Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vancouver homicide

News 1130 is reporting that a body was discovered in an apartment Saturday night on Granville Street near Broadway. Police say the attack is believed to be targeted.

Mongols clash with Iron Order in Denver

The Canadian Press is reporting that "One person was fatally shot and seven others were injured in a shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle expo on Saturday. Investigators believe there was an exchange of gunfire at about 1 p.m. In addition to the person who was shot and killed, three others were shot, another person was stabbed and three others suffered injuries from a fistfight."

The Daily Mail is reporting that it was a clash between Mongols and the Iron Order. A fight broke out and escalated into a stabbing and a shootout. The recent biker clash in Waco, Texas was a fight between Bandidos and a Hells Angel puppet club. Both of whom are involved in the drug trade. Although the Mongols are Hells Angels rivals and have been known to be involved in the drug trade to some extent, the Iron Order doesn't appear to be involved in that lifestyle. A lot of the Hells Angels puppet clubs hate on the Iron Order because they aren't drug dealers like the rest of them and some of their members may be cops. Mongols are a credible MC from southern California that has a large Latino membership. The Hells Angels do not.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hells Angels getting evicted from Hamilton clubhouse

CBC is reporting that Police were on site at the Hamilton Hells Angels' clubhouse at Gage Avenue North and Beach Road on Thursday morning, helping the bailiff with an eviction proceeding. There are no criminal investigations at the site. Rather, the Hells Angels were being evicted for a dispute over whether they paid the rent. The clubhouse was home to about a dozen Hells Angels members. The matter will go before the civil courts Tuesday.

Rocco Zito shot dead in Toronto

Metro News is reporting that "The son-in-law of longtime underworld figure Rocco Zito has turned himself in to police after Zito was shot dead in his home early Friday evening. Domenico Scopelliti, 51, of Toronto, reported to police late Friday to face first-degree murder charges, hours after Zito, 87, was killed in his home on Playfair Ave., near Caledonia Rd. Emergency responders had tried to save Zito’s life but he was pronounced dead on scene, paramedics said. Zito’s old associates included Nicolo Rizzuto, a murdered Montreal mobster, and Tomasso Buscetta, a former Sicilian Mafia leader who became a turncoat in the 1980s, according to police sources."

"He was considered by police to have been a leader of the local Calabrian Mafia, or ’Ndrangheta, who once sat on its governing body, called La Camera di Controllo or the Crimini. According to court documents from his birthplace of Fiumara in Reggio Calabria, Italy, his uncle was the leader of a criminal gang in Calabria. Zito’s brother Giuseppe was murdered in 1975 in a ’Ndrangheta power struggle in Calabria." I don't understand why anyone, let alone his own son in law, would shoot an 87 year old man after he retired.

Dennis Watson's past history with the Guardian Angels

Not that it matters, but on a matter of personal privileged, I will clarify my past history with a volunteer group I served many years with called the Guardian Angels. The Sofa King keeps repeating the same lies over and over again. He seems to think that if he repeats the same lies enough times that will somehow make them true. Not.

Many years ago, when I was young, I saw Curtis Sliwa on the news. He started a group of volunteers trained in the martial arts that would patrol the subways of New York to stop muggings and prevent violent crime. When they opened a chapter in Surrey, I went through the training program and became the co chapter leader. The Surrey group was always rock solid. After they chased away the Whalley Burnouts and got bored, they started paroling Vancouver.

There was a mild rivalry between the Surrey and Vancouver chapter but it was harmless and I never got involved in it because I liked paroling Vancouver. Sebastian was the Vancouver chapter leader who was born in New York but raised in Canada. He was very good at being able to diffuse situations by talking to people and calming them down. He and I traveled quite a bit for the group.

After I finished my chef apprenticeship I went to New York City to see what it was like for myself. That was indeed a dream come true. I talked a bit about it in chapter one and chapter ten of my free e-book. We rocked the A train up to 155th Street in Harlem which is where the Headquarters was. Thomas Hunt also known as Tut or the New York City secret weapon was the chapter leader. He was very competent and became a good friend who taught me many important things about life.

While in New York I was promoted to the status of a New York leader and became a Regional Coordinator. At the time Curtis Sliwa was married to Lisa Evers who was the National Director of the group. Lisa was the one that briefed me for my trip to London, doing ground breaking work for the group there in Brixton. Lisa gave woman's self defense seminars and needed a couple of guys to dress up as muggers for her book. On pages 74 and 75 of her book Attitude, Reggie is the brother with the dew rag in the pictures on the top of the pages, and I'm the ugly white guy with the scraggly goatee in the pictures on the bottom of the pages.

Lisa Evers on The Morton Downey Jr Show

Photo journal of the Guardian Angels on the New York Subways in the 1980's

On my second trip to New York after I came back from Egypt and Israel, I worked with Fox fighting with the crack dealers on the Deuce. In Minneapolis, I attended a National Convention where Tut and Paul Martinelli spoke about their crackdown on crack campaign in West Palm Beach. It was inspiring to say the least. After that, Sebastien and I helped with a crack down on crack campaign in Lakeshore Village, south Seattle. That was amazing. We worked closely with the kids helping them get away form the crack dealers that had taken over their neighborhood.

At the National Convention in Minneapolis, Curtis had us protesting outside the home of a local mafioso. We would march around the guy's house whispering together in a chant, "Squeeze the Sleaze to his Knees" over and over again. We would get louder and louder until the police came, then we would get quieter until they left and got louder again. Since I was the guest from out of town they had me be the flag bearer so I proudly carried the American Flag during the procession.

After four years of traveling around the world, I retired from the group and started a family. Sebastian stayed on and traveled extensively with the group opening up chapters in London England, Australia and Berlin. After my kids were almost grown up, Curtis Sliwa came to Vancouver and asked me if I would help David Toner start a new chapter in Vancouver which I did. I met Curtis in the lobby of the Patricia hotel in the DTES. He saw me and smiled, telling old stories about how crazy I was back in the day. I laughed and said at least I'm not the one who got shot up for making fun of John Gotti on his radio show. Curtis leaned back and smiled as if to say that's right, he was the grand master of crazy. Curtis was fearless and inspiring. The stories I could tell.

