Monday, August 30, 2010

Satanism in Victoria, B.C.

There are a lot of rumors about Witchcraft and Satanism in Victoria. There was a book that helped the ritual abuse frenzy called Michelle Remembers. Seemingly the book was about someone who went to a therapist who helped her unlock suppressed memories of satanic ritual abuse only to find in the end the suppressed memories were not real.

Victoria is a wonderful city. Very clean with lots of tourist attractions. They have their crack and meth problems like everywhere else. Yet the city does seem to carry a reputation of being a haven for Witches and Satanists. Personally I think it’s more of a presence of a few eccentrics then anything else.

Obviously Satanists do exist but they’re not limited to Victoria. When I was young and going through a spiritual journey of sorts, I had a look at ritual magic. I thought to myself empirical knowledge of something metaphysical would be an interesting discovery. Something spiritual we could see for ourselves.

I did some research and made a few calls. I had a meeting with a ritual magician at a coffee shop in Vancouver. I attended the interview and asked a few questions. As the conversation proceeded she kept claiming she was enlightened and everyone else was deceived. I kept asking What about truth? What about reality? What about God? She shook her head and said You’re sure stuck on Christianity. Not really I said. I might be hooked on reality and logic but not Christianity because at the time I wasn’t. I was searching.

I was a little bit weary of what kind of rituals they performed and made a crack about the Babylonian cults that would have ritual orgies and the person got upset. She looked me in the eye and said “Don’t you think raising magical powers through sexual arousement is much more humane than killing babies?” I responded with “Yeah but I don’t think it’s right in there.”

Our interview ended shortly thereafter and we parted ways. I failed my interview but I’ll never forget the cold empty look she had in her eyes. She claimed to be enlightened but I couldn’t see any light or peace in her.

Crowley was a Satanist. I did have a problem with the Book of the Law. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” What a crock that is. They start off with a John Lennon Imagine twist on Anarchy where everyone is good to each other without rules or laws then take it for a nasty turn.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” ultimately means I can do whatever I want and if you have a problem with that, you are deceived and I am enlightened. It comes as a rebellion against Christian Fundamentalism yet is very flawed. You can steal from me and if I have a problem with that I am deceived. Yeah right. How about if I steal from you? You can rape murder and abuse and if I have a problem with that I am deceived. I don't think so.

I did meet a Satanist in Dublin many years ago. She claimed she was a baptized in blood Satanist and that every time she came near a church she became physically sick and had to walk on the other side of the street. The friend I was with was freaked out when he saw the upside down crucifix in the room. We talked about good and evil. We talked about God and Satan. We talked about how our actions affect others and how we are responsible for our own choices. We also talked about praying to God our Heavenly Father in the name if his son Jesus Christ. I thought it was quite interesting.

It’s still not very socially acceptable to be a Satanist unless you’re a heavy metal musician trying to sell albums. Consequently I think many Satanists pretend to be Pagan or Wiccan when they really aren’t. Especially those who claim their evil master is the Satan Goddess. They aren’t Wiccan, they are something else.

Obviously good and bad exist in every person and in every organization. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Most religions teach the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. That doesn’t mean every member of every religion is going to do what the religion teaches.

“Satanists” can exist in any religion. Christ said to the Christians “Many shall say Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name and done many wonderful works” and he states he will reply “I never knew you: depart from me ye that work iniquity.” Christ called the lawyers and religious leaders of the time liars and hypocrites while the apostle John said some religious members were liars and were in reality of the synagogue of Satan.

Indeed, if we were to go on a real with hunt for Satanists in Victoria or any where else for that matter we’d have to look in every organization including Parliament. Especially Gordon Campbell.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wicca World

Since the topic has come up we need to clarify that not all Wiccans or Pagans are Satanists. Not that I know much about Wiccans or Pagans but I do know a bit about ritual magic. Everybody gets all freaked out about pentagrams. Yet a right side up pentagram is a sign of protection from evil in ritual magic.

The magic circle is a fundamental ritual of protection where the ritual magician would call upon God and invoke his four arch angels to stand as sentinels to protect the magic circle using the sign of the pentagram similar to how a Christian would use a the sign of a cross to ward off evil spirits in a vampire movie.

Turning the pentagram upside down is what changes it’s meaning. Turning a pentagram upside down so it looks like a ram’s head is used to represent Satan. Just like how some would turn a Christian cross upside down. When you think about it, the Pentagon is a derivative of a right side up pentagram and is used as a sign of protection.


A lot of people get all freaked out about Free Masons as well thinking they are an evil organization trying to take over the world. That is nonsense. Free Masons make a promise to keep lawful secrets. They don’t promise to keep the crimes of other Free Masons secret.

