Friday, January 31, 2020

Vancouver Island residents arrested in Saskatchewan for human trafficking of minors

The Nanaimo bulletin is reporting that "Seyed Kourosh Miralinaghi and Seyed Kamran Miralinaghi, both 19, from Nanaimo, along with Shawn Alexander Kelly, 23, and Shermineh Sheri Ziaee, 36, both of Victoria, are each facing human trafficking charges that include receiving financial benefit knowing it was obtained from the commission of an offence."

They were pulled over in Saskatchewan. Sources claim that Shermineh Sheri Ziaee is Ali Ziaee's sister while Seyed Kourosh Miralinaghi and Seyed Kamran Miralinaghi are Ali Ziaee's nephews. I have yet to confirm that. However, Shermineh does look like the woman in the picture with Ali and Ziggy. People are now speculating as to whether or not she is the mystery lady caller tied to the Lindsey Buziak murder. The one that called and set up the viewing where she was murdered.

One unconfirmed theory is that Ziggy Matheson and Jason Zailo's brother Ryan were at the scene of the murder while Shermineh Ziaee called to set up the viewing on the burner phone.

The Saanich Police Department will not hand over Lindsay Buziak's file even though they are now part of the Integrated Major Crimes Unit despite the fact that they are no longer investigating the case. Things that make ya go hmmmmm. Dillon Sahota and Jarrod Nicol.

All this time I was under the impression that when Lindsay said she saw something she shouldn't have it was referring to the Calgary trip. Now I find out that is not the case. She was in Calgary when she said it meaning she was referring to here in BC on Vancouver Island. Money laundering in real estate tied to BC Rail perhaps? This podcast is an overview of the case.

Memorial Walk for Lindsay Buziak - February 2nd 2020. - 0202 2020

In the human trafficking bust, Kourosh and Kamran are the twin sons of Sheri Ziaee who is Ali's sister. That would make Ali the uncle of Kourosh and Kamran. February 6 2020 Sheri has a court date in Victoria to consult counsel on theft charges. Nadia was found guilty of fraud charges in Saanich on January 3rd 2019. Nadia and Sheri are both born in 1983 so I assume they're twins.

Seyed Kourosh Miralinagh already had a court date in Naniamo on February 11th 2020 to face charges of Procuring under 18 years, Advertise sexual services for consideration and Benefit from Sexual Services person under 18. He is charged with pimping minors. That is haram.

Update: Victoria Buzz is reporting that "Just days after two Victoria residents accused of human trafficking were released from custody at a bail hearing, one of them has adopted a new persona on Facebook. 36-year-old Shermineh Sheri Ziaee and 23-year-old Shawn Alexander Kelly were both granted bail terms at a hearing in Swift Current, SK on February 4th, while twin brothers Seyed Kourosh Miralinaghi and Seyed Kamran Miralinaghi were denied bail."

American mercenaries bomb Yemen

CNN is reporting that "The United States conducted a strike recently targeting Qassim al-Rimi, the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terror group's franchise based in Yemen that has repeatedly expressed interest in conducting attacks targeting the United States, a US official told CNN." AYFKM? Mercenaries for hire just like Blackwater.

Last November Stripes dot com reported that "A planned troop buildup in Saudi Arabia is moving forward, with some U.S. forces on the ground and others set to deploy on a mission to deter Iranian aggression, President Donald Trump confirmed Tuesday in a letter to Congress." To curb Iranian aggression. I see. To curb their aggressive resistance to American ownership of their oil.

The Pentagon used Donald Trump to lie to congress. Looks like Q dropped the ball.

The Washington Post is reporting that "President Trump, who often praises Saudi Arabia as a partner and a prolific buyer of American arms, said late Friday that the kingdom “has agreed to pay us for everything we’re doing to help them.” Saudi Arabia has paid $500M toward US troops.

So Trump sends US troops to Saudi Arabia to curb a fake Iranian aggression, and they help the Saudi dictatorship bomb Yemen. At what point along the way did we lose our moral conscience?