Curtis instilled in us a hatred for crack cocaine. When David Toner and I met with the local RCMP in Surrey to discuss our presence in the city, the officer in charged asked us how we respond to crack addicts. Fine I said. We don't go after the addicts. In New York we went after the crack dealers but that was an American thing. Here in Canada we never got involved in drugs or prostitution. Just violent crime. We just kept the peace.

The officer claimed he saw a member of the Guardian Angels break someone's crack pipe on the news in Calgary. Oh no, I said. We don't do that in Canada. That's just an American thing. He was pretty sure about it so I made some inquiries. I asked Vespa if she had heard anything about it. She said yeah it was on the news. Who and the hell did that I asked? Curtis she said. I just shook my head and smiled. Curtis doesn't give a f*ck about public opinion. He does what he thinks is right not what's politically correct.

David Toner was a really good guy. He got involved because his step son was murdered at Surrey Central. I totally supported him. Unfortunately there was one former member in Vancouver who was a plastic backstabbing weasel who kept trying to sabotage anything David did so David resigned and started his own group called Families Against Crime and Trauma. They asked me to take over the group so I did. I wanted to keep David involved so I worked closely with him and his wife in FACT. Then that plastic weasel kept trying to sabotage anything I did just like he did with David.

There was a big shootout with automatic weapons in Dover Park. I held a press conference and put up white balloons around the park calling for a ceasefire showing that it was in a residential neighborhood with a day care on site. I went by myself because I didn't want any of my guys to get hurt. Steve Willan freaked and sent New York copies of the news articles. They thought it was great and posted it on their web site. Steve kept being a whinny little b*tch so I quit. It wasn't worth my time. Then he did the same thing to Vespa until she quit. Curtis and Sebastian are still involved after all these years and I salute them for their service.

When Steve Willan and Liam Benyon posted my daughter's picture on the Dirty they called the cops on me when I found out it was them who did it. I just told the cop that you'd be angry too if someone put your daughter's life at risk. Only a pos would put a man's daughter at risk. History has recorded that. The reason I never mentioned anything about my past affiliations is because I didn't want any of them to become targeted like my daughter has been. I am no longer affiliated with that organization and am solely responsible for what I write and post.

I already talked about my campaign against Moya Greene at Canada Post in chapter 13 of my free e-book. It's actually kind of a funny story. I've already confirmed that the reason I started this blog and web site was because I heard Eileen Mohan speak at a rally against gang violence David Toner invited me to at Beer Creek Park. I posted pictures of the rally at the time. My ex wife never hooked up with a member of the Hells Angels. That is a ridiculous lie the sofa king keeps repeating over and over again proving that clown is sofaking stupid it's hilarious.

When I was in New York, Tut taught me an important lesson about life. He put a dollar bill in my hand and said I'm going to tell you the same thing a wise man once told me. He said take a look at that dollar bill. It doesn't say on it how you earned it. It doesn't say whether you were a doctor, lawyer or garbage collector. He said some people are too proud to work. He said everybody wants a high paying job on Wall Street. Some people just won't work if it doesn't pay enough or if it isn't prestigious enough. He said to me no matter where you go in your travels, there will always be work out there for you to do if you are humble enough to do it. He was absolutely right. I ended up in some pretty bizarre situations in some pretty dark corners of the world but no mater where I went, I was always able to find work to earn me enough money to get out and move on.

In contrast, the sofa king claims he has been unemployable for the past 22 years. Yet from all the volumes of sh*t he keeps frantically posting on me and a few others he is stalking, there is no reason he couldn't get a real job. None whatsoever. He claims that everyone but him has mental problems yet he himself uses a mental health facility as his address for service. He's still just a scammer committing fraud. Some people never grow up. Now he's running scared because his lies are beginning to unravel. In time, truth will prevail.

Yes I said Ricky Ciarniello is a f*ck up (chapter seven) and yes I said Weird Hal Porteous is an idiot because they are. History has recorded that. My involvement with the Guardian Angels was a long time ago. Yet as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the new Terminator remix, I may be old but I'm not obsolete. I've still got a lot of fight left in me. Word. So once again Finian escapes like a Bat out of Hell. See you on the other side souljas. Ride hard, die free. Peace.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Air India Perjurer released to halfway house

Speaking of the Main Stream Media, the Vancouver Province is reporting that Inderjit Singh Reyat, the only person convicted in the Air India bombing has been released to a halfway house to serve the rest of his sentence. However, we need to realize he was convicted of perjury not murder. You can send someone to jail for committing perjury but you can't keep them there forever.

The real injustice in the case is that no one was ever convicted of murder and CSIS was never charged for helping plan the horrific event and for providing the explosives. That is serious culpability. CSIS is an accessory to murder and have never been charged. A very important fact the Main Stream Media is refusing to report on. CBC were the only ones that ever reported on it when the RCMP revealed that in the trial.

Last summer a Conservative MP admitted CSIS knew about the bob on the plane before it exploded trying to rationalize doing away with civil liberty but changed their story when CSIS freaked out on them. Thgey said they were mistaken. The only thing they were mistaken about was CSIS didn't just know about the bomb before hand, they supplied it.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shots fired in Surrey

The Surrey Now is reporting that Police found a shell casing while investigating a report of shots fired late Wednesday night at a house in the 15600-block of 88th Ave in Fleetwood. The residence is known to police. Surrey Shirts.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Surrey Boys arrested in Alberta

Global News is reporting that "Four people associated with an organized crime group known as the ‘Surrey Boys’ were arrested in Grande Prairie following a series of raids by Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams last week." Over a kilo of cocaine was seized along with traces of other drugs. "ALERT believes all four people have strong ties to Surrey, B.C. and are connected to a larger organized crime group operating in the lower mainland."

Surrey Boys... Surrey criminal are known for not being very bright. I'm from here. ALERT sure seems to be doing a great job in Alberta. Good thing they're not here in BC. The BC Liberals would disband them for doing such a good job. Kim Bolan is running the story as well as the Kelowna Now. ALERT actually uploaded a video about it on youtube.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

House shot at in Surrey

The Surrey Now is reporting "Police arrested three people and seized a vehicle a few hours after a house was shot at in Bolivar Heights early Tuesday morning. Nobody was injured in the shooting, but bullets struck the house in the 13600-block of 111 Avenue in Whalley just after 3 a.m."

