Friday, November 4, 2016

CSIS caught breaking the law again

The Toronto Star is reporting that CSIS program illegally spied for a decade, judge rules. "In a scathing ruling, Justice Simon Noël said the Canadian Security Intelligence Service had illegally retained an unknown amount of data on “third party” and “non-threat” individuals since 2006."

Big surprise. Just like the Edward Snowden movie declared. The Globe and Mail is reporting that the Operational Data Analysis Centre was unknown even to the judges who had been issuing the warrants to collect the information it mined, according to Noel’s ruling.

Last September CBC reported that "Public Safety Canada has repeatedly approved CSIS and the RCMP's use of devices to spy on Canadians' communications, documents obtained by CBC News reveal. Canadians have been kept largely in the dark about police and intelligence agencies' surveillance capabilities. But recent revelations in a Montreal court case that police are using electronic tools to scoop up mobile phone signals have prompted some experts to call for greater transparency in the approval and use of technologies that potentially violate privacy."


  1. Nope, not a surprise. And I'm sure they'll be held accountable and the individuals responsible will be punished appropriately by termination, loss of pension rights, maybe even criminal charges and other such sanctions which will actually deter their replacements from continuing to do the exact same thing. Replacements? Who am I kidding, they won't even play a quick game of musical chairs to assuage the public outrage.....oh wait, no real public outrage.....just apathy. "Right, carry on....."

    ..."Recent revelations in a Montreal court case that police are using electronic tools to scoop up mobile phone signals have prompted some experts to call for greater transparency in the approval and use of technologies that potentially violate privacy."

    "We're the police, we can do whatever we want". Same result as above, no one will be held accountable and no one will suffer any kind of punishment.

    Not to worry, we have the same disease down south. That's how the Clinton Cartel sailed merrily along for 20 years, everyone was in on it, everyone played ball, who was left to call them on it? If not for Julian Assange and Wikileaks....and the American people who nominated someone other than the Lil' Marco and Jebby Bushkins, the choices of the self appointed political elites....When you have people in the GOP that would rather vote for HRC than their own nominee, what does that tell you? "They" both are on the same side, and that side is called "them". Against "us".

    In 5 days the whole crooked mess crumbles to the ground, people are already making deals to try and save themselves. A lot of people will wind up going to jail. Bet on it. #draintheswamp

    1. The media are pulling out no stops in trying to discredit Trump and promote Hellary.

      The Dinesh D'Souza documentaries I linked to previously all refer to Saul Alinsky as both Barrack and Hellary's ideological influence, especially for the latter!

      Without the background on Alinsky, it is hard to really understand the gravity of the situation.

      Just last month EWTN aired their documentary, two years in the making and aired just at this critical time (not a coincidence), exposing the twisted ideology of Saul Alinsky:

  2. So all this "work" CISIS did, now that was during the Harper era. Wonder how that started. Why CISIS would spy on Canadians is beyond me. There may be cases which do need investigating, but really, all this information, its a tad over the top. its really about time CISIS had to report to Parliament, in more than a cursory look.

    1. They're spying on people for their political affiliation not for suspected criminal activity. Like that senior they were spying on because she took a picture of the Oil Pipeline route. If you care about the environmentt and oppose corporate monopolies all of a sudden you're a terrorist and don't deserve the right to a lawyer or a fair trial.

    2. I agree it is beyond you as, from your remarks it's completely clear that you don't understand how this game is played.

      Do you think JT put all those folks out to pasture when he came in? Bad news here, they stay regardless of who's in office, they are a tool that gets used by whomever is in power. They are still doing what they always do, and whispering in JT's ear instead of Harper's. That's how they keep their jobs, and their influence. That and a quiet word if needed. Hoover of the FBI couldn't be got rid of unless the person doing it was ready to be exposed (or smeared, no one said the information had to be the truth, that' a pre-suppposition for regular civilians, not people in the spy business for who disinformation is just another tool in the tool box) themselves. He had files on everyone. You think CSIS doesn't?

  3. ah, I do know how the game is played and how it was played going back to the early 1970s. It is still beyond me why governments want to listen in, watch, break in, etc. from all the information they have gathered they still haven't figured out what they have or what to do with it. there is so much to do in this country and all the government does is waste money on "watchers" be it the RCMP as in back in the day or CISIS today.

    Once they open a government dept. people start building empires to ensure their own progress.

    All the listening, etc. doesn't get most governments or organizations that far up the road. Its just such a waste of money. Now Hover was in a class by himself. Of course CISIS has files on every one they think might be a threat and to them just about everyone not in their organization is a threat.

    Political parties keep tabs on each other, employers keep tabs on their staff, any organization keeps tabs on those around them.

    I resent my taxes being used to spy on Canadians who have done nothing wrong. Now if governments come across terrorists, yes it might be a good idea to investigate, but really with all the money that goes into spy agencies, we're not getting value for our money. Better to spend it on programs for kids.


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