Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Justin Trudeau's gun control is not to make cities safe

I just want to point out the obvious, Justin Trudeau's gun control is not to make cities safe. That has nothing to do with it. None of these gang shootings use legally obtained firearms. They use throwaways. Taking guns away from law biding citizens will do absolutely nothing to confront crime or make cities safe. As one gun owner pointed out on Rebel News, since he has a firearm license, he is subject to daily criminal record checks. Legal gun owners are not the problem.

Lawlessness is the problem. Refusing to arrest the Hells Angels drug dealers out of Shakerz is the problem. Dropping the charges when the Hells Angels hire someone to kill someone is the problem. That is criminally insane. Communists do not take away your guns to make cities safe. They take away your guns so they can comit murder. Buyer Beware.

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