The logo of Free Masonry that you would often see on a ring or a bumper sticker is of a compass and square with the letter G. G stand for God, it doesn’t stand for Satan. The Great Architect of the universe. The Grand Geometrician so to speak. Masons strive to live honest and upright lives and aspire to virtue. Their craft is a dying one. They are hardly trying to take over the world.

Ben Franklin and George Washington were Free Masons. The all seeing eye on the American dollar bill represents the all seeing eye of God. It doesn’t represent Satan. Hence the motto “In God We Trust.”

I agree with the comment of the last post. I do think Rene’s views of Wiccan are twisted. Their feature article about their secret master the evil Satan Goddess means they’re not really Wiccan, they are really something else.

Rene LaFortune Quotes

I've talked about how consuming oneself with the dirty laundry of others is a less than positive quest. Yet the pursuit of knowledge is a good thing. Realizing that someone who has made threats of physical violence against you has also talked about killing is an important fact to realize.

Everyone talks about Rene and her claim to be Wiccan and how she goes by the username CopperWoman. Now just because someone is Wiccan doesn't necessarily mean they are a Satanist. We had a good friend on the GO blog who was Wiccan. Yet according to News CopperWoman and Makarios run the Wiki. If you want to volunteer, contribute knowledge, expertise, suggestions or request an article please post in the forums or PM the editors.

Their feature article is about THE SATAN GODDESS and claims "Wiccan males are given to the piercing of skin as a sign of submission to their master, the SATAN GODDESS. Wiccans and Pagans commemorate her feast day on January 28th, which is known only to Elitists as the top secret, extra special, oathbound ninth festival on the Witch's Wheel."

In fact they used the online Church sign maker to say Pagan Herbalist Celebrates the Satan Goddess' birthday. Although I find it a bit strange for a Wiccan to be celebrating their evil Satan Goddess' birthday and how she claims Wiccan males are given to the piercing of skin as a sign of submission to their master, the SATAN GODDESS I will boldly declare that freedom of religion exists in Canada and their is nothing illegal about believing something many others think is just plain dumb.(I can't believe RedAutumnRain used the term Muggles. That's from Harry Potter)

I will also boldly declare that persecution of witches was something from the dark ages. Strange people would do horrible things to people for bizarre reasons even burning them at the stake. Thank goodness society has evolved from that. Yet Rene does talk about how Wiccan persecution still exists and eludes to the fact that might have been the cause of the fire she was involved in where she claims she received brain damage.

It is the comments about how she claims she would exploit her brain damage as a defense to rationalize her killing someone that disturbs me. As does her claim to be cold and calculating:

Re: Brain damage removes emotion from moral decisions
by Copperwoman on Mar 26, 2007 - 06:53 PM

I do have brain damage....for real (VMPC plus a variety of other neurological issues caused by smoke inhalation from a toxic chemical accerlerant - yipee!) and I am far more compassionate NOW than I was before the fire. However, given the limited and extreme options, I would kill the person making the request and tell everybody else what was what going on.....then blame the lack of impulse control, executive function etc... on the brain damage....just to skew their results. The alternative, to refuse to participate in either the killing or the doing nothing options. Brain damage did not alter my IQ or my common sense!

I won't get into what was scientifically incorrect about their research model.

(proudly cold and calculating - LOL!)

Here she claims "given the limited and extreme options, I would kill the person making the request and tell everybody else what was what going on.....then blame the lack of impulse control, executive function etc... on the brain damage....just to skew their results."

She talks about killing someone then rationalizing it by the lack of impulse control she has due to her brain damage she incurred in a fire. Wow and she claims she is far more compassionate now than she was before the fire. Interesting.

When this information was posted on the GO blog long ago, the links to the identity of the CopperWoman profile were removed yet we have a list of witnesses who saw it was Rene.

Perhaps our beloved Wiccan Outlaw is from the House of Gryffindor and Rene is from the House of Slytherin. I know Wiccan Outlaw isn’t a Crowley Cronie. Perhaps CopperWoman is. Locally there are many rumors about Satanic groups in Victoria. Perhaps that’s why Rene moved there. They say it's the witches capital. The fact that the Satan Goddess is some of their evil masters is “the top secret, extra special, oathbound ninth festival on the Witch's Wheel."

After all, not all Wiccans celebrate their evil master the Satan Goddess’ birthday like Rene does. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a muggle.


People have been asking me so I’ll make a clear clarification. No I don’t think Rene’s involvement with the occult had anything whatsoever to do with Dustin’s injuries. It might have something to do with why she moved to Victoria but it clearly has nothing to do with Dustin’s injuries. I have no idea what Paxton was into. I highly doubt he was into the occult. I think Paxton was a sick individual who might have had some outside help or motivation to gain control over Dustin.

I really don’t think Rene is violent either. I think she is eccentric and has said some dumb things but I don’t think she is violent. I think she’s had some very real trials in her life and is trying her best to rise above them and be some kind of guide for others. Let’s just hope it’s a guide for good.

