Saturday, April 27, 2024

Natural gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan

All these wars over pipelines and monopolies. We can all see how the Saudi oil monopoly has wrecked havoc here at home. We keep getting unwarranted apocalyptic spikes in the price of gas simply because Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have killed domestic production and supported the CIA's oil monopoly in Saudi. Donald Trump got America off Saudi oil and Joe Biden got America back on it. That's what all these wars are about.

It's not about obtaining cheap oil so North America can prosper. It's about reducing the supply to increase the price. It's about promoting the Saudi monopoly so they can keep raising prices which impoverishes North Americans and Europe creating manufactured energy shortages.

The Central Asia gas pipeline through Afghanistan was natural gas. The rival pipelines in Syria are natural gas. The Nordsteam pipeline to Germany is Natural gas. All these wars are about reducing the supply to increase the price. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. This is where fake environmentalism meets Corporate Communism. Oil monopolies are bad.


  1. Totally agree, we need to buy oil from the USA.

    1. We have oil. We need to refine it. Pipelines create zero transportation emissions.

  2. WEF dont want normys driving they litterly called for the pricing out of the general population so only the rich are able to drive..


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