Sunday, February 28, 2021

Indo-Canadian Mountie takes her own life under the Oak Street Bridge

Desi Buzz Canada is reporting that Constable Jasmine Thiara, a member of the Richmond RCMP, committed suicide under the Oak Street Bridge with her own gun last Monday.

This is absolutely tragic. Facing personal demons? At work? A picture is worth a thousand words. This was a wonderful person who was proud to be a member of the force. Constable Thiara was a longstanding member of “D” Watch in Richmond. Something's not right.

Tom McDonald Canadian rapper from Edmonton

This guy looks a little bit like Mad Child but his message is very different. This guy has a brain.

World Health Organization profited from the pandemic

Sky News is reporting that the World Health Organization profited from the pandemic. They made $500 million by issuing pandemic bonds. "The World Health Organization was scheduled to repay investors around $500 million in 2020 unless of course a pandemic was declared. The investors lost all their money but that became the World Health Organization's game."

The Driftwood Crips World Tour

February 1st I made a post about Naseem Mohammed who is with the Brother's Keepers in Surrey and how the Hells Angels were ready to roll on him after hiring him to bring more violence to Surrey when they killed Ali. The Hells Angels in BC hired the Driftwood Crips to come to Metro Vancouver to help them eliminate the Kang group so they could solidify their monopoly on the drug trade. Well there's been a series of unfortunate events and it's worth connecting the dots because they all point to one thing: betrayal. Just like in the Vancouver Christmas of 1995.

Turns out that Naseem was already on the police's radar. January 29th Dr Kim reported that Naseem had illegally entered Montana. Well, he crossed the border and the US agents finger printed him but found no US warrants and let him in. He lied and said he was a US citizen.

The interesting thing that opens pandora's box is who he was with when he previously tried to enter the US illegally. A month before Naseem walked across the border and the US agents let him in, he was involved in a previous border crossing attempt near Spokane with another murder suspect that resulted in a high speed car chase. US authorities chased down the car and apprehended several suspects but Naseem got away.

The Western News is reporting that "One of the men Rastesfaye Neil, 39, is thought to have helped cross into the U.S. on Jan. 23 is accused of second-degree murder. Canadian news reports indicate that Afrah Ahmed Abdi, 32, was on the run following an August 2020 shooting in a Saskatoon restaurant. CTV News has reported that Canadian authorities believe Abdi shot and killed a 30-year-old Ahtahkakoop First Nation man."

OK so Naseem Mohammed, the connection between the Brothers Keeper and the Driftwood Crips in Surrey, was trying to illegally cross the border with Afrah Ahmed Abdi who shot someone in Saskatoon. This leads us to a series of unfortunate events tied to the Driftwood Crips in Calgary and Regina. The question we need to ask is, how are all these guys getting busted?

As soon as they do a hit for the Hells Angels, they become known to the police and warrants are issued for their arrest. This Rick Roll thing is getting out of hand. The Hells Angels hired the Brother's Keeps to bring violence to Surrey and eliminate the Kang Group to secure the Hells Angels complete monopoly on the local drug trade. After the Edmonton Hells Angels had Ali killed, they hired the Driftwood Crips to bring violence to Surrey and eliminate the Kang Group. Now that the Hells Angels have rolled on the Driftwood Crips, who are they going to hire next? The Hells Angels are making a lot of enemies in Surrey and the police can't protect them forever.
If Kim Bolan is posting about Naseem, that means the Hells Angels have rolled on him because she only posts what the Gang Task Force tells her to and they only go after Hells Angel rivals or people they've rolled on. Here in BC the Hells Angels figured out that if they have someone testify against someone they hired to commit murder, the police would pay them well and give them police protection to sell drugs so that's the way they roll.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Finding my Religion - Finian's Inferno

This post is the antithesis to the song losing my religion by REM. When trials emerge, many people lose their religion. Let's face it, sh*t happens. The true test of character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion of making that decision has passed.

Wikipedia claims that "The phrase losing my religion is an expression from the southern region of the United States that means losing one's temper or civility or feeling frustrated and desperate."

Over the years I've talked a bit about my own religious beliefs. Zen and the Art of Christianity so to speak. Trying to see the spirit of the law as opposed to the letter of the law - Finian's ghetto gospel. When I was young two books by Josh McDowell struck home - More than a Carpenter and Evidence Demands a Verdict. I could relate to logic and the scientific method.

Yet I couldn't stand most born agains. They were the most intolerant hypocrites I had ever met. They insisted that as long as you say I believe in Jesus, you were saved and it didn't matter what you did after that. You could rape, murder and steal but still go to heaven. I suppose that was the Tony Terezakis' lie. He was the ultimate freak. The devil knows who Jesus is and that knowledge doesn't save him. James said faith without works is dead.

