Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Quebec police raid drug-trafficking ring tied to Hells Angels

CBC is reporting that "about 70 police officers are raiding locations linked to a drug-trafficking ring on Montreal's South Shore this morning. Police say the ring is controlled by alleged members of the Devils Ghosts, which is affiliated with the Hells Angels."

In 2015 CBC reported that five members of the Devils Ghosts were charged with drug trafficking after a kilo of cocaine was seized.


  1. Where do they come up with these stupid names?? But I guess they have "cycled" (LOL) through so many puppet clubs that the choices are less and less as they go....

  2. These guys have been in the news a fair amount over the last couple of years. Most articles are in French but they tell the story. A simple search with your favourite search engine for "Devils Ghosts" and "Devils Ghosts MC" bring up more than a few.

    They have been useful to do the HA's bidding while most members were in jail but now they are mostly back out these clubs ("Devils Ghosts", "Dark Souls", "Deimos' Crew", "Devils Warriors" and "Death Messengers") may start to vanish if they cause too much notoriety and bring too much heat.

    There is an extra "layer" of "protection" to the HA's with the "Red Devils" being above these "farm clubs" so it's just like back in the 90's with the Evil Ones, Rockers, etc but now with even more layers to make things just that much more difficult and time consuming for the police. If the botched trials have shown anything it is clear evidence for the criminals that if they make things difficult enough the system does not have the resources to do anything about them therefore they do not have the ability to do anything about them. Therefore, they can do what they want, as long as they go about it in a certain way.

  3. Yup, they have the system "gamed" pretty well, hard to dispute that. Time to change the rules for these douche bags.

    1. If I could change just one thing of the judiciary, I would make the role of judges that of an Inquirer whose role was to not pick the winner of which counsel was the slickest and most quick witted during the trial process but whose role is to investigate to find the truth of the matter; if a crime was committed and by whom.

  4. TRUMPS got it right deal with what's on your plate first before adding more to it. LIBERALS and NDP are the worst thing for economic growth meaning hire wages and the real job Mining Forestry and the Oil and Gas Sector these industry's are what keeps Canada a float let's not kid our selves here

  5. Tony Stark, you have a very narrow sighted view on Canada's economy and the state of our government. Stop blaming LIBs and NDP for what you see as a floundering economy because it was the Conservatives that really messed with Canada. You sound like an "old stock Canadian" they way you complain about the resource sectors of our economy. All of those sectors cause extreme damage and pollution to the environment. Canada SHOULD be moving towards a carbon reduced economy. As a millennial I am seeing positive changes in Canadian society for the first time since the CONS got into power. We are pushing towards green energy +, we are setting an example on the world stage for bringing in refugees +, weed will be legalized taking billions of dollars out of the criminal economy +,

    Some of the irony in your trump support and idea that Canada has to focus of its resources economy is hilarious. For example, trump does not approve of the softwood lumber agreement between our countries and wants to make a better deal now that our 10 year deal is over. If trump decides to take this on it could effectively criple or forestry economy.

    Sorry to jack your thread agent K. I couldn't handle Ironmans caveman ideals.


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