Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wicca World

Since the topic has come up we need to clarify that not all Wiccans or Pagans are Satanists. Not that I know much about Wiccans or Pagans but I do know a bit about ritual magic. Everybody gets all freaked out about pentagrams. Yet a right side up pentagram is a sign of protection from evil in ritual magic.

The magic circle is a fundamental ritual of protection where the ritual magician would call upon God and invoke his four arch angels to stand as sentinels to protect the magic circle using the sign of the pentagram similar to how a Christian would use a the sign of a cross to ward off evil spirits in a vampire movie.

Turning the pentagram upside down is what changes it’s meaning. Turning a pentagram upside down so it looks like a ram’s head is used to represent Satan. Just like how some would turn a Christian cross upside down. When you think about it, the Pentagon is a derivative of a right side up pentagram and is used as a sign of protection.


A lot of people get all freaked out about Free Masons as well thinking they are an evil organization trying to take over the world. That is nonsense. Free Masons make a promise to keep lawful secrets. They don’t promise to keep the crimes of other Free Masons secret.

The logo of Free Masonry that you would often see on a ring or a bumper sticker is of a compass and square with the letter G. G stand for God, it doesn’t stand for Satan. The Great Architect of the universe. The Grand Geometrician so to speak. Masons strive to live honest and upright lives and aspire to virtue. Their craft is a dying one. They are hardly trying to take over the world.

Ben Franklin and George Washington were Free Masons. The all seeing eye on the American dollar bill represents the all seeing eye of God. It doesn’t represent Satan. Hence the motto “In God We Trust.”

I agree with the comment of the last post. I do think Rene’s views of Wiccan are twisted. Their feature article about their secret master the evil Satan Goddess means they’re not really Wiccan, they are really something else.

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