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Future of the Newspaper Industry

Gordon Clark from the Vancouver Province wrote an interesting editorial about the future of the Newspaper industry in today's paper. The editorial is in response to the recent news of job lay offs after the latest media merger recently reported on.

Although I understand that duplication isn't cost effective, journalists losing their jobs is not a good thing for anyone. The Freedom of the Press is a sacred thing. When that is lost we are all diminished. Gordon quotes critics' reference to corporate mainstream media. This is a large public concern. As I have said before, media mergers are concerning because when all the media outlets are owned by one entity, they are easier to control.

We remember the days of Conrad Black who bought up all the newspaper chains and started to censor the press. That was a bad precedent. Although Conrad Black is gone, the media monopoly continues. Although I agree most Canadians watch American movies and television, I for one simply can't stomach American News. The sensational propaganda is repulsive. British tabloids are even worse. I have in the past spoken about how we tend to think newspapers are supposed to be unbiased and how the Murdoch news chain destroyed that fairy tale by admitting they endorse certain candidates during election time.

Gordon Clark claims "the fact that virtually everything people know about corruption, lousy policies or misconduct by government of corporate officials was dug up by a journalist, more often than not some scruffy newspaper reporter with a couple of little kids and a mortgage. If you’re hating on the MSM, you are really hating on those hard-working reporters."

I completely agree that virtually everything people know about corruption, lousy policies or misconduct by government of corporate officials was dug up by a journalist. However, I don't think if someone is hating on the Mainstream Media they are hating on some scruffy newspaper reporter with a couple of little kids and a mortgage. Gary Webb was a scruffy newspaper reporter with a couple of little kids and a mortgage. The MSM killed him. Literally. The movie Kill the Messenger showed the Gary Webb story to the world and sadly, the world barely noticed.

The MSM killed Dan Rather. Figuratively speaking. The persecution a journalist experiences for reporting on a story that goes against the propaganda is a huge concern for everyone. Gordon Clark's conclusion is a bit disappointing. He states Critics of the changes (in print media) have two choices: either buy a subscription or, as Baron would say, “shut the f— up.” That's a little bit extreme. Agree with me and pay me money or shut the f up? Rather short sighted. Perhaps his editor highlighted that when his editorial was rewritten for him. (Mild sarcasm)

I actually like Wayne Moriarty. I think he's fair. Despite the fact that he let that idiot Keith Fraser screw me over. Posting my real name was one thing but posting my home address was unethical. It's pretty easy to black out an address before uploading a court document. I never would have done that to him. I guess that makes us different. I'm not sure if it was jealousy or stupidity. Likely a little of both.

I'm not sure where Gordon Clark's animosity towards the CBC comes from. For a government subsidized news outlet they are one of the best in the country for objectivity. If the main stream media doesn't like them they must be doing something right. Nevertheless, I think bloggers can help save the newspaper industry by linking to their articles and blogging about them. That creates more traffic and potential advertising revenue. Kim Bolan uses a blog. So does Laila. Bloggers generate more traffic on articles of public interest.

Part One: Media Mergers

Part Two: Dan Rather and Gary Webb

Charges laid in Kevin LeClair murder

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Police have laid charges in the Jonathan Barber back in 2008 and in the Kevin LeClair murder which was in 2009. "Police have announced first-degree murder charges against 32-year-old Troy Tran of Vancouver and a 31-year-old man whose identity is not being released to protect the integrity of an upcoming court proceeding."

Not to damage the integrity of the investigation but when Cory Vallee was arrested in Mexico back in 2014, CBC reported that Cory "Frankie" Vallee was wanted in connection with the 2009 homicide of Kevin LeClair, the plot against the Bacon brothers, and the death of Jonathan Barber. I have no idea if the second person charged is in fact Cory but one would assume so.

The news article claimed both suspects were members of the UN. However, it is quite possible the Bacon brothers could have killed their own guy since Kim Bolan reported that Kevin was giving police information about the Surrey Six murder before he was killed. However, I don't think they knew that at the time. Yet even Kevin knew the Surrey Six murder crossed the line. As a result no one here likes the Bacon brothers at all.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Toronto Hells Angels clubhouse drug bust

Global is reporting that police executed search warrants in the Toronto Hells Angels clubhouse and an Oshawa townhouse which resulted in the seizure of a small amount of cocaine. Eight suspects have been arrested in total. I guess Ontario still has their BEU. Too bad BC did away with ours.

Dead body found in Langley hotel

The Langley Advance is reporting that "Langley RCMP was called to a local hotel in the late afternoon of January 22, 2016, when a man was found deceased in one of the rooms. Police determined the death was suspicious and as a result called in the IHIT."

Port Coquitlam shooting

News 1130 is reporting that one person is dead following a late night shooting in Port Coquitlam.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Abbotsford hip hop artist speaks out about gang violence

The Abby News is reporting that a local hip hop artist has spoken up against gang violence after a 74 year old man was killed from a stray bullet in a local gang shooting.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lindsay Buziak memorial walk

The annual Lindsay Buziak memorial walk will be held Februay 2, 2016. It will start 10:00 AM at the Royal Oak Burial Park Gates 4673 Falaise Drive, Victoria, B.C. Lindsay Buziak was the realtor that was viciously murdered after showing a couple a home in Saanich February 2nd 2008 in what police described at the time to be an intentionally targeted attack. Lindsay's boyfriend Jason Zailo was on Dateline talking about her murder. He failed to mention she was in the process of leaving him. He is seen in the picture beside Lindsay holding a knife.

Another shooting outside Williams Lake

The William's Lake Tribune is reporting that a home was the scene of a targeted shooting just outside Williams Lake in Wildwood. Staff Sgt. Del Byron stated "This shooting relates to the ongoing gang conflict in our area, specifically between the Indian Outlaws and the 712s."

Monday, January 18, 2016

Outlaw murder in Saskatoon

CBC is reporting that Ontario biker charged with second degree murder in Saskatoon killing. John Glen MacAulay, 46, has been charged in the death of Norman Playter in 2014. In 2012 Canoe News reported that Norman Playter, 44, of Calgary was involved with a cocaine bust in Calgary tied to the Outlaws motorcycle gang. Yet CBC posted a picture from facebook of John MacAulay wearing an Outlaws vest and sneakers. So an Outlaw killed an Outlaw. Police say they knew each other and were members of the same gang. No L&R there.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bill Fordy is still out to lunch

This is an old one I missed. On January 5th Kim Bolan reported that just before 8:00 PM on the Monday night a concerned concerned citizen in Surrey confronted people in a suspicious vehicle parked in his neighbourhood. The occupants of the parked vehicle fled the area after firing several shots at the citizen’s vehicle. The concerned citizen followed them into Del.ta until the suspects lost control of their vehicle and drove into a pole on River Road. Surrey What?!

