Monday, April 8, 2024

We survived yet another solar eclipse

Update: Pictures of the solar eclipse on earth from space

CTV posted a video of today's solar eclipse in southern Ontario. Seemingly Niagara Falls was supposed to be a good spot to see it but it was cloudy so City News just filmed darkness covering the city during the eclipse. Vancouver was pouring rain. I heard there were a lot of crazy people saying crazy things about this eclipse and I didn't understand any of it.

It made me think of neanderthal days when people were afraid of things like this because they didn't understand them. But we do understand them so I don't understand why anyone was concerned. As a kid I was interested in astronomy so I'd try and get a tinted glass to watch them. They said you could also poke a pinhole in a piece of cardboard and watch the reflection of the solar eclipse but that was kind of anticlimactic. Now we can just watch it on YouTube.

Someone tried to explain the frenzy to me and said all the power was supposed to go out. I was like why? Then they said well this one is different because it's not an eclipse with the moon and sun it's one with another planet. I was like OK stop right there. We have the earth, the sun and the moon. How is another planet going to get between us and the sun? Well this one's supposed to be an alien planet that moves. I was like tell me you don't believe that. That is ridiculous.

I did hear a funny video where someone asked Alexa if we were going to die during the eclipse and Alexa said yes unfortunately then quoted some ridiculous website. Here's the problem. The mainstream media has being lying to us since Covid. Now some people are starting to believe really crazy things. Like QAnon or the flat earth theory. My daughter tells me I'm supposed to be nicer to people who believe in the flat earth theory but I can't. It's f*cking stupid.

It's like humoring someone who identifies as a cat or a dog. It's ridiculous. I'm not doing you any favors by humoring you. I can't have a conversation with you about anything because your credibility is lost in space. I'm sorry. I can't do that. I can't help you and I'm not going to encourage your delusion. I see QAnon as a psyop. The CIA created QAnon to try and lead truthers astray. They try and convince people to believe crazy things to discredit them.

Once they've hooked you on a delusion they say to the rest of the world, see those anti vaxxers or Trump supporters are so crazy they believe in a flat earth. They do that so regular people won't listen to anything they have to say. Even if they say something else that's true. Certainly there has to be a gray area. People are allowed to disagree. It's just that some of the crazy claims are so crazy we should stay away from them completely. Seek the truth and shun the extremes.


  1. I heard that there was, a big chem-trail on same path as the solar eclipse. Also numerous citizens has been feeling ill afterwards. Funny thing is, the main stream media never (and probably never will) mention the mysterous illness.


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