Monday, August 30, 2010

Satanism in Victoria, B.C.

There are a lot of rumors about Witchcraft and Satanism in Victoria. There was a book that helped the ritual abuse frenzy called Michelle Remembers. Seemingly the book was about someone who went to a therapist who helped her unlock suppressed memories of satanic ritual abuse only to find in the end the suppressed memories were not real.

Victoria is a wonderful city. Very clean with lots of tourist attractions. They have their crack and meth problems like everywhere else. Yet the city does seem to carry a reputation of being a haven for Witches and Satanists. Personally I think it’s more of a presence of a few eccentrics then anything else.

Obviously Satanists do exist but they’re not limited to Victoria. When I was young and going through a spiritual journey of sorts, I had a look at ritual magic. I thought to myself empirical knowledge of something metaphysical would be an interesting discovery. Something spiritual we could see for ourselves.

I did some research and made a few calls. I had a meeting with a ritual magician at a coffee shop in Vancouver. I attended the interview and asked a few questions. As the conversation proceeded she kept claiming she was enlightened and everyone else was deceived. I kept asking What about truth? What about reality? What about God? She shook her head and said You’re sure stuck on Christianity. Not really I said. I might be hooked on reality and logic but not Christianity because at the time I wasn’t. I was searching.

I was a little bit weary of what kind of rituals they performed and made a crack about the Babylonian cults that would have ritual orgies and the person got upset. She looked me in the eye and said “Don’t you think raising magical powers through sexual arousement is much more humane than killing babies?” I responded with “Yeah but I don’t think it’s right in there.”

Our interview ended shortly thereafter and we parted ways. I failed my interview but I’ll never forget the cold empty look she had in her eyes. She claimed to be enlightened but I couldn’t see any light or peace in her.

Crowley was a Satanist. I did have a problem with the Book of the Law. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” What a crock that is. They start off with a John Lennon Imagine twist on Anarchy where everyone is good to each other without rules or laws then take it for a nasty turn.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” ultimately means I can do whatever I want and if you have a problem with that, you are deceived and I am enlightened. It comes as a rebellion against Christian Fundamentalism yet is very flawed. You can steal from me and if I have a problem with that I am deceived. Yeah right. How about if I steal from you? You can rape murder and abuse and if I have a problem with that I am deceived. I don't think so.

I did meet a Satanist in Dublin many years ago. She claimed she was a baptized in blood Satanist and that every time she came near a church she became physically sick and had to walk on the other side of the street. The friend I was with was freaked out when he saw the upside down crucifix in the room. We talked about good and evil. We talked about God and Satan. We talked about how our actions affect others and how we are responsible for our own choices. We also talked about praying to God our Heavenly Father in the name if his son Jesus Christ. I thought it was quite interesting.

It’s still not very socially acceptable to be a Satanist unless you’re a heavy metal musician trying to sell albums. Consequently I think many Satanists pretend to be Pagan or Wiccan when they really aren’t. Especially those who claim their evil master is the Satan Goddess. They aren’t Wiccan, they are something else.

Obviously good and bad exist in every person and in every organization. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Most religions teach the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. That doesn’t mean every member of every religion is going to do what the religion teaches.

“Satanists” can exist in any religion. Christ said to the Christians “Many shall say Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name and done many wonderful works” and he states he will reply “I never knew you: depart from me ye that work iniquity.” Christ called the lawyers and religious leaders of the time liars and hypocrites while the apostle John said some religious members were liars and were in reality of the synagogue of Satan.

Indeed, if we were to go on a real with hunt for Satanists in Victoria or any where else for that matter we’d have to look in every organization including Parliament. Especially Gordon Campbell.


  1. I think they may be getting it from a bastardization of Lucifer: Satan or Goddess but it's still way off the mark. If I had to guess, I'd wager they posted that article as some kind of an inside joke. There's no way in Hades they're even remotely serious about this 'Satan Goddess' thing.

