Sunday, January 5, 2020

Armed drones approved for Canadian military

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that "The Department of National Defence’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Project has entered into a new phase with discussions ongoing with two drone manufacturers." Last year CBC reported that the Canadian Air Force is aiming to have armed drones in the air in next six years. In 2017 Justin Trudeau claimed there will be fulsome discussions on how these armed drones will be used. Oh really?

The United States enforcement of it's Corporate Communism around the globe bombing countries for their oil and opium is evil. We have become the enemy. We cannot support that any more. Whatever happened to Canada's longstanding tradition of Peacekeeping? That was noble. Invading countries for their oil and opium is not. We've lost our self respect.

Democratic nations believe in due process. They do not execute everyone the United States claims is a terrorist because they obeject to the United States theft of their oil. People need to be charged and tried. The United States has abandoned due process.

US kills Iranian General responsible for defeating ISIS

Canada has lost it's moral compass and needs to find it.

It's like the Lockheed Martin F-35 fraud. Those are not for self defense. They don't work in the Canadian arctic which is what they are needed for and Canada has to outsource the mid air refueling. It's a complete tax fraud. Lockheed Martin and Bombardier are like SNC-Lavelin - corrupt. We need to move past these dirty companies that under bid and over charge government contracts then keep getting away with it because they give politicians kickbacks in the form of campaign contribution. The F-35: The Trillion Dollar Plane Could Run Out Of Gas.

Canada's CF-188 Hornet or CF-18 is a better jet. Boeing's Super Hornet is the next generation. That is a far better investment than the F-35s. Those are simply for bombing other countries for their oil and opium which we should not be involved with. Instead, Canada should purchase an Iron Dome missile deference system. That is for self deference. That is for peace keeping.

Purchasing armed drones that work in the arctic and could shoot down a Russian bomber or a missile from North Korea would be a cost effective proactive step forward. The key discussion is what we use them for. Armed drones have a huge potential for good or evil. Choose wisely.

Saying Canada shouldn't buy armed drones is like saying the military shouldn't buy guns. Canadian soldiers should have guns but they shouldn't use them to invade other countries for their oil, their opium or their gold. Barrick gold was founded by an arms dealer tied to Iran Contra.

Using armed drones to kill environmentalists and protesters that oppose Canadian Mining companies toxic and unsustainable practices would be absurd. We need to support civil liberty and clean up our reputation around the globe.

Canada needs to purchase a Tor M1 defence sytem. That would be cost effective.

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