Saturday, November 19, 2016

Crime Promotion still front and centre for Surrey Mayor

The Vancouver Sun / Vancouver Province ran yet another monthly promotional peice for the new Surrey mayor entitled Crime Promotion still front and centre for Surrey Mayor. For some reason the article wasn't in the comic section it was in the other news.

The Postmedia Marketing Network is in full effect. If they don't arrest the drug dealers publically selling fentanyl laced drugs, all this PR smoke and mirrors is just one great big lie.

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  1. It isn't so much about Heppner but about the B.C. Lieberals. They have an election coming up next year and all of B.C. needs to appear like things are being done, even when they aren't. Surrey does have the small problem of Heppner and the RCMP, so they have to put out the usual B.S. to make it look good. Couldn't have the voters thinking the government wasn't doing a dam thing about drug dealers in Surrey while the Premier, queen of the photo op was in Ottawa with her new white suit, just special for the occasion.

    Premier photo op Christy Clark, now that her lng ISN'T GOING to work out, needs another horse to ride and the fent. crisis is it. White suit and all.

    Of course Christy and the rest want Ottawa to pay for everything, even though B.C. is quite capable of paying for things itself. But with an election coming up it always nice to get money from the feds especially if it doesn't have any strings tied to it. Then Christy can use it for ads instead of treatment centres.

    About the only reason Christy is all full on photo op on this fent. thing is because we have an election coming up and people in the middle class are dying, as are their kids.

    Post Media has to earn their money some how, so they can get those ads from the provincial government and shrilling for Linda Heppner and the rcmp in Surrey is just one way they can help the team.

    Don't see the photo op queen announcing they have opened 100 new beds of quality treatment for addicted teenagers and young people. So until she does that, its all just smoke.


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