“Three male suspects, who are well known to police, were taken into custody and then to hospital. Two have been cleared and returned to Surrey cell block and one remains in hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A firearm was also located at the scene of the crash. One of the men arrested, Surrey resident Cory Lee Myers, 25, was wanted on a warrants for breaches of probation conditions as well as for a break and enter."

So what do the Surrey RCMP do? Give the concerned citizen a commendation? Nope. They threaten to arrest him. I kid you not. This is the epitome of everything that's wrong with Surrey. Bill Fordy isn't corrupt. He's just a flaming idiot. The fact that he is still the chief of police in Surrey is proof his superiors are corrupt. Why else would they keep such an idiot in charge so nothing gets done? Instead of arresting a hero maybe they should be arresting the drug dealers outside the Front Room. Instead they just kick the cat and put up fences to contain all the addicts. That is not the New York model. That is a gong show that results in the public suffering for their negligence.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Police seize $1.4 million from the Alkhalils

The National Post is reporting that "Police pressure on a self-made crime group built by five gangster brothers continued as authorities seized real estate housing a restaurant in Ontario and a nightclub in Quebec from the Alkhalil organization, claiming the buildings are the proceeds of crime." This is not a self made crime group. These are Hells Angels associates

Rabih Alkhalil was charged with cocaine trafficking along with Larry Amero in Montreal. Rabih Alkhalil is from Surrey and was in court for the murder of Johnnie Raposo in Toronto. Rabih Alkhalil is a suspect in the Sheraton Wall Centre shooting in Vancouver where Sandip Duhre was shot dead January 2013. They shot a Hells Angels rival. Police sources say that Alkhalil was the mastermind behind the Duhre murder, while Wiwchar was the suspected hitman.

Larry Amero attended Nabil Alkhalil's wedding in Ottawa with Jonathon Bacon before they were shot in Kelowna. The Alkhalils have been Hells Angels associates since day one. Another one of the brothers, Mahmoud Alkhalil, was shot dead in the Loft Six shooting back in August 2003. The Loft Six shooting was an attack on Hells Angels associates in Vancouver.

Legal Opinion in Entrapment Case Released

The legal opinion in the John Nuttall entrapment case has been released. The Vancouver Province is reporting that "Late in an undercover RCMP operation, a senior prosecutor advised police to stop paying money to a Surrey couple who have been convicted in the B.C. legislature terrorism case."

A memo written by lead prosecutor Martha Devlin stated “Due to the unique circumstances of the target (no money, no friends, on welfare, somewhat vulnerable), without the assistance of the RCMP, he cannot do a thing." Exactly. Without their help, this crime could NEVER have been committed. She then states “I’d recommend that the police not give the target money ...”

Notice the term target not suspect. This is not a suspect in a crime. It is a mark in a con they targeted. The Vancouver Province goes on to report that "After getting Devlin’s legal advice, police stopped the payments, but although the undercover police stopped giving the couple cash, they continued to pay for groceries, cigarettes and coffee." Then there was the persistent threat: "Mr Big has spent a lot of money on you. You better come up with a plan."

A handwritten note about the case from Devlin had the words “high as a kite” circled on the top of the note. No kidding. That's exactly what we said. In some of the videos of the suspect it was obvious he was high on drugs just talking nonsense. Martha Devlin is very credible. To hear she has been apointed to the bench is a breath of fresh air. Quite a relief from a raging lunatic like Peter Leask. I'm still hearing stories of that clown's idiocy.

This legal opinion ties in with the Overview of the John Nuttall Entrapment case.

Overview of the John Nuttall Entrapment case - Update

While we wait for CSIS to comply with the court order cough, scoff, rolly eyes.... I thought it would be prudent to review the entrapment case that involved John Nuttall. Bill Tieleman made reference to the RCMP terrorist quotas. He also made reference to a disturbing trend in the United States.

Bill Tieleman reported that “James Cromitie (was) a low-level ex-drug dealer who converted to Islam. A well-paid FBI informant befriended the Walmart worker and promised him $250,000 and a new BMW car to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes and plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York.” Why would they do that?

This goes well beyond entrapment. I bet ya he didn’t make the Stinger surface-to-air missiles himself. Someone provided him with it which, as Bill Tieleman observes, facilitated the attack. He points out that “questioning RCMP actions is not to condone illegal activity.” Nobody thinks terrorism is OK. Yet questioning how CSIS or the FBI set people up is a real concern.

Every crime requires a means and a motive. If the police provided one or both of those, then that's entrapment. For example, if an under cover police officer walks by a drug dealer standing outside the Front Room in Surrey or outside the Carnegie Centre in the DTES and the drug dealers tries to sell them drugs, then that is a fair bust. We wish they would. However, if a police agents finds someone who wasn't a drug dealer and offers them money or threatens to harm their family if they don't sell drugs then that is entrapment.

In the James Cromitie case the FBI promised to give the former drug dealer $250,000 and a new BMW to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes and plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York. That was the motive. Before the well paid FBI informant befriended the Walmart worker, he had no motive or even the notion to commit such a heinous act. He didn't have the means either. The FBI gave him the Stinger surface-to-air missiles and the bombs to plant at Jewish targets. In that case there was no means or motive without the FBI. That is entrapment. Offering to give a drug addict a new car and pay him $250,000 to perform a criminal act hasn't saved the world from a terrorist. It just created one.

Likewise in this case, a CSIS informant befriended the Surrey drug addict. They started buying him food for which he was very grateful. Then they started giving him cash. How much cash we are not told. We aren't told if they gave him drugs but everyone knows if you give a drug addict cash, they are going to buy drugs with it. If you stop giving them cash they are going to be desperate for cash to buy more drugs.

