Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hillary Trump Drama and the Rise of Free Speech

I'm going to pause for a moment of silence to record my dissent and mourn the Death of Reason in the United States of America and the ushering in of the Age of Treason. The US election has become a circus side show of bizarre insanity that has diminished all of us.

Some blindly overlook all of Hillary Clinton's criminal involvement and passionately support her thinking the end justifies the means. Others blindly overlook all of Trump's racial offensiveness realizing anything is better than the Clinton Criminal Enterprise. I endorse neither. How those two clowns got the nominations shows the system is broken. Either more people need to get involved in the nomination process, or the process itself has become corrupt.

I agree the main stream media has endorsed Hillary and is biassed towards her. Which in itself is a red flag since the Agency spams the main stream media with disinformation on a daily basis. That means the CIA drug trafficking network wants Hillary for President. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why. She was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. Obama used executive privilege to cover it up for her but she was the author of it just like back in Mena.

When Donald Trump started preaching his racism, I was outraged. How could any group of respectful people support such hate in our modern age? Then when Hillary attained the nomination my heart sunk. How can any group of self respecting individuals support such a dirty criminal? Although I now agree Trump is not as bad as Hillary, I don't endorse either.

That does not mean I am encouraging people not to vote. On the contrary, I am declaring that this is the first time in many years independent candidates have risen to the table providing a voice of reason in this age of treason.

The election dry heaving drama has become impossible to watch. It's worse than a bad soap opera or an episode of the bachelorette. Gag me with a spoon. What has happened to our society? The media is working the e-mail scandal with passionate smoke and mirrors obsessing over a multitude of things that simply do not matter. Hillary Clinton was selling guns to ISIS for God's sake. Nothing else needs to be said. Donald Trump said the Clinton Foundation is a criminal enterprise. He is absolutely right about that. Stand with any man as long as he stands right, and part with him when he goes wrong. I agree Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

However, I do not agree with Donald Trump's hate and racism. That is what's feeding the CIA's false flag attacks and unlawful surveillance of ordinary civilians for their political beliefs. That hate is contrary to the principles of a Free Republic which when push comes to shove is the ultimate destiny that I endorse. I do not share Donald Trumps hate of the Canadian medical system. I don't have a problem with Obamacare. Only building hospitals in rich neighborhoods is deplorable.

I agree with Hillary Clinton that we should oppose privatized prisons. I just don't agree we should let all her Bush Clinton Fraud drug dealing partners off and give them jobs with Fox News.

ABC is reporting that Evan McMullin could tip the 2016 Election. Given the CIA's long history of drug trafficking, I am somewhat hesitant to endorse a former CIA Operative for the office of President. I am simply saying that given the horrible choice Americans are currently faced with, looking at Independent alternatives is likely the logical conclusion for all those who cannot in good conscience vote for hate or vote for a criminal.

Although Evan McMullin could win Utah, Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico is with the Libertarian party and could win New Mexico. Yet some of his policies are just as bizarre as the other circus clowns. Dark times are upon us. The good news is that here are still a lot of good Americans that are heartbroken with the choice they have to make and do care about their country. These are as Charles Dickens declared the best of times and the worst of times depending on how you look at it. Sadly, in this election, I don't endorse anyone.

Instead we need to be vigilant about each separate issue when the next president is elected and reassert our right to free speech. Although Justin Trudeau is much more personable than Stephen Harper, his blind allegiance to Communist China is just as concerning as Hillary Clinton's drug trafficking because it is all part of the same agenda. Buyer Beware.

To all those undecided, I support Thomas Paine. Give me liberty or give me death.

With regards to the eloquent writings of Thomas Paine, I will clarify that I suport him in the sense that he clearly defined a Free Republic and suported the freedom of religion both of which I completely support. Many claim he was an atheist but if you read his discourse on religion entitled Age of Reason, you will clearly see he was not an atheist although he was somewhat disillusioned with organized religion. Even if he was an aithest I would still sport him because the freedom of religion protects the rights of atheists as well as all other religions.

Thomas Paine stated “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church. All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”

I respect his opinion just as much as he respects mine and that of anyone else who endorses any of those creeds in the established religions. However, my interpretation of those creeds differs slightly. I do not believe that organized religion are human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit. I believe that any religion, trade union or political organization can be infiltrated to terrify and enslave mankind but I do not believe that is their original intent. Many politicians are corrupt. That does not mean all are.

All religions contain the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. If all religions practiced that principle, this world would be a better place. I do believe in the revelations of God. I believe God is good and is the author of liberty. Although I support the US Constitution with a passion, I am Canadian. I also support the Canadian Charter of rights and civl liberty.

