Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rise in homeless fatalities and drug overdoses

News 1130 is reporting that "Advocacy group Megaphone‘s report 'Still Dying on the Streets' used data from the BC Coroners Service and found at least 46 homeless people died in BC in 2014. That’s a 70 per cent increase over the previous year." The Vancouver Province printed an article on the report from the Vancouver Sun. In the printed edition of the article is stated that drug overdose deaths also dramatically increased in 2015 but that quote was omitted from the online edition. It is however a crucial statistic to examine.

Drug overdoses increased despite the brianwashing bullsh*t from the Unsafe Injection site simply because INSITE has increased the number of addicts on the street not decreased them. The police allow crack and heroin to be sold publicly all around INSITE which drastically increased the plague of addiction like a forest fire. CKNW printed a screencap of the stat: illicit drug overdose rose 27% in 2015.No doubt the devil will argue that since drug addiction is now rampant in Maple Ridge tent city as well they need a safe injection site there too. Not. They need to arrest the drug dealers in Maple Ridge and those who are profiting from that misery.

We need more affordable housing, drug treatment centres that help people get off drugs instead of being state sponsored flop houses and we need to remember the enforcement pillar in the four pillars program. It's four pillars not one. Peace.

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