Once again the Americans murder someone for opposing ISIS

US killed Iranian General responsible for defeating ISIS

NATO Auditor Who Discovered US Funds ISIS Found Dead

British arms sales to Saudi Arabia have been ruled unlawful

Canada is looking to pull out of Saudi arms deal

"The armed conflict in Yemen has killed and injured thousands of Yemeni civilians since it began. As of November 2018, 6,872 civilians had been killed and 10,768 wounded, the majority by Saudi Arabia-led coalition airstrikes, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The actual civilian casualties are likely much higher. Thousands more have been displaced by the fighting and millions suffer from shortages of food and medical care. Since 2015, Human Rights Watch has documented about 90 apparently unlawful coalition airstrikes, which have hit homes, markets, hospitals, schools, and mosques."

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ontario drug Bust: 9 kilos of crystal meth seized

Global is reporting that "A dozen men, 11 in Ontario and one in Quebec, have been arrested and millions of dollars worth of illicit drugs have been seized in a complex investigation into a high-level drug trafficking network, police say."

"A total of 8.5 kg of cocaine, nine kg of methamphetamine, four kg of ecstasy, more than 100 pounds of cannabis, 8.5 kg of cannabis concentrates and $30,000 in Canadian currency were seized, according to the OPP. "

“These are the individuals who would have provided drugs to street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, as well as organized crime groups in all the communities,” said OCEB Dir. Supt. Bryan MacKillop. Investigators said 12 people from both Ontario and Quebec were arrested on Jan. 22 and Jan. 23 and charged with 81 offences. The accused didn’t know each other; only a few were loosely connected, according to OPP." How could they not know each other?

Ottawa Matters is reporting that the names of those arrested are: Viken Dokmajian, 42, of Ottawa, Abdallah Abdelrazzaq, 30, of Gatineau, Mark Miller, 34, Clarence Mulrooney, 38, Josh Belfiori, 29, all three of Carleton Place, Jamie Crowder, 40, Matthew Purcell, 33, Brett Hall, 38, all three of Smiths Falls, Trevor Hands, 40, of Perth, Stephen Kraus, 51, of Kingston, Dominic Gravelle, 29, of Stoney Creek, Robert Vrbanic, 33, of Hamilton.

Black Market weed is not a concern. That is why pot was legalized. That shouldn't even be a criminal offense. They should just get a ticket or fine. Jail time for black market weed now that pot is legal defeats the intent of legalization. We don't need to fill our prisons with pot offenses. We have more important things to worry about.

This was a Provincial operation. Ontario still has it's Biker Enforcement Unit. BC doesn't. Since the RCMP in BC is compromised, we need to put organized crime in BC back under provincial jurisdiction. That is far more important than worrying about Surrey opposing Uber.

Update: Ontario drug bust tied to the Hells Angels

Uber's conflict of interest

Today the Vancouver Province ran another full page ad over top the front page headline. Inside the paper there was another article complaining about the City of Surrey bullying Uber. AYFKM? You cannot get a more brazen example of corporate media than that.

Personally, I don't give a rat's a*s about Uber. If you want to bring it in, go ahead. If you want to ban them, fine with me. I don't care. I'm simply pointing out that when Post Media News gets paid to run full page cover adds by a company, the subsequent news articles about that company aren't news, they are more advertising. This in the inherit problem with Corporate media.

I even saw John Horgan on the news saying it's time for MacCallum to back down. AYFKM? Have you ever heard the saying take the board out of your own eye before you take the spec out of your neighbors? Do you have any idea what that saying means?

It means if you have a board in your own eye, you have no right to complain about the spec in your neighbor's eye. It's hypocrisy. If you want to take the spec out of your neighbor's eye you need to take the board out of your own eye so you can see the spec in your neighbors.

What's my point? Wait 'till I tell ye. The City of Surrey has the authority and the jurisdiction to approve or deny business licences within Surrey. The Province has no right to tell them what licences them must approve if the City does't want it. John Horgan needs to be far more concerned with the ICBC mess the Liberals created and he covered up with skyrocketing rates instead of simply returning the dividend the liberals stole. John Horgan needs to worry about that not what business licenses the City of Surrey is or is not approving.

I support Doug McCallum. He said he'd get rid of the LRT in Surrey over Skytrain and he'd get rid of the RCMP over a municipal force. That is what he was elected to do. Doug McCallum has chosen to oppose Uber because the taxi drivers in Surrey object to it. I can understand why. Taxi licenses are expensive and it's hard enough for them to make money. You bring in a ship load of scabs and their chance to make a decent living is flushed down the toilet.