    Satan is seen as a Christian creation, a Christian foe. Wiccans do not identify with Christian symbolism and so to a Wiccan, the ideas of Heaven or Hell as well as their various members and minions are nonexistent.

    Incidentally 'RedAutumnRain' is one of their members and that post did reference a birthday, perhaps they were trying to honour her in some obscure manner? In any case, they're the only ones on the internet preaching such strange theology and it doesn't come up in any other searches nor any of the books in my personal little library so meh.. Topic rendered invalid and moot.

    How are things going for you people over here? I read in the CBC that Paxton was reeled in and I guess it wasn't as big and bombtastic as everyone seemed to have expected.

    I haven't been around for obvious reasons, mostly being cannibalized by my own team but that's neither here nor there.

    Everyone is aware of who I am so I'm not panicking about commenting here considering it's got nothing to do with 'the case' and I did say that after he was hauled in I wasn't worried about showing my face anyhow. I wonder how many others will be brave enough to 'come out' as it were? Blah..

    So whatever, it's done. Nothing anyone says or does will change a bloody thing from here on out. Dustin has spoken, Paxton has been locked up. The rest lies in the arms and thoughts of a (hopefully) competent judge.

    Que sera sera.
    Offal occurs.

    Regards, J

  2. A light from the darkness breaks. Great to hear from you again. As you can see things got kinda weird again but such is life. Yeah I figured it was one of their members birthday but they even called that member the Satan Goddess. Then went on a weird tangent about their evil master. Kinda weird indeed and not official Wiccan doctrine.

    Since Satan is biblical I’d say Christians as well as Jews and Muslims who also believe in the Old Testament believe a Satan exists. Surely Wiccans believe life does not end at death and that “what ye send forth comes back to thee.” Surely that could lead one to conclude in an allegorical heaven and hell of some sort. Not a place were a God spanks someone forever for making a mistake in life. Simply a state of mind where we experience the pain or the joy we have caused others in this life. Peace.

  3. We do believe in an afterlife as well as reincarnation, we just see it differently than the Christians do. See: Wicca: a Neopagan, Earth-centered religion that site, by the way, is run by a wonderful Canadian group striving for tolerance and understanding amongst ALL of Earth's children.. They have an enormous amount of unbiased information for those who really aren't sure just what Wicca and/or Paganism really is. There isn't really a Hell though, Hell is pretty much where we are right now, this is where we learn and do whatever suffering we must do then we're rewarded with Summerland, or Avalon, or any number of other names depending on which tradition you follow..

    Also, in citing the Law of Three and karmic events: you don't carry your 'sins' into the next life so you're not 'paying' for anything when something bad happens to you, it also doesn't mean that anything bad that happens is necessarily because you did wrong.

    You will receive your karma in this lifetime, while you're still aware of who you are and what you did. You don't carry it on to any other incarnation.

    Random stuff can and does happen, it doesn't mean you were evil to anyone, it's just a balance: light vs. dark, hot vs. cold, night vs. day -- if we only ever had happy-crappy then we'd never truly appreciate the good when we got it and we'd never learn the real gravity of doing or seeing something wrong. There is always a balance though sometimes it doesn't seem fair.

    There is no coincidence though, every single thing happens for a reason. Every last raindrop, every last child who dies, every last plane that crashes.. Lessons, maybe not for our mortal selves but for our spirits as we learn and progress and eventually move on, higher, or lower, into the next one. These are things we needed to know to carry on.

    There is an underworld too though it's not populated with the spirits of the damned or murderers and criminals from this world. It's a whole other realm where dark spirits already reside. Think quantum and dimensions.. It's not ours but many believe they can cross over and create chaos and havoc.. We aren't them, they were never us.

    It's a lot to digest, I know. The easiest thing to do is live pure of though, never do something to intentionally cause harm, do what thou will yet harm none. The Golden Rule of just about every Faith there is.

