Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hells Angels getting evicted from Hamilton clubhouse

CBC is reporting that Police were on site at the Hamilton Hells Angels' clubhouse at Gage Avenue North and Beach Road on Thursday morning, helping the bailiff with an eviction proceeding. There are no criminal investigations at the site. Rather, the Hells Angels were being evicted for a dispute over whether they paid the rent. The clubhouse was home to about a dozen Hells Angels members. The matter will go before the civil courts Tuesday.


  1. I'm sorry but that is just too funny for words. they didn't pay the rent? like are these guys stupid or what? everyone knows you have to pay your rent or you get evicted. did they think their landlord would accord them special treatment because they ride motorcycles and have bad hair?

  2. "Their position is they specifically deny being in any arrears of's really a landlord and mortgagor issue in terms of monies owed, not an issue with them, the group that's renting it, as far as monies are owed."


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