Wednesday, August 25, 2010

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Uttering the word conspiracy can create polarized effects. Most mentally shut down and tune out with images of nut bars talking about UFOs and world domination. Yet conspiracies do exist and their greatest weapon is complacency.

Let's take Oliver North and the Iran Contra Affair. That was a conspiracy. Yet Oliver North claimed he was authorised to do everything he did.

Speaking of Iran, let's talk bout the CIA's Operation Ajax in Iran. Surely that was a conspiracy. Allen Dulles was involved with Operation Ajax in Iran, as well as Operation Northwoods and the Warren Commission that investigated Kennedy's assassination.

Kennedy was assassinated. Many conspiracy theories about that event abound yet he was murdered. That is a fact not a conspiracy. The official report says he was shot from behind and Lee Harvey Oswell was convicted yet the video clearly shows he was shot from the front.

The video also clearly shows the body guards whose role was to follow the president's vehicle and jump in as human shields in the event of an assassination attempt were called back right before Kennedy was shot. The video shows the body guards confusion about the order shrugging his shoulders three times.

Kennedy Vetoed Operation Northwoods. A bizarre plan submitted by the Director of the CIA and signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. If Kennedy had not vetoed the insane plan, the Operation would have been implemented.

So tell me, who is the bigger fool - the fool who investigates conspiracies or the fool who refuses to investigate any?


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