At the Peace Arch border crossing it has the words children of a common mother. Indeed we are. My mother was born in Amherst Nova Scotia. Bill J. Wilms wrote a paper explaining Nova Scotia's neutrality during the American Revolution and claimed it was in part due to the preaching of Henry Alline and the Great Awakening. Nova Scotia chose a different path.

In the movie the Patriot, Mel Gibson originally said "Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man's rights as easily as a King can." Clearly that is the position some Loyalists in Canada took on the American Revolution. Perhaps as children of a common mother we can reason together and reach out to like minds across the border combining the Age of Reason with the Great Awakening.

I have no desire to convert someone from one religion to another simply because I beleive adapting a single state religion is just as bad as abolishing religion all together. Both roads lead to the same place. I rather inspire than convert. If you are a Catholic, Muslim or Jew, then be a good Catholic, Muslim or Jew. As I previously said my neighbours are Muslim refugees from Syria. They are wonderful. When I was in Belfast I met a Jewish man who was like a father to me. I believe in the Hamilton model. I simply aspire to something higher - a Free Republic. Peace.


  1. Evan McMullin didn't declare himself for President until after Trup won the nomination, and he is completely an LDS/GOP establishment backed spoiler attempt to prevent Trump from winning. Trump has been feuding lately with Romney over Trumps comments about how Romney embarrassed the GOP by losing to Obama in 2012. Yet Trump supported Romney in that election. How well McMullin does in Deseret (Google it) depends how many Mormons vote in lockstep with "management's" instructions knowing that they risk the Hildebeest winning the election. Personally I don't think it will matter, Trump is going to win this decisively. You don't have to go any further that massive turnouts for his rallies to see that, anywhere from 8000-2000 at a time vs. 600-800 for Clinton. Even Mike Pence got 3K yesterday. "Krazy Klown" Kaine got like 30 at one appearance in Florida a few days back and cancelled the one after that so a not to look bad.

    Trump will surprise you. It's not about race, it's about culture, but the progressivist's deliberately confuse the two. Somehow being anti-Muslim makes him a racist. Not sure how that works, being that Muslim isn't a race. This is about ideology, not race. There are very few true rascists out there, KKK, Black Panthers, whatever.

    1. I don't support McMullin or Trump. I simply said ABC reported he might win Utah and Gary Johnson might win New Mexico which indeed could simply split the vote. Trump is about hate and Hillary is a criminal. That's why I cannot endorse either.

  2. countries can survive criminals, but they may not survive nutbars. If I lived in the U.S.A. I'd vote Clinton. I'd rather have had Saunders or some one else, but alas such is politics.

    The U.S.A. is a country in decline. All great empires eventually decline. The masses in the U.S.A. have been left behind and wealth moves to the 1% of the 1%ers. Democracy works when people have enough to live on with dignity. If they don't it becomes survival of the most "fit" or conniving.

    Now its up to the American voters and the electoral college.

    1. You Sir are very uninformed. If you read the wikileaks you would know that Hillary is involved in a child trafficking ring. The Clinton Foundation goes into 3rd world countries to steal resources and children. You would be very surprised to kinow how many people in postions of authority actually worship the devil and are pedophiles.

  3. As I have said before, if elected, Trump will surprise you. Anyone old enough to have been around when Reagan ran against Carter in 1980 remembers how the progressivist left tried to paint Reagan as a cowboy who would start a nuclear conflict with the USSR. Instead he is credited for ending the Cold War. But in the end all it got us was an 8 year holiday from the Globalist agenda, but it was better than nothing.

    If Trump wins you can count that the Globalists at the CFR, the Trilateralist Commission, the Rothschild's, George Soros et al, all those who comprise the "hidden hand" that truly pulls the strings, will attempt to bend him to their will.

    If they cannot they will settle for another 4 or 8 year hiatus. Much like the Hall's Angles, the only way to defeat them is to DEFEAT THEM. The odds are mightily against us, all we who believe, truly believe, in real freedom, not just a lighter weight set of chains to wear.

    1. Trump is the only choice. Hillary is something else...Saunders should have been there. I guess she scammed the leadership just like she will scam this election. It will be fixed....Trump can't win. Sure hope I'll be eating my words on this one...

    2. The DNC (Democratic National Committee) never wanted Sanders, and the evidence clearly shows that they colluded with Clinton against Sanders, it was never an open and fair contest. The amazing thing is that after all that, the old Stalinist turned around and endorsed her anyway, shortly after he bought a third house, a $600K lakeside vacation home. Sheer coincidence I'm sure, and proof that Bernie Sanders is "a real man of the people". LMAO.