Langley Teens help catch Armed Bank Robber

Well this is a heart warming tale and a lesson for all of us. Two teens noticed someone suspicious coming out of the TD at Willowbrook. They wrote down his license plate and gave it to the police.

It turns out he had just robbed the bank and had previously robbed two other banks in the area. The police were able to follow up on the license plate and apprehend the suspect. Clearly a job well done.

It was a simple task really. They noticed something suspicious and wrote down the license plate. They didn't pull a Jason Bourne and disarm the assailant. Writing down a license plate is something all of us can do.

This applies to the gang war. If we see someone driving a car shoot at someone, don't jump in and put yourself at risk. Stay back and write the plate down. Try to get physical descriptions too. Sometimes that's hard when the adrenaline is pumping but if you make a conscious effort to remember how tall, how heavy, hair colour, clothes or tattoos, that can help police apprehend a suspect.

Gangs think as soon as they pull the guns out everyone runs for cover. OK most do. Yet once we've secured a safe location we can observe things like plate numbers and give them to the police. This is clearly a step in the right direction towards public safety. All those cell phones with cameras that can take videos can be very discrete yet very helpful as well.

Gay Bikers

I just want to clarify that I have absolutely no problem with gay bikers. Discriminating against someone for their sexual orientation is illegal and making fun of someone for their sexual orientation is in bad taste.

When I first started reading about Sean Wolfe I thought he sounded pretty tough and pretty mean. Threatening someone with a gun and beating them with a hammer isn't a very nice thing to do. Neither is scaring people out of testifying in court.

At first, I was just joking knowing how homophobic they are and how feared he is but the more I started posting pictures of him kissing guys with his sculptured eyebrows the more I started to really wonder. My point is, even if he and many other of these gang members swing both ways, that is nothing to get violent over. I really oppose gay beatings. There is nothing manly about beating someone who is gay.

I would hate to find out someone shot him or shanked him in prison thinking he was gay. Face it, a lot of guys in prison are gay. In fact, I'd really be upset to hear they betrayed him like they betrayed Juel Stanton. If you guys want honour and respect, you've gotta stop betraying your own people. And stop torturing addicts for drug debts. That is messed up.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Biggest Fear

Corruption can infiltrate any organization. If the VPD make a mistake, they are investigated by the RCMP. If the RCMP make a mistake, depending on the area, they are investigated by the VPD. If CSIS make a mistake, who investigates them? Who is CSIS accountable to? I find it astounding that in a democratic society, an agency can exist that is not accountable to anyone.

Public safety worries about corruption. What if a police officer was called to respond to a crime and they did not arrest the person who committed the crime? What if they did arrest the accused but the judge let them off even though the evidence clearly showed they were guilty? Those are some of the fears but for all practical purposes those scenarios would be exceptions not the norm.

What if someone was charged with hiring someone to commit a murder. What if the person who committed the murder plead guilty but the person who hired the person was let free? One problem is being able to prove something in court. In a democratic society someone is innocent until proven guilty. Sometimes that means guilty get off when there isn't enough evidence. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Except when the only reason there isn't enough evidence is because people refuse to testify.

Two Hells Angles were accused of threatening a young man with a gun and beating him with a hammer. They were let off when the person refused to testify. That's hardly the police's fault. Some will no doubt try and twist the saga and claim the young man was violent. He had performed home invasions.

Oh really. Is it possible he was robbing people to pay for a drug habit? Is it possible he was robbing people so he wouldn't be tortured or murdered for a drug debt owed to the Hells angels? Is that possible? I would say it is.

Nathan Marshal had drug debts in Prince George. He had committed a home invasion. Was it to pay his drug debt? Who knows. He had a drug debt and was murdered. Yet others in Prince George were tortured for drug debts.

I think our biggest fear is when the police, or worse the crown, don't prosecute someone they know is guilty. Perhaps they were afraid of losing the case and establishing a bad precedent. Yet if the person was walking away free, you've already established a bad precedent so really you have nothing to lose in proceeding with a trial.

Other than money. Murder trials are very expensive and budget cuts are rampant. We do need to spend our money wisely. Wasting money on a huge murder trial could have put more police on the streets. Yet getting an organized criminal off the streets who hires drug mules and hires people to kill people would reduce the need for more police officers in a certain area. It's a catch 22 really.

Someone who owed Douglas Kuntz money hired someone to murder him and recover cheques made out to him in his possession. Only the shooter didn't recover the cheques because they were blood stained. The people who were hired to commit the murder were convicted but the person who hired them was not. That is what's scary.

Joey Verma has been charged with the murder of Britney Irving. Yet the person who hired him to commit the murder has not been charged. Juel Stanton was recently executed and no one has been charged.

