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Margo Compton's Audio Diaries on A&E

Hells Angels exclusive on A&E - Clowns, hang arounds and wannabes

Well here is it. Episode three about Margo Compton has now been released.
It explains how she got lured into that lifestyle and became trapped. The Hells Angels came to town and a lot of drugs came to town that weren't there before - Methamphetamine which is speed. Crystal meth is what we have now but that is not speed. Crystal meth is made with Drano. Margo Compton's husband became a hang around and started using drugs. He started beating her and threatened to kill her. Otis Garrett was the chapter president. She went to him for help.

Otis protected Margo from her abusive husband and got her a job as a counselor. Turns out they didn't want her to be a counselor. They wanted her to be a prostitute. When she said she didn't want to have sex with every man who came into the brothel they started to beat her and she was no better off than with her abusive husband.

They took advantage of her and forced her to become a prostitute. Margo said she wanted out and Otis said she owed him five thousand dollars. She didn't have the money so Otis said he was going to keep her kids until she came up with the money. Otis was connected to Sonny Barger.

Everyone knew about his drug business, his prostitution and everything else he was involved with. Everyone knew. It was not a secret. Margo went to the police and the police got her children back for her. The Love Nest was raided December 8th 1976. Otis Garret was charged with pimping and pandering. August 7th 1977 Margo Compton and her daughters were murdered.

Now we can say well she testified against the Hells Angels. Then why did you kill her kids? What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business but why did you force her to become a prostitute and why did you kidnap her kids when she tried to leave? That forced her to go to the police. After she and her children were murdered the police searched the house and found her diary and audio tapes. After Margo Compton was murdered they used her previous testimony and convicted Otis of pimping. He was sentenced to two years in prison for the pimping charge.

Since executing the two little girls crossed the line a leader of the Aryan Nations prison gang cooperated with the police and gave up Otis for their murder. However, the associate warden called him into their office and put his wife on the speaker phone. While she was talking he heard two motorcycles ride up to his wife's home. They made it clear that if he testified against Otis they would kill his wife. The warden was working with the Hells Angels. So now they're trying to claim Otis was a lone wolf who crossed the line and no one knew about it. Bullsh*t. Everyone knew.

Sonny Barger told the guy from the Aryan nations he didn't know anything about that. Bullsh*t. Sonny Barger honored Otis as a proud member of the filthy few fellowship long after he was convicted of ordering Margo Compton's murder and the murder of her daughters.

This is how the Hells Angels lie to their own members. It's like when they said the Hells Angels would never have anything to do with Robert Pickton. Everyone who lives here knows that is a lie. Dave Pickton was a Hells Angels associate. He went with them to Sturgis. They had a grow op on the farm. Big Tony worked the door at Piggy's Palace.

Michael Thompson called up Sonny Barger and said Otis killed the kids and they were threatening his wife. Sonny pulled a Rainbow Ricky and denied knowing about it. He didn't want the Aryan Nations to turn on them so he called off the threats on his wife and let him testify.

I believe George Christie wasn't aware of it but I do not believe Sonny Barger wasn't. Sonny was the National President. Otis was his big money maker as a meth cook and supplier. As the documentary pointed out, Otis Garrett remained a member in good standing until his death in 2017. George Christie was put out in bad for having a disagreement with Sonny Barger but Otis Garret was never put out on bad for killing two little kids. As I said, Sonny honored Otis on the West Vegas website as a proud member of the Filthy Few Fellowship long after he was convicted of the murders. The Filthy Few Fellowship means you've killed someone for the club.
Otis Garret was president of the Vallejo chapter. Sonny Barger was a founding member of the Oakland chapter which is even closer to San Francisco than Vallejo. Durring the trial "Carrafa said that while trying to recruit him for an armored car robbery, Hells Angel James (Jim Jim) Brandes bragged of shooting the Compton household. As expanded by the defense teams, the story grew to imply that it was possibly Sergey Walton -- not Garrett -- who ordered the hit and that Brandes and a pal pulled it off. Brandes testified in McClure's trial that he had no knowledge of the Compton tragedy -- but before the second trial, he hung himself in prison. Prosecutors waved off any suggestion that Walton had anything to do with the murders."

"Sergey Walton, the ex-Hells Angels Oakland chapter president who went into federal witness protection years ago to turn informant, swore that McClure admitted the killings to him in Oakland as they were arguing over a woman." Walton was a top lieutenant under Sonny Barger.

Rolling Stone journalist Howard Kohn wrote a sprawling exposé of the Angels’ misdeeds entitled Hells Angels: Masters of Menace. He reported on the Angel thefts from a lab in Oakland that carried materials used in large-scale meth production. And he told in scorching detail about the bomb attack on a detective in Vallejo, California, Bill Zerbe, who narrowly escaped death in a reprisal for his tenacious pursuit of Angel higher-up James Ezekiel Jim-Jim Brandes."

"Brandes was linked with a long-running investigation of a 1977 execution murder of Margo Compton, her two children, and a man called Gary Seslar. In 1994, the first trial connected to the case was against a Hells Angels hopeful called Robert McClure, but a criminal called Victor Carrafa testified that he had heard Brandes admitting that he was one of the murderers. Brandes died by suicide in prison between the first and the second trial, and McClure was eventually found guilty despite insisting that he had been framed."

Sonny Barger told Michael Thompson from the Aryan Nations that he was not aware of the order to murder Margo Compton and her kids. That was a lie. When his lieutenant was accused of ordering the murder his lieutenant testified that McClure admitted the killings to him in Oakland as they were arguing over a woman. So Sonny did know about the murders and when he was accused of ordering the murder one of his lieutenants testified that McClure did it.

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