Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saudi Arabia executes Shi'ite cleric

France 24 is reporting that "Angry crowds protesting at Saudi Arabia's execution of a top Shiite cleric hurled petrol bombs and stormed the kingdom's embassy in Tehran Saturday before being cleared out by police, ISNA news agency reported."

"The incident came hours after the announcement of the death of 56-year-old cleric Nimr al-Nimr, who had been a key figure in anti-government protests in the kingdom's oil-rich east. The execution prompted strong condemnation from Shiite-majority Iran and Iraq. Nimr, who spent more than a decade studying theology in Iran, was among a group of 47 Shiites and Sunnis executed Saturday on charges of terrorism."


  1. [QUOTE]During a sermon in 2012, Sheikh Nimr mocked Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, who had been the Saudi interior minister and had recently died. “He will be eaten by worms and suffer the torments of hell in the grave,” Sheikh Nimr said. “The man who made us live in fear and terror; shouldn’t we rejoice at his death?” Prince Nayef’s son, Mohammed bin Nayef, is now the crown prince and runs the Interior Ministry, which carries out death sentences.[/QUOTE]

    Probably not the smartest move he ever made.....

    1. Eloquent at least. Another example how terrorist charges are being used to stifle free speech.

  2. it was not a good thing to execute this cleric. It is however, how Saudi Arabia deals with dissent.

    Its too bad western countries did not condem the murder of this cleric. If some people spent as much time condemning Saudi Arabia as they do Israel, things might be a tad different.

    Canada along with other western countries continue to sell armaments to Saudi Arabia and purchase oil. There really isn't any need to do either. Western countries treat Saudi Arabia like a "civilized" country when it is nothing of the sort.

    we ought to remember where the 911 terrorists came from and where the financing of other terrorist groups come from. Saudi Arabia. we need to start treating Saudi Arabia like we do North Korea and some of the other countries on the "not on the Christmas car list".

  3. Completely agree. (OMG!)

    The utter irony of KSA and Iran accusing each other of sponsoring and funding terrorism....both of them having been neck deep in it for decades....they are at the moment fighting a proxy war in Yemen, which is as likely a reason for this cleric ("will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?") to have been executed as his "activism" on behalf of the KSA's Shia minority, or his big mouth about the deceased father of the man who is in charge of whether he gets executed or not.


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