  4. I had a Muslin friend encourage me to see the movie the Passion of Christ. Somehow Mel Gibson’s drunken tirades have diminished the movie yet I found it ironic a Muslim would cite it. He then asked me why would the Lord let one of his servants suffer like that?

    I am told some Muslims believe that if something bad happens to you including a physical disability, you did something bad and God is punishing you. Although there are many wonderful traditions within Islam, that doctrine can be very hurtful.

    You are correct, random things can happen and bad things can happen to good people. Since life does not end at death, pain has relief and suffering can turn to joy. I concede that the reincarnation thing is different but the ultimate quest is likely the same.

    I’m glad Wiccan add “and harm none” to the “do what thou wilt” quote. What if someone wants to harm someone else? The old law, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law is very dangerous indeed. Do what thou wilt and harm none makes an important clarification and assumes that people will want to do good not evil.

  5. That sir, is precisely the point. We are free to worship and to live and to celebrate life in a myriad of ways but we are encouraged to remain peaceful and harm none unless our very lives are threatened. As far as I've studied (and as long, 23 years now) there is no such disclaimer when it comes to self defense or defending your family. The line is drawn at wilful malicious intent. My grandmother said it's always the intent. If you're pure of heart and mind then intent shouldn't even be a worry.

    I'm afraid of the Crowleyisms as well. Nothing frightens me more than "the whole of the law" because that brings to mind the vilest of cruelties acted upon sheerly for entertainment value, or even worse.

    I'd wager your Muslim friend referenced the film because he was so confused by the hellfire brimstone bits of some aspects of Christianity. He could accept the possibility that his pains came to him because maybe he screwed up but it was likely quite impossible for him to grasp a God who could allow such a faithful servant to come to such great harm.

    When bad shit happens to good people, I try to see it as just another lesson, to make us stronger, and I keep my Faith that the perpetrator of the crime will be brought to justice under the Law of Three thus receiving his dues back in triplicate.. That is not to say that my pains weren't supposed to happen, they were even if they were caused by someone else, but the person who caused them must learn from it as well.

    My grandmother also said that the day you stop learning, the day you wake up and realize you have absolutely nothing left to know, that day is your last, it's time to move on.

    Some see reincarnation as a grade school, each lifetime giving us more experiences and understanding until we grade into the next. Summerland (our heaven/afterlife) is like a camp where we rest and debrief so as to ready for the next school year. At some point our journey will finish and many of us believe that we will join the Guardians then and become a beautiful light within the source, but only after we've done our homework and earned the privilege of the greatest goal.

    Keep in mind, mine is but one tradition, many others see things differently. As with Christianity, there are nearly countless other branches that believe and practice in as many different ways.

    "As above, so below" or as you might recognize it: "On Earth as it is in Heaven.." To keep peace, to do right, to love your fellow man as God does in his own throne..

  6. Summerland, that’s it. Here I thought that was on the way to Kelowna : )

    Self defense is indeed a given. It falls within do unto others.

  7. Self defence: I'm planning on starting Jujitsu with my ex this coming winter (he's certified and runs a school, he's also fought and taught legal MMA) it would seem to be almost a requirement to survive in this day and age. Plus he's got cool swords he's going to teach me ;-) Keep the Faith dude, it all comes together in the end. I'm off, naptime calls. Adieu :-)

  8. I used to teach martial arts. Traditionally it is a philosophy and a way of life. I liked Zen and Taoism. The swords are nice. I lean towards the boken and kendo with the bamboo shinai. I’ve done some iaido. That was cool. Those are dull swords with chrome so you can’t sharpen them. I guess I’m a wimp at heart. I like to study knife and sword defense but I don’t like the idea of hacking people up.

    I also really like Arnis. I much rather have a steal baton against a knife. It is very effective and you don’t have to stab someone in the heart or neck for an effective submission. However jujutsu is awesome. I’ve done some but not a lot. To me it makes much more sense than wrestling. I could never understand a pin in wrestling. I’d be like what is that? Submissions in jujutsu make much more sense. Onegaishimasu.

