Thursday, March 31, 2016

Federal government assists the Hells Angels maintain their monopoly of the docks

Last year Kim Bolan wrote an excellent series on the Hells Angels control of the docks. I made a post about it in 2011 from what was reported in Julian Sher's book the Road to Hell.

Now Kim Bolan is reporting that "A Metro Vancouver longshoreman is appealing a decision by the federal government to deny him security clearance because of drug smuggling allegations against his brothers, who also work on the docks." Only he doesn't sell drugs for the Hells Angels, he sells drugs for the other guys. This is clearly a good step but only denying the security clearance for Hells Angels rivals and not for Hells Angel members is very suspect. Like when they got rid of the Port Police and created the problem in the first place. Makes us wonder why this Indo Canadian longshoreman was shot. Was he selling for the wrong side?

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