Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Ramadan ends with a feast called Eid

Ramadan ends at sunset tonight with a feast. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset from new moon to new moon. This was the first year I tried it. I'm a big fan of religious freedom and intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has a lot of health benefits. For me, eating a big meal before bed felt uncomfortable. I started going from breakfast to breakfast instead.

I didn't make the whole 30 days but we did put up Ramadan lights and an inflatable. I guess this year we wanted a positive way to remember the suffering in Gaza. It's hard not to have antisemitic feelings when you see guys like Ben Shapiro and Benjamin Netanyahu. Those guys are a*sholes. Yet when I saw the magnitude of the recent protests in Israel of Jews who disapprove of Netanyahu, my heart began to be lifted.

Then when I saw all the Israelis singing and dancing for peace at the 60th and 70th anniversary my heart was warmed. Those Jews are nice people. Segregation and fake news obsesses over misrepresenting people to promote contention and conflict. The sad reality is that war mongers provoke war to use that as a justification for turning us all into slaves.

Gaza is suffering. I do not support terrorism but I do not support brutality either.

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  1. Ben Shapiro knows how much change is in your pocket by the sound of the jingle.


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