying thieving people brand new condos,free heroine,beer,meds to resell...
      Self reliance and personal accountability are no longer character traits in a large sector of society. Our own government will fine us for feeding animals in the wild because it habituates them and diminishes their survival instinct. Quit making excuses for them, drug addiction, alcoholism, depression are not lifelong disabilities. They aren't victims, we are, we're the ones they rob,assault and violate.Our government and the industry aren't just accomplices they are the Enablers.
      It's Canada's biggest industry and there are to many jobs dependant to halt the gravy train. One guy I know who got aids from injection drug use told me he consumes 1/2 million in meds a year.
      Feel sorry for yourself, you're the one enslaved by the taxman. Everything they get they sell for their drug of choice. Before when the government used to give out free money and stuff it was a closed loop. They spent their money on government drugs (ciggies and booze) mildly stimulating the economy. Now the money goes to the dealers

  4. It's DarwinIan, our species is devolving. These people can't even take care of themselves why do we allow them to have pets let alone kids. Natural Selection rules. There's a substance abuse problem in our country nobody is properly addressing because I'd be willing to bet the social welfare industry is Canada's second biggest industry behind the pharmaceutical industry and they're both intertwined a

  5. Biggest part of the problem is the corrupt police force in PG. E-squad or whatever they call them are the biggest thugs in PG. PG will never clean until they get an actual police force that isn't running the problem (drugs)

  6. It's good to hear it's not just me that knows and understands how the police work in PG. I have never seen so many rights being violated in my life. Makes me sad to be a Canadian citizen!

  7. At some level not having their own police force is working for some in Prince George. Unfortunately not having their own police force isn't working for the majority in P.G.

    Any city of any decent size ought to have its own police force, that is responsible to its own politicians and citizens. it is to be hoped Richmond drops the RCMP and goes to its own police force. Others may follow their e.g.

    It would be better if the federal government simply changed the rules, so that when an area achieves a set population/size, they no longer can avail themselves of the RCMP's services. Its Cheaper to use the RCMP, but its the rest of the taxpayers who pay for it. So Surrey saves money and Vancouver doesn't. There is no reason a place the size of Surrey or R.G. ought not to have their own police forces.

  8. from north carolina. Cant stop laughing at the last pic with the white boys. Is this what yall up to in canada??

    1. Naw these are just hillbilly trailer trash from the toolies.


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