At the trial of contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith the court was told one of his murders was done for the East Vancouver Hells Angels at a crack house in Surrey. Mic said Yurik helped him chop up and dispose of the body. He claimed Yurik's not an Angel but he works with the Angels. I know he's done a lot of hits."

The Hells Angels have hired people to commit murder yet they have never been held accountable as an organization. Did Dustin Paxton act alone? I do not believe so but no one else will be charged.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Uttering the word conspiracy can create polarized effects. Most mentally shut down and tune out with images of nut bars talking about UFOs and world domination. Yet conspiracies do exist and their greatest weapon is complacency.

Let's take Oliver North and the Iran Contra Affair. That was a conspiracy. Yet Oliver North claimed he was authorised to do everything he did.

Speaking of Iran, let's talk bout the CIA's Operation Ajax in Iran. Surely that was a conspiracy. Allen Dulles was involved with Operation Ajax in Iran, as well as Operation Northwoods and the Warren Commission that investigated Kennedy's assassination.

Kennedy was assassinated. Many conspiracy theories about that event abound yet he was murdered. That is a fact not a conspiracy. The official report says he was shot from behind and Lee Harvey Oswell was convicted yet the video clearly shows he was shot from the front.

The video also clearly shows the body guards whose role was to follow the president's vehicle and jump in as human shields in the event of an assassination attempt were called back right before Kennedy was shot. The video shows the body guards confusion about the order shrugging his shoulders three times.

Kennedy Vetoed Operation Northwoods. A bizarre plan submitted by the Director of the CIA and signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. If Kennedy had not vetoed the insane plan, the Operation would have been implemented.

So tell me, who is the bigger fool - the fool who investigates conspiracies or the fool who refuses to investigate any?

Paxton's old Warrants

Well a blog reader found Paxton's old Warrants Lindsey was talking about. This was when he was 19. He and another guy were accused of robbing a mentally challenged man of $74.

These are screen shots from Mike McIntyre's article in the Winnipeg Free Press June 7 1999. That would indeed make him 30 and would be much older than the kid in the photo on a Hells Angel's lap.

In this photo he was 23. According to Bruce Owen of the Winnipeg Free Pres in the February 24 2003 edition, Paxton was wanted along with two other suspects for credit card fraud totalling $8,000.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Relatives demand Pickton inquiry

Relatives of missing women believed to have been victims of serial killer Robert Pickton say they are outraged at the findings of a report into the flawed investigation into the murders and are pressing for a full inquiry into the case.

Fair enough but more importantly, what about a public inquiry into the evidence the crown has that there were accomplices involved in the murders? During the trial the crown's case was that Robert Pickton was solely responsible for the murders. Yet he was convicted on the instructions to the jury which said even if he wasn't the only or main person involved, the jury could convict him if he was an active participant.

What about a public inquiry about the evidence of accomplices? Arguing about jurisdiction between police forces seems so petty in comparison. What if other murders are free to re offend? How could Robert Pickton's brother Dave not know what was going on?

The defense claimed there was considerable association between Dave Pickton and the Hells Angels. In fact he complained about the police wanting to subpoena him to the trial because he had a motorcycle rally to attend to in South Dakota. Which Hells Angels did he associate with? Which Hells Angels attended Piggy's Palace?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quebec Nomads

Here's one from the time warp. Maurice Boucher in a white T-shirt standing about Walter Stadnick with David Wolfe Carrol 3rd from left. Caroline is still hiding on the Lam but Stadnick lost his appeal and got 20 years for conspiracy to commit murder, drug trafficking and gangsterism. Walter is 5' 4" tall.

Of course mother dearest is serving life in prison for ordering the murder of two prison guards. That's life in prison without parole.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MacDiddly Squat

Hey Sophia Loren, I thought you didn't want me to post Randolph's picture? Somebody out there's talking shit. And don't tell me Tiny MacDaddy doesn't do business with people who sell cocaine. That has been proven wrong.

What's he doing commuting between Calgary and Regina anyways? Somehow I don't think he's selling Girl Guide cookies. Although he does look like a complete idiot in G-Unit gear. Now that's a finger and a thumb if I ever saw one. Game on.

So what other stuff is the brain surgeon wanting to sell in Calgary at Clown Ink Tattoos?

I guess Tiny Tim has been puffin too much other stuff. He released a new sequel to Weird Hal Porteous' rap video called Do You Think I'm Sexy?

Why would a big guy have to hide behind a gun? Oh right, because he’s AWKWARD. What did that little girl say in Kendo? The bigger they are the bigger the target. Indeed. A 357 in the 604 will 86 any 81. Word.

