Monday, April 1, 2024

Oregon recriminalizes drug possession

The Canadain Press is reporting that "Oregon's Democratic Gov. Tina Kotek on Monday signed into law a bill that recriminalizes the possession of small amounts of drugs, ending a first-in-the-nation experiment with decriminalization that was hobbled by implementation issues."

It was a failed experiment. Will the BC NDP recognize that? The mentally deranged Supreme court judge in BC said the Provincial government was "not allowed" to ban the use of illegal drugs in public places. Ronald Skolrood is a freak. He needs to be removed from the bench.

You can't drink alcohol in public but you can smoke crystal meth.

Portland declares 90-day state of emergency


  1. Eby? Not a chance. He supports children to mutilating and disfiguring themselves. Where’s his human values?

  2. I don't need a law to tell me what to do. Small amounts of drugs are legal in BC - you don't see me rushing out to do them.

    1. Yes but criminals are always eager to exploit any law.


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