Jesus taught "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." Matthew 7:21 He explains that many will say Lord did we not prophecy in thy name? In thy name did we not cast out devils and do many might works? To which he tells us he will respond "I never knew you: depart from me ye that work iniquity." What we do is more important than what we say.

The Bible tells us that one of the primary purposes of life is to discover the true character of God and to develop those characteristics in our own life. When I saw the born agains and heard their doctrine I said well if that's what God is like, then no thanks. Later I found out that's not what God is like. Now I don't claim to be a good Christain any more than the Hodge Twins do.

John 17:3 states that "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. The question is, what is God really like?
I've heard it said "If Satan rode into town, he'd be on a Harley. But so would Jesus."

Mel Gibson showed the rugged toughness of Christ who endured the atonement and crucifixion in the movie the Passion of Christ. I don't see Christ as a flowery wimp. I see him in times of war dressed in a blood soaked robe, his eyes were the flames of fire and ​he was clad with zeal as with a cloak. Christ would wage war like no other in defense of those who could not defend themselves. When the troops went to battle, he was there. That is who I see Christ to be. Yet his courage and valour comes from his lion's heart because perfect love casteth out all fear.

The scriptures tell us he who knoweth not love knoweth not God for God is love. But what is love? Is it something fake and superficial? I think not. It is very real and heartfelt. Paul listed several qualities of God so we could strive to develop them. To be more Christlike.

Yet humility appears to be at the very heart of growth. When we are humble, we are teachable. When we are humble, we are filled with love and love gives us strength. Peace: find it.

Sky News confronts the Fake Reset - you'll own nothing

Vancouver protesters decry reported genocide in Ethiopia

Drea Humphrey from Rebel News is reporting that " Recently, while covering the B.C. Grand Freedom Rally in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, another group of protesters arrived, whose desperate chants immediately demanded the attention of everyone near. The small but mighty group of around 50 men, women and children were holding signs alleging that genocide is taking place in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. I couldn’t help but notice that the local mainstream media appeared to lack any interest in covering these Tigray protesters, desperately claiming that horrendous acts were happening to their loved ones back home."

She mentioned the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). They are communist. Tedros Adhanom, the director of the World Health Organization was a leader in that violent paramilitary organization. Hence the term "Front" in all these communist spin offs groups.

It is interesting to note that the ruling party which recently changed its name to the Prosperity Party was originally called the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front.

"The EPRDF consisted of four political parties, namely Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and Southern Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement (SEPDM). After leading the overthrow of the Communist People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it dominated Ethiopian politics from 1991 to 2019."

"In November 2019, the EPRDF dissolved, and Prime Minister and EPDRF chairman Abiy Ahmed merged most of the constituent parties of the coalition (except the TPLF) into a new party called the Prosperity Party." So the Tigray People's Liberation Front was part of the coalition that overthrew a Communist government but were kicked out in 2019."

A coalition group overthrows a communist dictatorship then kicks out a splinter who wants to bring communism back. Tragically, Ethiopia has become another Rwanda complete with ethnic cleansing. That needs to be addressed.

Friday, February 26, 2021

U.S. airstrike in Syria sends message to Iran

Bloomberg is reporting that "President Joe Biden said U.S. airstrikes in Syria that killed militants linked to Iran were a warning to the Islamic Republic to be cautious as its proxies challenge American allies in the Mideast." In other words, surrender your pipeline. Joe Biden supports Saudi oil first and he's wiling to spill innocent blood to get it. That is evil. Quatar supplies ISIS.

Winnipeg Police join BC's profit from crime quest

CTV is rpeoritng that "The Winnipeg Police Service seized a total of $11.5 million in assets, including drugs, Bitcoin and cars, during a months-long investigation into an multi-provincial drug network between British Columbia and Manitoba."

"Officers alege the drug network imported multi-kilogram quantities of cocaine into Winnipeg and distributed the drugs through a “sophisticated operating network of high/mid-level operators and local couriers.” Police said the drug network’s primary criminal activities entailed transporting cocaine from British Columbia into Winnipeg for distribution, as well as collecting large sums of cash proceeds to give back to British Columbia as payment for the drugs."

"On Feb. 10, 144 police officers executed multiple search warrants in both Winnipeg and British Columbia. Police executed 13 search warrants in Winnipeg, nine vehicle search warrants in Winnipeg, one search warrant in Surrey, B.C., one search warrant in Vancouver, and two vehicle search warrants in Vancouver." Wilfred Gerein, 63, from Surrey, BC. 63 - WTF?
17 kilos of cocaine were seized. That is significant. That's because the Winnipeg Police make drug busts. The BC GTF don't. 21 pounds of cannabis were also seized. Who cares? Pot is legal. The purpose of legalization was so that we don't fill up our prisons with people for pot offenses. We leave room for those who sell crack, meth and fentanyl.

