Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tribal MC in Fort McMurray

Interesting to see a Tribal MC member wearing a Fort Mac bottom rocker. They are a support club for the original Edmonton Hells Angels chapter. Interesting to see because the Nomads put the Syndicate in Fort McMurray. These aren't rivals they're just more smoke and mirrors in the shell game tied to the Edmonton Hells Angels drug trafficking network. Same puppet diferent string

On that note, back in July of last year one person commented on an old blog post and claimed that there was a Ontario Nomad in Fort Mac named Rick Levesque. Only he kept his Ontario rocker because he didn't get along with the Alberta Nomads out of Red Deer that run the Syndicate in Fort Mac. Well now that the Ontario Nomads have been disbanded, he is wearing an Edmonton rocker. E Ville is referring to Edmonton. Rick certinaly doesn't look very bright. HAs in BC aren't so loud and proud. They are somewhat more discreet.

He's got the tat on the back of his hand but he still has a baby face. Maybe that's why Leo Gallant told him to f off when he to tried to boss Leo around back in New Brunswick. Poor guy is getting chased all over the country looking for someone to bully. That's Ontario for ya. They never did grasp the MC concept much. That's what happens when you support evil. Je me souviens.


  1. There's a face that says "Born To Lose".......

  2. There are still cozy with some bad RCMP!

  3. Holy s&*t, the motorcycle club scene in Fort mac have gotten even more pitiful. I guess the big bad Rick Levesque couldn't even depend on his nomad brothers support club to protect him during all the turmoil that's happening up there right now. I guess that's what happen's to cowards who rat pack people in a unfair advantage. Rick was telling everyone who would listen that he didn't want any trouble with the other club in Fort Mcmurray. That was till him and his Nomad brother Steve Szomszed led a full on attack against three unharmed members of the Warlocks Mc.I guess the figured 20 against 3 was a even fight. Cowards even took their wallets and jewelery. One time the MC world was full of honorable men,now its come down to these kind of people. One thing they did accomplish out of all of this. The support for the Warlocks Mc skyrocketed after that in Fort Mac. Diminished quite a bit for the Angels and their support clubs. Great job there Tricky Rick and Slimy Steve. Your fellow HA brothers must be real proud of you two clowns.

    1. Amen dude bring back the reapers and Rebels old school days are over. Now we're left with fall downs trying to play a part. Solidarity is gone in the club they'll patch in anyone now. Mom was still running the show none of these guys would be walking around. What happened

    2. Mom Boucher got his patch right after he got out of jail for armed rape. His buddies in the RM were killing his political rivals in the HAs before they patched over and joined him when he went to prison.


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