I don't understand what all the hoopla is over Uber. If you feel comfortable getting in a car with a stranger you met online who put a magnetic Uber sign on his car go right ahead. I do not. I do know that the Provincial government needs to worry about fixing the ICBC fraud they are perpetuating before they do anything else. That is what they need to worry about.

On the credibility meltdown of Post Media News, Diane Watt's pathetic lapdog is still complaining about Skytrain over LRT. Now that it's obvious everyone wants Skytrain over LRT and they have chosen to extend Skytrain to UBC, he's still complaining about that decision. That loser really needs to get a life. Trains in Europe commute between cities through rural areas. They don't run trains on the ground thorough busy intersections. That is f*cking stupid. Get over it.

Uber used secret spyware to try to crush Australian start-up GoCatch

Lower Mainland mayors, including Surrey, endorse regional ride-hailing licence

Memorial Walk for Lindsay Buziak

The Rally for Justice and Memorial Walk for Lindsay Buziak will be this Sunday February 2nd 2020. The rally starts 10:00 AM at the Saanich Municipal hall 770 Vernon Ave, Saanich, British Columbia. From there the walk will proceed to the legislative building.

This is the 10th annual walk, 12 years after the brutal murder.

Gangsters out attends the Lindsay Buziak Rally for Justice

Chris Horsley threatened Jeff Buziak

Is it time to end the ICBC fraud?

Diane Wats lapdog from Post Media Trash recently asked Is it time to end the ICBC monopoly? My response is no, it's time to end the ICBC fraud. Everyone knows that ICBC was breaking even until the Liberals extracted a $1.3 billion dividend from it to balance their fake budget. Everyone knows that so using that fraud to rationalize another BC Rail is in itself a criminal act.

This is why Post Media News isn't just worthless, it is defiant propaganda promoting Corporate Communism and the destruction of fiscal responsibility. Dianne Watt's lapdog isn't a journalist. He's a cheap whore that has sold his principles for pennies.

Rural areas of Alberta have cheaper car insurance then Metro Vancouver just like rural areas of BC does. Vancouver doesn't have cheaper car insurance then Toronto. Nevertheless, raising rates for new drivers as opposed to bad drivers isn't the answer. Paying back the dividend the liberal stole is. It's that simple. Anything other then that is sound and fury signifying nothing.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Jonathan Yaniv charged with assault

Jonathan Yaniv is in the news again. Here's a video of the predictor assaulting a reporter. He/She runs up to the reported at the courthouse, repeatedly punches him and as he/she keeps following and perusing the reporter shouting get away from me. That's kinda like the cop who beats the sh*t out of someone while they yell stop resisting. The video shows Yaniv chasing the reporter and assaulting him. This is the cross dressing predictor that sexually harasses women.

After losing the bogus human rights complaint where he/she targeted vulnerable women demanding they wax his male gentiles he /she filed a new complaint all over again. Yaniv is using the court system to sexually harass women. This is the guy that was fired for sexual harassment who figures if he starts cross dressing he can enter ladies washrooms and sexually harass women. How a Single Gender Troll Managed to Get ‘Hundreds’ of Women Thrown Off Twitter

Stop Transgender Abuse

BC Gang task force still going after former associates

Dale Habib is in the news. Kelowna Cap News is reporting that "A former associate of a disbanded Kelowna Hells Angels chapter is back in court on six firearms charges and one drug charge. Dale Habib, who was previously linked to the Kingpin Crew, appeared in-person in Kelowna court on Monday. His lawyer, Kim Ross, appeared by telephone from Alberta."

The key words here are former associate of a disbanded Kelowna Hells Angels chapter. The Kingpin Crew is disbanded not the Kelowna Hells Angels and yes, Dale was president of the Kingpin Crew. He left that life and is no longer involved. The gun charges and the drug charges are bogus. A few long guns in a closet. Big deal. Long guns don't need to be stored in a gun safe with trigger locks. They just need to be in a locked closet. This closet didn't have a lock on it. Who cares? He had one handgun in his drawer that wasn't in the safe. It really isn't a big deal.