Interesting to note that this large cocaine drug network was importing cocaine from Vancouver to Winipeg. The Winnipeg Police made 11 arrests. Who did the compromised BC GTF give up? Two guys. One of them was 63. Were they even involved? Why don't we ever cut the head off the snake? Because the BC GTF is in bed with the snake.

Let's turn back the hands of time and name affiliations. The Hells Angels have a long history of drug trafficking in Winnipeg. Famous Amos from the Zig Zag crew was caught on video cutting crack cocaine for the Hells Angels in Winnipeg. In that operation, Agent 22 came to Vancouver where a Hells Angels associate told him he could acquire any type of gun the agent wanted and spoke of plans to wipe out all of the competition in Surrey. This is our crib.
Former Manitoba Hells Angels president Dale Donovan was arrested with them as well as Hells Angel Ian Grant. He's the one that had that confidential RCMP file in his home listing all the Hells Angels in Winnipeg as well as their associates and rivals. Wayne Shuttleworth a former Mountie was also arrested at that time. Only in BC the upper echelons of the RCMP gang enforcement are all compromised just like little Wayne was. That's why there are no drug busts here.

To cover that fact up they just had Dr Kim go off about a nine year old case about a HA rival.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Surrey RCMP profit from the Proceeds of Crime

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Surrey Mounties say the Surrey Gang Enforcement Team seized an Alfa Romeo Stelvio, drugs and cash during a bust in Newton." The driver was a 24-year-old woman. Police discovered multiple pre-packaged baggies of suspected cocaine, meth, crack cocaine, and $1320 cash and arrested the woman for possession for the purpose of trafficking. This was a street level drug dealer. Arresting drug dealers is a good thing. However, seizing the proceeds of crime means the police profit from crime and thereby have no incentive to stop crime. It's not just the Surrey RCMP. It's the RCMP in BC and the NDP government. Their mandate is to profit from crime not to stop crime.

They're obviously very selective in who they bust. They refuse to touch the drug trafficking out of Shakerz since it's a hub for supplying drugs in Whalley. That means they are conflicted and everything they do is suspect. I'm certainly not going to hate on Randy. Sometimes the devil ya know is better than the devil you don't know. Can you imagine what would happen if one of those Surrey girl idiots were in charge? I'm simply pointing out that this bust is a farce.
How many kilos were seized? Zero? A few baggies of meth and crack? Again, something is better than nothing but this bust was just an excuse to seize the car without interfering in the Hells Angels drug trafficking network. Look at that picture I posted. That Harley is blocking the front door. Everyone who goes in and out of that sh*t hole sees it. That bike parked there is a message just like dumping Janice Shore's body beside that tree was. That tree was where the drug dealers demand free service from the sex trade workers they supply. Dumping Janice's body beside that tree was a message to all the sex trade workers to pay their drug debts and not complain that the boys take all their money when they get a trick. That is straight up shameful.

That is what the BC Gang task force, IHIT and the Surrey RCMP endorse. I do not.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Borderlandbeat Blog is back

I see the Borderlandbeat Blog is back posting about the Mexican cartels fast and furiously. Last October I reported that they shut their blog down to deal with some litigation. Although the litigation is still ongoing, their blog is back and they are posting regularly. Personally, I won't touch the Mexican cartel or the Quebec HAs. They are in a very different league than the hillbillies out here. On that note, I want to give a shout out to Felina. Life does not end at death. Peace.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Sylvio Sauliner on the lam for New Brunswick drug bust

CBC is reporting that "An arrest warrant has been issued for the son of a Dieppe couple found dead in their homes in 2019 after he failed to appear in Moncton provincial court Monday morning. Sylvio Saulnier, 46, faces charges of possession of methamphetamine and cocaine for purpose of trafficking. Saulnier owned a duplex on Dominion Street that was raided by RCMP on Aug. 28, 2019, as part of an alleged drug-trafficking operation in the Moncton, Fredericton and Woodstock areas."

"An RCMP news release from 2019 says eight people between 17 and 49 were arrested when five search warrants were excecuted, resulting in the seizure of about 14.5 kilograms of what was believed to be methamphetamine and about 880 grams of what was believed to be crack cocaine."

"While police said several of those arrested were given promises to appear in court in December 2019, in the summer of 2020 RCMP indicated only one person had been charged. The charges laid against Saulnier allege he possessed methamphetamine and cocaine on Aug. 28, 2019, the day of the RCMP searches."