  4. i don't believe Hilary started out as a crook, time and opportunity fed into that Hilary. everybodies watching her now.
    she is qualified and the world moves on.
    western hemishere is more peaceful now than ever before, europe in some confusion, but way better than when they where killing each other over horseshit politics, middle east was always going to explode with shia rulers and sunni population or vice versa, clinton policies threw gasoline on that situation, Ukraine is shitty, but what would you expect with Nato moving in next door, putin had to respond.
    Trump will divide America.
    america is not the powerhouse it once seemed, china is on the rise and india right behind plus africa, but america has not gone away and is still capable of fucking up the financial side of things and no slouch if it where to get military angry and go on a tear.
    i do think the world is a little safer with crooked Hillary in the oval office than with the inexperienced Trump.
    far from perfect candidates.

    1. As for the Ukraine, the West was never fully told how the government banned Russian as a second language in that country ( Note that was at the very beginning of 2014.

      It was a month later that Crimeans voted to leave the Ukraine (

      It was not NATO and it was not Putin. It was the Ukrainian government itself that caused the situation.

      As for Hillary not starting out as a crook, you need to view this:

    2. Hillary and Bill have always been crooks, but they've been "protected by the connected"......much as I hate to say it, America has become no better than a Banana Republic, a corrupt sewer politically.

  5. Trump isn't any Reagan and if Trump is elected it will not be a fun time in the U.S.A

    When Reagan was elected he did what he wanted to do, reduce taxes on the wealth. He did it and it worked for them. the rest of the population, not so much. His trickle down economics worked well for the wealth. It was the start of the decline of the middle/working class.

    if Trump is elected the economy will take a dump as will Canada's. The U.S.A. in terms of civil liberties will start looking a lot like the 1950s and 1960s. With all the guns in the U.S.A. things will not turn out well.

    Trump gave voice to the racism just under the line, just as the Brexit vote did in G.B. This will not end well.

    With Trump as president we can look forward to a lot of Russian mobsters moving in and making gains.

  6. I told you so. And now the "protected by the connected" of all ranks have just lost their immunity. Good times ahead with the swamp draining party.

    1. there will be no "draining of the swamp". expect it to get fuller.

      All those white men who thought Trump would revive their lives, not so much. The American economy will remain as is, if they're lucky.

      All those senators and congress members were elected at great cost and those "investors" want a return on their money. The highest cost to elect one senator was $110M. Now that was the most expensive winner, but there are others who cost a lot also. The payers will want to play and that will not result in things going all that well for the working class.

      Trumps comments last night, cost a lot of money. Where does he expect to get it if he goes ahead with his promised tax cuts????? You de fund a government, there is not cash, just deficits.

  7. Ah, so e.a.f. wants to "double down" does she? First Trump would never get elected. Now that he has, nothing will ever come of it. Right. Sounds like someone is still in denial.
    That's OK, she has company, thousands of Soro's backed "protesters" marching in the streets in major cities. Fucking losers. You never saw Republicans acting like this either time when Obummer won. Why is that? Oh right, no SJW "entitlement complex". Fortunately tomorrow is National "Bring your AR15 to work" day.

    1. It is rather embarrassing to see people protesting the results of a democratic election. That's basically protesting against democracy. That's like saying we support Democracy unless you disagree with us. Trudeau's response was much more classy.

  8. That's EXACTLY what it's saying, because that's EXACTLY the mentality of these people. They are not about democracy, they are the literal descendants of Marx, Lenin, Saul Alinsky and the anti-establishment trash of the 1960's. Hillary Clinton is a big fan of Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals", she wrote him letters when she was in college and asked about going to work for him afterwards. He thought she could do more to achieve their goals elsewhere. He was right.

    These people want to be the establishment, that's why they have infiltrated academia and(indoctrination, not education) the press which are both almost completely leftist/progressivist after decades of infiltration but they offer, as any totalitarian does, only the further loss of freedom and liberty, leading eventually to war. Everything they say is a lie designed to advance their goal of achieving power.

    To paraphrase Thomas Paine, "Threaten my liberty and I'll give you death". This is why we don't give up our guns, and it's why they want them taken away. They know that while we have them they can do nothing.

    I bought a nice Heckler & Koch 93 semi-automatic rifle (banned in Canada for decades now)and a half dozen 40 round magazines yesterday to celebrate the election. Molon Labe, bitches.


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