Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Israel intentionally killed 7 foreign aid workers

Well it looks like True North has lots their freaking mind as well. A headline at True North reads "Antisemitism comes to your neighbourhood elementary school." They go on to explain "A Jewish mom living in downtown Toronto can’t believe her 10-year-old daughter was recently harassed during recess by a loud and aggressive crowd of pro-Palestinian protesters."

A group of high school protesters walked past her school. "She says their chants of 'Free Gaza,' 'Free Palestine,' and 'From the River to the Sea' caused her daughter and a fellow Israeli student to burst into tears. To make matters worse, some of the young kids outside with her daughter started chanting right along. She said 10-year-olds know that 'Free Gaza' is a derogatory term."

AYFKM? Would chanting Free the Jews during the Holocaust be a derogatory term? This shows how insane even the "Independent media" has become. They are murdering civilians, children and aid workers. Give your head a shake. They are targeting aid workers and starving civilians.

Parents of Quebecer killed in Gaza say Israeli strike was a targeted killing of aid workers. "Flickinger's parents, Sylvie Labrecque and John Flickinger, say the attack on Flickinger and six of his colleagues was a clear targeted attack by Israel Defence Forces (IDF) because of how obviously marked the World Central Kitchen convoy was. It was also travelling on a well-used humanitarian route and the group had co-ordinated its movements in advance with the IDF."

Did you see how they destroyed the largest hospital in Gaza? Did you see the anti government protests in Israel? Candace Owens was right. This kind of defiant refusal to see the bad on both sides causes antisemitism to increase. When you call me antisemitic for saying I object to murdering civilians and aid workers that is inflammatory and offensive. It also means your credibility goes out the window. How can True North blindly endorse a globalist in Israel?

What about all the 10 year old girls literally starving in Gaza from a manufactured conflict?

The saying From the River to the Sea is indeed offensive but that is exactly what Netanyahoo is doing and he's using a false flag attack that would not have happened if he didn't assist it to rationalize his river to the sea quest. This blind devotion to evil is shameful.

Red Cross: Relief organisations unable to work safely in Gaza

"The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said yesterday that humanitarian relief organisations are unable to work safely in the besieged Gaza Strip in light of the destruction of hospitals and the targeting of humanitarian workers." That means civilains are starving.

Debunking harmful narratives about the Red Cross in Gaza

"The workers were driving through a deconfliction zone in marked vehicles when they were repeatedly targeted, leaving one Palestinian and six foreign aid workers dead. That the seven dead were working with World Central Kitchen, headed by the widely admired chef José Andrés, made it almost impossible to ignore." 6 day has turned into 6 months of starvation.
Update: In Jeffrey Peel's recent interview with Efrat Fenigson about Bitcoin and digital currency at 23:40 they talk about Benjamin Netanyahu and his criminal culpability in the October 7th attack. Efrat states that the levels of rage and anger towards Netanyahu in Israel right now is very high. They want him and those responsible for allowing October 7th to happen to be prosecuted. Gaza is the most heavily guarded border in the world. Netanyahu took everyone guarding the border off that assignment to facilitate the attack and distract from the protests against him.

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  1. Well, if you believe the lame stream media, 300 AID trucks rolled into Gaza today....


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