So his house was raided Aug. 28, 2019 and his elderly parents were murdered on Sept. 7, 2019. Do the math. We are told that the Hells Angels control the cocaine and crystal meth in New Brunswick just like here in BC. Sylvio Saulnier is obviously not a mmember but Éric Blanchette and his twin brother Yannick are prospects.

Canada's parliament declares China's treatment of Uighurs genocide

The BBC is reporting that "Canada's House of Commons has voted overwhelmingly to declare China's treatment of its Uighur minority population a genocide. The motion - which passed 266 to 0 - was supported by all opposition parties and a handful of lawmakers from the governing Liberal Party. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and most members of his cabinet abstained."

"The motion makes Canada just the second country after the United States to recognise China's actions as genocide. Lawmakers also voted to pass an amendment asking Canada to call on the International Olympic Committee to move the 2022 Winter Olympics from Beijing if the Chinese government continues this genocide."

CTV is rpeorting that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not participate in the vote. Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau abstained on the record while the rest of his cabinet colleagues were absent. All opposition MPs who participated in the vote as well as most Liberal MPs, including Garneau’s parliamentary secretary Rob Oliphant, voted in favour of the motion. It was considered a free vote for Liberal MPs."

"The federal Conservatives introduced the motion last Thursday. It states, in part, that in the opinion of the House of Commons, "the People's Republic of China has engaged in actions consistent with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 260, commonly known as the 'Genocide Convention'.. [and] the House, therefore, recognize that a genocide is currently being carried out by the People's Republic of China against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims… and call on the government to officially adopt this position."

"MPs also passed a Bloc Quebecois amendment to the motion to include language calling on the International Olympic Committee to move the 2022 Olympic Games "if the Chinese government continues this genocide." This confirms what I previously said - The Bloc Quebecois are our allies. Justin Trudeau is not. Justin Trudeau admires genocide because he is a freak.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Fatal shooting in Halifax

The Halifax Today is reporting that "Halifax police say a 25-year-old man who was shot has died following a single vehicle crash on Saturday. In a news release issued Sunday, police say the man was from Dartmouth, N.S., and an autopsy has confirmed his death as a homicide. Police still haven't said whether the victim was shot before or after the crash."

Bacchus is in Halifax. They were charged with smuggling drugs into the local prison. Stephen Skinner was also from Nova Scotia. He capped Gumby's co accused in Colombia.

Let's not forget an Ontario Hells Angel was shot dead in Toronto last week.

Gina Carano on the Ben Shapiro Show

Who owns Disney now? Who owns Hollywood now? Why are all the new movies so dark?

Gina is producing a movie with the Daily Wire. "You should be more afraid that you're being made to feel afraid for what you think. That's what's what should make you feel afraid." Gina Carano.

Her other tweet was actually quite humours and is very true. All hail:

Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Freedom of Religion and the Holocaust

The reason why Bonnie Henry's outrageous injunction is so offensive is because it ties in with the Holocaust and the current CCP Muslim genocide in China. The US Constitution was framed by people who sought the freedom of religion. They had seen the Holocaust and had experienced religious persecution overseas so they wanted to establish a place where the freedom of religion was protected by law. Where religious discrimination was illegal.

Bonnie Henry is trying to change that and bring back the Holocaust. That is what the UN's NWO is. It's all disguised with lies. Yet one by one, each religion is eliminated until they're all banned. That is the Communist quest. Only Communism doesn't just want to ban religion, they want to ban all forms of civil liberty - free speech, freedom of association, freedom of the press, freedom to move, the right to legal representation and to due process. It's all a very slippery slope.

The Constitution and the Charter of Rights was formed to prevent that. It was designed to prevent a totalitarian dictatorship and another Holocaust. That is why globalists oppose it so much. They claim you have to give up individual rights to give way for collective rights. That is a lie. Once you give up individual rights, there are no collective rights because no one has any rights.

Friday, February 19, 2021

What are you looking forward to?

When we are constantly bombarded with so much insanity in the media on a daily basis, we need to turn it off and ask ourselves what are we looking forward to? Solomon said where there is no vision the people will perish. We all need something to look forward to. I'm looking forward to a kayaking trip this summer. Until then, music can soothe the soul so it can. Ride Hard, Die Free.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Rebel News interviews Maxime Bernier about lockdowns

BC Judge tosses Bonnie Henry's Overreaching injunction

Drea Humphrey from Rebel News is reporting that "BC churchgoers scored a significant win in their fight to defend their right to worship. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry filed a crazy injunction last week to stop three B.C. churches from holding in-person religious services. But the order went much further than that. The injunction tried to grant police the power to detain anyone they believed was planning to attend those church services. Yes, in the world of COVID-1984, unelected public health officials believe they’re justified in arresting anyone who they think might attend church."

