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Margo Compton, Janice Shore and Dianne Rock

Margo Compton's audio diary on A&E has exposed some lies. Some members are involved with illegal prostitution. Otis Garret was one and Sonny Barger knew about it. As I keep saying, what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. However, how Margo Compton was forced into that industry was really sleazy. Kidnapping her kids when she tried to leave totally cross the line of all street ethics. Even in prison there is a code of conduct. That's why child molesters have a hard time in prison. Otis Garret was just one member.
This brings us to the Janice Shore story. Janice was brutally murdered in Surrey for a drug debt when the Surrey Strip was in full swing. The Surrey strip was a dark corner where crack was sold openly and a lot of addicts were homeless. Drug addicted prostitution was everywhere. The drugs and prostitution on that strip was run by a Hells Angels associate named Larry Mizen.

The brutal nature of her murder moved me and rocked the community. She was sexually assaulted, beaten into a coma and left to die beside a landmark tree in the area. I visited Janice in the hospital on Christmas morning. She was still unconscious. The nurse said she may never regain consciousness. The whole side of her face and jaw were completely caved in from blunt force trauma. She died two months later without regaining consciousness.

I was appalled. I put up wanted posters because I really wanted to find out who did this. After 10 years of blogging I linked to the story on the bottom of my Finian's Inferno web site. At the time I went down there and asked some homeless where the tree was that she was found beside and that I wanted to put up a memorial. A sex trader worker stood up and said I know where it is. She put on her boots and said I'll show you. At first I thought this is a little awkward but I went with it.

As we were leaving a fat white chick gets in her grill and says where you going? She said to get a life. She walks me over to the tree and I immediately recognize it from the picture in the Surrey Leader. I thanked her and as we were walking back the fat white chick gets back in her grill and kept saying where'd you go? Was that a trick? If it was she wanted a cut. She said no. He just wants to put up a memorial for Janice.

Not long after that a former sex trade worker contacted me about Janice. She had seen the posters and she knew about my blog. She had even seen that picture they posted of my daughter and I on the Dirty. She said when she saw my picture she knew she could trust me because I looked normal. That's when she told me about Larry Mizen and what was really going on.

She said the fat white chick was probably Colleen, one of Larry Mizen's co accused. Larry Mizen was a drug dealer and an enforcer for the Hells Angels. He would beat people up for drug debts like Big Tony did in East Vancouver. There the drug dealers were the pimps. They would give the sex trade workers drugs and when they got a trick the drug dealers would take all their money.

She said that tree was where the drug dealers would demand free service from the sex trade workers. She said leaving Janice's body there was a message to all the other sex trade workers to pay their debts or end up like Janice. There was a lot of others things that happened during my investigation but when I exposed Larry Mizen the club killed him end of story.

Since then the Surrey Strip has been cleaned up. The BC NDP offered them housing and they said to those who refused housing they had to leave. The problem is, this is exactly what still goes on in the DTES. It's not consensual. It's human trafficking and the homeless are literally brutalized by the drug dealers. What we are doing in the DTES is wrong. That is not compassion. It is exploration and our silence condones it.
Then there was the Dianne Rock story. I linked to that on the Finian's Inferno web site as well. Dianne Rock started seeing a longshoreman who sold crack. She was off the drugs but he got her back on the drugs. He said a little bit won't hurt. Then he started charging her for the drugs. She couldn't pay for them so he forced her into the sex trade. At one point she was gang raped on the Pickton Farm. After the drugs ate her alive and she could no longer make money she ended up dead on the Pickton Farm like so many other sex trade workers who had drug debts. Back then they were harvesting pituitary glands to make HGH. Now it's made synthetically.

Dianne Rock was gang raped on the Pickton Farm by bikers and cops. Not all cops are rapists and not all bikers are rapists. Some are. The original Missing Woman's inquiry was supposed to hear evidence of off duty cops attending parties at Piggy's Palace. Jim Brown was one of them. As soon as the lawyer for the original missing woman's inquiry mentioned a picture of Jim Brown and Dave Pickton in a threesome, the Coquitlam RCMP kicked in the whistle blower's door, seized his hard drives and deleted the evidence. History has recorded that.

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