All it takes is a 12 year old kid to pull a trigger and any one of us is dead. None of us are bullet proof. We are all expendable. Just ask Juels. Mind you that logo kinda looks like an old Banditos puppet club in Calgary. Isn't that ironic.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ernie Ozolins

Kim Bolan recently wrote an interesting article comparing the execution of Juel Stanton with the murder of Ernie Ozolins shortly after Ozolins left the Hells Angels.

Ernie Ozolins had been the president of the Haney chapter at one time. That's the same chapter that had beef with the old Red Scorpions that were killed in the Surrey Six murder and shortly thereafter.

Interesting to note that Ernie Ozolins left the Hells Angels shortly after the Pickton murders started.

If the Hells Angels can hire someone to commit murder for the club, how can the club not be charged with murder and how can that club not be a criminal organization?

Another point Kim Bolan’s article indirectly makes is that if so many of these cases are unsolved, changing the legislation isn’t really going to change things much. If they aren’t caught, whether they get 1 year or 20 years isn’t relevant. What needs to change is public perception. We need to report information about these murders to the police so there can be more convictions.

The same argument was raised about the gang war in general. Some said these people aren’t getting caught so raising the prison sentence for drive by shootings isn’t going to change anything. The same conclusion is that public perception needs to change so that information about these murders is reported to the police so more convictions occur and less people commit murder without getting caught.


Well it turns out that Juel Stanton had the same start Mom Boucher and Robert Thomas did - as a petty thief.

October 1988: Marion Stanton and her two sons, Norman, 21, and Juel, 19, charged with 36 offences in connection with a Surrey-based stolen-goods operation worth $190,000. Juel was also charged with hit-and-run after running over a woman attempting to retrieve her daughter's stolen bicycle, injuring her.

Surrey rats stealing and fencing stolen goods. But that's not why they executed him. You'd think if they were going to execute someone for bad PR they would have executed Otis Garret. You can't get any worse PR than that. Murdering a mother and her twin daughters. You can't get any lower than that.

Why didn't they execute Otis Garret? Because he was Sonny Barger's pal and he was doing Hells Angels business. He ran a prostitution ring for the Hells Angels in San Fransisco. Sony Barger attended Otis' trial. Long after the conviction and long after the murder of the witness they still honour Otis on the Fifthly Few Vegas web site. Murdering witnesses is a Hells Angels calling card used as a warning to others.

If they were going to execute someone for bad PR why wouldn't they execute the Rat King in Australia and the crew that gang raped and tortured that girl from Melbourne. Instead of executing him the Rat King made sure no one testified against them.

Torture for drug debts? The Hells Angels are dirty and their execution of Juel Stanton is evidence they have no honour and will betray anyone anytime they want.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Geoff Meisner is not forgotten

Geoff Meisner is still missing and not a word. When Britney Irving was found dead, the police announced Geoff's death was drug related. That's all we heard. Some said he was laundering money for the Boys in Vegas. I don't believe he stole pot from them. I think they wanted to give his job to someone else who would do it for less money.

There has been a lot more than Geoff and Britney gone missing over drugs in Kelowna and I think it's time we made a list and followed up on all the dead and missing.

People ask me if I think the Hells Angels were afraid Juel Stanton was going to talk, that's why they executed him. Possibly since they threatened Devon Quast's grandmother when he was arrested but I don't think he was. He only had weapons and assault charges. Nothing really to worry about. I don't think he was going to talk, I think he got screwed.

Since Punko's case was overturned perhaps they were worried they wouldn't have gotten Peter Leask again and might have been found guilty of committing a crime on behalf of a criminal organization finally. If that was their motivation, you can't get any lower or dirtier than that. Yet I suppose it's not surprising coming from a club who would threaten someone's grandmother.

This whole case has really got me upset. It shows the bizarre randomness of how easy it is to fall out of favour with the Hells Angels. Step on an eggshell and you're dead. Juel Stanton's not the bad guy here. Neither is John Punko. The bad guy is the evil organization that uses people, betrays them, then casts them aside like garbage.

I think this case is precedent setting. If the East Vancouver Hells Angels killed Stanton like the court was told they killed Percy Soluk, then how can the East Vancouver Hells Angels not be a criminal organization? How can you as an organization contract the murder of individuals and not be guilty as an organization of criminal conduct? You can't. The criminal organization status is there to be submitted to the courts. It's not just on the merit of their ruthless take over of the drug trade. It's because of the documented cases where they have hired someone to kill someone.

Take the Douglas Kuntz murder. Someone owed Douglas Kuntz money. They hired two people to murder him which they did. Only they didn't recover the two cheques in Kuntz' pocket like they were supposed to because they were blood stained. The hitmen who committed the murder were convicted but the person who hired them walked. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who hired them. Who owed Kunts money and who were the two cheques found in his possession made out to him from? That's it.

