Monday, February 1, 2021

New Task force in Lindsay Buziak murder investigation

The Vancovuer Sun is reporitng that " Investigators from the U.S. have joined a new team taking a fresh look at the unsolved homicide of Victoria real estate agent Lindsay Buziak, and police say there’s movement in the 13-year-old case. Buziak was 24 when she was fatally stabbed (more than 40 times.) while showing a property in Saanich on Feb. 2, 2008." It was not a gang hit.

"Saanich police Const. Markus Anastasiades says the new team includes representatives from the FBI, as well as continued support from the RCMP. In a statement released Sunday, he says technology developed since Buziak’s death has highlighted additional leads and forensic evidence. He says officers are again speaking to all possible suspects."

No they're not. Chris Horsely exonerated the Zailos from day one. The prime suspects are not even being considered. Chris Horsely is in a conflict of interest. What's bringing in the FBI going to do? Are you going to pretend that the murders and the co-conspirators are not living in Victoria? It's cruel to lie and pretend the Saanich PD are trying to solve this case. We can tell you who did it and who was behind it. We can also tell you who needs to be taken off the case.
The press release about the *new* task force was an offensive publicity stunt the day before the anniversary of the murder when her father is in town raising public awareness about the case. If SPD is on the case, nothing is being done. If Chris Horsley is on the case, nothing is being done. That is the truth. It's time to merge Saanich PD with Victoria PD and hand over the file.

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