Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Justin Trudeau's debt is spiraling out of control

The Linerals projected $10 billion anual deficit is continuing to spiral out of control. Finance Minister Bill Morneau now says the deficit could be $18.4 billion, even before accounting for so-called stimulus spending that could push the shortfall as high as $25 billion. This is complete irresponsibility. Even the NDP realize you have to balance the budget. Recklessly using an unlimited credit card that binds your children by compound interest for generations is selfish and short sighted. Justin's kryptonite is beginning to over power him. Reckless debt was his fathers one flaw. Let's learn from our mistakes and move forward. Let's not do the timewarp again.


  1. Canada what a country eh !
    Where we work hard so the junkies, flunkies, refugees, natives and politicians don't have to.
    The first refugee baby was just recently born, they were on the news with 9 or 10 brothers and sisters. Imagine the child benefits they're entitled to before they've even started contributing. If they ever do, the father looked in hi 50's. Is it any wonder they all wanna be here.
    What kind of ignoramus would bring kids into that hellish existence

  2. This is because liberals (small "L", not the party, as it could just as well be the Conservative party doing this) have no clue of how to actually and effectively fix the problems.

    If wages were automatically tied to the inflation rate, what do you think would happen to the inflation rate?

  3. "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." - Margaret Thatcher

    Obviously at some point in the past Canadian socialism was sustainable, but how much it took to keep it so especially in the last 20 years and who paid for it is the other side of the coin. Not many folks will stand for an effective tax rate of 50%. Must be the apathy thing....

  4. citing refugees as part of a problem isn't really cutting it. Canada has approx. 36 Million citizens. Even if there were several thousand large refugee families, it wouldn't amount to anything near what those wealthy families got away with when they got their "accoutants" to hide.

    So what I see is the blogger and 3 commenters not crazy about the deficit. So what would you have done differently?

    Would you have not tried to improve the conditions on First Nations communities?
    Would you not have increased E.I. benefits so the unemployed in areas such as NFLD and Calgary didn't have to go bankrupt or file for welfare?
    Would you not have increased child benefits?
    Would you have not given Veterans a decent life?

    Harper and his Cons ran deficits the whole time they were in office, except for the last budget and we're not that sure about that.

    When Mulroney was P.M. he ran some of the biggest deficits the Country has ever seen. Then there was all the other stuff which went sideways.

    Income inequity has been increasing in Canada for the past 30 years. its not good for the economy and its not healthy for children. B.C. for starters has the highest child poverty rate in Canada and has had for 14 out of the past 15 yrs. One in five children in B.C. live in poverty. Do you really want that to continue? What did these children ever do it deserve that type of punishment?

    yes, there is a deficit and some day it will have to be paid, but really, what would you have done differently.

    What Mulroney and Harper were good at was corporate welfare. Income support for citizens just wasn't part of their agenda.

    The NDP's position on the deficit during the election was part of an election strategy which did not make all NDPers happy. Mulcair was a Quebec Liberal cabinet minister. some of those ways stuck with him. Trudeau Sr. at one time had been a member of the NDP. Some of those socialist ways stuck with him.

    Having watched the poverty and income inequity in this country grow worse I'm O.K. with this budget, even though I've never voted for the federal Liberals.

    Trudeau Jr. is trying something which hasn't been done for a long while. They do know that when poorer people are provided with extra income, they spend it within their community, so there are spin off effects for small business.

    The U.I. program Trudeau Sr. brought to Canada and a lot of P.M.s after him dismantled was the closest thing this country ever had to a guaranteed income. When things got really bad in B.C. and Food Banks started to open and the mills started shutting down, the biggest pay roll in some small towns were the U.I. cheques. they kept the towns afloat and took a huge load off of provincial welfare systems and kept families in their homes and fed. You can't put a price tag on kids who aren't hungry. had it not been for U.I. during those days, B.C. would have been much worse off than Alberta is today. During those times unemployment was officially as high as 15% in some O.K./Koot towns.

    1. I used the refugee analogy as a minute example of how our welfare nanny state enables or rather disables and disentivizes people.
      Do you think buddy with the 11 kids will ever wanna work for wages after he sees his child benefit Check is more than he'll ever hope to make working. This country is the last resort, every where else it's do or die.
      In America 50 % depends on the other 50 %. A family of 4 has to make 60 grand before taxes to earn what a person on assistance is entitled to. Because a taxpayer pays there own unsubsidized housing, daycare, medical, prescriptions.....
      Socialism is social engineering gone wrong like everything in nature that arrogant humans tinker with.
      This country is the last resort one of the richest in resources and our incompetent leaders can't even figure it out. They're to busy pandering to the media and special interest groups. I bet you Trudeau spends more time thinking of his photo ops than the relevant issues.
      What's the common denominator in regard to child poverty,crime....Ya that's right. Substance Abuse.
      The natives were living in the stone age up to 150 years ago, take them off the reserve they extort us, leave them on the reserve they extort us. Everybody's looking for somebody to blame for their failures.
      The baby boom generation was the luckiest generation in the history of the world. We're the virus on mother nature, the world is overpopulated, there are finite resources, the ship is sinking and any fool that brings 11 kids into a world that he can't provide for himself shouldn't expect my grandchildren to be indebted for

  5. Just a note to Dennis, are you aware Lailla Yuile's blog was hacked yesterday. Norm Farrell, In Sight and RossK at Pacific Gazetter have full details.

    it would appear not everyone is happy about bloggers who print the news. Freedom of speech is under attack in B.C. in a major way if some one goes to all this effort to "HACK" not only the blog but the twitter account. It has also been reported Laila Yuile was threatened and has filed a complain with the RCMP.

    1. That's freaking Anonymous. What's their beef with Laila?

    2. Norm Farrell has an update in the section where he posted Laila's article.