Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Iron Dome withstands Iran's drone counter attack

Thousands rally against Netanyahu government in Tel Aviv - 1 day ago

Protesters In Tel Aviv Demand Israeli PM Netanyahu's Resignation - 1 day ago

US to Israel: If you strike back at Iran, you'll do it alone

OK this is ridiculous. The Iron Dome withstood Iran's drone counter attack just like we all knew it would. There were no human casualties but many Israelis are being treated for anxiety. AYFKM? How do you think the women and children in Gaza feel? This insane misrepresentation constitutes extremism. I'm all for the Iron Dome missile defense system. I think Canada should have one. I'm tired of the lies behind the agenda seeking to ensnare all of us.

We can all see how this provoked attack is another distraction from the huge protests within Israel against Netanyahu that the fake news is not covering. There are a lot of good people in Israel just like there are a lot of good people in Iran, Canada, America, Syria, Jordan, Gaza and everywhere else. The good people in Israel oppose Netanyahu's lies just like I do. That doesn't make them Antisemitic, they're Jewish. That makes them honest.

You can oppose Globalism without being Antisemitic. Let's back it up to October 7th. Hamas' mission statement is unacceptable but Mossad created it. That's because Mossad has an agenda and promoting the freedom of Jews in Israel is not part of it.

Mossad is joined at the hip with the CIA who are the largest drug traffickers on the planet. Mossad was there during Operation Watch Tower in Iran Contra. Was Mossad there during 9/11? Perhaps as observers but we know they were there at the false fa]lag attack on the USS Liberty. Deception and dishonesty is their MO. Along with investment fraud of course.

Now I want to be clear about one thing. I support the US Constitution and Israel's right to exist. Israel has an inherit right to some of the lands within Palestine but they do not have an exclusive right to all of the lands within Palestine. We are all meant to coexist. Tyrants and dictators provoke conflict to gain power through force. What Netanyahu is doing in Gaza is wrong. The majority of Israelis agree that it is wrong. That's why they are protesting and calling for an election now. Netanyahu keeps provoking wars to avoid another election and to avoid his corruption trials.

I also recognize that all other countries also have a right to exist in peace. Free from foreign invasion and interference. I also recognize that wherever there is good, evil seeks to infiltrate it and overthrow it. The secret combination seeking to take over America also seeks to take over Israel. Netanyahu is a bad man but he's not the only one. Mossad has lost it's way.

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  1. Iran literally save Israel a heads up about the incoming drones+ missiles. Days before and even when they took off, letting Israel know what they are. This attack was simply for Iran to look strong and avoid internal weekends.


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