Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paxton's old Warrants

Well a blog reader found Paxton's old Warrants Lindsey was talking about. This was when he was 19. He and another guy were accused of robbing a mentally challenged man of $74.

These are screen shots from Mike McIntyre's article in the Winnipeg Free Press June 7 1999. That would indeed make him 30 and would be much older than the kid in the photo on a Hells Angel's lap.

In this photo he was 23. According to Bruce Owen of the Winnipeg Free Pres in the February 24 2003 edition, Paxton was wanted along with two other suspects for credit card fraud totalling $8,000.


  1. I work in special education...this is so vile and disgusting. We spend sometimes years teaching mentally challenged young adults how to use currency so they can function like everyone else in society. This story hits home. Paxton is the kind of degenerate we special ed teachers fear our kids running into. :(

  2. This is very sad and pathetic. I don't think psychopaths can be cured or "fixed". He will be victimizing people forever.


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