I doubt the CSIS informant promised to pay John Nuttall $250,000 and a new BMW. However, they did provide a more sinister motive. They threatened his life and the life of his family if he did not cooperate with them. That was the motive. After they had given them all that money and groceries, they revealed that Mr Big wasn't a religious friend who wanted to help them out of the goodness of his heart. Mr Big turned out to be a crazed terrorist who wanted to plant a bomb and kill people. When John and Amanda found that out, they were legitimately afraid for their life.

In the Crown's own evidence, one of the wiretaps heard John scold Amanda who said do what he says. This guy can go from being Mr Nice to a Monster really fast. John and Amanda lived in a basement suite with John's 80 year old Caucasian Christian grandmother. The CSIS informant had to get him away from his grandmother to coerce him into committing a criminal act. The first time they took them to a hotel John and Amanda played video games the whole time. That is when the sh*t hit the fan. One of the police agents said we have to call this thing off. These two couldn't plan a bag lunch. Yet they proceeded nonetheless and turned up the pressure.

While driving them around the CSIS agent said Mr Big has spent a lot of money on you. He's not going to be very happy with your lack of progress. He wants you to help him plan an attack. You need to come up with some ideas. First they suggested a military target. Then the informant said no we need to find an event where there's lots of people gathered. Amanda says there's lots of people at firework displays. That's it the informant said. Mr Big wants you to do that one. The CSIS informant threatened them to come up with ideas, then told them which idea that Mr Big wanted them to do. The CSIS informant was the one that told them to plant a bomb at the Victoria fireworks display. That was the only motive. They were legitimately afraid Mr Big was going to kill them if they didn't do what they were told. That is why the 80 year old grandmother moved out of the basement suite right before the arrest. She was afraid someone was trying to kill them.

In the Crown's own evidence John said he did not want to kill civilians and that the thought of killing innocent people made him sick. John was never radicalized. He was set up and conned.

The CSIS informant drove them around shopping for bomb parts that Mr Big told them to buy with money they gave him. The CSIS informant had to drive them around because the marks didn't have a car and couldn't afford bus fare to go shopping. From day one when the police had the brand new pressure cookers on display it was obvious someone else bought those for them because they didn't have enough money for food let alone pressure cookers or bomb parts. Not only that but they did not have the knowledge how to make a bomb out of the parts they were instructed to buy.

The second time they took them to a hotel John was stressed. They didn't play video games this time. This time John thought Mr Big was going to kill them so he was frantically trying to make a bomb out of the parts. Yet he was unable to do so. He had to be kept reminded to stay on task because he was high on drugs. They gave him gun powder to make it explode but he had no idea how to ignite it. Then they finally gave him some C-4 to put in it. There is no way a Surrey drug addict is going to have access to gunpowder let alone C-4 unless the police give it to him. That was the means. Without the CSIS informant John and Amanda did not have the means or the motive to commit this heinous crime. That is entrapment pure and simple.

The legal opinion has been released.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CSIS Censoring the Press - Update

Well this is strange. The Freedom of the Press is sacred. It's protected by the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights. Yet all we have to do is ask Dan Rather whether or not the press is still free. Yesterday we were talking about the news reports about the judge's decision to release the transcript of Monday's in camera hearing in the John Nuttall entrapment case. The judge said they would release the transcripts with the names of the CSIS agents omitted.

Fair enough. No one needs to know the names of the CSIS agents. We just need to know what they said and did with our tax dollars. I suppose the indirect revelation was that CSIS was involved not just the RCMP. Initially we were told that CSIS tipped off the RCMP. Now we find out there was a little more to it then that. Which would explain why they ignored their own legal counsel and proceeded unilaterally knowing they were guilty of entrapment.

The headline in the Vancouver Sun article was even more specific. It read: CSIS loses bid to keep closed-door hearing a secret in B.C. terror trial. The CTV headline was the same. Likewise so was the headline in the Times Colonist. Only none of those articles are there any more. I realize that in time news articles expire but this is recent news. It's as though *someone* is running around censoring the press. The Winnipeg Free Press just picked up the article and it's still there. For now. The Globe and Mail article is still there. As is the City News article.

All of these news articles state "Canada’s spy agency has failed in its bid to keep part of a court hearing secret." They state that CSIS lost their bid to keep it secret not the RCMP. That would imply that CSIS was running the operation not the RCMP as we were previously told. Even the Vancouver Province article I linked to yesterday is gone.

The point is, the Globe and Mail reported that a lawyer representing six media outlets, including The Globe and Mail, last week applied to B.C. Supreme Court for details about a closed-door hearing in the case of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody. We should applaud the media for making this application. Protecting the freedom of the press takes effort.

CSIS ordered to produce records in terror plot trial

CBC is reporting on the content of the transcript: Following several redacted pages, Sandford said: "Mr. Nuttall advises that [X] strongly encouraged him on many occasions to engage in violent terrorist acts and played a significant role in Mr. Nuttall's radicalization."

"A B.C. Supreme Court judge has ordered CSIS to produce records provided to the spy agency in relation to a couple who plotted to bomb the B.C. legislature. The evidence forming part of the trial record gives rise to an inference that there may well have been a connection between [X] and CSIS. It was CSIS surveillance that led to the RCMP investigation."

Update: Turns out CSIS did censor the press but they didn't censor my blog. That old blog post I linked to in my previous post is still there. When I linked to it, the http didn't show up and instead of not loading it showed the same error as though the page had been taken down. My bad. However, the news articles are still offline. I understand that CSIS had the news articles taken down because they said there was a human source for CSIS. The court said person X was a source not a human source. I don't even know what that means.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

CSIS was involved with Nuttall Entrapment Case

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the judge granted the media's application to see the transcript of what went on in Monday's in camera court session where they kicked the public out. Nobody wants to know the names of the CSIS agents but everyone needs to know what they did especially after Air India.

So once again, this is just the transcript from Monday's closed door session. We are still waiting for the release of the legal opinion the RCMP received during their entrapment of two Surrey drug addicts in a ridiculous plot they were incapable of carrying out. It comes as no surprise to discover that CSIS was involved. Again. We still need to charge CSIS with murder for providing the explosives for the Air India bombing. It's somewhat bizarre those charges have not yet been laid.

