Saturday, November 19, 2016

Canada might buy Super Hornets

The National Post is reporting that a Liberal government proposal to buy Super Hornet fighter jets as a replacement for the air force’s aging CF-18s is back on the table.

Finally someone with a brain. Boeing is good - Lockheed Martin is bad. The Super Hornet work in the Canadian Arctic. The F-35s don't. Canada can't do the mid air refueling for the F-35's. It's just not cost effective. That whole F-35 scam was tied to insider trading within the Harper government. The Super Hornets are a much better investment.

Opening up the bidding process is pointless since Lockheed Martin has a past history of underbidding to secure a contract then over charging once they have it. That's one of the reasons they've been in court so many times for fraud.

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  1. do agree. those F-35s cost a bundle. more than they were worth.

    I always thought peter macKay just wanted something to play with that made him feel more "manly". of course Harper wanted to please his American friends also.