As for the drug charges, he seized a tiny bag of drugs from a patron at the club he was working the door at that night and forgot to turn it into the desk. He is not involved with drug trafficking. The compromised gang task force keeps going after former associates to pretend they are doing their job when we all know they aren't. It's just like how they kept hounding Shrader after he got a real job and left the life. They kept harassing him because they wanted him to rat out former associates like Blaze has, and he refused. The same thing with Dale.

Blaze and the BC GTF even lied and tried to blame Shrader for Larry Amero and James Riach getting shot in Kelowna. That was a bold faced lie. The crowns witness was the one that set them up not Schrader. Blaze is a compulsive liar and keeps turning in former associates so he can stay out of prison on the PoPo's payroll. Blaze outed himself when he claimed Shrader was footing the bill for my website which he isn't. AV would not have done that. So Blaze isn't in prison.

The Garden of Eden wasn't shut down by the GTF. It was shut down because the club is under new management and they cut Arnie loose. The GTF did Sweet F*ck All about it. Just sayin.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Garden of Eden shut down in Kelowna

The Kelowna Now is reporting that "The Garden of Eden, a massage parlour in the downtown core, appears to be closing to make way for a new business. The building that housed the parlour is undergoing some renovations after reportedly closing in late 2019."

"Photos from the outside of the building today show the establishment being gutted by construction workers. Although the City of Kelowna does not yet have a record of the business license being ended or being passed on, workers on site told NowMedia that another business will be moving into the building at some point in time."

The Garden of Eden was a brothel run by an ex cop for the Kelowna Hells Angels. Now I hear Arnie's heath is failing and that the Kelowna Hells Angels has a new president. Someone I don't have beef with. Imagine that. I guess the 2019 Kelowna Summer Jam wasn't a waste of time after all. I also have confirmation that the Outlaws do exist in Kelowna now. That explains why Blaze went into the Witness Protection Program. It is however, an *unexplained* mystery how so many of Blaze's former associates in Kelowna keep getting busted by the Gang Task Force.

As for the Kelowna snake, the almighty once said, he shall have power to bruise your heel but you shall have power to crush his head. Brittney Irving - Joey Verma - Je me souviens.

The Rythm of Time by Bobby Sands. Erin go Bragh, Tiocfaidh ár lá.

Two men charged in Surrey murder

The Indo Canadian Voice is reporting that "The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) announced on Monday that Jagpal Hothi and Jordan Bottomley have been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the homicide of Andrew Baldwin, 30, in Surrey. Baldwin’s brother, 27-year-old Keith Baldwin, was fatally shot in downtown Chilliwack on October 22, 2019. He was on life support for some time, but did not survive."

Andrew Baldwin was killed Nov. 11, 2019 and was scheduled to appear in court on drug charges November 13th. Keith Baldwin had a criminal record for robbery and theft. Jagpal Hothi, one of the accused in Andrew's murder is scheduled to appear in court February 10th in Surrey and there is already a publication ban in effect on that. Things that make ya go hmmmmm.

Johnson & Johnson simulated coronavirus outbreak

November 2018 the South China Morning Post reported that "US health care giant Johnson & Johnson is aggressively looking to invest further in manufacturing and research in China to strengthen efforts to localize medical innovations for new drugs that address the needs of one of its biggest markets, amid the ongoing trade war between the two countries."

The headline read "Johnson & Johnson still bullish on Chinese health care industry even as US-China trade war rages on. The company will open two new manufacturing plants with a combined investment of US$580 million in 2019." Fast forward to January 2020.

CNBC is reporting that "Johnson & Johnson’s chief scientific officer, Dr. Paul Stoffels, told CNBC on Monday that he believes the drugmaker can create a vaccine in the coming months to fight against the fast-spreading coronavirus. But he said it could take up to a year to bring it to market."

The Activist Post is reporting that "Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise focused on a coronavirus outbreak — yes they ran a simulation of exactly what we see unfolding right now, before it happened! The pandemic exercise was conducted in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. During Event 201 Johnson & Johnson was asked specifically about a coronavirus vaccine."