Like I said, Bonnie Henry is a circus freak. You can still attend a strip bar but you can't attend church. These new restrictions have nothing do do with a pandemic. Arresting people who they think might attend church. That is totally over the top even if the pandemic was real. When the pandemic swept over us last year, if people were willing to risk catching a flu virus with a 98% survival rate, that is their choice. Instead of arresting people who they think might attend church, they need to start arresting the drug dealers out of Shakerz. Until then, there is nothing more to say. That would be an insane waste of tax dollars. Just like arresting people for smoking pot.

Shooting in Surrey caught on video

CTV is reporitng that about 10:15 p.m. Tuesday there was a shooting on 145A Street near 82A Avenue that sent one man to hospital. " Surveillance video obtained by CTV News shows a car pulling onto a dead-end street. Another camera recorded a minivan racing up the road and stopping behind the car, which then drives quickly out of frame into a driveway. Moments later, one person appears to fire a gun repeatedly. That person is joined by a second gunman. Eventually they flee" in the van.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Langford arena slated for mass COVID-19 vaccination site

This is good for some comic relief. It is both hilarious and pathetic how Bill Gates' Microsoft News Network links to Global's Post Media Trash as though they were two different sources. It's the same sh*t from the same pile. Headline after headline reads covid this, covid that, cases are dropping but tomorrow lava might fall from the sky.

The Communist News Network is reporting that "The arena at the city's Eagle Ridge Community Centre has begun clearing its schedule and preparing to serve as a mass vaccination site, which will operate until the end of August." Gee what's wrong with that picture?

I thought we weren't supposed to have mass gatherings you idiot. I guess this is good news. Now you can go to Church and have family and friends over because they are allowing mass gatherings again. How about that Bill Gate / WHO tetanus vaccine in Kenya that was spiked with a sterilization drug like the CCP is going to the Muslims in China. Another WE scandal. I guess that's better than mass murder like Chairman Mao ant Pol Pot did.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Justin Trudeau's gun control is not to make cities safe

I just want to point out the obvious, Justin Trudeau's gun control is not to make cities safe. That has nothing to do with it. None of these gang shootings use legally obtained firearms. They use throwaways. Taking guns away from law biding citizens will do absolutely nothing to confront crime or make cities safe. As one gun owner pointed out on Rebel News, since he has a firearm license, he is subject to daily criminal record checks. Legal gun owners are not the problem.

Lawlessness is the problem. Refusing to arrest the Hells Angels drug dealers out of Shakerz is the problem. Dropping the charges when the Hells Angels hire someone to kill someone is the problem. That is criminally insane. Communists do not take away your guns to make cities safe. They take away your guns so they can comit murder. Buyer Beware.

The Global News Fraud is Ridiculous

How low can they go? Since Post Media News has destroyed Global's long history of credibility we can't in all fairness call it Global any more. We need to just call is Post Media News so we will consider the source and throw it out with everything else they destroy.

Post Media News is reporitng that "Perfect storm: Is Canada headed for a third wave of COVID-19?" Nope. End of discussion. There was no second wave. When we all got sick last year they refused to test us unless we were a health care worker. Now everyone and their dog is getting tested. On top of that the measurements for a positive reading are wrong. So we have a lot more people getting tested and a lot more false positives.

The new variant is another scam. Viruses often replicate themselves. When they do, they get weaker not stronger. The purpose of this fear mongering is to damage our economy. Consider the source. This fake news is being reposted by the Microsoft News Network - Bill Gates. Bill Gates is a whacked out Communist like George Soros and the Rothschilds. The reason they suport Communism is not to share their wealth, it's to turn people into slaves. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Rebel News on the Saudi Prince of Bel-Air

This is a blast from the past. Ezra Levant from Rebel News is going off about how the Saudi prince donated $25 million to the Clinton Foundation to support Hilary's failed attempt at the oval office. Aside from commenting on Trump and the Saudi's prince's pissing match on Twitter, he points out that Saudi owns Twitter and Fox News. That is interesting. It reveals an unholy alliance between an oil baron dictator and the Communist Party of China. Kinda like a Rothschild déjà vu.

Lovin Saudi reported that "The Saudi prince is known for his profile investments around the world, among which include companies like Citigroup, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, News Corp and of course Twitter. Prince Alwaleed has increased his holdings in Twitter considerably making him the 2nd largest shareholder in the company. According to online portal Quartz, Prince Al Waleed now owns 5.2% of Twitter, which is more than its CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey who holds 3.2% of the company. The only shareholder owning more of Twitter than the Saudi Prince is the social media giant’s other co-founder Ev Williams."

