Monday, August 2, 2010

Hells Angels and Torture

A lot of people have been discussing the Dustin LaFortune case. It is clearly a heart wrenching story that has drawn a lot of toxic drama. I would however like to point out one thing. Some people claim the Hells Angels don't torture people they just kill them. However, the facts don't support that claim.

The police claim that no one can sell drugs in Prince George without the Hells Angels permission. The Crew, the Renegades and the Independent Soldiers all work for the Hells Angels in Prince George.

"Members of the RCMP have executed numerous search warrants on residences whose sole purpose is to sell drugs," the release said. "These residences are known as crack shacks. Upon searching these crack shacks, police have discovered a world of drug abuse and torture.

"Members recently entered a crack shack and located a male who had been shackled in the basement, beaten and tortured. The male owed money to the gang ... and the beatings would continue until they felt the debt had been paid.

"This is not the only forcible confinement and torture investigation police have encountered. Charges continue to be forwarded regarding these types of incidents as victims are cooperating with police in most cases."

Here we have a city where the drug trade is controlled by the Hells Angels and people are tortured for drug debts. Frightening but real. It sounds sadly familiar to the Surrey House of Horrors and the East Vancouver HA crack house run by Ryan.

Although there was a publication ban on the name of the Hells Angel Kerry Ryan Renaud was cooking the meth for in Surrey, another case heard testimony from Michael Plante in which it was revealed that Ryan was working closely with John Punko and that John Punko didn't want Ryan making meth for anyone but him.


  1. good information here, thank-you agent K

  2. Les mercenaires de la guerre de l’ombre

    Une business lucrative pour les gangs:
    le Mind Control et la torture des faux parias de la société.

    On accorde aisément la drogue comme étant l’une des principales business des gangs de criminels. C’en est une, bien sûr. Mais, mis à part le trafic humain, la prostitution, et toutes celles que l’on connaît, il en est une qui est beaucoup plus répandue et lucrative que toutes les autres et qui pourtant, devrait attirer toute notre attention. C’est celle du Mind Control et du harcèlement électronique. Cependant, celle-ci revêt un caractère assez particulier : elle se veut le secret le mieux gardé. Cette business est tellement cachée que même les membres de gangs qui en font leur source de revenus ne savent pas vraiment à quoi ils prennent part. D’ailleurs, ils n’en parlent jamais, même entre eux. Pourquoi? Peut-être parce qu’elle est le plus honteuse et perverse des activités criminelles. Pourtant, il s’agit bien du plus grand crime contre la personne, et toute l’humanité qui se déroule quotidiennement sous nos yeux sans même qu’on s’en rende compte.

    Ainsi, pour avoir quelques parias à se mettre sous la dent, ces gangs de criminels fabriquent de faux délinquants sexuels pour les avoir à leur merci et...les torturer.

    Copyright France Quenneville, 31 juillet 2013.



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