Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gay Bikers

I just want to clarify that I have absolutely no problem with gay bikers. Discriminating against someone for their sexual orientation is illegal and making fun of someone for their sexual orientation is in bad taste.

When I first started reading about Sean Wolfe I thought he sounded pretty tough and pretty mean. Threatening someone with a gun and beating them with a hammer isn't a very nice thing to do. Neither is scaring people out of testifying in court.

At first, I was just joking knowing how homophobic they are and how feared he is but the more I started posting pictures of him kissing guys with his sculptured eyebrows the more I started to really wonder. My point is, even if he and many other of these gang members swing both ways, that is nothing to get violent over. I really oppose gay beatings. There is nothing manly about beating someone who is gay.

I would hate to find out someone shot him or shanked him in prison thinking he was gay. Face it, a lot of guys in prison are gay. In fact, I'd really be upset to hear they betrayed him like they betrayed Juel Stanton. If you guys want honour and respect, you've gotta stop betraying your own people. And stop torturing addicts for drug debts. That is messed up.


  1. Seems Winnipeg's very own "Lola" has a nickname and it ain't Butch. He goes by "NV". A HA nicknamed NV. NV is the kind of name those wacked out tranny hookers use on Jerry Springer.

  2. His myspace page is locked up tighter than Fort Knox now. Wow, I didn't know inmates had Internet access IN THE CLINK!!! Hi, Sean..err..Lola..ummm...NV...are you going by Sebastian Wolfe today? is a Thursday, so it might be Sean Sebastian Day...Yeah, it's kind of a smart idea to have those pages locked BEFORE embarrassing photos make it to blogs.


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