I have no Saudi hate but I do have Saudi concerns. Mecca is magnificent. There's no disputing that. Yet wherever there is good, evil always tries to conquer and corrupt it. The CIA has used Saudia Arabia for arms dealing and money laundering for generations. They have single handily armed more terrorists than any other country in the world including Iran. That concerns me.

What I'm wondering about is why the CIA is hating on Mohammed bin Salman. It's as though John Brenna killed the journalist in Turkey and is trying to frame the Prince because they want to replace him with someone they can control. That's what it looks like. The CIA is the root of all evil.

Israel bombs Syria

The Times of Israel is reporitng that "Israeli airstrikes targeted a number of sites in southern Syria after midnight Sunday, Syrian state media reported, in the latest in a series of attacks attributed to the Jewish state. The attack came amid a reported uptick in efforts by Iran to transfer advanced weapons to its proxies in the region through Syria."

"The strikes hit facilities in the area of Damascus International Airport, through which Iran has reportedly been flying advanced munitions — most recently on Saturday — as well as military sites around the Damascus suburb of el-Kisweh, a long-time base of Iranian operations."

"The strikes came days after drones reportedly bombed a shipment of advanced weapons that were being transported through Iraq into eastern Syria by Iranian proxies."
OK so that is the official version. It is plausible. My question is, what were those weapons to be used for? Were they to be used for bombing Israel or were they for defending Assad and his elected government from a military coup over a rival pipeline? After all, that is what the war in Syria is really about. That is why the CIA created ISIS in Syria. Assad wants to build a pipeline from Iran while the Saudis want to build a pipeline from Quatar. The very ones arming ISIS. I realize there is a whole lot of hate and disinformation coming from all sides of this region due to past history. I do not support blind obedience to Israel nor do I support blind hate for Israel either. Israel has a right to exist as does everyone else. I'm an old man. As Simon and Garfunkel once said "I am older than I once was but younger than I'll be. That's not unusual."

As Martin Luther King once said "I've seen too much hate to want to hate and every time I see it, I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear." I worked on a Kibbutz in Israel when I was young. I'm familiar with the Oasis of Peace. I support liberty for everyone. That is what I believe.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Surrey landmark torn down to make way for new tower

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Surrey’s former Stardust building was torn down on Saturday, Feb. 13. An excavator ripped through the City Parkway structure as part of site preparation for a 49-storey tower." I realize the vast majority of you have no idea what this was and likely don't give a rat's a*s, I will cite it because it was such a longstanding landmark in Surrey. I'm pretty sure the rats from the Surrey Girl chapter of the red and white (now working for the boys in bluie) have no idea what it was except for Randy Jones. He might know.

Stardust was an old roller-skating rink that was in the heart of a bus loop known as the Whalley Exchange for many years. My daughter had a birthday party there when she was young. Anciently the Whalley Exchange was a low life hang out for young criminals back when the Walley Burnouts were a thing. That was long before the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels drug dealers started turning young girls into crack hoes outside there until they were moved down the street to the Front Room when the new City Hall moved in. That's where they killed Janice Shore.

Unlike Pancho's which was a toilet in desperate need of flushing, Stardust carries many fond memories. Yet new towers mean more work, more immigrants and more economic prosperity. That's progress. That's what we need right now. The more people that move here the more work there is for everyone. That's how an economy thrives. If of course the government steps back and minds it's own business so commerce can prosper. We just have one more toilet to flush.

Love is the absence of judgement but is it really?

Every year I buy a Zen Calander because I like the positive pictures and the positive quotes. This month the quote reads "Love is the absence of judgement" by the Dalai Lama. Now I have mad harsh respect for the Dalai Lama and totally support his struggle to free Tibet from the yoke of Communist bondage. That is why I think we need to put the quote into proper perspective.

For the most part I think that statement is true. We've all heard the term unconditional love. Parents need unconditional love for their children. However, in the world we witness good and evil. We see that there is acceptable behaviour and unacceptable behaviour.

Everyone makes mistakes and we do need to look past those mistakes when someone recognizes them and practice forgiveness because as Martin Luther King taught, the old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. Yet we are not called to accept unacceptable behaviour. I've heard the term, hate the sin but love the sinner.

Since this is Valantines day it is worth asking ourselves what is love? Christ said "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Now that's as real as it gets. That's not fake, sentimental or selfish. That involves the ultimate sacrifice. Putting someone else's needs above your own. Yet I do not believe that means allowing yourself to be abused.

