Thursday, November 10, 2016

The End of the Bush Clinton Fraud Era

Moving forward in a posative direction it is also important to note that the election of Donald Trump represents the End of the Bush Cinton Fraud Era which has infiltraited the office of president for the past five generations.

We've talked about the Gary Webb story which was portrayed in the movie Kill the Messenger and confirmed in Freeway Ricky's Crack in the System. Gary Webb claimed the CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's and documented everything. He was right. Operation Fast and Furious showed us that Iran Contra never stopped. It all started with George Bush Senior and the Vietnam war.

George Bush Sr was the one that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in Vietnam. They created the Golden Triangle. War hero Bo Gritz was the first witness to step up to the plate confirming George Bush Sr's involvement with drug trafficking in Vietnam. Terry Reed was the next witness to document it. Jonathan Kwitny documented their creation of the Golden Triangle in his book the Crimes of Patriots.

The rationalization behind the drug trafficking in Vietnam was the same as the motivation behind the drug trafficking in Nicaragua. They claimed the end justified the means. They claimed they were selling drugs to raise money to fight the spread of Communism. Fighting Communism is a good thing. Selling drugs is not. Time has revealed that their original premise was a lie. They weren't trying to fight Communism at all. They are the ones trying to bring it in.

I don't believe Reagan was part of the fraud. I believe he was conned by it. George Bush Sr told Reagan that Barry Seal was smuggling drugs for the other guys not them and Reagan believed it. Bush lied. Barry Seal was working for them all along. Now that Trump has been elected it will be interesting to see if the new movie about Barry Seal played by Tom Cruise will be as censored as Narcos was. So it all started when George Bush Sr. was director of the CIA then Vice President of the United States.

When George Bush Sr was President, Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas when Mena was the hub of the CIA's drug trafficking ring. Hilary Clinton was just as involved as her husband Bill through her law firm in Little Rock. Terry Reed's book Compromised clearly illustrated Bill Clinton's direct connection to George Bush Sr and the CIA's drug trafficking in Mena.

Chip Tatum was another witness confirming Bill Clinton's involvement in the CIA's drug trafficking out of Meena. Even Ron Paul talked about it. Fast forward to Hillary Clinton 2016.

Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. Obama was a great guy and a wonderful speaker but he used executive privilege to hide Operation Fast and Furious for Hillary. When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under Obama, she financially benefitted from convincing the United States government to sell arms to ISIS through Qatar and Saudi Arabia. History has recorded that. The fact that 50% of Americans voted for her anyways shows how deep the Bush Clinton Fraud still reigns in the minds of the mainstream media.

So let's look past the Operation AJAX demonstrations and thank God that era of fraud is dead and pray we will have the courage and fortitude to remove that cancer from our government. Peace.

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  1. if you believe they are part of an evil conspiracy, o.k. and those types never go away. there are always new people to join the group. that is how things continue the way they have ever since WW II. any one who believes the whole system will change needs to give their head a shake. about all we can try to do is negotiate better living conditions for the rest of us.


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