Thursday, March 24, 2016

Laila Yuile's blog and twitter has ben Hacked

CKNW is confirming EAF's report that Laila Yuile's blog and twitter has been hacked. Laila is a well known Surrey blogger that now also writes for newspapers. CKNW is reporting that her blog and twitter was hacked by someone who claims to be from the group “Anonymous” but Laila doesn't think it really is someone from that group. She's right. That is the core of the conflict. This is a corporate hack impersonating Anonymous. Can we say false flag now?

Every crime has a means and a motive. Does Anonymous have the means to hack Laila's blog and twitter? By all means. Do they have a motive? Not on your life. Think about it. Laila has been vocal about the Site C Dam. The hack happened last night after her last blog post about the project. Why would Anonymous want to shut that blog down? They wouldn't. One of their own guys was shot dead by a cop in Dawson Creek protesting the Site C Dam. Anonymous didn't hack her blog. Someone pretending to be anonymous did.

So what does this mean? It means that group of hackers "fighting" ISIS and hacking Donald Trump's web site are not really "Anonymous" they are *someone* else. So now we have a group of hackers working in support of the CIA's corporate agenda pretending to be anonymous when they aren't they are on the agency's payroll. Buyer Beware.

Personally I don't have a problem with the Site C dam. Other than collecting water for fracking. I'm from Vancouver. Hydroelectric power has served us well: Take a look at the Cleveland Dam. Alouette Lake, Stave Lake, the Seymour watershed in addition to the Capilano watershed are all green forms of energy that serve us well. Hydroelectric power is a lot better than nuclear reactors. I do however, support people's right to protest the project and agree that this kind of censorship diminishes all of us. Perhaps valid concerns with the project include the size of the dam and the amount of area it will flood as well as the cost of the dam. Both of those seem excessive.

Note: The Twitter post says @NewWorldHacking retrieved the account. I'm not sure if that means anonymous has hacked it back for her or what. However, if they had hacked it back for her they would have given it back by now. The fact that it is still offline is very suspect. If they hacked her second twitter account which is what the twitter post implies, then they are the fraud falsely representing Anonymous and everything that account does is suspect.


  1. Norm Farrell's blog, In-Sight, has an update regarding Lailla Yuile's blog. Its in the comments section of his re post of Lailla's last article. so he has today's post and then he has Lailla's post right behind that. it will also give you an idea of what other people are discussing regarding the hack.

    My opinion we can expect more of this. its just that the last article Ms. Yuile wrote was excellent. its clearly demonstrates how a pair of eagles defied a court order regarding Site C and then there are some serious pictures of what is happening to the land where they want to flood for Site C.

    Site C will become the biggest crime in B.C. since the "give away" of B.C. Rail.

    As I understand it, Annonymous is not responsible for the hack. it maybe that it was some one outside the province who was perhaps "hired" to do it. Death threats were also made against her.

    1. Yes I think the post about the eagles defying the court order was well written.

  2. ah, you might have a problem with Site C if you saw what it would destroy. Having watched what and who the other dams destroyed, I'm not a big supporter of them. Having said that I do agree some of the dams have provided us with money and electricity. However, if you have a read of some of Pacific Gazetter, Norm Farrell, and Lailla's posts on Site C. you might be "converted".

    part of the issues, from my perspective is, we don't need the extra electricity. Norm Farrell has the charts and figures regarding the use of electricity going down in B.C. Alberta is clear they aren't buying it.

    While el gordo was premier a lot of run of the river projects were "give away"--Rafe Mair has a ton of stuff on that. el gordo ensured that the power producers were selling their run of the river electricity to B.C. Hydro at twice what Hydro can charge for it. That's why B.C. Hydro is so in debt. then on top of that debt they have to cough up half a billion each year towards the provincial treasury. they actually have to take out loans for that. That's why your electricity bill keeps going up. who benefits from all of that? the owners of the run of the river projects and they aren't any people we have dinner with.

    Site C is supposed to cost $8 Billion. However other estimate the cost will be closer to $12B and all that money has to be borrowed. So when you wonder why there is no provincial funding for police, courts, judges, social workers, etc. that could be the reason.

    Now as to the B.C. Lieberal line of it creates jobs, not so much. A little newspaper, independent, named the Alaska Highway News had a catchie little article a month ago or so. Had job postings for the dam. part of the job description was managing TFWers, recruiting them, preparing reports for the government on them, etc. So not jobs for Canadians, think jobs for TFWers, like how they brought in miners from China a year or so ago.

    We may have 40 thousand unemployed in the oil fields but Christy Clark is planning on bringing in TFWers on my tax dollar dime to flood agricultural land, which we will need in the future, displacing farmers and First Nations people.

    The B.C. Lieberals have children living at 50% below the poverty line but they have $8 billion to build a dam we don't need.

    sorry about the rant, but just had to share.

    1. Yes I don't know what land the dam will flood. All I know is that hydroelectric is way better than nuclear and there already is a dam further up the same river.

    2. Perhaps valid concerns with the project include the size of the dam and the amount of area it will flood as well as the cost of the dam. Both of those seem excessive.

  3. Another valid concern that will affect all BC ratepayers is the cost to us. Already a 30% increase in our power bill this year and they haven't even begun. I believe an audit of BC Hydro is well overdue as they are "deferring" millions of dollars in debt each year...sooner or later someone is going to have to pay. Many people are switching to solar ....whole cities and communities are adding solar to the grid. Also, hydro-electric dams are not clean energy, they cause a great deal of carbon emissions as well.

    1. How and the hell do hydroelectric dams create carbon emissions? Cost is indeed a big concern with the project. The real villain at BC Hydro was the Campbell government that privatized the power brokers that sell power to the public company at above market rates.

    2. Do your homework and it will open your eyes and closed mind!

  4. No doubt that Hydro Power is better than Nuclear, but it also must meet economic social and Environmental criteria. In 1982,3,4 study of this Site C Dam, it FAILED to meet the smallest of each area studied and failed the SAFE STRUCTURAL Standard - due to No BEDROCK, required for any Dam Design.
    For 50M below river bed, drilling only pulled up clay/silt cores, that fell apart and we're sent to VANCOUVER LAB TESTING, in PLASTIC BAGS!
    The Subsequent Report, was falsified, under Retiring Financial threat to Chief/Senior ENGINEERS (PATTERSON,TAYLOR, SAMPSON), by 1984 BC HYDRO BOARD OF DIRECTORS!
    The false report was essentially written under Duress!


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