"When asked, the Johnson & Johnson representative talked about the need for regulatory flexibility for an accelerated vaccine, financing and business. Not once did he mention safety or effectiveness. In today’s news, we see that Johnson & Johnson are currently working on a vaccine and they’re pretty confident they can quickly develop one." Things that make ya go hmmmm. Today the vaccine market is worth close to $24 billion.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Kobe Bryant and his daughter killed in helicopter crash

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Kobe Bryant, the 18-time NBA All-Star who won five championships and became one of the greatest basketball players of his generation during a 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers, died in a helicopter crash Sunday. He was 41."

YardBarker is reporting that "Kobe Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter was also killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday morning that claimed the life of the legendary basketball player." That is tragic.

"The crash occurred in the foggy hills above Calabasas, California, about 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The crash occurred about 20 miles from Mamba Sports Academy, Bryant’s basketball training complex in Thousand Oaks, California. A girls basketball tournament was scheduled for Sunday at the facility. Bryant, who had four daughters with his wife, Vanessa, dedicated himself to boosting women’s sports in recent years, coaching and mentoring basketball players around the world. Gianna, better known as Gigi, had a promising youth career."

"Bryant lived south of Los Angeles in coastal Orange County for much of his adult life, and he often used helicopters to save time and avoid Southern California's notorious traffic. He often travelled to practices and games by helicopter before his playing career ended in 2016, and he kept up the practice after retirement as he attended to his many new ventures, which included a burgeoning entertainment company."

Man clings to roof of car driving in Maple Ridge

The Maple Ridge News is reporting that "Police will not be releasing any information until Monday after a video of a man clinging to a moving car surfaced Saturday as it travelled along Dewdney Trunk Road in Maple Ridge. The video, taken by Bryan Johns and posted to Facebook, shows a car turning right onto Dewdney Trunk Road from 210 Street with a man standing on the front windshield appearing to yell at the driver though the passenger-side window."

Maple Ridge is a wonderful area that has been plagued with drug addiction thanks to the red and white. Reduce the drugs and you reduce the crime associated with it. It's that simple.

Fatal shooting outside of Toronto

CBC is reporting that "One person is dead and another has been critically injured in a triple shooting in Scarborough, Toronto police say. Emergency crews were called to the area of Markham and Kingston roads around 9:20 p.m. for reports of gunfire. Insp. Jim Gottell said the shots are believed to have been fired inside a restaurant. Police say one man was shot in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene. A second man was shot in the head and rushed to a trauma centre. Both are believed to be in their early 20s.

Councillors shocked SNC-Lavalin won Trillium Line

CBC is reporting that "Some Ottawa city councillors are calling for answers in the wake of revelations the city's technical evaluation team wanted SNC-Lavalin thrown out of the bidding process for the second stage of Ottawa's north-south rail line. Instead, the company was eventually awarded the $1.6-billion contract for Stage 2 of the Trillium Line."

"I was absolutely shocked with how poor the proposal was," said Coun. Carol Anne Meehan. "I was blown away that they really didn't have a clue what they were actually bidding on and that their bid contained so many gaps in what was essential."

CBC first reported in March 2019 that SNC-Lavalin did not achieve a minimum technical score for the project. In August the city finally admitted that the Montreal-based engineering firm failed to reach the minimum threshold not just once, but twice. The team had reached a "unanimous consensus that the proposal should not be considered further in the evaluation process," describing SNC-Lavalin's proposal a "poor technical submission throughout."

CBC is credible media. Post Media News is not. SNC-Lavalin's 'poor' LRT bid should have been tossed, evaluators found. In contrast, Post Media News was trying to cram LRT down our throats after Surrey voted against it. Doug McCallum is credible. Post Media News is not.

Trillium Line team trashed SNC-Lavalin - The Ottawa Sun. This is why we need independent media. Post Media News doesn't report this. Justin Trudeau's SNC-Lavalin fraud was nothing. The real fraud is the fact that SNC-Lavalin keep winning contracts they should not be allowed to bid on. This ties to all the political parties including the BC NDP since they all get kickbacks.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Green Justice endorses Tulsi Gabbard for president

The Hill is reporting that "Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) is suing Hillary Clinton for defamation over the former secretary of State's remarks on a podcast characterizing the Democratic presidential candidate as a Russian asset." Everyone who disagrees with Hilary, including Bernie Saunders is a Russian asset. Not. Tulsi Gabbard did not sell the Russians weapons grade uranium. Hilary Clinton did. Tulsi Gabbard for President. She is a major in the Hawaii Army National Guard serving as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district.