Sadly, CSIS will not obey this court order. Instead they will destroy any incriminating evidence again. On June 21, 1984, CSIS was created by an Act of Parliament. On 22 June 1985 CSIS successfully orchestrated it's first terrorist attack. They are the ones that provided the explosives. They had a handler that helped plan the attack. Ted Finn was Director when 156 wiretaps related to the Air India bombing were erased. Right after the bombing they erased all the wire taps of their handler that implicated them.In 1989 CSIS founded the Heritage Front through Grant Bristow.

Now CSIS "loses" a billion dollars from their budget every year. That's not how much they use, that's how much they lose. That's the money they can't account for. If you or I stole a billion dollars every year, we'd go to jail. Consequently the real enemy is the enemy from within.

Shots fired into Newton home

The Surrey Leader is reporting that Police are investigating after bullets were fired into a Newton home just after midnight on Monday. Shell casings were found on the road and bullet holes were identified in the home. No one at home was hurt.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Don't Blaze and Drive

Tragically, the Huffington Post is reporting that RCMP in Mission, BC believe marijuana was a factor in a deadly crash that killed an Abbotsford man Saturday morning.

This brings us back to the Brave New world cult that thinks soma is good for you. Soma cures cancer. I realize that chronic pot smokers (also known as stoners) build up a resistance to the high grade pot we grow and sell here in BC. Many think they are fine to drive under the influence and people who disagree with them are stupid. I disagree. Blazing while you drive or driving under the influence of pot is utter irresponsibility.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oath Keepers message for Ammon Bundy

CNN is reporting that Armed anti-government protesters have taken over a building in a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, accusing officials of unfairly punishing ranchers who refused to sell their land. One of them is Ammon Bundy, the 40-year-old son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who is well-known for anti-government action. He spoke by phone to CNN on Sunday. Asked several times what he and those with him want, he answered in vague terms, saying that they want the federal government to restore the "people's constitutional rights."

I have in the past spoken about the Oath Keepers with great respect and admiration. That group was founded in 2004 by Stewart Rhodes, a former U.S. Army paratrooper and a Yale Law School graduate who once worked for Congressman Ron Paul to protect the U.S. Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. They call themselves oath keepers because they believe in keeping the oath US civil servants make to protect the Constitution which most have broken.

Some of their supporters have championed a specific cause related on the right of ranchers to have their cattle graze on public land. Now I am somewhat familiar with civil liberty and the sacred principles in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights which is very similar to the Canadian Charter of Rights. Free speech, lawful assembly, the freedom from unnecessary searches and seizures, the need to be charged with a criminal offense before being arrested. The right to a lawyer and a speedy fair trial. These are all sacred rights in any democratic society. Canadians visiting the United States are denied these fundamental rights because they are not American citizens. That is an abomination. I'm left scratching my head over the obsession with the right of farmers to have their cattle graze on federal land.

My message for the protesters in Oregon is what the f*ck are you doing? We have serious breaches of civil liberty and the Constitution everywhere and you have completely lost that focus by being completely distracted by cattle grazing on public land. Who cares? Denying people the right to a lawyer and a fair trial while they are tortured in black prison sites is a colossal concern. Comparing that with cattle grazing on federal land is an absurd tangent.

Stewart Rhodes has posted his proposed exit strategy for the protesters in Oregon and it sounds like it was written by George Washington himself. He states that although he personally has immense respect for Ammon Bundy he opposes what Ammon chose to do by occupying the wildlife preserve in Oregon, specifically because it is not being done with the consent of the locals or at their request.

Stewart Rhodes states "I propose that you return to and adhere to your own stated principles of respecting the right of the people of Harney County to self-determination, self-government, and their right to stand up, on their own two feet, with our support and protection. Therefore, you need to submit yourself to the authority of the Committee of Safety and the people of Harney County at large, and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that they are now in charge, and you will comply with whatever they decide must be done, whether you agree with it or not. So throw your sword at the people’s feet, and pledge and swear that you will abide by their decision, whatever it is, and defend them in doing whatever they decide is best, so long as it is ethical, moral, and constitutional. But it must be their decision, not yours. That is the honorable, ethical, moral, and constitutional way to go. That is an honorable exit plan." Indeed it is. Peace.

Bacchus in Ontario

Bacchus' gay pride parade seems to be well received in Ontario. This news article claims there are 30 members in Hamilton now but I can assure you they are not independent. Bacchus was an older club from New Brunswick. They were always Hells Angels ass kissers but as soon as they started expanding into Halifax and Fort McMurray they assumed the Darksiders position and became full on drug dealing puppets. It was around the same time the Hells Angels gave them permission to put 1%er on their ridiculous patch.

Derreck Dean Huggan was a member of Bacchus in New Brunswick. Huggan ran the Route 81 shop in Charlottetown, PEI. Route 81 was obviously a Hells Angels support shop. Back in 2000 Derek Dean Huggan was caught with $85 thousand worth of crack cocaine, marijuana, and hashish as well as a loaded handgun. In 2007 Derreck Dean Huggan was described as a drug kingpin and was sentenced to 6 1/2 years for conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. David Bishop was a member of Bacchus convicted of trafficking drugs in the Halifax prison.

The list of drug trafficking convictions tied to Bacchus is extensive so it's surprising the HAs haven't traded them in for a new name before they get criminal org status as well. What's even more surprising is the historical origin of their name and patch.

Sergius and Bacchus were Roman soldiers who were openly gay and secretly Christan. Members of Bacchus deny that is where they get their name from claiming their Bacchus was the god of wine. However, their logo is of a Roman soldier not a Greek god. They've kept the original drawing which looks like it's wearing a condone on it's nose.

Originally Bacchus in New Brunswick had some respect of the locals. Until they started their own finger puppet club of losers on sports bikes who's claim to fame was threatening a couple of senior citizens on Harleys for wearing a Christian patch at a local Tim Hortons. I kid you not. Things went down hill from there and the number of clowns and idiots they have recruited is staggering.

The Hells Angels have never been able to make a solid foothold in Ontario like they have in Quebec and BC. Partly it's because of rivals but mostly it's because of recruiting idiots. The Ontario Hells Angels were the ones that shot one of their own guys in Manitoba so they could take over the drug trade there and started another gang war in Winnipeg.

There are basically two groups in the 1%er world. Those that are affiliated with the Hells Angels and those that are affiliated with the Outlaws. The Rock Machine are independent as are the Banditios but both are friends with the Outlaws so to speak. The only two HAs in Ontario that had any credibility are Paul ‘Sasquatch’ Porter and Dominico Esposito.