We've heard it said, judge not least ye be judged. For the most part, I believe that to be true. I have also heard it said make no unrighteous judgement because every day we are called to discern between good and evil which involves making a judgement and making a choice. Let's once again look at the Dalai Lama. He's in exile because Tibet is in bondage.

Tibetans peacefully protest for their right to be free. That's a moral obligation. Organ harvesting of political prisoners is a great evil we now face. Confronting that is a moral obligation because as Martin Luther King said, noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good. That is what I believe. That is what real love is.

Real love does not tolerate or promote evil. Sometimes we have to walk away from the hate like Brandon Straka has. When we do that, we find peace. Inner peace that comes from knowing we did the right thing in a difficult situation which one day might make a difference. Hate is a burden. It's unhealthy. Yet so is evil. We need to shun both. Charity is love in action. That's real love.

An Overview of Trump's second Impeachment Trial

I want to post a brief overview of Trump's second impeachment trial partially because when I post a link to more than one video, no one bothers to click on the second video but mostly because it is of such profound significance to clarify the nonpartisan fraud we now face.

Kennedy talked about the secret societies we need to confront. He was not talking about the Freemasons, he was talking about the CIA. Likewise, Ezra Taft Benson recommended a book None Dare Call it Conspiracy and talked about the secret combinations that would threaten the US Constitution. He wasn't talking about the Freemasons. He was talking about something else. Ezra Taft Benson specifically mentioned the UN. Now we know why.

The primary charge against Donald Trump in the second round was the claim that he incited the Capital hill riot. That was ridiculous and the very fact that the farce went as far as it did implore us to examine it. Unlike all the ANTIFA and BLM riots, all the MAGA rallies were completely nonviolent. Except for ANTIFA thugs trying to single out individuals to beat them up and steal the American flag. In contrast, the MAGA rallies supported the police and peaceful protest.

Donald Trump's speech on January 6th 2021 clearly showed that he called for a peaceful protest just like all the others. The agent provocateurs at the Capitol hill protest were ANTIFA and BLM. It was a set up. To blame Trump for that was ridiculous and the fact that the Impeachment trial went as far as it did was insane and cleary demonstrated who the enemies of the Constitution and the Free Republic really are. Since that charge had no merit, they tried bringing other things up.

They claimed Trump called the white supremacists in Charlottesville fine people. That was a quote the Mainstream media took completely out of context to defame him. When his lawyer played the full quote in context, the truth became clear. The fact that they brought that false allegation up clearly demonstrated the absurd witch hunt Trump was placed under.

As the Hodge Twins pointed out, Trump must have been doing something right for the media to relentlessly attack him the way they did. Indeed he did. Under Donald Trump's leadership the nation saw record growth. He even got the US off Saudi oil. Biden has already reversed that in another crushing blow to the economy. What was Donald Trump's real crime? He confronted the shadow government in Washington and they crushed him for it.

Tulsi Gabard understands her oath of office. John Brennan does not. Neither does Nancy Pelosi or Sarah Palin. I cite Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin because it shows that the secret combination is nonpartisan. Globalists from the Republican party are teaming up with globalists in the Democrat party to form one party - the Communist Party of China. John Brennan clearly shows the CIA's involvement in that plot. The CIA is the secret society Kennedy warned us about.

Now I'm going to say more about Mitt Romney. The Rolling Stone set the stage but I will put it in perspective. Mitt Romney is a globalist in bed with Joe Biden and the Clinton Foundation. That does not mean the Mormon church is. In fact many Mormons believe that one day Salk Lake will become evil before the second coming. That would not have happened under Ezra Taft Benson's watch because he was a man like unto Moroni. He supported the title of liberty. So should we.
Jon McNaughton is a patriot from Utah. Hear him. A picture is worth a thousand words. '

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Mitt Romney is NOT a Patriot

I will once again reiterate that Mitt Romney is not a Patriot, he is a Gadianton Robber. Ezra Taft Benson was a Patriot. Mitt Romney is not and Nancy Pelosi is an Anti Christ. Just sayn.

Election Fraud and the Impeachment Farce

Update: Trump has been acquitted. Again. It was another shameful farce.

The impeachment farce is outrageous. I do not beleive Joe Bden won Arizona.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Fatal shooting in Burnaby, Suspicious death in Surrey

The Burnaby Now is reporting that 44-year-old Neal Pratap was shot dead last night in Burnaby shortly after 10:00 PM. Last Wednesday 32-year-old Chris Kenworthy shot to death in his vehicle around 8:00PM in the same neighbourhood. The next day Shana Harris-Morris was shot dead.