"We need leaders who will put people ahead of profits. Put people ahead of partisan politics and work side by side for the best interest of the people of our country. A house divided cannot stand."

"Martin Luther King day is one of the most important American holidays because it represents who we aspire to be rather than simply celebrating who we are or what we have been."

Why Tulsi Gabbard is running for president. Love is stronger than hate.

2Cellos: The Mission - Hauser: Nessun Dorma ~ Hauser and Señorita: Listen

For those of you inbred hillbillies that think Tulsi Gabbard is a Hari Krishna, you're just proving to the world how stupid you really are. That's nothing to brag about. Gandhi was a legend. You don't know the difference between a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Taliban, Arab or Persian. You need to take a geography lesson from Lilly Sing. Lets make education great again. Coming to you live from North of the 49. The South shall rise again and the North shall stand against you. Again.

Tulsi Gabbard can see past the partisan impeachment fraud. So can Rachel Blevins.

"While Democrats and Republicans bicker during the Impeachment trial and the media acts like they are polar opposites, just remember... These are the same people who magically come together to make sure the gov't can keep bombing countries and violating your rights every year."

It's Tulsi Time - Release the Phoenix - Help Tulsi Gabbard become Unstoppable - Hallelujah

We'll have all the things we need if we can only conquer greed. People, it is Tulsi time.

CNN just rigged its New Hampshire town halls by snubbing Tulsi Gabbard

Boris Johnson signs Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that "Boris Johnson has heralded the end of far too many years of argument and division as he signed the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement ahead of Britain’s departure from the EU next week. The Prime Minister said the UK can now move forward as one country after he put his signature to the document in Downing Street on Friday afternoon."

Well, well, well, the sky didn't fall after all. Imagine that. Brexit is a rejection of globalisation.

The Greek financial crisis was the result of investment fraud.

Public assets became private then disappeared. Just like in Ireland.

Revealed: The secret boys’ club that is finally out in the open

BC Hydro's deferred debt and Ontario Hydro One are Canadian frauds that rival Enron.

Why isn't anyone talking about this? Post Media News continues to slash and burn.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Crystal meth in Kamloops laced with fentanyl

Kamloops this week is reporting that "Interior Health has issued a public warning after testing of two samples of drugs sold as crystal meth was positive for fentanyl, the drug that has been associated with the majority of overdose deaths in B.C. since 2016. The health authority said the drugs tested were white crystals with purple flecks and were sold in Kamloops."

Interior Health is advising people to avoid using harmful drugs. Not, but they should be.

Crystal meth in Kamloops, that would be red and white. Just like the crack on the Surrey strip and the cocaine in Shakerz. Giving people fentanyl unknowingly when they buy other drugs to get them addicted to fentanyl is sleazy. Finian's Inferno has been unleashed.

Iraq protests 17 years of US occupation

Rachel Blevins is reporting that "If this were Syria or Venezuela, the US gov't would be standing in solidarity with the protesters. But it's Iraq, and hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets to speak out after enduring 17 YEARS of US occupation."

The Business Insider is reporting that "Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis on Friday flooded the streets of Baghdad to protest against the ongoing presence of US troops in their country."

The Mind Unleashed is reporting that "Iraq’s parliament voted last month to expel the U.S. troops who have been occupying the country for nearly twenty years. However, the United States government has refused to comply with the order and has threatened harsh sanctions if they are forced to leave. On Friday, massive crowds of protesters poured into the streets of Baghdad to protest against U.S. occupation and demanded that western troops to be sent home."

"Foreign sources including Press TV estimated the crowds at over a million, while CNN suggested that hundreds of thousands were involved in the protests. The Wall Street Journal gave the smallest estimation at “tens of thousands.” However, video and images from the protest show that actual numbers were far higher."

"While Democrats and Republicans bicker during the Impeachment trial and the media acts like they are polar opposites, just remember... These are the same people who magically come together to make sure the gov't can keep bombing countries and violating your rights every year."