Both crossed over from the Rock Machine after the Bandidio massacre. Paul may well have been huge but he took the fall when his girlfriend was caught with a small amount of cocaine. HAs never do that. They always get someone else to take the fall for them. However, the Hells Angels leading a stolen car ring in Ottawa is reminiscent of Kelowna trash. The number of drug convictions tied to the Ontario Hells Angels is staggering.

Disclaimer: Obviously the Catholic Church takes great offense to the reference of Sergius and Bacchus as the Patron Saints of homosexuality and passionately deny that they were gay. Wikipedia contains the official version as well as the rumor. The point is, I'm not the one that made up the rumor. People from back east sent me the links about them being gay. This article claims the oldest record of their martyrdom describes them as erastai (Greek for “lovers”). There's even a fictional novel called The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus. Whether or not they were actually gay matters not to me. The point is when people back east hear that name, that's what comes to mind. It is what it is soulja.

Friday, January 8, 2016

El Chapo arrested again

The New York Times is reporting that "Nearly six months after his escape from a maximum-security prison in Mexico, the drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán Loera, also known as El Chapo, has been arrested by the Mexican authorities, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced Friday."

Personally I think the whole thing is a bullsh*t scam. The ATF were selling the sinola cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment in Operation Fast and Furious. When are they going to be arrested? Obama used executive privileged to prevent those involved from being arrested just like Nixon tried to do in Watergate. Obama should be arrested for aiding and abetting that crime.

More drugs in rural BC

Penticton Western News is reporting that "A Midway man is in police custody after fleeing on foot from a traffic stop Wednesday afternoon. Shortly after 2 p.m. on Jan. 6 a Kelowna RCMP officer conducted a traffic stop with a black Mercedes SUV in the 2300 block of Hunter Road. The driver of the Mercedes was found to be in breach of his court-ordered, 24-hour curfew related to a conditional sentence order."

The suspect grabbed a duffle bag and fled on foot. After he was apprehended the police found a small quantity of cocaine, heroin and crystal meth packaged for resale, a .22 hand gun and break in tools. Midway is in southern BC near the US border outside Osoyoos.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gang war in Williams Lake

Today's Vancouver Province was fairly dramatic. The headline read: A town's cry for help: Williams Lake leaders seek resources to deal with deadly street gang war. Last Sunday we reported a possible shooting in Williams Lake the night before. Turns out it was a gang related murder. Williams Lake has one murder in retaliation for a murder a year before that and the mayor makes a public plea for help to deal with their gang war.

Turns out there appears to be a gang war between two Native gangs in Williams Lake. Well I can tell you the obvious. One group is with the Hells Angels and the other group doesn't want to be. Here in BC, it's that simple. In Calgary the Hells Angels were behind that gang war too. The FOB were supplied drugs by the Hells Angels while the FK were supplied drugs by the UN. Red Alert is a First Nations gang that sells drugs for the Hells Angels. It has absolutely nothing to do with honour. It's just about drug trafficking. Who do you think supplies the Crips in Montreal? The Hells Angles do through their pal Greg Wooley. As Chris Tucker said "Follow the rich white man."

Three shootings in Chilliwack

The Chilliwack Times is reporting that there were three shootings at houses recently with no injuries reported. "The first incident was a report at 7 a.m. on Dec. 24 that a shotgun was fired at a residence in the 9900 block of Quarry Road. A similar report was made on Dec. 26 when between 1 and 3 a.m. a suspect yelled as a shotgun was fired at a house in the 9400 block of Hazel Street. Then on Jan. 2 at approximately 7 a.m. a 911 call was made to police that a shotgun had been fired at a house in the 45000 block of Rowat Avenue. Police believe the incidents are linked and were targeted events."

Body found in West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News is reporting that "On Jan. 6, at 11:23 am, the West Kelowna RCMP was called to the area of Bear Creek Road, approximately two kilometres past Parkinson Road, for a report of a body found inside a vehicle."

South Surrey elementary school hit by bullet

The Surrey Now is reporting that "Someone shot a bullet through a window at East Kensington elementary school in South Surrey but police don't know who did it or why. Surrey RCMP Cpl. Scotty Schumann said school staff arrive at work this Wednesday morning to find a bullet hole in a window and a bullet on the floor."

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

John Nuttall's entrapment case back in court

The entrapment of John Nuttal and Amanda Korody is back in court this week. Monday was in camera but Tuesday and Wednesday were open to the public. I understand the Vancouver Sun has an application before the courts regarding the publication ban. Before the break the judge said that there was evidence that the RCMP acted illegally in this entrapment case. The judge also ordered that the legal opinion the RCMP were given would be made public.

No doubt the RCMP and CSIS, the high priests of organized crime, are doing everything they can to prevent the public from seeing that document. If the RCMP's lawyer told them that they were guilty of entrapment and the RCMP proceeded unilaterally anyways, that is highly relevant to the case. The public needs to know if that is what happened. The public need to know how their tax dollars are being spent. As I said before, there has never been a more clear case of entrapment in the history of the earth. This couple did not have the means or motive to commit this crime without the RCMP's help and pressure. They didn't even have bus fare to get to Victoria.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Two charged in Dover Park Shooting

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Thomas Duong, 20, of Richmond Sahand Askari, 31, of Burnaby have been charged with attempted murder for the shooting in Dover Park last August. Everyone apears to have gang ties but no gang is mentioned.This is not to be confused with the massive shootout in Dover Park back in 2007. That was a separate incident.

Last Knights

I saw the movie Last Knights on Netflx the other night. It was well done. It's very similar to the movie 47 Ronin which was awesome but I think many westerners would have a hard time understanding the Bushido culture in that movie. This one might be easier for them to understand.

Although this movie was about knights and noblemen, it had an eastern influence because the head of the state was an emperor not a king like in western europe. The setting in this movie was more of an eastern Europe setting after the manner of Ghangus Khan or Alexander the great. The movie A Knight's Tale was more of a traditional British knight movie.

The similar theme was that honour is something no man can give you and no man can take away. The Scottish highlander Rob Roy explained it well to his children. Hs kids asked him if their clan would ever return to being kings. He responded by saying all men with honour are kings but not all kings have honour. It is about a soldiers code.

