Friday, February 5, 2021

Joe Biden puts Saudi oil First cuts off Ontario & Quebec

The Financial Post is reporting that "Canada’s largest oil companies plan to use the St. Lawrence Seaway to ship crude oil into Ontario as a contingency plan in case Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is successful in shutting down the Line 5 pipeline that supplies the province’s fuel. In November, Whitmer ordered Calgary-based pipeline giant Enbridge Inc. to shut down the 540,000-barrels-per-day Line 5 pipeline by May, which would affect gasoline prices and jet fuel availability in Canada’s most populous province by cutting off oil to refineries in Sarnia, Ont."

"Enbridge has said it would defy the order, which it is fighting in U.S. federal court, but oil companies with refineries in Ontario and Quebec have been scrambling to make contingency plans. Line 5 is the main conduit to move oil and products like propane from Alberta to refineries in Ontario, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania."

She's cutting off propane which is clean burning. This is fake environmentalism. Gretchen Whitmer is a Democrat who supoports Joe Biden's Saudi oil First campaign. Trump got the US off Saudi oil dependency. Biden is Bringing Saudi Back and he'll spill innocent blood to do it. .
OK let's review Saudi's involvement in the recent oil fluctuation. Remember what happened before the price of oil dropped crushing Alberta's oil industry? Saudi Arabia was trying to cut a deal with Russia to cut oil production so the price of oil would go up. Russia said no so Saudi shorted the stock and flooded the market with oil reserves causing the price of oil to drop until Russia caved in to Saudi's demand.

Raging Rachel Notley panicked and said we have to reduce production! We're practically giving our oil away. If Raging Rachel had half a brain, she'd be dangerous. She has no business sense whatsoever. Not because she's NDP but because she's an idiot.

Jason Kenny jacked up the price of gas at our pumps while the price of oil was down. Then he puts a full page ad in the Vancouver Sun and Province bragging about his price fixing. He said want cheap gas? Try increasing production. He was trying to extort us into twinning the pipeline for more bitumen when Raging Rachel refused to help pay for a clean up if there was a spill in our port. This is called greed. Now they are suffering as a result of it.

We need to proceed with the natural gas pipeline from Alberta to Quebec. We're all in agreement on that. Natural gas is clean burning. Large trucks can run on gas. They can't effectively run on electricity yet. Alberta also needs to build a refinery in Alberta. If they refined the oil at source they could double the production out of the existing pipeline to Vancouver without increasing tanker traffic and they could also use the existing pipeline to Chicago and Detroit.

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