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Natural gas pipelines are good, Coal exports are not

I've talked about how natural gas is so much better for the environment then coal it's not funny. Burning coal is the largest source of human-made carbon dioxide emissions and is the single greatest threat facing our climate. Replacing coal with natural gas is a colossal step forward for the environment. Now we need to address the real source driving the LNG fraud.

Recently there was an article in the paper about First Nation members objecting to fake human rights advocates calling for a halt to the natural gas pipeline they approved. We need to discuss the difference between elected chiefs and hereditary chiefs as it relates to privilege.

A few hereditary chiefs are objecting to a LNG pipeline their band members approved because it interferes with their privilege. Yeah I went there. We hear a lot about white privilege and how that's a bad thing because it is. All people are equal. We support democracy.

Every person and every race has good and bad. Not all Natives are good. In Fort Langley the First Nation members got along very well with the British fur traders. Why is that? Because the British fur traders had guns and protected them from rival bands that would raid them and kidnap them to become slaves. This ties in with the problem behind the inherit right to self government.

Most of us like democracy and civil liberty. Those can easily be violated within the inherit right to self government. A chief can become king and take slaves. That is something I do not support. A few summers ago I met the hereditary war chief from Tofino. He talked about how his band defended themselves against a larger tribe from down south who tried to plunder them. How did they succeed? The white men gave them guns to fight off the raiding tribe.

Heating homes with natural gas instead of coal has been a huge improvement for Vancouver's air quality. It's cheap too. That's the problem. The corporations don't like that. Gordon Campbell's private power producers that sell electricity to BC Hydro at above market rates want to change that. They don't want people to heat their homes with natural gas. They want people to buy electricity from them at above market rates which is a whole lot more expensive for consumers and taxpayers. The private power corporations are the ones waging war with LNG.

Yes fracking is a concern but fracking does not adversely effect the air quality at all. Not like coal does. Demonizing natural gas while ignoring industrial coal exports isn't just displaced aggression, it is a defiant fraud driven by Gordon Campbell's Independent Power Producers.

Why do you think Donald Trump opposes Russia's second natural gas pipeline to Germany? He doesn't give a f*ck about the environment. It's because more natural gas would help Germany get off the coal and he wants to sell Germany American coal. That pipeline would greatly improve the air quality in Europe and greatly reduce world CO2 emissions.

White privilege, brown privilege, red privilege. There should be No privilege. All people are equal regardless of race, color, creed or hereditary title. We support democracies not dictatorships.

Unsustainable: The UN's hidden agenda

The Oath Keepers are announcing the world premier of UNSUSTAINABLE. "We can now authorize corporations to take property from individuals as long as the government can present an argument of tax revenue." Corporate Communism is at our doorstep.

Armed protest in Virginia

Monday there was a large protest against gun control in Virginia. Many of the protesters were armed. When I first read that I kinda raised an eyebrow and thought, hmmm, that's different. A lot of bleeding hearts panic over gun ownership. The Constitutional right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting. If the Jews had guns in Germany, the Holocaust never would have happened. It's that simple. Gun control is a crucial element of any dictators regime before they commit genocide. History has recorded that. I support the Swiss Model of gun control.

CIA appoints new ISIS Leader

After the extrajudicial execution of the Iranian General responsible for defeating ISIS, the CIA have picked a new leader of ISIS to justify their presence in Iraq and maintain control of Iraq's oil in hopes to stop the Iranian pipeline to Syria and to take over Iran's oil again like they did in 1953 under Operation Ajax. Buyer Beware: Iran Contra is still in effect.

The Guardian is reporting that "The new leader of Islamic State has been confirmed as Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi, according to officials from two intelligence services. He is one of the terror group’s founding members and has led the enslavement of Iraq’s Yazidi minority and has overseen operations around the globe."

"According to officials from two intelligence services" GMAFB MI6 and the CIA. Google Operation Northwoods and Operation Mass Appeal. We should not be quoting anything from these two sources since lying is their MO. The war in Syria was about to rival pipelines. Assad and Russia supported the pipeline from Iran, the Americans and the Brits supported the pipeline from Quatar. The same country that was supplying ISIS. That is what that war was about.

