Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Langford arena slated for mass COVID-19 vaccination site

This is good for some comic relief. It is both hilarious and pathetic how Bill Gates' Microsoft News Network links to Global's Post Media Trash as though they were two different sources. It's the same sh*t from the same pile. Headline after headline reads covid this, covid that, cases are dropping but tomorrow lava might fall from the sky.

The Communist News Network is reporting that "The arena at the city's Eagle Ridge Community Centre has begun clearing its schedule and preparing to serve as a mass vaccination site, which will operate until the end of August." Gee what's wrong with that picture?

I thought we weren't supposed to have mass gatherings you idiot. I guess this is good news. Now you can go to Church and have family and friends over because they are allowing mass gatherings again. How about that Bill Gate / WHO tetanus vaccine in Kenya that was spiked with a sterilization drug like the CCP is going to the Muslims in China. Another WE scandal. I guess that's better than mass murder like Chairman Mao ant Pol Pot did.

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