Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Edmonton's Easter massacre tied to the drug trade

The Edmonton journal is reporting that six murders over Easter were tied to the drug trade.

"Easter Monday morning, police were called to a walk-up apartment complex near Westmount Shopping Centre. A few hours later, homicide detectives made the grim announcement. The body of a 43-year-old woman had been found in her apartment. The probable cause of death? Blunt force trauma. The Edmonton Police Service is treating it as a homicide, pending an autopsy."

"Our bleak “murder streak” started Wednesday, March 23, when a local real estate agent attempted to “show” a home in the quiet west-end subdivision of The Hamptons. Inside were two bodies, later identified by police as Irfan Ahmed Qureshi, 37, and Suzanne Marie Tran, 27. Both had died of gunshot wounds. Qureshi was a violent gangster and convicted felon, with ties to the drug trade going back more than a decade. Tran also had a criminal record for drug trafficking. The police quickly declared the case a double homicide."

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  1. I met Irfan Ahmed Qureshi a few times in the Edmonton Remand Centre back in 2005-2006. It is a shame that murders happen but it is a risk you take when you play the game. Things will likely get worse as Alberta's downturn drives more people to desperation. Condolences to the families.