NATO Auditor Who Discovered US Funds ISIS Found Dead: Yves Chandelon, the Chief Auditor for NATO, was found dead of a suspicious suicide right after he had discovered that the US was supporting ISIS. Now the truth emerges: how the US fueled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Australia fire update

The Guardian is reporting that "Temperatures have soared in New South Wales bringing renewed emergency bushfire warnings, while Melbourne has brown rain from dust in the air, causing pools to close and the Yarra River to turn brown." "After the city was soaked by rain overnight, many Melburnians woke up to their cars and backyards covered in mud rain."

Rains are coming but the fires are far from over.

Rupert Murdoch misrepresents Australia’s fires

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Fatal shooting in Burnaby

CTV is reporting that " Police are investigating after a 28-year-old man was shot and killed at a gas station in Burnaby Sunday night. Burnaby RCMP say shots rang out at around 6:30 p.m. at a Chevron gas station at Canada Way and Willingdon Avenue. A man, later identified as Julian Johnson, was found at the scene with gunshot wounds. He was taken to hospital but later died from his injuries. Officers say Johnson was known to police and it's believed the shooting was targeted and linked to ongoing gang conflict. "

"At around 10 p.m., Township of Langley Fire Department got a call for a vehicle fire at the 20700 block of 73B Avenue. Crews arrived on scene to a torched, black Nissan Rogue at a cul de sac. Police believe it's a suspect vehicle linked to the Burnaby shooting and say it was seen heading east on Highway 1 before it was found in Langley."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a legal warning over paparazzi stalking

The BBC is reporting that "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a legal warning to the media after photographs of Meghan in Canada were published in newspapers and on websites. Lawyers say the photos of the duchess walking her dogs and carrying her son were taken by photographers hiding in bushes and spying on her. They say she did not consent and accuse the photographers of harassment. The couple say that they are prepared to take legal action."

Yesterday I saw a picture of Megan in one of Murdochs cheap British tabloids of her walking her dogs with her child in a snugli baby carrier. The picture was obviously taken from far away with a high power zoom. The photographer was no doubt hiding in the bushes spying on her. It's called stalking and it's creepy. You need to get a life. People have a legal right to privacy.

The National Post is reporting that "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a legal warning over paparazzi photographs of Meghan and Archie in Canada, complaining that they are being “stalked” following their split from Buckingham Palace. Within hours of Prince Harry joining his wife and son on Vancouver Island for a more “peaceful” life Tuesday, the couple’s lawyers sent out a strongly worded letter claiming that images had been taken, without consent, by paparazzi who had been “hiding in the bushes and spying.”

"The couple add that they are prepared to take legal action, and according to a Canadian privacy expert, could find “a sympathetic reception” in the B.C. courts. “When you look at the circumstances, as the court, of them moving to Canada to escape scrutiny and take into context the story of Princess Diana being pursued by paparazzi, their desire for privacy is a legitimate one,” David Fraser, a Canadian privacy lawyer, told the National Post.

I was proud to hear a local charter refused service to paparazzi who wanted to hire them to take pictures of the couple's residence. That is just creepy as f*ck and it's illegal. Suing them is the only thing they can understand. It's voyeurism. As for the moral conscience of the general public, Boycott Tabloid trash. Do it for Diana, for her children and for her children's children.

I do hope Megan and Harry's bodyguards aren't MI 6. If they are, that's the source of your security breach. I know Charles probably trusts them but he's been conned. MI 6 do not serve the Crown they serve themselves. They are the ones behind wiretapping the royal family's phone. It wasn't just one rouge member it is their MO. The fact that Murdoch's tabloid blurred out the faces of Megan's bodyguards as a professional courtesy would suggest to me that they are MI 6.

This is their official website. Get your news about them from there not from Murdoch's trash.

Privacy: If you want privacy while under surveillance just remember nothing wireless is secure. That's why they have stingray antennas all over Surrey and right outside my house. MI 6 can watch you through your laptop computer even when it's off. Edward Snowden taught us that. That's why we all put band-aids over our laptop camera. MI 6 can access the microphone on your cell phone to listen to your private conversations that aren't over the phone. Even Facebook advertisers do that now. Mind how ya go. God Bless Edward Snowden.