What kind of club would ask the Bacon brothers to take out the leadership in the old Red Scorpions because Haney chapter had beef with them, only to betray the Bacon brothers after they did it? Using someone and betraying them is worse then being a police agent. Just ask Robert and Dave Pickton.

There has been enough murder. I don't want to hear that someone shot Davie Giles. He's a senior citizen. Leave him alone. Just be known that he is not from East Vancouver, he is from Halifax and lives in a rich Kelowna suburb. His friends did dirty deeds in Trois Riviere to take over the drug trade there. They are murderers. They are not nice guys. Ratting them out is not being a rat because they are the biggest rats of all. Word.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Circle of Violence

I am shocked and saddened by the murder of Juel Stranton and I'll tell you why. Wait 'till I tell ye. He was a Hells Angel. It is highly likely he was betrayed by his own people. For what? For selling drugs? No. For being a bully? No. For bad PR. Why would they honour Otis Garrett but kill Juel Stanton? Was this execution planned in a rich Kelowna suburb?

It reminds me of that guy who answered the door to the Outcasts' clubhouse in Surrey where the new Shadow club is. Kim Bolan asked him if the Outcasts were affiliated in any way with the Hells Angels and he adamantly denied it. Yet Kim observed he was wearing an East Vancouver Hells Angels support shirt and hat.

After that report was made public, the clubhouse shut down as it was impossible for them to continue to deny they were affiliated with the Hells Angels. Then the slimy Hells Angels spin doctors went on a mudslinging campaign against him. He was an idiot and was kicked out. We're not affiliated. Oh really. Before that he was a friend. All of a sudden he's an idiot and you've kicked him out. Isn't that really just betraying a friend?

The same goes for Stanton. He did Hells Angels business. All of a sudden he gets caught, draws some bad press and they betray him. Is John Punko next on their list to betray? I didn't make my web site to single out bad men for the public to murder. I started my web site because a gang related murder killed two innocent people. I made my web site to point out the Hells Angels are dealing drugs and reporting them to the police isn't being a rat. Turning a blind eye to what they're doing is.

What is his son supposed to do? His son was a Hells Angels prospect. Does he join the club that murdered his father? Does he join the Mongols or another rival gang and wage war with the people who betrayed his father? Let's hope he simply sees the Hells Angels for what they really are and walks away.

Let's light a candle for Juel Stranton and for everyone the Hells Angels have murdered and betrayed. Indeed when you think about it, it's a very long list.

Juel Stanton executed

This morning long time Vancouver Hells Angel Juel Stanton was shot dead at his home. He was on bail on weapons and assault charges and was due to be arraigned in Vancouver Provincial Court later this morning.

Seemingly he was kicked out of the club for drawing too much heat which is somewhat bizarre. It just goes to show that there is no loyalty among thieves.

The facts declare that when he was robbing grow ops in Surrey and taking them over for the East Vancouver Hells Angels, he was on official business for the Hells Angels.

When Sean Wolfe did time for the Hells Angels as a member of the Zig Zag crew, he received his Hells Angels patch when he got out of prison. They didn't kick him out of the club for trafficking cocaine because that was the club's business.

So how did Juel Stanton fall out of favour with the Hells Angels anyways? It couldn't have been for selling drugs because that is the business of the club. It couldn't even have been for being a bully at bars because Rob Alvarez was caught on camera kicking a bouncer after Ron Lising sucker punched him as they butt in line. Being bullies is what they do.

Word is he was kicked out for drawing too much heat i.e. getting caught which simply proves there's no loyalty among thieves. They are thieves ya know. Either it was the Hells Angels that had Stanton executed or it was someone else. If it was the Hells Angels we are forced to ask how many others have they killed?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Michel Auger

Michel Auger was a crime reporter with Le Journal de Montréal. He was shot in the back 6 times on the way to his car in the parking on September 13, 2000, just one day after a two-page investigative piece on the biker war in Quebec appeared in Le Journal de Montréal, the province's largest newspaper.

He wrote a book about it called The Biker Who Shot Me.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mom Boucher and Luc Bordeleau

Here's a picture of Mom Boucher and Luc Bordeleau. They're not big guys. In fact Luc kinda looks like he could be one of the Backstreet boys. Luc started off in the Rockers and later became a member of the Hells Angels Nomads in Quebec.

There's kind of an interesting story about Mom and Luc in the book The Biker Trials: Bringing Down the Hells Angels. Page 52 talks about how the Hells Angels smuggled 750 kilograms of cocaine into the country on the Fortune Endeavor. They dumped the 750 kilos of cocaine overboard in plastic bags weighted down.

Mom and Luc went to recover the cocaine using sonar. They tried for eight days but couldn't find it. The cocaine was located about a year later by the Canadian Armed Forces. Seemingly that deal was done with Rizzuto's right hand man Desjardin.

