Thursday, August 12, 2010

Juel Stanton executed

This morning long time Vancouver Hells Angel Juel Stanton was shot dead at his home. He was on bail on weapons and assault charges and was due to be arraigned in Vancouver Provincial Court later this morning.

Seemingly he was kicked out of the club for drawing too much heat which is somewhat bizarre. It just goes to show that there is no loyalty among thieves.

The facts declare that when he was robbing grow ops in Surrey and taking them over for the East Vancouver Hells Angels, he was on official business for the Hells Angels.

When Sean Wolfe did time for the Hells Angels as a member of the Zig Zag crew, he received his Hells Angels patch when he got out of prison. They didn't kick him out of the club for trafficking cocaine because that was the club's business.

So how did Juel Stanton fall out of favour with the Hells Angels anyways? It couldn't have been for selling drugs because that is the business of the club. It couldn't even have been for being a bully at bars because Rob Alvarez was caught on camera kicking a bouncer after Ron Lising sucker punched him as they butt in line. Being bullies is what they do.

Word is he was kicked out for drawing too much heat i.e. getting caught which simply proves there's no loyalty among thieves. They are thieves ya know. Either it was the Hells Angels that had Stanton executed or it was someone else. If it was the Hells Angels we are forced to ask how many others have they killed?


  1. Juel was a bully and a punk. The Angel's don't want punks or bullies associated with their motorcycle club. These types of individuals make mistakes, draw negative attention and don't play well with others. Joel needed the Angels the Angels did not need Juel. Now I am not saying the Angels had anything to do with Juel's death. I would look at Joel's last beat down victim. I am sure that individual had vengeance just surging all threw his heart. I am sure the Angels are glad to be done with Joel.

  2. Juel took over grow ops for the Hells Angels. He did what the club wanted him to do. That's not why he was killed. The real reason for his murder will come out soon enough. He was betrayed by the club just like many others have been.


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