Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Operation Gladio and the Brussels Attack

Operation Northwoods was a sinister plot to kill American civilians on American soil and blame it on terrorists to justify an invasion of Cuba in 1962. The plan was submitted by Allen Dulles, the director of the CIA and approved by Lyman Lemnitzer, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Kennedy vetoed the plan, fired Allen Dulles and reassigned Lyman Lemnitzer to Europe.

No conspiracy nutcase made up Operation Northwoods. The declassified document is real. If Kennedy hadn't vetoed the plan they would have implemented it. We need to address this because when Lyman Lemnitzer was reassigned to Europe, he actually implemented the same plan in Europe as Operation Gladio. BBC ran a documentary on that horrific operation.

The recent tragic events in Brussels forces us to reexamine Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio. The "intelligence community" need more public accountability not less. Especially after the Air India bombing. CSIS were the ones that provided the explosives for that attack.

We also need to ask why was CSIS aiding ISIS? That was recorded in the Globe and Mail as well as the Ottawa Citizen and has yet to be addressed. Lest we forget.

Likewise, the Paris attacks also force us to reexamine the the Karachi affair. Nicolas Sarkozy was accused of getting political kickbacks from an arms deal with Pakistan. When the deal was cancelled and his kickbacks were cut off he was accused of helping organize a terrorist bombing in Pakistan that killed French engineers. French intelligence is as corrupt as British, American and Canadian intelligence. Buyer Beware.

What is the motive behind the Brussels attack? There is none. It's not a message for Belgium to get out of the war in Afghanistan or Iraq. There is no real motive behind the attack other than to create chaos and widespread fear which simply makes no sense whatsoever.

The Belgian attack in Brussels happened on March 22nd. 322 is a Skull and Bones symbol. Muslim radicals aren't members of the Skull and Bones.

Weeks ahead of the deadly blasts, Israeli security assessment found Brussels airport had ‘significant shortcomings’. Two days after the attack the Observer ran an article claiming Belgium Must Learn From Israeli Airport Security. There is your motive. Weeks before the attack Israeli security warns the Brussels airport that there are weaknesses in their security then after the attack they say we told you so now you have to hire us to do your security.

That's like back in the old country. A paramilitary group says you better pay us protection money or your job site might have an accident. Then the job site has an accident and they say we told ya so. If you pay us protection money you won't have those kind of accidents any more.

However, former Israeli intelligence officers were in fact already doing the security at the Brussels airport and the bombs were planted before hand they weren't dropped off in a suitcase or worn by a suicdie bomber. ICTS is the same security firm that did security at the airports during 911.

I want to be clear that I am not anti Israel. I support Israel's right to exist and duty to coexist. Every race, religion, trade union and political organization has good and bad. The problem isn't Israel, the problem is the secret intelligence agencies within any large county whether that be Canada, the United States, England, France or Israel. Mossad's problem is that it works too closely with the CIA especially in their drug trafficking operations.


  1. Whoever is doing airport security need to profile the intelligence community because they are clearly the biggest risk to National security on the planet.

    Having said that, yes Israeli airport security is top notch. Having been through it several times, I did indeed find the wait times a pain in the ass but no doubt the security at the time was worth it because it was clearly warranted.

    They search everything in all your bags in front of you with a fine tooth come. I knew a guy who was asked to go into a separate room. The guy panicked and dropped his pants. The Israeli guard just looked at him like what the hell are you doing and just did a pat down with metal detector. The guy was embarrassed because he thought he was going to get the rubber glove.


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