Interesting to note that Paris Christoforou was with Peter Scarcella when they did that botched hit in TO that paralyzed an innocent bystander. Scarcella aligned himself with Rizzuto after his boss that he drove for ended up shot in the back by someone he knew.

Guy LePage plead guilty to helping the Hells Angels buy cocaine from a Colombian drug cartel and ship more than 1,600 kilograms of the drug to Florida in 1997 and 1998 that was destined for Montreal.

The book goes on to describe some of Mother dearest's beginnings as a drug user and petty thief. Just like Robert Thomas he has a list of break and enters and theft. He stole cigarettes, TVs and electronics.

November 1975 he and a friend burst into a Butcher shop and robbed the 71 year old owner with a riffle and a butcher knife. After Boucher graduated from armed rape he started the Nomads. After the murder and betrayal of the Death Riders leader which helped the Hells Angels take over the drug trafficking in Laval of course.

So Mommy dearest started off as a petty thief and a rapist and made it to the big leagues. Amazing what a little guy can accomplish with a gun and a knife. Too bad the knife was found in the backs of those he saw as a threat to his leadership.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shane Bigman's Kleenex

I didn't realize they made Hells Angels corsets. This is Shane Bigman, also known as Mohammed Ghafurean. He has a facebook support group because someone "lied" and he was wrongfully arrested. Where have we heard that before?

I noticed Sophia Loren is a member of that group. Does she really believe that nonsense? This isn't H Block. They're not political prisoners. They're cocaine dealers! Toronto was the hub. Look at Niagara close by. All they did was sell drugs.

That police agent didn't lie when he made 27 drug buys from various club members. Sure Ward had been involved in the local drug trade a long time. That's why the Hells Angels chose him. To take over the drug trade. Those old farts were even selling date rape drug.

In fact, cry baby in court, Mark Figuereo was caught trafficking GHB in Toronto. When he got caught and realized he'd have to do time in prison he cried. What a farce. Mark Figueiredo, 30, wept as he hugged his wife, sister and niece before he was led away in handcuffs. He was using his wife, sister and Niece for sympathy in the court. What if someone used the date rape drug on them? What a spineless pig.

Ontario are all patchovers. They betrayed their own club to join yours. Why are you so surprised when people turn you in? You’ve built an army of traitors to sell crack, meth and date rape drug. What were you thinking?

Someone used the term support Nanaimo 81 in our forum and someone else asked them why big bad bikers needed a support group and asked if they should bring Kleenex. Believing those bullshit stories is sad indeed.

And don’t tell me “Oh the Hells Angels would never associate with someone like Robert Pickton.” They did. They attended parties on his farm at Piggy’s Palace. Robert’s brother Dave was a Hells Angels associate.

Speaking of Toronto Hells Angels, let's not forget Paris Christoforou who was with Peter Scarcella when they did that botched hit in a Toronto Sandwich shop that left an innocent woman paralyzed. More Kleenex for the guys who shot her? Not likely.

Robert Pickton: "There's other people involved"

Police have release copies of the transcript in which Robert Pickton "confessed" to murder. The media quote "I'm a legend" is taken completely out of context. He's in a cell with an under cover cop who claims to be from out of town. They talk about the media surrounding his case and the guy keeps saying he's famous. Pickton responds with a sarcastic Yeah I'm a legend.

The whole interview he denies being involved. He admits to being interrogated for 8 to 12 hours a day. He claims he doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs and doesn't even drink coffee.

Near the end of the 179 page document he vaguely implies he got sloppy but adamantly insists "There's other people involved." His "confession" is side by side with a strange story about how his family lived in a chicken coup when he was 2.

Another witness testified that she didn't think Pickton acted alone. Giselle Ireson said she was afraid to talk about her opinion that Robert Pickton didn't act alone. She met an untimely death before she was able to testify at the final trial.

His brother Dave was convicted of sexual assault on the same farm at an earlier date. If Robert was slow and deferred to his brother, how could Dave have not known what was going on? Then there's Dinah Taylor.

Gina Houston said Pickton said he didn't kill Mona Wilson.

I'm not saying Robert Pickton should get off. I'm saying that the accomplices issue should be investigated thoroughly since the Judge was the one that brought it up in his instructions to the jury. Picktons defense claimed that up until that point, the Crowns case was that he acted alone. Yet the problem continues.


In an exclusive interview with CTV Thursday, Pickton claims police used him as a “fall guy.”

“Maybe if I had gone on the stand, I would have blown this whole thing apart,” CTV reported Pickton as saying in a telephone interview. “They’re still hunting . . . they’re still looking for a scapegoat.”


Friday, August 6, 2010

Davie Giles Escapes

Word has it that not only has Davie Giles escaped justice but he just escaped from the loony bin again as well:

Gladly he was recovered and sent back to his old folks home. I think he just likes getting a rub down from the nurses. Looks like he's still living the dream.