I almost had to turn the movie off half way through. It was getting hard to watch and one would think there is no way anything positive can come from this. Then the plot changes and the real plan is revealed. The hero in this movie was a commander for a noble leader. The Sergeant at arms so to speak. The opposing Sergeant at arms respected him and was also honourable. Sadly the other commander's leader was not very noble at all. He was a weasel tyrant that beat women. It's too bad the opposing commander didn't join the hero's quest like the storm trooper who deserted in the new Star Wars movie. Some causes are just. Some are not.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Williams Lake Shooting

The Williams Lake Tribune is reporting that RCMP are investigating a possible shooting on the one-year anniversary of the murder of 22-year-old Jesse (Delmer) Frank of Williams Lake, whose body was discovered on the ice under the Rudy Johnson Bridge Friday, Jan. 2, 2015.

Update: CTV has confirmed the event and is reporting that it was a targeted double shooting. One of the unnamed victims had suffered potentially life-threatening injuries, while the second man had only minor wounds.

Man serving murder sentence dies in Abbotsford prison

The Vancouver Province reported that "A man serving time for the 2000 slaying of a rival gang member has died in custody. Gurwinder Singh (Gogi) Mann, 39, who was serving a life sentence in Abbotsford’s Pacific Institution, was found unresponsive in the institution’s hospital on Boxing Day.

Mann had been serving his sentence since May 31, 2003 for the first-degree murder of Gurpreet Singh Sohi. Sohi was gunned down in a Delta basement suite. At the time of his 2003 death, Sohi was a suspect in another shooting targeting individuals with alleged gang links." The court was told that killing was in retaliation for the Sept. 10, 2000 wounding of Rajinder Soomel’s brother by Sohi and Sohi’s theft of a large amount of marijuana.

One of Gurwinder Singh Mann's coacused was Daljit Singh Basran who was a suspect in the November 1998 murder of Dave Hayer's father. Hardip Singh Uppal said, Robbie Soomel admitted that he and Daljit Singh (Umboo) Basran were promised $50,000 by the Babbar Khalsa terrorist group to kill Tara Singh Hayer who was going to be a witness in the Air India bombing case.

Montreal Hells Angels associate Luc Bolea pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine between March 2008 and June 2008 in Vancouver and elsewhere in B.C. He was charged in June 2008 along with his co-accused Bruno Diquinzio and Jean Gaetan Gingras. They were initially targeted in the reverse sting because of their role in the failed 1986 bomb plot against Surrey publisher Tara Singh Hayer, who was later assassinated.

Gingras admitted he once left a bomb outside the Surrey office of journalist Tara Singh Hayer. His confession was recorded on wire tap. The bomb, which was wrapped in a copy of the Montreal Gazette inside a McDonald’s bag, was placed at the Surrey office on Jan. 26, 1986. It was found by Hayer’s son-in-law, who called 911. The RCMP bomb squad dismantled it, finding five pieces of dynamite. No one has ever been charged in connection with the device.

Tara Singh Hayer was paralyzed by an assassination attempt in l988 and was wheelchair bound when he was killed in 1998. I lived in the townhouses at the end of his cul-de-sac.

The CBC and the RCMP confirmed that CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saudi Arabia executes Shi'ite cleric

France 24 is reporting that "Angry crowds protesting at Saudi Arabia's execution of a top Shiite cleric hurled petrol bombs and stormed the kingdom's embassy in Tehran Saturday before being cleared out by police, ISNA news agency reported."

"The incident came hours after the announcement of the death of 56-year-old cleric Nimr al-Nimr, who had been a key figure in anti-government protests in the kingdom's oil-rich east. The execution prompted strong condemnation from Shiite-majority Iran and Iraq. Nimr, who spent more than a decade studying theology in Iran, was among a group of 47 Shiites and Sunnis executed Saturday on charges of terrorism."

New Mexican Mayor Killed

Newsweek is reporting that the newly installed mayor of the Mexican city of Temixco was killed on Saturday. "Gisela Mota formally took office with the new year on Friday. Mexico City newspaper EL Universal said she was attacked at her home by four armed gunmen. Several mayors were killed last year in Mexico, where armed gangs financed by the drugs trade control many local communities."

Kelowna drug bust

1130 News is reporting that police traced a shipment of 100 liters of a substance used to make GHB to a Kelowna home and seized a pill press on site that was contaminated with Fentanyl. A 22-year-old Kelowna woman and a 28-year-old West Kelowna man were arrested and are now facing several charges. BTW what the hell is this? Anyone recognize the two guys in the picture?

Friday, January 1, 2016

A Beautiful Day

Well Mother Teresa was right. Behind the dark clouds the sun really is shining after all. Last weekend I made it to the foot of First Peak on Seymour and there was zero visibility. It was a complete white out - fog, snow, wind. Today you could see for miles. Inversion was in effect. In the mountains you were above the clouds like in an airplane and it was warmer in the mountains than in the city. It was as U2 described a Beautiful Day.

2016: Looking Ahead

The morning breaks, the shadows flee, a new year has begun. I don't have a big reflection on 2015 this year. I guess the highlight of the year was my court case which I'm not allowed to talk about because a mutual release was entered into by both parties. A troll was trying to extort me into taking everything down so I dropped the Agent K and started using my real identity since it was all over the newspapers. Like I always said this blog was never about me it was about the cause.

The troll kept repeating that same old lie claiming my ex wife had run off with a member of the Hells Angels which was completely false and absolutely absurd. I was telling the truth when I said I started the web site and blog after I heard Eileen Mohan speak at Bear Creek Park. The false allegations were ridiculous. As I said previously slander serves it's purpose. It separates the wheat from the chaff. People who believe slander are idiots. Anyone with a brain can see through the slander. The archives is still there and I have kept a few relevant links on the new web site.

On a more positive note I would like to move forward and look at the new year with anticipation. The change that I have made on the blog is that I'm not reporting on inside scoops on criminal activity any more. If you have inside information on criminal activity, call the cops. My blog is to help people leave the gang life. The best way to leave the gang life is by not becoming a police informant. If you aren't a rival drug dealer, if you have paid your debts and aren't turning others in to get a reduced prison sentence, then you have a much greater chance of moving on with your life without getting shot. When one drug dealer retires there is a line up of others wanting to take his place. I will however, continue to comment on and link to gang news that is already in the papers.

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