The Voice is reporitng that "Friday, February 12, at approximately 7:17 p.m., Surrey RCMP responded to an incident at 19300-block of 66 Avenue where police located a deceased male. Surrey RCMP say they are treating the death as suspicious at this time, and are currently in the evidence gathering phase."

Global Television: A Comedy of Errors

I just want to pause and point out the obvious. If you're still talking about Covid, you're an idiot. I don't want to be mean but you are downright stupid. Covid swept over us last year. We all got sick and we all got over it. None of us were tested. There was no second wave. That was a lie. When we were all sick last year, they refused to test us unless we were a health care worker. They said assume you have it and quarantine for two weeks. That was it. .

Now everyone and their dog is getting tested but the measurements are wrong and produce a 97% false positive. So more people are getting tested and more false positive results are being tabulated. If you are asymptomatic and test positive that's a good thing. It means you've built up antibodies to the virus like you're supposed to. That's heard immunity.

The other day Gobal was going off about a teenager who was in a car accident and went into a coma before Covid only to wake up now. Instead of savoring the miracle of life, they were crying about how do we explain to him how the world has changed in his absence? Actually, it's really easy. You give him a copy of George Orwell 1984 and say there it is.

CBC was caught lying about the hospitalization rates in Manitoba. It was not a mistake. It was a bold-faced lie with malicious intent. The Mainstream media has no conscience and no accountability. This change happened from media mergers. When you merge all the media outlets, they become easier to control. Change the ownership and you change the news

In January 2018, 80,00 people died from the flu in the US. In Canada most of our Covid deaths have been in care homes. While I have no doubt some of those people did die from Covid just like 80,000 people died from the flu in the US, I also have no doubt most of those people died from natural causes and they lied. They claim they died of Covid when they didn't.

In 2018 a Monmouth University poll found that 77% of Americans think Traditional Media is FAKE NEWS. That was a 14% increase from the previous year and before Covid's absurd misrepresentation. In Canada, Post Media News has been actively destroying the newspaper industry's credibility and their aquistition of Global Television has turned that network into a comedy of errors. The false propaganda on television has become absurd.

Rebel News is reporting that the Radisson hotel next to Toronto's Pearson International Airport is one of the government run COVID quarantine facilities in Canada and is owned by the Communist Party of China. To ignore or deny the CCP's control and influence over Justin Trudeau and our media is sheer stupidity. I can confront evil but I can't fix stupid.
I will say this about masks. If you wear a mask outdoors, you're an idiot. Wearing a mask outside is a sign of stupidity. However, wearing a mask in a crowded store where you are in contact with seniors is a sign of respect. Even though we are asymptomatic, we could still be carriers of the virus and that virus could in theory be fatal to a senior just like any flu virus could. When my mother lived in a care home, we had to get a flu shot or we couldn't visit the care home.

In Canada most of our covid deaths have been in care homes. While I have no doubt some of those people did die from Covid just like 80,000 people died from the flu in the US, I also have no doubt most of those people died from natural causes and they lied. They claim they died of Covid when they didn't. That is what the numbers show. The same number of seniors died this year as the year before and the year before that.

I also realize that some people sit at home and believe everything they see on TV. They are stupid but stupidity is not a crime. They have a right to believe whatever they want to believe. It's like the idiots on Facebook that forward nonsense without checking the source. The Facebook fact checkers are fake. They are partisan trash funded by the Communist Party of China.

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson posted a video clip of a customer in Costco standing on a chair delivering a bizarre rant about masks. Buddy you look like an idiot. Sit down. None of the employees at Costco have the authority to change a company wide policy or provincial legislation. It's not their fault. Raging on them is dysfunctional. We need to elect politicians like Maxime Bernier with the End the Lockdown Caucus. That is what we need to do.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Ontario Hells Angel shot dead in Toronto

The Hamilton Spectator is reporting that "A longtime Ontario Hells Angel was shot to death execution-style in the parking garage of an apartment building on Danforth Avenue on Tuesday night. Harry Lainas, 47, was a full member of the Hells Angels’ Simcoe South charter and formerly with the Keswick Hells Angels." Another Ontario HA executed? Wow.

What's Gumby's prognosis? Damion Ryan got his filthy few patch after he capped a Quebec member in Greece for Gumby. Did you really think that one through beforehand? Of course not.

Since Jamie Bacon and the Surrey Six killers are cooperating with the police, where does that leave Gumby? Has Larry Amero joined the rat pack too? They don't testify against HA associates, they just testify against rivals. Except for Blaze. He's given up some of his guys recently as well. I guess he's jealous they still have a life and he doesn't. He never has. That ship pased him by.