It's nice to see he has so many different fans that like him so much they keep sending me more pictures of him. Who says every one hates Skeletor? Not so. The rumors must be false cause Pimps don't cry. Much.

BTW Where's Geoff? If his disappearance was drug related, where is he? I thought he just did your laundry in Vegas. Wasn't Joey friends with Dale and a long time Hells Angels associate? Please advise. I guess there's two sides to every coin indeed.

Speaking of Trois Riviere... I've been there. Nice place. Before the Hells Angels took over the drug trafficking. They even smuggled cocaine out of a detox centre there. He might as well be wearing a shirt that says I'm a murderer and a cocaine dealer.

Isn't Paper Mario from Trois Riviere? Now there's a real winner. Nothin like back in the day when Davie Gyrator was running the show. Tell me Davie what do you know about the Death Riders murder that helped your club take over the drug trafficking in Laval? Do you know anything about the Lennoxville massacre?

Or how about Marc-Andre Hinse from Trois Riviere? Connected to the drug trade in St John's. What were you doing out there last year Davie? Just going for a ride that's right. More like taking the public for a ride. Again.

Oh and let's not forget Marvin put your shirt back on Ouimet from Trois Riviere. He's still hiding on the lam. But not Davie's Vibrator. They throw parties for him at the retirement village. Go figure.

Leask Decision Overruled

Three cheers. The Court of Appeal on Thursday struck down a 14-month sentence given to John Virgil Punko by Peter Leask and instead imposed a jail term of five years and two months. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Peter Leask should be fired.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hells Angels stolen logo

Let's take a look at the Hells Angels original logo and compare it with the one they stole and registered. This is their first cute little logo from Berdoo (it looks like a tweetie bird) and this is the one they stole from a military squad in WWII:

Yet they admit “From available historical information at HAMC Berdoo and extensive research by the 303rd reveals that no lineage exists between the HAMC and the 303rd other than both organizations having the same name.” I.E. they stole the name and logo but they did register it so they now own the trademark.

Yet they added devil's horns to the skull and London England coins the phrase Support your local 666 instead of support your local red and white. Nomad Bob Greene was the director of 666 holdings. You can really notice the horns on the deadhead the police pulled out of the Toronto chapter's clubhouse.

The Filthy Few patch originally had Nazi SS lightening bolts but those were replaced with the number 666. Why on earth would a grown man do that? You think that would be something a teenage kid who listens to heavy metal would do.

Think about it. The original military squad fought against Hitler's SS. They sure wouldn't use and promote his logo and ideals. Mom Boucher was a white supremest as was many of their allies. That is what the war fought against.

Organized Crime Legislation – Cons, Libs and Bloc

The Conservatives have the right intentions but the Liberals are out to lunch. Who cares about a census form? Making a census form less intrusive is not a conspiracy. Yet gambling is not what the Vancouver Gang war is about. We have government sponsored casinos all over the place.

The gang war in Vancouver is about trading BC Bud for cocaine and selling it as crack. It’s about selling crystal meth and pharmaceutical oxy fraud. The Hells Angels are the biggest problem in Canada and Quebec.

Consequently the Bloc has hit the nail on the head. They suggest defining the Hells Angels a criminal organization in the criminal code. I submit there is more than enough evidence to warrant this. Time to take out the garbage.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hells Angels and Torture

A lot of people have been discussing the Dustin LaFortune case. It is clearly a heart wrenching story that has drawn a lot of toxic drama. I would however like to point out one thing. Some people claim the Hells Angels don't torture people they just kill them. However, the facts don't support that claim.

The police claim that no one can sell drugs in Prince George without the Hells Angels permission. The Crew, the Renegades and the Independent Soldiers all work for the Hells Angels in Prince George.

"Members of the RCMP have executed numerous search warrants on residences whose sole purpose is to sell drugs," the release said. "These residences are known as crack shacks. Upon searching these crack shacks, police have discovered a world of drug abuse and torture.

"Members recently entered a crack shack and located a male who had been shackled in the basement, beaten and tortured. The male owed money to the gang ... and the beatings would continue until they felt the debt had been paid.

"This is not the only forcible confinement and torture investigation police have encountered. Charges continue to be forwarded regarding these types of incidents as victims are cooperating with police in most cases."

Here we have a city where the drug trade is controlled by the Hells Angels and people are tortured for drug debts. Frightening but real. It sounds sadly familiar to the Surrey House of Horrors and the East Vancouver HA crack house run by Ryan.

Although there was a publication ban on the name of the Hells Angel Kerry Ryan Renaud was cooking the meth for in Surrey, another case heard testimony from Michael Plante in which it was revealed that Ryan was working closely with John Punko and that John Punko didn't want Ryan making meth for anyone but him.