  9. Great article. When I moved to Vic I was told about the Satanist, but it's obviously a myth.

    I wouldn't have shunned the sex orgies. Man! Or maybe she wasn't pretty? LOL

  10. i was born in victoria,grew up there,lived there almost my whole life,satanists are there,not out right in the open for everybody to see,but they are there,very hidden evil,that people constently deny,new papers,even the police,what i dont like is that alot of people have died in police custody in the last 20 years on vancouver island,no body really investigates those suspicious deaths,the police there they deny even cover up satanic activities,many people satanists are teachers,government employees,bankers,police,i wonder about those who keep calling them a myth,in the news papers,internet blogs,what ever,i honestly think they are in on the whole satanic coming new world order crap to,they have the power to deny claims of satanism any where in the world,if lucifer is liar,so are they,when ever i go back to vic for a visit,i feel a dark cloud over that place,aint my imagination thats for damn sure.

  11. theres a geographical map put together by the believers that victoria bc beacon hill park is the centre of hell according to the new testament.
    so there are always wiccans and satanists.
    crowley may or may not have worshipped..but this piece says nothing to prove it. do wat thou wilt is a nature; speaking more to wat ienstine said about his hammer than of crossing boundries! not proof of satanism and the fact the writer suggests it proves ignorance of both sides of the debate entirely

    1. The New Testament does snot mention Victoria BC nor does it state Beacon Hill Park is the centre of hell. It just doesn't say that. The centre of Looney town perhaps but not hell.

    2. If anyone thinks the occult presence in Victoria is a joke they are not looking close enough. Satanism is huge in Victoria and the island in general. Many visiting people have remarked that many of the residence seem to be in a haze. And it is true there has been much innocent blood shed in Victoria. As for the Beacon Hill Park, give me a break.

  12. This blog posting is perhaps ine of the most realistic views I have read. I , however , live about an hour away in Duncan and can say that the quote above:
    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” ultimately means I can do whatever I want and if you have a problem with that, you are deceived and I am enlightened. It comes as a rebellion against Christian Fundamentalism yet is very flawed. You can steal from me and if I have a problem with that I am deceived. Yeah right. How about if I steal from you? You can rape murder and abuse and if I have a problem with that I am deceived. I don't think so.

    This shows how people operate here, no matter their action be it theft, assault or whatever, the people think they are entitled. This attitude is not just about religion though. It has to do with control and ignorance. The controlling attitude can be seen in all walks of life , not just those who have religion as it is explained here. Those teachings also go to those who have lived mongst these people somewhat like the FLDS who kept outside news and culture out of their followers lives. Every streotype you are taught about in a proper education system seem to believed by the people. It is like stepping into a place with ideals from past centuries left to brew and simmer. With this you get a people who think they are the guardians of the world and whateverthey do to outsiders is okay because they are the devil. Satan , God or whoever people bow their heads to or kneel and pray too are things many in the free world have left in the past and identify moreso with reality, science and the truth. I can cite numeeous incidennts with people from the ghetto, politicians, and in every walk of life, not just the religious as many turned their back on that only to have the same attitude because thats how they were brought up. To think its news that many, many children are taken away from their parents shows this right up to present day, 5 years after this article publishe. This blog hits the pii t though, but to say its Satanists or religious people only is not quite right, because the ones who didnt follow that path grew up with many of these ideas and stereotypes still embedded in their head.

    1. I have honestly searched Victoria BC, Beacon Hill area and Ross Cemetary 5 years ago for about 6 months, I had yet to see or meet 1 satanist.
      The only thing geographic about Victoria, is if a tsunami hits, its the first to go, perhaps that is the real magnet for "so-called" satanists. I doubt its even the Wiccan capital anymore, if it ever was, it seems to be more of a tourist capital. No sogns of wiccans either, unless they are hiding very well.

  13. I was dating a so called enlightened witch for a while. She also had that sense of uneasiness and after seeing her eyes sliting in a pic I took I got out asap!


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